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16 weeks pregnant, is it true if you are depressed your baby feels your depression?

24f with 2 lil boys! I have just been feeling very unhappy, stressed & overwhelmed! some days are good an others are bad! depression, bipolar...Etc..?

30 weeks pregnant and feel in a bad mood and sometimes like bored or depressed;i.Know its hormonal.But what can I do to feel normal and relaxed?

5 weeks 6 days, I don't feel pregnant anymore. Is this normal? This is very depressing

A little depressed, i need advice on how to feel happier?

After a month of stress anxiety & depression I still feel sick even though I'm happier and calmer, is this normal? When will I get 100% better?

After a party or whenever I have fun i feel so depressed, why is that?

Agitated sad depressed hot tempered shaky nausea day 2 on lovan (prozac) i hate life?

Always emotional and feeling depressed Can't eat or drink much Been going on for a few years now Having diffcult a time What can I do to help ?

Am i bipolar? I go from feeling energized, clear thinking, fast working, feeling like i m better than everyone, to feeling anxious (but not depressed)

Am i bipolar? I stay stressed out and depressed, i'm hardly ever happy. I find my mood swing are getting worse and i'm pushing my family away.

Am I depressed if I feel like crying almost every single day?

Anxiety making me physically sick. Help please? What should I do?

Anxious and jobless- can seem to get rid of the feeling of depression!? Help plz!

Anxious and worried a lot. Everything is hopeless and I feel like I can't do anything right. Am I depressed or have anxiety?

Any explanation for why i feel guilty when eating?

Asking for a friend, extreme tiredness, hungry all the time, feels bloated, feels happy one minute then sad and depressed the next?

At night I think to myself that I feel worthless and have nobody and I'm going no where in life what is this?

Been dealing with dr/dp for months & anxiety.. Now my limbs feel fatigued and i'm mentally very tired and can't concentrate.. Could this be depression?

Been feeling really tired lately not always just here and there could this be depression or aniexty from everything going on i my life or to muchsleep?

Been having sleepless depressed nights and feeling sick. Any recommendations?

Been in lithium for two months now. I have this feeling that everyone has bad intentions towards me and feel depressed, doc isn't worried, is that ok?

Been on 25mg zoloft for 8 days for depression. i feel physically better but not mentally better at all. still have racing thoughts, crying spells.

Bipolar: can you be depressed and suicidal for a few hours then feel great the next few hours?

Both depressed & lonely..How can I make both go away?

Can adult ADHD make u feel tired?

Can anything help people with fibromyalgia feel more energetic?

Can changes in weather make you feel depressed?

Can crying mean my depression is getting better?

Can midlife depression happen in female early 40s? I feel anxious and depressed a lot constantly watching my weight and feel bored all the time.

Can rain make you feel anxious and depressed?

Can someone be depressed even though they aren't suicidal. I'm scared of death. But I feel anxious, sad, empty sometimes. No libido, ?

Can you feel suicidal and have a plan, but not be unwell or depressed please, sometimes the doctor dr see it but I do feel this way and just waiting ?

Can you tell me how i can know if i'm depressed or going crazy?

Can you tell me how I could stop looking so tired and sad all the time?

Can you tell me how to know if im depressed or going crazy?

Can you tell me how to stop looking so tired and sad all the time?

Could depression make you feel sick?

Could my depressed feelings be worth seeing to by a doctor?

Could not sleeping properly cause me to feel depressed and apathetic?

Could you tell me why my job is making me anxious, stressed, can't sleep? Advice?

Depo shot and I'm extremely angry! I feel insecure and livid. Is this normal?

Depressed when the house is a mess? My kids make a lot of mess (which is normal) but I have no energy to tidy. I feel overwhelmed and want to sleep :(

Depressed/Stressed/Overwhelmed/AntiSocial/Nothappy/Prozac-felt like a zombie Celexa-helped but always tired/Wellbutrin felt angry&agitated. Help?newDr

Depression is eating me up. I cry all the time. I can't sleep. I feel worthless and hopeless. I might give up soon. I can't do this?

Do antidepressants make you feel happy or just stop you from being sad?

Do I have an anxiety disorder? I feel anxious a lot of the time, and sometimes it gets really bad and it gets hard to breathe. I also have a lot of headaches and nausea, and a lot of mood swings. Some of the mood swings i feel really sad or i feel happy

Do people with bipolar feel bored constantly if they are on their medication?

