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(16) Love hanging out with people. Always positive. But always feel extremely sad once I'm by myself again. Maybe it's my negative thoughts?

18yr old female. Woke up 2am feeling VERY sad. But, i am very hopeful and love life! Why suddenly sad then? On third day of it related?

19yo.I am one of the most stressed people I know.I am very sensitive and everything touches me.It's my character.How to stop stressing out so much?

30yrf w/19mo old, has anxiety&past few months noticed about 2 days a month get extreme anger/mood swings like punching walls. I take seasonale. Causes?

34 weeks and 4 days pregnant and for the last two days have been extremely emotional and woje up this morning feeling depressed. What's wrong?

38 weeks pregnant crazy mood swings? I get upset over the littlest things

6 days til my period Andi can't stop crying!! I feel alone. However I get crying spells from time to time. I have panic and agoraphobia. Also moody! ?

7wks preg& feeling WAY too emotional.forgot to wish happy birthday to my hubby this morning.can't stop crying and feeling guilty.why?

A 5 year before happened tragedy makes me anxious all the time feels like emptiness, used to remain body restlessness after getting up till some hours?

A friend is feelng sad, hurting emotionally, lonely, hungry yet doesn't feel like eating, has a bad headache, and having crying spells. It started this morning. What should I do?

A weak or so before my period comes my mood (behavior)changes so bad, like geting apset with no reson.i spent the weak in is it normal.

A week before period i get depressed, over hungry, tired, angry, shut down, and put on weight, i can't control myself, is this symptoms of something?

After 3 depo provera shots, I'm feeling extra moody, loss interest with sex, on the verge of angry most of the time, sudden panics. Are these normal?

After giving birth 7 months ago i started feeling more anxious and fear from any thing what can i do to feel better?

After having my baby my brain feels different.. like foggy. And I'm always fatigue. I'm not sad... or wanting to harm myself or baby I just feel off.. my vision seems to be foggy as well sometimes? All Dr's say it's postpartum depression and have me on

After I took Paxil once I became incredibly sensitive to everything I thought about. If I thought about sweating, urinating, etc it happened. Why?

After never feeling vertiginous in my life, i've had 4-5 episodes over the last 18 hours. I don't feel sick in any other respect. What's happening?

Am feeling very upset very depressed about myself everything is black and white I always want to cry and sometimes I think about death?

Am i abnormal for my age, incontinent and forgetful at 50. I feel like a 90 year old woman!?

Am I attention seeking? I feel like I have depression because I'm always in a negative mood and get tons of anxiety at school which makes me cry?

Am I being too emotional or do I have the right to be a little upset if girlfriend had one night stand?

Am i clinically depressed? i always feel down, irritable, i have hurt myself as well, i feel alone. my bf tells me to pull it together, but I can't.

Am i crazy or am i pregnant? Okay so I have noticed that I have been putting on a little weight lately. I thought okay i've been eating a lot lately but then my periods started seeming different at first i thought nothing of it because sometimes it is lig

Am i depressed I have been feeling really down i haven't been sleeping at all suicide throught run through my mind but i don't know what to do and im 16 years old male

Am I sick or just feeling paranoid if diseases?

Angry & upset at 1 negative comment my mom says even tho she is right and then i dont talk for the whole day.what is going on? How to stop this?

Any explanation for why i feel this way about life?

Any reasons why i keep crying? It feels better to cry. I have just had my period over a week ago and I have recently been ill too? Please help.

Any reccomendations to help someone with paranoia or who worries constantly?

Anything i can do to help constant negative thoughts and depression. I exercise eat well. It's circumstance maybe but can't shake it for 4 years now.

Are antidepressants safe for an 18 year old? I cut mself every day but mostly im ok but i feel terrible with depression bouts and crying .normal?

