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11 yr old son had a stomachache that got worse during the day and night. Small headache no fever. He threw up then was better. What would cause this?

12 year old boy vomit then headache 4 times in past month?

14 yr old overweight son, intense dizzy spell last night, bloody nose today. What could this be?

18 son complains w knee pain, hasn't injured it been sick last while stomach issues can this be lukemia ?

2 year old daughter had hives a week ago and 2 other times since now she has a fever is this connected ?

2 year old daughter is fine in day but for the past 3 nights has had a temp & complained of sore head. Temp normal in day. No other symptoms at all.

2 year old otherwise healthy boy repeatedly complains of pain in belly button. No fever, same appetite, poops daily. Cause for concern?

2 year old son is running fever & complains leg hurts. No rashes, eats very little but drinking, weak, was around baby who was vomiting & fever. Day?

2 yr old son woke up in middle of night vomiting and complaining of pain in left eye. no other symptoms. Virus? Migraine? Cause for serious concern?

28 yo, 4 mo pregnant. Feel slight fever since this morning, 38.5 celcius. Also feel a slight difficulty to breath. Please suggest if this is serious?

3 year old complains of recurrent abdominal pain, and wakes up crying almost every hour at night complaining of the pain. No n/v/d or fever.?

3 yr old son has been complaining of leg pain 4 weeks. been generally unwell.Not eating good, very crank/irritable.Today has sore itchy rash on leg??

3yr old daughter throwing up for no reason. No fever, cough Nothing wrong with her. Why does she throw up?

4 year old started screaming stomach hurts went to ER got X-rays and she's fine pointing at her throat fever with chills what should I do?

4 years old has had a temp of 39 for last 3 days. Complains of a headache and wobbly legs when she walks. Sounds all stuffy has a cough and hasnt eat?

4 years old son had 104 F fever on day 1 & now on 4th day has 99F fever, some cough & little appetite. Eyes are getting red since yesterday.Pl advice?

4 yo has been vomiting frequently today. 6 times already. No fever. Says her tummy hurts on her belly button. Could she have a virus?

4year old son has been complaining of neck pain for past two days has no fever however below his left ear lobe is swollen and woke up crying lasnight?

5 year old complaining of an earache after he vomited. Has a fever, but is controlled by motrin. No appetite.Probly virus but earache has me concerned?

5 year old son, suddenly fever this evening. He has a very sore head & tummy, he is autistic so doesn't answer honestly. No vomit or vomit?

5 years old son complaining of bad headache, stomach pain and low grade fever?

6 m old has randomly been vomiting a whole feeding only during night for past two weeks not every night and only once. No fever, happy after. See dr?

6 year old complaining constantly about sore tummy. Tried kids pro-biotic and duphalac. But still complaining. What else can I do at home?

6 yr f complains of headaches every other day . Started after having virus. No others symptoms .. Help. Doesn't stop playing forehead are always?

6year old daughter vomiting everynight for the past 3 nights Seems normal during the day til then & no other symptoms?

7 days ago my 5yr old son had a fever & vomited twice. He was great during the week. But awoke twice last night w/ a headache, & vomited later. Ideas?

7 yr. old w/fever of 103.1 complaining of stomach ache. Throat hurts when coughing only. Sneezing. complain of headache yesterday. Symptoms start toda?

9 yr old son is complaining of leg pain & headaches every morning & night for the past 2 weeks. Could this be growing pains or something more serious?

After kissing my girlfriend, she complains about having stomach ache 20mins later. Is this related and what might it be?

Can you have hey fevor in december?

Coughing a lot really hard yesterday, gave me sudden headache. Had it ever since, feel chills and cold waves in my head. Tylenol (acetaminophen) wont help. Serious?

Daughter 10 months woke up and threw up everything.. Not running a fever what could it be..Hasn't thrown up again for an hour now but really restless?

Daughter complaining of a belly ache. What's a good OTC to treat this?

Daughter has kawasaki's disease and is on baby aspirin. Had minor fall and hit head. Went to sleep complaining of stomach upset and threw up. Er visit?

Daughter is 4 has temp of 39.1 complaining eyes hurt?

Day 7 of my 7 year son having a stomach virus and he is still cramping and now complaining of a headache? How long can this virus last in a child?

Do you know why my son can not breath. It happens when he is running. Dr says he has not asthma. But my son turns red and complains that he can't brea?

Doctors please help me daughter is only 4tears old complaining that she has a headache this has been going on & off for months i'm worried bout this?

For 3 weeks my 17 year old daughter and 13 year old daughter both keep having dizziness. No feeling faint. What should I do?

For the past week my daughter been feeling fatigue, coughing unstop, fever of 100°F, has bad headache, pale. What should I do??

Four yr old son has a fever has been complaining about head hurting and eyes and he have had nosebleeds in past.. What could be wrong?

Hello my six year old daughter has been complaining of a headache since coming from school. She has a cold i gave her that medicine. What do I do now?

Hello my son just had a high fever this week and a day after his fever went down I noticed both his feet and hands were swollen and have been for the ?

Hello my two year old was foaming at the mouth today and has had fever for the past two days and complaining that her eyes are burning, I called the D?

Hi My son is coughing and throwing up what he ate. Nothing else no fever. Should we be concerned? He doesn't have a cold. Just happened.

Hi i was wondeing if u could help my son is 11 months and 2 weeks he stoped eating the last few days.In pain and really unsettled what could it be ?

