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"A sinus infection can make your head feel fuzzy, lethargic or disconnected, & cause your cognitive symptoms to worsen." is this true?

drs. say anxiety when symptoms of headache, stiff back an balance trouble ect.autoimmunne it feels like comes an goes all day an at times severe ?

experiencing severe headaches from the minute I wake up til I fall asleep not every day but almost. Even feeling light headed also in eye sockets?

I started getting more and more lightheaded over 6 weeks then eventually got migraine with aura (weakness). Is this a normal presentation?

My wife has tingling in her left arm during a BM. She gets short of breath and light headed. Hyperthyroidism was diagnosed, but still has symptoms.

"spells " of nausea,heartburn, weakness fatigue, severe drowsiness, felt like i would pass out and lower blood pressure than usual. I had to lay down for a while.was a bit better after a rest. Wait to see if it happens again or see my dr ?

~once monthly i'm uber tired and oversleep, awakening w/awful, throbbing headache @back of skull. Worse lying down or moving around. Is this migraine?

1 week ago felt dizzy, black and white vision. Stopped shortly. However, I still have light-headedness and now a temperature. Do I see my GP?

11 weeks postpartm, sudden dizziness the last week mild nausea. Worse when driving, feels like moving when stopped. liklihood of brain tumor? Scared.

13 hours by plane 6 days ago and still have feeling of moving with nausea. Any treatments or cures?

13wks pregnant, experienced feeling of weakness followed by chest tightening really hard to breath ,dizziness light headed and blurred vision normal?

16 year old girl has sharp knife like pains below her belly button , also having hot flashes . Also about three times a week she gets dizzy, nauseated, headache, slurred speech , her heart beats very fast and heavy breathing. When it happens its like

16 yrs female , strange symtoms starts with heat flash, then ringing of ears , dizziness, funny feeling in head, disoriented then stops? Etc

16f.167-130lbs since oct on restrictive diet.Dizzy, eyes black over when standing, sudden nausea/vomiting.Headache sweaty tired.1200cal/day.Tingly body?

19 yrs. Feel like difficulty breathing. Digestive issues. Benign ectopics. Random dizziness & pains/sensations around body.Headaches. GP says I'm fine?

2-4 times a month, when going on my days routine, I get a 3-5 sec. Dizzyness spell. More often I just feel spaced out. Whats wrong?M26

20 hours After taking my BP medication, i start feeling fainting sensation,some noise in my stomach,weakness,feeling like vomiting. The BP is 145/94?

25 no health problems or meds/allergies. Woke up this morning feeling dizzy, wait to see if passes or see doctor right away?

29 yrs,61kg F, past 2 days I am getting dizziness for a minute just feel like spinning and after sitting I am normal,no other symptoms.reason whichdoc?

2nd ever migraine (w/aura) 3 days ago, vision still doing weird things. Probably unrelated but mouth really dry lately and peeing a lot. What's up?

3/8/16 I woke up very dizzy experiencing vertigo. Any movement makes it worst. Today as well. Associated with impacted wisdom teeth? Had 4 ct scans b4

31 m difficulty catching a breath. Getting worse for 8 months. Feel and hear a clicking noise in Throat sometimes on the day. Headaches/ migraines all around Everyday for the past 6 months nonstop. What lung test is a full workup to rule out cancer?

33 years, male, my husband is feeling dizzy, had breathing problem last night,vomited little & excessive sweating . can it be symptom of stroke?

33 years, male, my husband was feeling dizzy, had breathing problem past night, can it be symptom of stroke?

34yrs female. Having dizzy spells since 6mths, sometimes severe mostly very light several times a day, no other noticeable symptoms, what could it be?

4 days ago I was up from 8 an to 430 am. Since then I been fatigue, headache and dizzy. Could this be related. I feel like I can't caught up now.

4 days of difficult breathing, heart racing, dizzy, constant nausea. Expect period tomorrow. Worst right now. Should I visit ER? Pregnant? Hormones?

4 weeks of light headedness after waking up, feeling of waves of heartbeat over my head, cold hands and persistent fatigue, what's the reason?

42yrs male, got bone wear and rigid nerve in neck, got disipal pills for 3 days twice daily. After pills nowgetting hypersensivity to smell and soundcausing vomiting. Blurred vision and diziness while walking, cannot drive car cause nausea and diziness.

5mg lexapro (escitalopram) started last night, my head feels like it has a lot of pressure in it, like my brain is swelling, dizziness, sweating, horrible sleep ???

5yo woke up from sleep vomiting at 630am no other symptoms. Acting fine and hungry. I have bad anxiety and worried it's a brain tumor. Can it be?

