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.Sometimes I use cocaine to release from the stress or when im in party. After i get I have nose bleeding.Is something serious?

12 years old daughter taking budecort100 inhalour morning and night. Mostly in night (day time also) dryness in throught and cough take water ok?

15yr old daughter good health has had cough w nothing else for over week. Dry 90% of time?

16mnth old baby hates taking her antibiotic. Tried squeezing the syringe in her mouth, but now she seems traumatized! can we mix her med with food?Or?

17 weeks pregnant w/ constant all day all night coughing up yellow phlegm. Dr at 13 wks said use afrin (oxymetazoline) and claritin D. hasnt helped. sinus infection?

2.5-3wks pregnant cramps nausea started last night. Had lingering mild sinus infection w/pnd mostly bedtime. Usedolive leaf complexspray.Hypothroid?

20 weeks pregnant, cough, stuffed nose and 101 fever. Dangerous? What should docs check for to b safe? When should I b concerned? Yes called doc already

20 year old female, sudden daily clear nose drips going on for months now, no cold symptoms or flu, what test it's recommended to minimize dr visits?

28 year old girl has a severe frequent alergy ( nasal discharge, headache, itchy face) since her childhood. She shows druge tolerance too fast?

29 male, Everytime my throat start etching then raining nose then pulmonary infection, can't be stopped unless I use the antibiotics, I'm allergic to dust I wake up very dry mouth and and I snore?

29m cold like symptoms for weeks, mostly stuffy nose. Can it be a cold, or something else? Otherwise healthy, no known allergies.

2yo slight elevated temp x1wk 99.5-100.1 acts normal Has cough runny nose Taking zyrtec (cetirizine) per ENT F/u 10/7 w/ poss ton/adn removed Call pcp, ENT or wait?

40yr old 6' tall & weigh 95kg with acute bronchitis & allergic to dust with running nose & irritating sometimes paining throat. Permnent cure? Thank u

5mo w/ cough/sinus congestion x3 days temp rectal 100.4 eating good when do I take to md& how will I know if it is going into her chest?

5yo waiting for the bus lips were completely purple. She said it was cold out nose was cold. Has innocent murmur and Echo was normal 3 years ago. ?

7yr old cold weather asthmatic. Scared of needles. Is nasal flu vaccine safe?

A month ago I caught a cold, first I've had in years. I still cough sometimes and wonder if this is unnatural? My new car has AC and wonder if...

A recent virus I had in early Aptil attacked my sinuses. I have an abundance of mucus that just doesnt want to budge. I've tried it all. Suggestions?

Addicted to Otrivin coz of the nose blockage, can't breath without it! also i get cold when season changes, i live in india, and I am 21 male, help!

After heart bye pass surgery in aug.2006 had to take de congestion spray to breathe comfortably.Coupled with that is the nagging cough without phlegm.

Allergies and sinuses are causing nose to drip and gush snot. Constantly running. Flo made & overcounter meds not helping. No insurance, help?

Am an expat in uae. The cold weather is giving me problems of sinusitis. How do I prevent it? Is frequent intake of cetrizine bad?

Am having a continuos running nose its been for 4 months 24/7 why am i having it and what should I do? Thank you in advance

Any concern if after having taken cough mixture dhasedyl for sore throat which does cause slight drowsiness, I exert slightly by going for a walk?

As a child, I stuck sticky tape up my nose. If it had not been removed, how long would it have taken me to stop breathing and die?

At night I have problems with dry nostrils and I have tried humidifier but no luck. I live n aurora colo.

Bad liver and recovering drug addict what can I take on top of cough drops for a cold or upper respatory infection?

Been sick for over a week with a dry/wet cough, very runny nose, and no apparent fever. OTC cold medicine has not worked, and I'm currently on antibiotics to treat a UTI (Bactrim I believe). I'm pretty sure this is more than just a cold, seeing how nothin

Been using Flonase + xlear for a couple months (helpful), but recently i've been experiencing a lump sensation when i swallow. is this related?

Beenasking aboutmydaughter been sick andcoughingand sneezingshelookspale and sweatingwetnappiegotastrongodor you think I should get her checked at a&e?

Bought a sinuflo ready rinse and as soon as i sprayed it up my nose i had rapid heartbeat/leg/arm weakness/ bad dizziness.It has benzalkonium chloride?

Brayden always seem to get blocked nose and a cough in a while.. The last time he had this episodes he was prescribed celestamine & Tel fast for shou?

