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I have headaches everyday but here recently both my eyes have been feeling super weak with my headaches. ?

11 weeks pregnant been dizzy an having headaches for the past 3 days?

25 weeks pregnant last two day have had a headache but last night was dizzy and had nausea is this normal to feel this way

3 y.o with 100.5 fever and complains of feeling dizzy. ?

A week ago i woke up in middle of night with vomiting and headache, and the headache felt better after i vomited. This has happens every some months.

After period dizziness fatigued headache legs feel weak?

Are getting headaches when you are tired normal?

Bad headache for 6 months falling over as no balance lightheaded?

Been feeling very dizzy during school, have a stomach ache, headache ?

Been getting headaches and feeling nauseous for 2 weeks now, why?

Been having a strong headache on my temple's the past couple days, sore throat and weakness. The headache is what worries me i feel pressure and dizzy?

Body aches horrible headache nausea no energy hurts to even took myself everything is sore! Sharp headache ear ache and dizzy vertigo? Any ideas?

Can a sore throat, horrible headaches, lightheaded a lot, and feeling dizzy be signs of pregnancy?

Can blocked ears cause headaches and constantly feeling tired?

Can MS make you nauseous, dizzy and have headaches?

Can ovulation cause headaches amd feeling sick?

Can sinues make you dizzy everyday and have headaches everyday?

Can tension headache cause dizziness an make u sick to stomach everyday . ?

Can u have a headache without pain. Can a headache make u feel light headed?

Can you be nauseated with whiplash?

Can you feel nauseated with a sinus headache I got a headache yesterday and I feel really nauseated especially when I stand up ?

Can you give me advice with headaches for 2 days and strange throat feeling?

Cause of dizziness? Been dizzy lately when I got colds

Constant headache for almost 24 hours. Ibuprophen helps slightly. Light sensitivity and weak feeling. Should i be worried or is it just a migraine?

Constant headaches for past 2 weeks late at night. A week after headaches I caught a cold. Still have the headaches. Pulsing pounding pressure feeling?

Constantly tired random headaches?

Could a migraine make you nauseous?

Could it be healthy that i'm waking up dizzy, nauseous and with a pounding headache?

Daughter has headache stomache dizzy and tired going on five days now?

Dehydration? My eyes feel like i've been crying for days but i haven't. Also niggly headache & dizzyness on/off

Dizzy headache throwing up hot not hungry. 21 years old 2 year old daughter C-section in the past chronic migraine?

Dizzy, spots in my vision, nausea, terrible headaches, feel like i'm going to faint, can't sleep. What is this?

Does morning sickness happens same time of the day?Or is it random?I always feel nauseous and headache during night.Thanks

Feel dizzy headache can't stop ppeing?

Feel sick, dizzy and have an extreme headache after being in the sun. What are these symptoms of?

Feel very exhausted , a little dizzy, blurry vision and prefer to lie down and constant headache. Taken panadol, (acetaminophen) but its been over a month . ?

Feeleng very dizzy all day and have little nausea too. Could this be from an allergy?

Feeling dizzy when I move my neck. No headache or pressure, no fever. What could it be?

Feeling tired, worse with an ongoing headache for the past couple of weeks. Lightheaded even while laying down. Sweating or just hot, blurry vision?

Feeling very lightheaded & headache worried this is something serous?

Feeling weird after throbbing headache? Meds helped headache..Now i just feel kinda malaise and a little headachy

Frequent migraines , feeling lightheaded , and feeling sick while having a migraine .

Had terrible vertigo out of the blue. Still feel unbalanced. Have been having bad headaches. What is this?

Hard feeling on the nape.headache n dizzy?

Have had a headache all day and my neck is sore feel dizzy.

Have had a headache all day to the point where I've felt sick and dizzy?

Have had a strange headache in temples for a week now. Some days not so bad, others get nauseous/super tired. Am very stressed. What is this?

Have had huge terrible headaches for days, feel weak, dizzy, not hungry, cant sleep, what's wrong??

Having dizzy spells, headaches, minor backaches could i be pregnant?

Having stomach aches with headache and feeling dizzy? Could it be gas, dehydration, or something else?

Headache every day for a week with a lot of pressure in forehead sometimes makes me sick to stomach ?

Headache nausea chest feels heavy?

