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Can tension in the neck cause dizziness/vertigo without a spinning sensation involved?

I bend over, or hang my head down even waking up to clear fluid draining from my nose, this is on and off for a year, red neck ringing ears, migran?

'i''m having [ain in my head behind my ear?

2 weeks ago I have dizzines 24/7 and back pressure in the back and top side of the head whith tinnitus, 1 ear exam abaut lose my hearing is good.

20 yr old son has chronic headaches, ear swooshing, neck pain, vertigo & facial numbness near nose. Gp advised MRI showed nothing wrong. What is cause?

24/7 ringing in ears. And stiff neck. When I apply pressure to my neck the ringing gets louder. As well as chest pain & jaw pain?

3 months of daily bouts of vertigo, no nystagmus acc. to ENT, tinnitus sometimes pulsatile, neck pain, recent arm pain, i am scared, what could it be?

33 year old female with ear swishing sensation, tight jaw, ear pain, and headache. What could it be?

A headache lately and feel a fullness in my right ear. Could the two be related?

A weird headache above left ear after workout, what is this?

About a month ago I have started getting dails headaches, neck pain, ears popping, sinus pressure, fatigue, some dizziness. What is this?

Ache / wooziness in back of neck / ears, tired / blurry vision, headache behind and in front of eyes and at the base of my neck. Why is this?

Aching heavy feeling behind ears, aching in face and temples. Sinus issues?

Are facial numbness, puffiness behind jaw/below ear, constant extreme dizziness for 8 days now symptoms of vestibular neuritis?

Are tension headaches associated with pain behind one or both ears?

Been dizzy with head movement and ears pop when I speak . What can this be ?

Blocked nose, pains at the top and back of my head,pressure behind the eyes distorted vision, hearing problems and extreme fatigue had for over 2 yrs

Both ear clogged, but left ones is worse, dizzy, and nausea?

Brain fog. Ear ache. Tooth ache. Pressure on one side of head. What could this be? A

Bruxist for 30 years: a sense of fullness in ear; jaw tight on that side; light headed when move neck; lethargic or drowsy?

Can a constant headach everyday be a sign of fluid in head? I wake up with tension headachs on right side and i hear a swooshing sound in my ear. Help

Can a pinched nerve in my neck cause headaches and my ears to plug regularly?

Can a sinus/ear infection cause right eye pain, temporal headaches, and pulsatile tinnitus in the ear? 26 y/o male, started 4 days ago after running

Can an ear infection or sinusitis cause head jerking\ twitching?

Can aneurysm cause roaring in the head?

Can ear fullness sometimes be caused by or related to neck, shoulder and jaw tension?

Can eustachian tube dysfunction cause dizziness? Was sitting and got severe dizziness out of no where. Or migraine? Had headache after

Can fluid in ear cause stabbing pains in same side back of head when coughing, bending over, sneezing? Dr says ear is full fluid and it's pressure.

Can fluid in your ear cause dizziness and headaches?

Can having eustachian tube issues cause headaches? Specifically around the ear and front or back of head.

Can hear blood pumping like a heart beat in left ear have suffered with ear infection vertigo and dizziness over the last five weeks eyes are blurry?

Can hyperthyroidism and an enlarged thyroid cause presure on the head, eyes and tightness on the neck, presure/fulnes in my ear as well as dizziness?

Can just neck tension cause lightheadedness 24/7 for years?

Can labyrinthitis and migraines cause the same symptoms? I see a neurologist Monday but can't see an ENT yet. Pressure in my head constant ringing ear

Can lump on temple cause dizziness?

Can my wisdom teeth be causing really bad headaches, presure behind ears, ear problems and dizziness?

Can neck and jaw stiffness with head and ear fullness all be caused by one problem?

Can neck arthritus cause my dizziness and light headiness.What to do?

Can neck pain cause vertigo and dizziness when bending head and neck over or to the side? Or when laying down? It's not bppv (as told by my ent)

Can someone tell me what I should do? My left ear is always ringing and my left eye is a bit in a hypertropia condition. Is this a stroke?

Can sternocleidomastoid cause dizziness when laying down?

Can tension headache cause ear pain? Nose keeps "popping"- extreme pressure of head behind eyes & all around and ear pain both ears

Can thyroid problems cause ringing in left ear and dizzeness?

Can tilting my head back causes vision and hearing loss?

Can tinnitis cause a feeling of swelling on the side of the head?

Can TMJ cause ears hissing/ringing? Ear dull aches and ear itching? Laying down moving jaw forward changes sound. MRI of ear and brain were good.

Can TMJ cause leftside face and arm numbness, ear fullness, your eye to feel pressured? Clear brainmri and ct. Left sidejaw pops out when opening it

Can tmj/bruxism cause headache & swishing/pulsing sound in ears? Headache is in temples/eyes/jaw/ear area. The sound is not constant.

Can wisdom teeth cause head pressure, dizziness and neck pain?

Causes of unbalance feeling with headache on left temple, eye ear neck and shoulder and then changing side after some time ?? Y

Chill in back of head and momentary difficulty speaking. What could cause this?

Chronic stiff neck pain to the top of my head, flushed face, headache, dizziness, and neurological problems. Help?!

Completely deaf in one ear all of a sudden and have a horrible headache in the back of head?

Constant dizziness, brain fog, severe dry eye (being treated), ear and temple burning sensation. Most labs are normal.

Constant headache in right side....Ears free of wax, but feel pressure in ear?

Constant mild headache in temple and right eye 6 months. Ears popping and right ear pain. Sinus CT clear ENT doc thinks migraine and anxiety. Correct?