Burning nostrils, eyes, throat like I've been around 2nd hand smoke, but I haven't. Started Zoloft (sertraline) and burning started. Scared it's a brain tumor?

Can allergies cause long term shortness of breathe. I worked n sawmill and found out im really allergic to maple. We cut a lot of it. Not workin 3 mths?

Can Flonase cause a chestrash? I started taking it late last night (2 squirts in each nostril) and now I have a rash that has gotten worse over theday

Can Flonase cause congestion? My friend suggested there is a "3-day wash period" to ensure optimal results. Is there any truth to this?

Can horseradish clear my sinus how am i suppose to use horseradish to clear my sinus thanks.

Can I use abuterol sulfat and infant Advil (ibuprofen) with my 8 months old? He is wheezing and his head is a little bit hot (forehead 101f for 2 days straight).

Can I use Vicks on my 23 mo? Gotten conflicting advice. Some say no, it's hurtful. Some say yes, it's helpful. I just want his congestion relieved :(

Can taking amphetamines while sick with severe cold be helpful for keeping airways open?

Can u advice of any possible treatments, i get fresh blood on tissue regulatly from left side of my nose, i maintain humidity in home, &use nosegel too?

Can you become constipated from using a decongestant for a head cold?

Can you please tell me if it's natural to slightly lose your hearing whilst having an bad cold/viral infection?

Can you use vapor rub anytime of the day due to chest congestion from allergies?

Changing seasons bring running nose and sneezing. What will be the cause for the same? What will be the treatment for permanent cure of it?

Chronic cough because of post nasal drip. I'm a singer and it's killing my career. I am currently pregnant. Big show coming up, what should I take?

Chronic itching after trip to mexico. All over body incl. Eyes and throat. Comes from inside. Antihistamine relieves but already a year. Any ideas?

Continuous coughing in 3yr old- two days now- very little sleep- low grade fever- can I use vics vapor rub?

Could glucosamine cause dry bouts of coughing in an 82 yr old woman? Or could it be omega 3?

Could u doc tell me the reason of not breathing so well from my nose?Nd how can I get over?With my best regards thank u

Dear dr., I have cold due to allergy since i m aged 19 . Now i'm 31 through medicines i m getting temporarily relief. Give me permanent solution, tnx?

Dear sir my 2 years daughter has taken little drops of allout mosquito killer liquid, but now she is sleeping after vomiting what's your suggestions p?

Deep wheezy cough due to cold. Took 2 tabs of prednisolone by accident. Thought was antihistamine. But feel so much better instead. Continue or stop?

Doc,pls I was exposd to perfumes 2weeks ago which left me with catarrh, gone now but left with a severe cough. I'm ttc pls what drug can i use 4 cough?

Does sinus clearup by taking steam or it just liquidates and comes back when steam stops?

Dog has seasonal allergies. While playing, he got a small amt of clear nasal drainage on my face. At least one drop got in my eye early last night. No symptoms but worried. Should i go to doctor?

Dry annoying cough dis 4 days, any advice would be great, thanks (:?

Dry cough at night @10pm,1pm almost 2mths. Colds gone, no wheezing, general dr check all ok. Lasting longer than post cold. Winter now here ?

Dry cough since 2.5 months started when I got cold , I have allergy since child hood , and this often happens to me many times ago , what must I do ?!

Dry cough x2 weeks now with no fever but is throughout day and all night. OC's don't help + tea w/lemon+honey helps temporarily. See doc?

Dry mucus and blood wont stop building in nose blocking breathing.Can peel off but comes back 30 mins later excessivelly. Going 10d w 3d of augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate)?

Due to an insect bite in Austria my forehead and nose bridge are all swollen esp where my eyes are. I'm taking 2x cetirizine aday. No use. Any advice?

Each year, i get very frequent bloody noses during the winter (2x a week). What can I do to stop them? Vitamin k supplements? Saline spray?

Ever since I was a kid, I have a very bad dry cough. Dr. Says lungs are fine etc. acts up in winter/night. Vein on neck pops out. Any help/remedies?

Ever since i wore nightguard which looks like it has mold on it a few nights ago my throat burned and stopped. Nose been running, productive cough?

Excessive nasal drainage and corresponding cough to go with it.. What's the best plan of action to be better in 24 hours for my acts?

Expectorants&mucolytics aim to make it easier to spit up the if the patient doesnt knw how to spit it up. It can happen to autistic patient?

Experiencing candida die off symptom nasal odor, how do I get rid of it? It started after I added drops of grapefruit seed extract in a sinus rinse.