Are my feelings and emotion changes for real? Or just in my head? (Psychosomatic) I feel sad most of the time, yet, nothing causes it. It just happens

Are phantom smells normal? I've had them since i was a kid off and on again but i've been worried and stressed out of my mind lately please help

As I'm waking up from sleep, before rising, my thoughts are often very negative. Once I get up, the negative thoughts go away. What could cause this?

At time wake in d night mentally feeling time is flying, am gonna die, nervousness, feeling everyting is going rong, no positivity. Is it Depression?

Bad anxiety because I've been very stressed at work. Would changing jobs help? Also feel a little depressed.

Been able to tolerate milk lately. Drank it this morning and now I'm sicker than a dog and clammy feeling. What do I do nothing is seeming to help.

Been feeling a bit off lately. New baby makes 2 kids.Tried to save a woman who died last week. Feeling kinda off since. Anxiety? Or possibly more?

Bipolar..see new Doc dec1st. Think havin mental breakdown.feel hopeless, uncontrollable outburts, crying, sad, want to go away.feel loosing it.

Bombarding my hubby with texts, he says its too much. I feel neglected if he dsnt answer. I feel angry when hes not home with me. Might I have bpd?

Can a person make there self feel symptoms of being pregnant.

Can a problem with your thyroid cause confusion to the point of someone seeming to be going crazy?

Can anxiety cause a butterfly feeling in penis area?Masturbated last night and been getting it whole night and today.was hard to sleep with this

Can anxiety/depression cause lack of appetite? Ive had really bad anxiety and its hard to make myself eat even though i feel hungry. Is this common?

Can being extremely emotionally stressed out and in pain make you physically sick to the point of throwing up?

Can constant intense pain make a person suicidal?

Can depression cause physical discomfort? Ever since feeling very depressed it seems as though everyday my body hurts somewhere somehow and worries me

Can having pcos make u have emotional break downs where u cry over everthing in feel down all the time? and just get mad and upset over everything

Can holiday make you feel depressed due to lack of positive/negative emotions and everyday being the same? i.e. Friday feels the same as monday.

Can hormone issues cause feelings of despair and uneasiness? Had surge long ago now it creeps up now and then. Psychologists don't seem to help much.

Can i be emotionally/mentally well/happy & still have fibromyalgia? I do feel the wide spread pain/tenderness but i truly feel happy/content with life

Can I be misdiagnosed for Lyme? One doc says I don't have it one says I do. I feel lost and crazy losing hope. I always feel sick. Who to believe?

Can implantation cause anxiety feeling sick for over a week thanks?

Can severe anxiety make you imagine pain. Seem to notice pain more when sat around doing nothing rather than when busy. Wondering if anxiety to blame?

Can you tell me how i can get over guilt feelings because of the mistakes i did in the past?

Can you tell me how to get thoughts of anorexia out of my head?

Can you tell me how to tell my extreme & overly anxious mom I'm pregnant?

Can you tell me if on lexapro) I just feel emotionally unstable. how long do these withdrawal symptoms last, and will I ever feel happy again?

Can Zantac (ranitidine) 150mg cause depression? Took yesterday morning and feeling mentally, foggy, dull, tired, and excessive crying over smallest things.

Ckonstantly feeling down and as if I can't cope anymore battling depression it's gone downhill past while?

Constant flash backs making it hard to concentrate causing suicidal thoughts how can I stop this?

Constantly feeling zoned out and out of it. Scared. How can I prevent this and what could it be ? Please help. 16 years old/very active.

Constantly tired/exhausted for at least the last 6 months. Had blood work done but it shows nothing. Seeing a therapist for depression. ?

Could baclofen cause my moods to start to swing, ever since i started it i don't feel like my normal happy self

Depressed moody negative after surgery especially going through ivf?

Depressed, life doesn't seem to be going anywhere, under a lot of pressure, what to do?

