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16 yrs,i have severe headaces that are very painful and all over my head,is it bad to go to sleep while having severe headaces instead taking of pills

24/7 dizzy, no pain, sometimes get big pulls. What could it be? ENT said there wasn't anything wrong and said it could be migraine?

4 yr old keeps complaining of a head ache and its associated with nose bleeds. Been going on for about 3 days. Serious? Or normal?

7 year old sister keeps getting a fever of 37 ,and gets painfull headaches at the side of her head.Fever keeps breaking like it never happened .

A few days ago i developed a really bad sore throat, its been getting progressively worse. Today i started to get a horrible migraine, my eyes and ear?

After heavy lifting for a few days I start getting dizzy spells could it be related to my neck/back as they also hurt?

After I eat I'm getting very dizzy and getting a migraine and my joints hurt so bad. what's going on with me ??

After sex(ejactulation) my fiancé gets a really bad head ache. He says it feels like a migraine and his head is exploding. What could this be?

Also because of waking up with sore neck on Friday I kept on getting random headaches why?

Any help?I've never gotten migraines before got a bad one last nite.Wicked bad headache. Can't see right.Feel weak.None of the meds i've tried work.

Are headaches in a 4 yr old normal my 4 yr old daughter has been getting very bad headaches and about 15 to 30 minutes later she gets stomach pains then 5 - 10 minutes after that she throws up. This has been happening about once a day or every other day.

Back in october, i got a really bad headache one day. I had it continuously for like couple of weeks, now i only get a short one if i wake up early?

Bad headaches leave my head sore.First time experiencing this. Not sick.Should i be concerned?

Bad headaches past 2 weeks even wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes I feel a burning sensation in head when I get it?

Been getting car sick, even when i'm not in a car and also getting pulsing headaches a lot too that make it seem like pressure is building up. Why?

Been getting migraines every night for the past 3 day.. Why is this happening and why only at night? And it's always near the left temple

Been having bad headaches that don't go away there really bad in the morning usually when I just wake up and also the top of my head is sore ?

Been having headaches and ear has been hurting for two weeks and it doesn't get better?

Been having horrible headaches everyday a few times a day. sometimes my head goes numb. should i be worried? i have insurance but no local dr.

Been having trouble speaking getting worse since may with headache on left side, no TIA doctor says could it be a tumor or heart getting worse ?

Bf says feels like throats swollen when he eats gets mild headaches and mild pain base of skull after drinking should he be worried bout it?

Brief dizzy headaces in the front of my head alot of prssure kind of feel out of it .. Been going on 10 days see an urgent care dr said fluid in ear?

Can a migraine get terribly worse after 3 days and by day 4 be gone and come back intermittently? Never had one before & its happening to me

Can coughing make tension headaches worse? I had a headache for a couple hrs, then after coughing it hurt much worse. Slept & pain has decreased.

Can I have some tips on headaches, should I be worried or am i over thinking it?

Can someone run a fever with a normal bad migraine? Has happend 3 times in 6 months. See a back doc to treat them.

Can you tell me for the past acouple of weeks almost everynight I've been getting these neck pains and it starts round 9 to 10 pm. What do you thing it is?

Can't keep nothing down, vomit with head ache?

Cant stop snezzing in the morning and i get bad headaches, is this from allergies?

Constant headache nothing working to rid the pain ?

Constant headaches nothing has helped. What are some possibilities? Should I call my doctor?

Could getting a bad whack to the nose from below cause headaches and face pain a couple of months later?

Could you tell me what happens if I have been getting slight headaches almost every day this week?

Day 2 of taking doxycycline for a UTI and my head feels like its going to explode, worst headache ever, is this typical?

Dizziness, nausea, pain in back of the neck, headache--better when taking a nap, but still get a tiny bit dizzy. Slept in a bad position last night?

Dizzinessvertigo that seems to come from back of head for 4 days after i had a headache for a week. Should i go to eror just see doc what could i have?

Do you know why i keep gettin headaches that seem coming from my neck also top off my forehead have to take painkillers for it to go why is this ? X

Doc, I suffered this severe back pain in 3 years until now.And everytime I wake up my body gets tired easily.What should I do, Doc?

Every day after lunch i get head aches why?

Every few monyhs i get this throbbing pain in my head and behind my eyes. It causes me to stop eating as i get nauseated. What should I do to fix this?

Every month a few days before I am due to start my period I get a headache right across my forehead. Also makes me feel tired. Is this normal?

Every so often I get a tickling/tingling feeling on my forehead. Always the same spot. It lasts all day. What could it be ? Ended with a bad headache.

Every time I get a fever blister I worry that it will go to eye ears or brain my anxiety is up over this and now have a bad headache?

Everynight before bed for the past 3 days i get a headache. it hurts really bad and makes my eyes hurt.

Everytime I come into contact with cologne, plug ins, stores, the list is long. I get head aches, chest pain, dizzy , aches. Chemicals I suspect?

Everytime I masturbate, or work out extensivley hard, I get a throbbing headache. What could it be?

Everytime I wake up I get get a headache on the top and front of my head, I don't want to need to take pills everytime I wake up, how do I stop this?

Everytime we practice falling in taekwondo, i get bad headaches. My master says i'm falling correctly, but i'm the only one getting headaches. Why?

Extremely dizzy very lighthearted shacking really bad headache head hurts really bad please respond ASAP please ?

