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12 weeks pregnant, feeling dizzy, faint, having headaches, fatigue, and weak? I almost fainted and my vision was black and blurry?

1st decapeptyl 1 month injection 3 weeks ago. Had migraine for 7 days on and off now, anxious, feeling sick and light headed. Is this normal?

20 weeks pregnant.Sleepy.Dizzy.Blurred vision.Light headed and sweating alot.What can cause this symptoms?

24 weeks pregnant an started feeling light headed not very dizzy but like every thing is really off when i move around?

25 weeks pregnant feel like im going to pass out sweaty light headed?

35 weeks pregnant having severe pain in the cervix feeling light headed, nauseous, dizzy and hands are really red what should I do?

6 hours ago i donated blood, and i'm still feeling nauseated and light headed. Is this normal?

A day ago I had black stool but now normal. feeling light headed and short of breath should i see my doctor?

A little light headed during exercise?

After having my baby I've been having problems when im standing i feel dissy and light headed what could be wrong?

After lunch i got light headed and tired . What is that?

All of a sudden i was felling hyper tingly shaky and the in 20 minutes i got dizzy weak light headed all the opposite what could that have been ?

Always feel light headed and nauseated, what could be the reason?

Any explanation for why i feel light headed whenever i stand up?

Any ideas on why i'm always light headed and dizzy?

Around 10 am this morning I started feeling sick and light headed out of nowhere. Now I'm exhausted and have a headache on top of that. What wrong?

At 10 am this morning I started feeling light headed and nauseous. Now I've developed a headache and am exhausted. I was fine when I woke up.

Been feeling dizzy, exhausted, no energy, light headed. Not sure if it just exhaustion because of my work schedule or something else.

Been feeling light headed and dizzy for over a week to the point sometimes I am nauseated could this be something major or can it be caused by stress?

Been having palpations all day and feeling light headed and dizzy on and off is it anything to worry about?

Can amoxicillin make u light headed? I'm on 500mg 2 three times a day, have Bronchiectasis and infection at moment but I'm light headed and weak

Can an allergy cause light headedness and ill feeling ?

Can anxiety cause you to feel swimmy headed or heavy headed?

Can eating too much sweets and the heat cause me to feel dizzy and light headed?

Can GERD make you light headed ?

Can it mean anything to feel light headed alot?

Can seasonal allergies make me light headed ?

Can your heart stop when you get light headed?

Causes of feeling light headed thyroid?

Coughing up blood and went light headed ?

Could i be pregnant or just anemic or what? Dizzy hot flashes tingly lags and tiredness I have to eat sometimes when dizzy

Could you tell me why have i been feeling light headed and nauseous lately?

Diaherra every morning. Past month. I wake up out of it. Feel like a feather just light. Like breathing light and heart light doctors told me anxiety?

Dizziness and light headed, what can cause this?

Dizzy and every time i hear a loud noise or bright light i get super dizzy for few seconds. Had fever and vomit 2d ago. Mucus in throat. What is it?

Dizzy and light headed with some vertigo only when climbing/ what's that?

Dizzy light headed nausea no energy what could this be?

Dizzy, light headed, cramping and nasuaes . Can i be pregnant ? Or something eles?

Does being anemic, cause of me staying.Light headed?

Does sinus cause light headed or dizziness?

Every night when I lay down, I get light headed and dizzy. Always at night I feel nauseous. Then start puking and then my nose starts bleeding. ?

Every once and a while i get really dizzy and super light headed when i laugh, what could this be a result from?

Eye turn n light headed also weak. Having my period?

Feel light headed all the time. Get dizzy at times. When i focus on what i'm working on get real light headed and head hurts along with eyes.

Feeling light headed & palpitations, are these pregnancy symptoms?

Feeling light headed all the time. Black out 50% of time when i stand up. Fainted once last week on standing up. What is causing this and what to do?

Feeling light headed and disoriented after eating ? What could cause this ?

Feeling light headed and disoriented after eating for about 30 minutes ? What causes this ?

Feeling light headed and disoriented after eating. Could this be anxiety ?

Feeling light headed and feel like coughing?

Feeling light headed and like I'm going to pass out when walking around could this be because of my asthma?

Feeling light headed dizzy confusion and blurred vision when i drive its only been happening for two days and i only threw up once?

Feeling light headed dizzy tingling in extremities flushed have normal a1c?

Feeling lightheaded/like passing out in the middle of a light workout?

Feeling shaky and light headed and cant sleep?

Feeling shaky, light headed. What could it be. Misses lunch just ate dinner.

Feeling short breath, light headed, diarrhoea and feeling weak on off for months, all test came back all clear. What is wrong with me, help plz. ?

First trimeser of pregnancy extremely tired, nauseated, and light headed aftrr standing. Anything to help this?

For some reason I have been feeling light headed, weak as if I might just fall over, and hard to focus. This first started a few months ago.

For the past week I've been feeling extremely fatigued, light headed, and off balance. I've also had a couple of bad dizzy spells. What could this be?

For what reason am i so dizzy/light headed?

For what reasons might i get dizzy, light headed and nauseous after sex?

From last 3 days i feel heavy headed and dizziness after taking bath why is this happening?

Getting light headed at the gym?

Getting light headed when coughing?

Have been felling sick and light headed now for three days?

Have constant dizzy spells resulting in light headedness and blackouts constantly, and recently light shakiness...what could this be symptoms of?

Have had constant fluttering in stomach, some light headed, slightly vomiting?

Having light head and getting dizzy what could this means?

Having spells of unsettled stomach, light headed / dizzy, and shaking that does not go away with having some orange juice. What could it be?

Having sporadic chest pains all over feel light headed. Having heavy periods?

Heavy eyelids and feeling extremely light-headed. What can I do and what causes this? Advice much appreciated

Hello I have been feeling light headed for the past few days and I can't get it to go away?

Help please? I have frequent headaches and light headed feeling?

Hi i keep going dizzy and light headed and having headaches and heartburn what could be the cause of this?

Hi I'm currently on my period, I feel faint and light headed, is this normal?

Hi my dad is light headed and has pains in his neck...What are the causes?

Hi... I have ear pain not always and not all days. Sometimes i feel light headed but never fainted.

How can I stop feeling light headed and dizzy when dieting?

How can I tell if i'm having a hypoglycemic event ? I get light headed and feel weak.

How do I figure out why I am so dizzy/light headed?

I almost collapsed after feeling very light headed?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and very dizzy, light headed and double vision, is this normal?

I am 11 weeks pregnant on heparin 10,000 mg a day. I had heavy nosebleeds today now feeling extremely dizzy and light headed BP is 85/63.

I am a 43 year old woman. I've been feeling nauseated, dizzy and light headed for the past couple of days. My blood pressure is 85/60. ?

I am always feeling light headed is this low bloodpressure when I stand still?

I am always light headed! it is ruining my life! there isn't one second of one day that i'm not! what could it be!?

I am diabetic, why am i feeling very nausea and light headed?

I am feeling light headed and out of it. I was wondering if I should go to the hospital or not?

I am feeling light headed when I stand up and my calfs are cramped. What can that be?

I am feeling light-headed, dizzy, foggy vision. How should I treat it?

I am feeling tired all the time and sometime light headed?


I am on diet and i feel light head

I donated blood 2days ago should I still feel a little light headed?

I eat i get bloated nausea and light headed?

I feel dizzy & light headed, what might be the reason?

I feel dizzy and light headed. What is wrong?

I feel dizzy for more then two days now and very light headed why?

I feel dizzy, light headed and sick in the morning, why?