Headache on one side head. Have had headache for 6 days Feeling sick and teary today. What could be wrong with me?

Headache, ear, jaw pain. Feel tired and have a foggy feeling. I think it's my sinus but not sure.

Headaches and dizzy spells and stomach pain almost Dailey ?

Headaches, dizzy, nauseated, ringing in the ears?

Headaches, feeling tired and have a really bad memory. What could be wrong with me?

Hello I have heavy periods for over 3 weeks and dizziness, headaches and also feel sick what is wrong with me?

Hello I have not been feeling well all week. I have had headaches and nausea and runny nose and been really tired and throwing up sometimes. ?

Hello my fiancee been getting up in the morning feeling dizzy and with strong headaches what could be the cause ooh it seems to last all day at times?

Hello, I have a 14 year old daughter and she seems to be having dizzy spells, headaches and fatigue, but no fever?

Help with my headache needed. Nauseated too?

Hi I have been having headaches, feeling nauseous and a lot of dizziness for quite a long time now.I need to know what is happening to me?

Hi im having everyday headaches on the left side of my head follow with cold sweat, tired fatigue, dizzy and nausea.. Blowrry eyes help please?

Hi ive been having stabbing pains all over my head and very bad headaches, feeling sick and very tired all the time?

Hi my name if sincin mccloud. And i wake up this morning feeling very dizzy and nauseous with a headache. Am i having morning sickness.

Hi, I have headaches, trouble breathing, my chest hurts, I feel dizzy, nausea, vomiting.

Hi, I keep feeling dizzy and headachey - what could be causing this?

Hi, I've been lightheaded and feeling nauseous, headache and rigging in my ear is it something serious?

How do you explain how a migraine feels to someone else?

How is it that when i drink cooldrink, i get nauseous, dizzy and I have a headache?

I am 31 weeks have had a headache for past few days now im feeling tited and nautious is this normal?

I am a 23 female and have had a headache for about three days now. It is not severe and I feel a bit dizzy with it, almost as if I am hungover. ?

I am dizzy, nauseous, have a hard time breathing, sweating, no energy, tired all the time, head aches, and pain. What is wrong with me?

I am experiencing dull/aching headaches and/or migraines once or twice a month and sometimes feel nauseous as well

I am feeling dizzy and my forehead is getting cold... What is this?

I am feeling dizzy, disoriented, confused, nauseous, constantly tired, & I have had a headache for the past few days & now I am losing tracks of time.

I am feeling dizzy, disoriented, confused, nauseous, constantly tired, & I have had a headache for the past few days & now I am losing tracks of time.

I am feeling headach and feverish in afternoon from last 10days . Pleaseadvise?

I am feeling nauseated, dizzy and have terrible migraines?

I am getting bad headaches feeling dizzy and I am tierd my eyes feel heavy what can this be?

I Am sick from headache what's can I do?

I am so dizzy and nausea from my ears and nothing helps?

I am suffering from common cold and feeling headache, dizzy, and sleepy. Well of mild fever. What should I do?

I been feeling lightheaded/dizzy after I eat ... Also been getting bad headaches..Not sure what it's from any suggestions ?

I been kinda tired the last couple days with dizziness and this morning I was out of it and had a headache. Any clue?

I can't remember things, always tired, lightheaded, and bad migraines. What will help?

I constantly have a headache, feel dizzy and i'm quite forgetful. I am 19 and never had anything like this before?

I cough until I puke feel lightheaded and dizzy or get a headache what's wrong?

I do feel headache at night only?

I don't feel good an hace been dizzy an nauseated but i don't have a fever what do I do?

I drank the night before but didn't really have a hangover this morning just a slight headache, but I been getting really hot and dizzy feeling unwell?

I feel bad headache..& feel depressed .. plz tell me! What I do? For relief this

I feel dizzy a headache and a stomach ache?

I feel headache a lot what is solution?

I feel headedness when i wake up from bed accompanied with slight headache, wats wrong with me?

I feel puke and terriblly headache.

I feel really dizzy head pain ,and vomiting is this a migraine or what is it

I feel tired all the time, and recently I have had a dull ache in my head the feeling of nausea and on some occasions lightheaded ?

I felt exhausted and dizzy all day, and had a major headache. What can I take to alleviate the symptoms?