Do you have to feel happy to be manic? for the past week i've been extremely agitated, anxious, can't sit still, always pacing. can't slow my thoughts

Do you think I should feel bad or ashamed for feeling depressed and avoiding people?

Does being unhappy makin me angry cuz I am all the time?

Does everything feel different when your depressed?

Does rainy weather make you feel claustrophobic and depressed?

Ever since I had my 3 month old I've been really depressed and now when I hold her I feel so happy and sad a the same time I wanna cry What's wrong?

Everything makes me cry. I'm happy , sad, mad i cry. I feel extreme emotions. There is no grey area.. Why am i sosensitive?

Everytime i think of good memories, it makes me sick and depressed. I don't know why, but it's bad. Could this be a disorder?

Extreme depression alcohol abuse I feel dysfunctional can't get out bed depressed I don't know what to do sick of being depressed 24/7 ?

Feel blah, living day-to-day, lack zest for life, feel more "empty" and unmotivated than sad. Could this be a symptom of depression?

Feel depressed no mood to do anything jobless since 8 months get tired soon please advice lazy to exercise?

Feel so sad/depressed. I don't do anything anymore, no interest in anything. Never felt like this, why now?Scared to take medication, want to be happy

Feeling depressed just had a surgery. I feel anger and feel like isolating myself from people , what can I do please help?

Feeling down no energy sad ask the time nothing brings me joy anymore i'm on remeron (mirtazapine) but dint think it's working what should I do ?

Feeling sad and depressed over my issues. How can I get over this?

Feeling stressed from past fews days.I can't able concentrate on my work. I feels like need to commit suicide?

Feeling very agitated, emotional. Any little thing has been making me mad. What's wrong with me?

For 3 years I have lost the ability to feel emotion. I am not depressed I just feel brain fog and unable to feel happy. Just nothing! Why?

For some reason I always feel sad. How can I get help?

For the last year i've been unable to feel pleasure. My medications haven't changed yet i feel different. Not depressed. Apathetic & unmotivated. Help?

For the past month I've felt super irritable, and even depressed.Everything makes me mad. Why do you think this is?

Had a miscarriage. Hormones are everywhere. Im sad, then mad then i'll be happy then right back to being sad. How to cope? When will I feel better

Have been feeling quite depressed lately. Don't know what to do / who to turn to. What can I do?

Hello doctor, I am miserable and hopeless, don't know what to do or who I am anymore?

Hello i think i may be depressed. I have looked up the sings after feel worthlessness for over a yeah now and I have most of the sing's.. I need help ?


Help please! could depression make you feel sick all the time?

Hi, i am depressed and really feel bad becuase I am not eating healthy and feel guilty cause I know I am depressed and should be eating well.Any help?

Housework makes me really depressed. Am I a bad wife?

How can I be happier? I feel so depressed and it's always much worse in the morning. Even if I have a better day, as soon as i wake, it's the same.

How can I feel better inside? I feel so angry & frustrated lately, & i can't handle it because i'm taking most of it out on my mom. What's wrong w/me?

How can I feel motivated and energized?

How can I stop cutting myself I always feel lonely and depressed?

How come i always feel depressed or shameful after i've fingered myself?

How come I feel sad when I get up in the morning?

How come i feel so resentful and full of anger and hate?

How come i get depressed and anxious after having fun and feeling good?

How could i make my parents notice I am depressed?

How do I figure out why I am never happy and always tired?

How do I give up my pacifier if I feel depressed without it?

How does depression make you feel?

How pathetic is it to be depressed over a bad haircut?

How to feel less sad and lonely at night while boyfriend is overseas?

How to know if you're bipolar? Sometimes im happy, sometimes im sad, like everyone.

I have dieting like an annorexic lately. Because I have been bolth depressed and bipolar depressed. I feel fat. Any tips or help?

I always feel confused , i talk to myself constantly i go from happy to sad to angry in the blink of an eye and seroquil makes me angry in the morn.

I always feel so lazy every day. How can I motivate myself to be happy?

I always feel worried and sad I do not have confidence in myself I always fight with my dad ?

I always laugh at sad things, is something wrong with me?

I always seem to feel unhappy when i'm at work and have no motivation and also feel angry.And always struggle to get up and go to work.Im never happy?

I am 22 years old and i find myself feeling like I have no energy. I also don't feel like being social. Is this normal? I don't feel depressed. Just no energy or drive to get out of bed or do anything. Please help. I just want to feel normal.

I am always moodless i don't like to do anything don't have exitement in doing anything always feeling sleepy always depress help me i want to get out?