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Ache in right temple. I have TMJ and tension headaches from bad posture. Is this temple headache anything to worry about?

After I was elbowed in the head I have been having headaches is this normal?

Always have headaches in the front of my head. ?

Are there sinus in the back of your head?

Best tips for headache s ?

Can a headache in the back of the head be cause by stress?

Can a headache on the back and side of the head (right over the right ear) be from tension? I am a senior and have not had a migraine in years.

Can a s skin irritation on the too of my head cause a migraine headache and neck pain?

Can dehydration cause head aches?

Can sinus congestion be in the top of your head, not forehead, but head ?

Can sinusitis cause head twitching?

Can staring at a computer cause tension in the back of head (occiput)? I have tension in back of head and dizziness. Normal CT. Massage not effective

Can tension headache cause sore spots on scalp?

Can tension headaches be more of just head pressure and not pain?

Constant headache. Fell about a week ago and hit my head on arm chair. Reason for headache?

Could you give a 5 year old theraflu for head and if so how much?

Do I have a tension headache if it's in the back and a migraine if it's in the front of my head?

Do migraines cause a slight pain in the head?

Do tension head ache hurt around my temples?

Do you think these are tension headaches if they start in the back of the head?

Does a root canal infection cause headaches? My headache is on top of my head and forehead..

Does a migraine cause pain or pressure on the head?

Dull headache and neck ache. Could it be meningitis?

For two days now i've had sore head its at the temple is it a migrain?

Got stiff neck and headaches if I shake my head. Help?

Had what I think was a migraine but couple days, have slight throbbing headache at times in back of head and in forehead, neck still tight to turn ?

Have been having dull head aches and cold for over a month what could that be?

Head ache how can I avoid it?

Head ache in front of computer?

Head pressure by temples and mild ringing in head?

Headache 2 days in a row first day headache that went from my temple to the back of my head today headache in back of my head what could be happening?

Headache for 6 days all over head, neck hurting now too?

Headache for over 2 weeks and pimples on forehead for last 5 days. Not sure if related?

Headache hurts more when head is shaken. What causes these headaches?

Headache in forehead and temples that feels that pressure. Sore in areas when rub head. Sometimes worse when laying head on pillow. Tension headache?

Headache in the forehead. Sometimes top of head for almost 2 years. Dizziness as well.

Headache spreading all over my head. Is this just a normal headache or could it be a concussion?

Headache that's moving around the head. What is this?

Headache, brain fog, ear ache, pressure all on one side of head?

Headaches in my left temple, what could it be?

Headaches in the front of my head could it be allergies?

Headaches in the rear of my head?

Headaches only on one side of my head , and down my neck. Best treatment for this?

Hello my name 's benz. I have a headag?

Hi, I have a constant and severe head ache , what should I do?

Hit the top of my head 2 days ago, slight headache and nausea. Help?

How can I best cure head ache in back of head?

How do a head ache and a migraine differ?

How to deal with tension headaches and neck ache on that side?

I am getting throbbing headache in the back of head?

I banged head 10 days ago. For 7 days I have had headache and nausea?

I constantly have head aches what can be the cause?

I get a head ache everyday why would that be ?

I get frequent headaches on the right side of my head around the temple and forehead. Why could this be?

I have a back headache once a week. What could it be?

I have a bump on head, mild headache and forgetfulness.

I have a constant ache in my head what could it be?

I have a head ache and it be every time?

I have a head ache, what is wrong with me?

I have a headache after hitting my head. What should I do?

I have a headache centered at the front of my head with head pressure. I also have a cold. What kind of headache is it? Been worried for concussion

I have a headache in the back of my head behind my ears. What causes that?

I have a headache on my left head?

I have a headache. Both sides of my head.

I have a severe headache on one side of my head?

I have a terrible headache after I fel on my head. What should I do?

I have been experiencing daily headaches with a brain freeze pinching on one side of my head, can these be cluster headaches?

I have been getting a daily headache around my left temple and top of my skull. What do you recommend?

I have been getting frontal headaches across my forehead to my temples daily for about 2 weeks. What could it be from? Should i visit the doctor ?

I have been having head aches for 3 weeks now, every morning?

I have been having these reoccurring pains in my head for a few months now. It is only around my eye and temple. Is this a cluster headache?

I have dizzy headache and sore neck after a hit to the head. Should i be worried?

I have extreme headache in frontal part of my head?

I have had bad headache all day. Why would by head hurt when I cough?

I have head ache and cough?

I have head ache and vomiting. Why is that?

I have head ache constantly?

I have headache in my head what I have to do?

I have headache/head pressure, sore throat, what to do?

I have headaches and the top of my head is tender. What could this be?

I have headaches at least 3 days a week in the front and top of my head. My eyes and temple area too. Why do I always have headaches?

I have headaches in backside and temple of my head, with these headaches I have many gapes, what kind of disease is this?

I have migraine-like stabbing pain and headaches in the front and sides of my head, behind my ears and eyes as well. Could I have cluster headaches?

I have morning headaches for the last month. Should I have an head CT ?

I have severe migraine on both sides of my head?

I have strong headache on sides of my head. Please help me?

I hit my head a few weeks ago on my temple, now I get headaches should I see a doctor?

I hit my head about three days ago and I've had a sever headache ever since what should I do?

I hit my head last.Night have a headache and a sore stiff neck. Should i go to hospital?

I hit my head twice in 2 days and have a nagging headache. what should i do?

I tend to have a headache everyday most of the tension is in the back of my head. What could this be?

I think my head is getting bigger. I have headaches most of the time and i don't know why?

I'm stabbing sharp headaches in my neck and both sides of my head. My head is pounding and the top of it is very hot.

I've been having headaches everyday for the past 8 or 9 years. My head only hurts around my forehead. What can I do?

I've had a constant dull throbbing headache on top of my head for three days now ?

I've had a head ache for 3 days now what does that mean?

I've had a headache in the front of my forehead for 2 weeks now, what could this be?

I've had a throbbing dull headache on the top of my head, near the front for the past few days. The headache typically lasts for five to thirty second?

I've had headache that's moving around the head?

I've suffered from bad headaches at the back of my head for a will what should I do ??