8 DPO symptoms include lots of whitish CM dizzy at church lazy slight sensitive to smell foggy headed &drained stronger ‚̧beat &headcold . Pregnant ?

A few days before period during and few days after I get intense sinus pressure dizziness and feel sick. What could cause this as it is affecting me?

A follow up to my last questions o headaches, brain zaps, dizzi ness, light headed and nusea. I do not smoke drugs and i drink maybe 3-4 times a year?

A sudden rapid feeling of falling, dizziness, shortness of breath, floating things in eyes, went to the ER found nothing, should I get a cat scan?

About three weeks ago, I had a sudden and unexplainable episode of severe dizziness, and ever since then a constant feeling of lightheadedness and imbalance has taken over almost 100%. This feeling of diziness is most felt right after laughing hard for e

After 2 weeks of dengue fever im still experiencing a headache and get light headed occasionally, is this normal?How long should I expect it to last?

After a week of dengue fever im still experiencing a headache and get light headed occasionally, is this normal?How long should I expect it to last?

After eating yesterday i experienced dizzyness and balance problems. I am still experiencing these issues 8-9 hours later with itching what is it?

After getting high for my first time, I have been having headaches for the past two months. I also feel brain fog and very slight derealization. Help?

After having intercourse, i got dizzy, very tired and even at one point had loss of hearing. What can it be?

Age 16, 5'3" 81lbs extreme dizziness, shaky, weak, nausea, dialated pupils, pale, ate 4 hours ago, no known medical conditions, why's this happening?

Am i depressed or sick . night sweats, stiffness in back muscles, balance trouble,movement makes me sick an dizzy an vision zigzags, ?

Are these symptoms of dehydration? Today at softball practice i was working really hard when all of a sudden i felt extremely light-headed. This accompanied the urge to vomit and i had to sit down to avoid falling down. My vision seemed to turn black. I d

Been battling little vertigo chronic dizziness and neck pain over a year getting worse seen 16 professionals I'm severely depressed lost job husband?

Been cigarette free for 45days & I've been experiencing dizzyness during this period. Could it be linked? Or is it old problems with dizzyness again?

Been experiencing a lot of fatigue, where it feels like A huge effort just to move. No fever or other symptoms just mild dizziness, Not overweight?

Been feeling faint and can't talk right sometimes sometimes my vision dims and i wake up with headaches things have gotten worse since my husband passe?

Been fine for ages on citalopram and all of a sudden this month it's creeping back more noticely when period started.Feeling low & anxious as to why!

Been having spells of dizziness along with nausea, weakness, and headache. Could this be caused by fluid in the middle ear went to ER 2 days ago, they did ekg, blood work, chest xray, and head ct. Every thing came back normal

Been having weird dizziness nausea disorientation almost like i'm drunk they come on all of a sudden and last about an hour then i get sleepy help?

Been put on 60 mg nowfrom 40 mg fluxoteine for 7 weeks know. The depersonalization and dizziness is gone but I still get random bouts of nervousness. ?

Been sufferin for12 yrs, sweats, balance trouble, back discomfort,vision spots, an anxious, cant tolerate meds. drs dont know why . where can i turn?

Being front of a screen, i feel eye strain, terrible confusion(even nausea), headaches, even within 5mins! what to do? And whom doctor should I go to?

Bleeding off and on all day. Extremely dizzy and nauseas especially when walking. What could this be? Ive been having these problems for a few days.

Bloated all time, few chest pains n dizziness/lightheaded on and off accompanied with headaches, tried changing diet but nothing helps?

Broad question, i know, but fairly often lately i'm pretty lightheaded/dizzy. No abnormal b/p, no headaches. What could this be?

Can a healthy person also experience occasional symptoms such as dizzy spells, stomach aches, etc?

Can a lot of stress cause headaches (slight/tingly, not all day long) they never happen when i'm busy, only in the morning or at night?

Can allergies if bad enough effect your ears making you feel dizzy, naushes and minor pain/pressure. Any natural at home fixes for this?

Can anxiety cause on going dizziness, dull pain in back of head an trouble with balance? My symptoms seem to change daily since been diagnosed!

Can any doc tell me what's it called when someone sees something horrid then faints and have amnesia?

Can dehyd cause sudden episode of sweat shaking and losing vision, nausea all for a minute right after out of bed a day b4 period? Normal bloodwork

Can dizziness be a part of anxiety? I've been checked out multiple times and everything checked out fine but I'm still dizzy, mostly at night. More like full head swimming in syrup. Anxiety?

Can heat stroke have the effects of Vertigo ? I had a heat stroke a week ago today and feel like I'm on a Boat ,and still am having terrible headaches

Can holding your breath numerous times a day lead to light headness and slight dizzy fogginess in future effects month or two later?