Constant Nausea, Headaches, ringing in ears in mornings at times, constant sinus problems, some hearing issues in the mornings, constant mucous. Thoughts?

Constant pain in back of head right side of face and arm tingle. Feel foggy. No vision or balance problems. Doc says anxiety. Occas ringing in 1 ear.

Constant ringing in head? I have history of pvcs and tachy could this be related?

Could earwax cause lightheaded/weightless head?

Could I have vertebral artery dissection? I have pulsating ears jaws cheeks bridge of nose between eyes, head rush w/ bend over whooshing in ears

Could palpitations in back of the head relate to cervical/TMJ issues? There's no headache only jaw discomfort & can 'feel' heartbeat in head/nape

Could TMD(tmj) cause brain freeze type headaches with pain in front of the ears and behind the eyes?

Could you have an inner ear issue that cause lightheaded constant daily for 6 yrs swaying feeling sometimes?

Daily occipital headaches, pulse in head, pain at base of skull rt side, muffled hearing, dizzy looking. Causes

Diagnosed with vertigo and been on medication for a week now but I am now getting sharp pains above my left ear on my head, is this cause the vertigo?

Disequilibrium. Worse at night/eyes closed/shower tense neck insomnia ear fullness tinnitus there even without anxiety all worse at night ?

Dizziness lightheadedness faintness pulsating head pressure ringing ears for 5 months. Symptoms come n go no triggers. Ct scan w out contrast clear.

Dizziness, tired, ringing ear, head pressure, maybe eye pressure, sort of restlessness, yawning, kind of heavy head. What's up?

Dizziness/vertigo (feels like floor is moving) at random times. No ear pain, but have neck tension. Anything else that can cause this? Should I worry?

Dizzy, foerhead hurts and nose mucsle tense from middle shoulder up to neck, blurry eyes headache what is this? Also mild vertigo tilt down get stifer

Dizzy, nausea, vertigo, pressure ears&head.Headache with pressure that hurts eye&ear, sharp pain.Causes sleepiness.Numb fingers toes at times&chills.

Dizzy, vertigo, headache and pain behinde the ears with bussing sound please help.

Doc diagnosed me with positional Vertigo. Is it normal to feel slight pressure in head and weakness?

Does playing loud music cause headaches/jaw tightness/sinus pressure/dizziness?

Downward presure in head, crawling senstaion in brain, some stabbing pain in eye or ear, light headed, off balance, dizziness?

Ear ache, head ache, loss of hearing, dizziness, diareah, blurry vision, fatigue? Just got off z-pack for bronchitis?

Ear aches and occasional ringing in ears and sometimes a blocked feeling. Light headedness, serious head rushes & dizzy spells. Why is all this?

Ear popping for weeks, stiff heavy neck and feeling unbalanced what could it be?

Earache and headache. Feeling of pressure in my brain., ears are clogged pain behind eyes, and sometime i feel a slight dizziness. Brain tumor??

Ears are ringing day and night, tired eyes, uneasy breathing, occasional frontal headaches, uneasy yawning, polyps, congested, fatigue?

Ears plugged, ringing, human voice sound funny, mild vertigo. Neck at base of scull hurting ;like muscle strain, anxiety, no fever, tired. ?

Ears won't stop ringing what can I do?Feels like head pressure. Dizzy. had MRI about a year ago for spasms was clear. Sinus feels clear.

Echoes and constant ringing hot, stuffy head loss of voice maybe peritonsillitis, what to do?

Everyday im congested, headache, neck pain, ent dr thinks is just sleep apnea i couldnt do excersice cause vertigo what should i do? im type 2 diabeti

Eye pressure, ear popping, headache, dizziness with light headness like passing out feeling. All normal mri. Sore cheeks, neck painful ?

Facial palsy, hearing loss, head trauma from fall down stairs 3 yrs ago. Hearing and left side of face still not 100%. Will it ever come back?

Fatigue, dizziness worsened by being upright) , light sensitivity, sensitivity behind ear radiating to jaw, anxiety. Sore neck and back?

Feeling dizzy for over a month. Have seen two ENTs. First said BPPV, other said Migraine Associated Vertigo. Sneezing causes it. Pain behind left ear.

Feeling head ache, dizzyness, spinning sensation and pain in left ear?

Feeling of ear fullness and numbness near temple, any suggestions?

Feeling warm on my ear and neck . No any pain . Is it anxiety ?

Felt some throbbing sensation under ear in neck , is it a sinus issue? I have rhinitis

For 2mos I have had a severe 24/7 headache (left temple) but only whenever i move my head, combined with intermittent roaring sounds in my ears. ?

For two days I've been experiencing vertigo when I tilt my head to the right. I also have a stuffy nose. Would it be unsafe to fly in 10 days?

Getting pressure lightheaded fullness sensation in ears slight dizziness tingly scalp. ENT said nothing, eyes are fine and MRA normal. Possibilities?

Got tonsillitis yesterday. Last night bad headache, pressure behind eyes. Reduced hearing in ear, stiff neck, light sensitivity. What is it?

Gradual onset of vertigo over 5 weeks now, tinnitus on both ears, no nausea, no neurological issues, neck pain for 4 years, mild headaches on back?

Had a subcongentival hemmorage, . Since, head has intense pressure, ringing ears, sore temple left, steadily worsening, clogged ears, jaw stiff head pai?

Had headaches for 4 weeks, thought I had brain tumor. Now headaches are gone but have stuffy ears and ringing in ears? What could it be? 19 y/o female