Exposed to flu 4 days ago. No symptoms other than an occasional (dry) cough. How long until I might be in the clear? Used purell & washed up to arms.

Feel silly askin bt all drs are so amazin so I know ill feel better.Can blowin my nose vigorously due to a cold I've caught at 36wks break my waters?

For the past 2 years strong smells seem to linger in my nose for days. I used to neti with alcalol when I had a cold. Is this from that?

For the past 7 yrs i've taken OTC antihist/decongestants for my allergies. It works, but i feel like i need to give my body a break/change. Advice?

Gave up smoking 3 weeks ago. My chest is clear but constantly need to clear my throat. Very sore from trying to break it. Using cough lollies needhelp?

Giving baby Cod liver oil and I could hear the cold rattling. This is the only way he tends to bring up cold but somehow there's a lot left in him?

Had a bad cold and used afrin (oxymetazoline).. On 5th day now. Only needed it once today unlike other days. Is it ok to still use tomorrow since i'm needing it less?

Had a cold for a week. Still minor nose block and blowing nose. Mucus all clear. On day/night pills + immune boosters. Am I contagious? Have date 2mrw

Had a cold/flu for 4 days asthmatic and getting lot of bright green with blood again from my nose in a space of 3 weeks it's having an affect on my sleep can't see doctor till Tuesday what can I do?

Had bad mucous filled cough for weeks. Last night she complained of ear pain. Is garlic mullein oil as effective as amoxicillin?She had c diff b4.

Had cold/acute a week ago/used afrin (oxymetazoline). Now v stuffed early ams/cant sleep/afrin (oxymetazoline) no help. Sitting makes better. New productive cough. Help w/breathing?

Had nosebleed friday afternoon, dr used rhino rocket to stop, thing is becoming very bothersome, can I remove?

Had pink eye/soar throat since mon. Eye cleared. Having trouble swallowing. Anti biotics needed? Am breast feeding and avoiding unnecessary med

Had runny nose and watery eyes during the winter and dr told me to get any OTC med and I have been usingotc allegra 180mg for 2 yearsthinking that it should be taken daily, had bad experience like extreme anxiety , upper back pain , difficulty urination,

Had salbutamol tx to stop contractions at 25 weeks of pregnancy. Wheezing after discharge home. Under a fan a lot d/t weather. Should i be worried?

Had strep for a while;taking antibiotics; last few days i noticed exhaling air feels different than it used to,breathing through nose in general does.

Had turbinate reduction. Everything was fine, got virus-runny nose. Went away. No allergies. Trouble breathing returned, dry nose-throat for 3 months.

Hai Dr my womb hurts so much it feels as if im on period pains,can i use propan mist pot cit simplex?

Happens to me when the weather first changes i usually nip in the butt b4 it gets this bad. Should i go to doctor/just use nasal spray and pills?

Have an hsv-1 outbreak and is taking acyclovir since two days ago. Today my head hurts, hands are dry, drowsiness, and slow breathing.

Have bad nasel congestion from allergies. Woke up this morning being able 2 breath! I took my allergy pill hour later and suddenly can't breeth! Why?

Have cleaning products been shown to cause horrible headaches and bloody nose?

Have constant mucus in throat for 100 days. Gave up smoking use ecigs. Teeth are bad. Had 3 sets of anti biotic. Why is it not improving? What is it

Have noticed a wheeze when i blow out tried flutifom hasnt worked do u think a change with puffer will fix which i dont know what it is?

Hello doc, my girlfriend is having chest, nose and ear blockage from last 2 3 weeks. She took meds also but no use. Suggest something please.

Hello, I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am starting to get an itchy throat and sneezing a lot. What kind if medicine can I drink?

Hello, My little 4 years old, 13 kg, this morning woke up with cold an fever, 38.2°C. I made her Aerosol with Clenil and 3ml physiological.

Help me which medicine is need to take for quick relief ...Symtom high temperature running nose and itching effect in my throat...

Hey, just wanting to know if it's safe for me to take a Zetop hayfever medication with IGA nethropathy? Im sneezing, snotty and have itchy red eyes

Hey, my question is, my throat is dry most of the times an itches grom de he inside, the cough is sometimes non stop, i've been like this for 2 weeks?

Hi doc how u? My mother has a lot of flem in her neck has tried every bottle u can think of over de chemist counter. Has tryed steaming 2 loosen it up.

Hi i always wake up woth a blocked and runny mose only goes away if i take piriton. Also if any one is smoking or sprays any smellys it sets me off up?