Can oncoming migraines days in advance make you dizzy or feel off balance for a few seconds?

Can ovulation cause you to be out of breath light headiness and also sick for about a week thanks?

Causes for severe headache swishy noise in left ear..very fatigue dizzy nausea at times speech gets slurred..get up of mornings and feel run maraton?

Causes of onset over past yr of funny intoxicated feeling in head, eyes reading even causes nausea also extreme tiredness when happens just fall aslee?

Chronic problem with balance . blurred vision an seems like comin from back muscles ..its been 13 yrs. numerous tests is this menapause stuff?

Concussion 4 weeks ago.I started having salty tasting feeling in mouth. No headakes but do feel dizzy.Ct after injury was normal. Should i be worried?

Could cold sensitivity & not drinking fluid for a long time in a day cause a dizzy spell?Also, could a virus cause a short dizzy spell/loss of balance?

Could my new hearing aids be the reason I'm vomiting and feeling very strange(weak and shaking) seemingly out of nowhere and lasting apx 1hr?

Could you have a mild form of dizziness or vertigo for 6 yrs daily 24/7 my Drs tell me my lightheaded is from anxiety but idk?worried

Current symptoms are: pounding headache, swollen eyes, light headed, nausea, cough, mucus, have to pop ears, and it gets hot all of a sudden Thoughts?

Day 5 of nausea, diarrhea and sensitivity to light and sound. Alleviated by sleep or lying in dark room also holding the sides of my head helps. -preg?

Diabetes type 2 he feels light headed bright lights can't see shaking vomiting kidney pain body aches . Should we take him to the ER ?

Disregard previous posts. Easy dizziness, brain fog, feel out of it, don't feel connected, constant moderate headaches. What could this be.Past4mths

Dizziness almost everyday lightheadedness feeling like fainting it's been 6yrs.Head and neck MRIs, blood test, urinalysis were normal. What can it be?

Dizziness at night past few days. Had brain CT 1.5 years ago which was clear. Feel faint feeling/neck pain. Excessive gas as well. Life threatening?

Dizziness that comes in bouts over me all day and head pressure, why? Its effecting my life. Its all i thibk about

Dizziness with movement of head an feel like retainin fluid an headache worse with antidepressants what is this ?

Dizzy and little lightheaded achy teeth and headache. Is this common with 857mg of amoxicillin. I'm on day 4. Can't even drive cause of dizzyness. ..

Dizzy spells , off balance, goes when lay down .. Tmd, occasional ear ache, Is there something seriously wrong with me and will be suffering for life?

Dizzy spells for past 3 days, headache w/light & noise sensitivity 2 days ago, diarrhea last night that's gone now, hand tremors now. Dr. Needed?

Dizzy spells,headaches,nausea,sleepy,eye feeling weird,im scared of a brain tumor im 24 yrold male,getting an mri tomorrow Help DOCS :(?

Dizzy, shaking, nausea(no vomit), headache behind the eyes, worse when I'm ready in bed and on going since Thurs. Making my anxiety worse.. Help?

Dizzy, tense and migraines while at work given 2 mgs lorazapam at home passed out for hrs woke in confusion and possibly hullucinated is this unusual ?

Dizzyness. Pressure headache. Unbalance and some times feel like thi gs are slowing down?

Do symptoms of heat stroke or exhaustion last for days I am worried.I had some kind of heat spell a few days ago and didn't go to doctor and I am still having problems.I have still got a bad headache and every muscle in my body aches I am nausus and reall

Doc did ecg all normal, says anxiety. My left arm plays up gets sore, get light feeling in it, get short of breath and a dizziness light head feeling ?

Does a hangover feel like this? Nausea, dizzyness, still can't walk straight, possible heart burn, weird taste in mouth. No headache. Mainly nausea

Does it take a couple of days to really get over the symptoms of a complex migraines? Like dizziness, off balanced, and confusion lingers for awhile?

Dringplane descnt epsde ear&headpain folwd by dizzess, wkness, ataxia, tchycrda, chestpain, flttring flopping senstion chest etc.Lasted abt6hrs.Can vashunt cause this type of issue? If not what might?

Due to have scan on r side for pos gall stones. Starting to have episodes of feeling faint, shaky, hot and lethargic .Is this connected?

DX UCTD. Sweat profusely-back of head, neck, face. Seeing endocrinologist 3 weeks now 6-7 episodes daily +light headed. Should I try to see Doc sooner?

Even being on a beta blocker my tongue has been going numb causing extreme dizziness?

Ever since i passed out a few days ago i cannot control my temperature, am extremely tired, have headaches and occasional shaking, what could it be?

Every morning i feel dizzy and sometimes having difficulty in sleeping. Is it also the effect of kidney stone?