Depression, mood swing, I am a 21 year old male. For around the last year I have had a lot of mood swings. From being really happy and fine to wanting to cry and feeling sick to my stomach. There is nothing like a girlfriend or anything bad has really hap

Do I have anxiety? when I get frustrated I constantly start to hyperventilate and cry and have an extremely rapid heartbeat. I know this isn't normal

Does anxiety ended up to death ? When does anxiety ends. I'm sick of this feeling. I have gone through all test's and they were all negative.

Does pri menopause makes you feel not your self.

Does severe anxiety make you worry constantly i txt my daughter every day at uni as i keep thinking something bad has happened please help?

Don't understand why all blood tests are fine but i feel depressed and not like myself..Feel worn down, sad achy, and just bad all around! help me! :(?

During the past few months I have been snappy and easily wound up, I get angry over the littlest of things. I have also been feeling very low lately which has prevented me from going out the house. Could you please tell me what this could mean? Any help i

Ever since having anxiety i feel like i never had real stress coping mechs. Everyday i feel like i'm dying and stay positive as poss. What are some?

Every time when someone trigger a bad memories inside me, i get really depressed and felt sucidal. Is there something wrong with my mental health?

Everyday, i m normal and happy! Suddenly at night i m depressed and cry for specifically no reason! i feel increased sorrow everyday! wat's hapenning?

Everytime i finish eating, i get the urge to vomit and i don't understand why. I have anxiety issues, could that be the cause?

Everytime that sept 4 is near, I get depressed and suicidal thoughts. 7 yrs ago I tried to commit suicide that day. Why do I keep feeling like this?

Explosive mood swings once a month for a year now and is getting worse. Why? For the past year once a month around my menstrual cycle my mood becomes very unstable and i fly off the deep end. It has come to the point where I have put my hands on my partne

Extreme anxietyto the polnt you feel like your suffocating. I have an appointment on the 10th and I'm not going to survive this(?

Extreme lethargy: i feel like i'm dying. Is this depression?

Extremely anxious about colonoscopy tomorrow. Never been sedated before. Will i remember it? Will i know what's going on? Hate feeling not in control.

Feel so low and like crying a lot. no passon for anything and no motivation. Can get really irritable. often get a nervous feeling. Just want to stop.

Feel unhappy again causing my anxiety to start. Feel so tired. On 40mg of citalopram was doing good! What happened?

Feeling a lot of anxiety lately, especially when having to present to a group (2 or 3 others is enough for me to feel really anxious )?

Feeling depressed due to relationship break up. Haven't eaten in 2 days. Bloody feces. What should I do?

Feeling depressed due to relationship break up. Haven't eaten in 2 days. Bloody feces. What should I do? She talks to me but I'm very concerned.

Feeling depressed towards the end of my pregnancy now after trying to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Doing therapy. Am i hurting my baby?

Feeling extremely suicidal, it's taking over my life and i don't know what to do. Can you point in the right direction?

Feeling lost, drs did lots of blood tests and everything comes back fine but i feel so depressed thinking something is wrong with me :( ruining life.

Feeling no energy speciallyin the morning could be cause of what .I did a check up but everything normal .

Feeling of anxiety, low 2 little sex drive, no confidence at all what could cause these symptoms/feelings?

Feeling rather suicidal lately. Went to emergency but told nothing could be done as i was not seen as an active threat to myself.. What do I do?

Feeling really down again for no reason after reducing citalopram to 10mgmy doc advised this as i want to get pregnant always have problem with mood?

Feeling so depressed, flat , confused, don't want to be around anymore, doctors give tablets but that dosent bring back my loved one from a murder ?

Feelings of intense guilt whenever i see things associated with childhood, what to do?

Feelings of not wanting to be alone and wanting to go and be active all the time ?

Felt confused for a split second after talking to someone is this stress?

Few days ago i was doing perfectly fine but suddenly i felt really hopeless. i felt suicidal. i tried killing myself few days ago. i've lost 5kg.

Fiancé has low sex drive.. He's never been too in to it! it's affecting the relationship now i feel sad he's admitted it and feel its me! he says not?