For 4 weeks now i get 10 -15 sec headaches 0-15 times a day. No other symptoms and they do not seem to be getting worse. I am very scared and anxious?

For about the past week I have been getting really bad hot flashes. Also my head feels like it has a lot of pressure and i get really bad headaches.

For almost the past week i've been getting headaches in the evening and they feel like a brain freeze.. I also get nauseous too.. What's going on?

For the first 5 or 6 days of my bout with pneumonia, why did I have such an excruciatingly painful headache? (I could barely talk or move!)

For the past couple weeks, every day when I wake up my eyes hurt really bad... Especially when I open them... ?

For the past month ive been waking up with headaches that come and go but keep getting worse and also have dizzy spells throughout the day for the past month along with the headaches?

For the past two weeks i've been experiencing throbbing headaches when i go on my daily running exercise. Any suggestions on how to make it stop, ?

For the past week now I have had horrible headaches. Ones that wont go away. It starts in my neck and spreads to my head. What could this be?

For years i would get pain in my right temple and it would last hours. Recently it became more frequent and i get it on both temples with pressure.

Found a lump on the back of head after getting reccurent headaches in the same spot . Alsobfeeling constantly tired and feverish could the 2 b linked?

Frequent coming and going headaches that go to the top of my head to the back and some headaches that feel like there in the back of my eye. 22yrs old?

Got vp shunt checked and they said it is fine and the pain should go away Cant sleep bc it starts vibrating in my head any ideas ?

Had a headache for two days along with a little ear ache. No medicine will help make it go away. What should I do?

Had badheadache for 6 days straight with no relief from paracetamol or co-codomol, now in addition I am getting a sensation like back of head is wet?

Headache all day it seems it goes right temple hole forhead. What can I be i ate it didn't go away took medicine didn't go away what can I be?

Headache for 3 days. Quite painful. Should i go to a doctor ?

Headache for days and nothing over-the-counter helps. Neither does resting it seems to be worse when i lay down. Could it be a migraine?

Headache going on 3 weeks, nothing helps! What do I do?!

Headache has gotten worse today taken nurofen as only strongest pain relief I able to get. Had headaches 2months and getting several dizzy spells and tingly feeling face/head neck pain at the top?

Headache out of nowhere. feels like brief amounts of pain. getting worse. one sided?

Headache since friday afternoon . It seems to be right across my forhead . It seems to go worse when there is noise or light also or sit or stand?

Headache that's lasted for days now and feel bad when looking in certain directions...possibly?

Headaches are becoming more frequent, sometimes lasting for a few days. Always over right eye. Sometimes will go away and then come back to spite me.

Headaches when wake up and when i stand up gets worse and one time really intense pain and everything went black for few seconds brain tumer?

Hey, I am 17 female, I have often really painfull headaches that almost always doesn't calm down until i vomit. What could be the cause?

Hi doctor, i got a question to ask, for this few week i suffer from headache at back of my head it will come and go.Is it a sign of high blood pressure?

Hi doctor. Whwhen i laugh loudly I have severe headache backside.. Could you please help me..

Hi I had a bad migraine headache since 5am and my body has been feeling poorly also I feel like I'm getting another bad headache ?

Hi I have had a bad headeche it started in january and is non stop i even wake up and go to sleep with the same pain and now its june what can this be?

Hi I seem to get constant headaches lately - should I be concerned?

Hi i'm having a horrible head ache lately and get dizzy. My legs are retaining water.. What dies this mean?

Hi I've been getting headaches everyday at the same time (5-8pm) and it's weird to me that it happens. It goes away with medicine and it hurts bad. ?

Hi I've had a headache everyday for about 5 days on the top of my head it's worse as the evening goes on I can't seem to shift it any thoughts on what it could be?

Hi im pregnan and im worried I have a sore spot on my head above my ear and its giving me a headache and making me nauseas when i touch it help me!

Hi ive been getting very bad stabbing pains in my head and very bad headaches,feeling sick and very drained all the time?

Hi Well you see my boyfriend has been sneezing blood he gets headache everytine he sneez?

Hi, I have had clear liquid coming out of nose for acouple of years. Sometimes a lot if i Ibend over. Headaches also neck pain?

Hi. I have been experiencing a headache for the last 3 days straight. It starts around my left temple and the pain seems to wrap completely around from that point. nothing helps. it is worse at night, waking me from my sleep. more than a headache?

Horrible pain in my temple for the past 4 months an now its so bad its getting in the way of me working iy only last 10 or so seconds each time?

How can I avoid getting migranes, n is my presymptoms normal: I get blury vision, left hand goes numb. And what is best med. To take?

How can you sleep when i've got an awful head cold?

How come I constantly have a head ache for 4 days already?

How come i get headaches whenever I have my car heater on?

How come i get severe headaches and severe heart pains when going to bed?

How come I keep getting pounding headaches that make the vaine on the side of my head pop out?

How come i keep getting bad headaches?

How come i keep getting dull constant headaches ?

How come i keep getting headaches and dizziness?

How come my 6 year old child is having constant headaches?

How do I find out why the back of my head pounds on a daily basis? It gets so bad i can barely move, and I have had migraines ruled out and 3 mri's.

How do I tell a sinus headache apart from migriane i get both and i never know which one I am having. I just know my head hurts when they happen.