Hi my 10 year old son has for the last 2 days been complaining with headaches and dizziness and then last night woke up with a bad nose bleed .?

Hi my son had sore through for 2 days followed by a mild fever, hardly eat or drink +headache now as well as lots of red spots on his left foot.?

Hi my step son has high fever sore throght tummy hurts and vomiting what can I do for him?

Hi my young daughter seems to be ill, her stomach hurts?

Hi, my 10 month old daughter has been cold sweating for the past 4 days now, no temp, no rash, no bad breathing, should I be worried?

Hi, my 2 years old son sweaths a lot on his head, is it normal?

Hi, my 3yo son just jumped onto my 7yo daughters stomach and she was in quite a bit of pain. She said her stomach hurts but is calm now. What do I do?

Hi, my 4 year old daughter has had high temperature which has been coming and going for the past few days and has also had a few nosebleeds as well. I?

Hi, my daughter having problem of noisia and watering mouth.she feel vomit after eating..some times having pain in abdomin.. she is 5 years old. She suffered from this since 7 months..

Hi, My daughter started with cold symptoms 2 days ago and she is now throwing up. She isnt running temp.

How could i tell if my daughter has a headach?

Hurt my head and vomit is that good or bad for my son tha is 4 yr old?

Husband complaining about pains in his legs. Has a low grade fever, shivering and feels nauseous. Not sure what would cause this. No cuts, son getting over mouth hand foot disease. Recently went to the beach not sure if he would had picked something up bu

I have a 8 month old and shes coughing a lot mainly when she sleeping she doesn't have a fever or anything what might be the reason bout a week now.

I am playing football and all of the sudden i got fever and throat pain ...Please help me?

I have a 14 year old daughter that is complaining of her head, throut, and stomach hurting, we have taken her temp but it says 95.4 .. what can i do?

I have a 15 month old and she throw up with a slight fever and super fussy whatg could be wrong?

I have a 16month old son. He has became hoarse out of nowhere, and there are no signs of him being sick. What could it be?

I have a 3 year old daughter who always complains of being hot. Should i be concerned?

I have a 3 year old grandson who cries when complaining of stomach pain what could be causing this?

I have a fever my back hurts and I am throwing up what could be wrong?

I seem to have a fever every morning. Why is this happening?

I think my son has strep throat. Then, suddenly, he was screaming/writhing w/ chest/upper abdomen pain until he vomited a cpl times. Is this normal?

Iam having fever and a strong headach what should I do?

Im 6 month pregnant I feeling fatuige and running fever of 102.3 heqd hurts and and throwing up nuased what can I do ?

It's been 6 months seen my daughter been born and I have like really bad stomach pain what can it be??

My 34 month son vomit twice in the morning, since yesterday, he has no fever and coughing, what can I do?

My daughter is complaining about having trouble breathing, pain in left lung, bad headaces and hasent been eating or drinking much. What could it be?

My daughter woke up at 1am bad stomach ache. She was crying and she handles pain very well. She has been vomiting and now she feels ache and head ach?

My son 3 yo, has running nose, fever at night and swollen one left neck only(tonsil?). it has been 2 days. should i be panic?

My 1 year old son has a ear infection and today he has been vomiting all morning, about 4 times. Is this normal?

My 1 yrold son has Been checked by dr no ear throat infection no temp not ill at all. He's been waking up for the past 2 weeks cry moan insleep why?

My 10 year old daughter suffering from an aching throat since evening.She is also feeling tired and lethargic since afternoon.?

My 10 year old daughter woke up vomiting last night but hasn't for six hours now. She has a fever of 103. Headache and body aches what is concerning me is she says her skin hurts. Should i beworried?

My 10 year old son is complaining about his stomach and head hurting and it just started all of a sudon!?

My 10 years old daughter has fever every morning. What is going on?

My 10 yr old son says he has a tummy ache.. He vomited twice.. Says he's cold and his head feels a little warm?

My 10 yr old son. woke up with an upset stomach, fever, and tingling/trouble moving fingers.

My 11 year old grand daughter complained of dizziness an?

My 11 year old often feels sick in morning as well as after she eats anything no fever but complains of a headache as well not always at the same time.?

My 11 yo daughter has had swollen tonsils for the past 4 days. No fever, slightly nauseated but not affecting appetite too much. Should she see dr?

My 12 yo has had constant vomiting since 1pm. Its now 11:15pm and she not been able to keep anything down. She has no fever but has pain in her tummy?

My 13 yo daughter complains of sharp pains in her head, they've decreased in number since she's felt them. No other symptoms. What is this?

My 13 yr old daughter has had a really bad headach and fevor of over 101 for the past 3 days now. What could be wrong?

My 13year old daughter was sick with fever and vomiting. That's done but her face feels numb. Can violent vomiting cause that?

My 14 year old son complains a lot about his stomach hurting him as well as having sour burps complains of nausea. Could u please help?

My 16 year old son is complaining of chest pain after running a 5k?

My 16yr daughter has been very tired & complainig of feeling shaky & pains in her thieghs. ?

My 2 year and 4 months old grandson running a fever almoust103, and constantly urinating. Could it be UTI or maybe something else?

My 2 year old daughter has been complaining off and on about a tummy ache for about a month. Should I be concerned? There doesn't seem to be a pattern

My 2 year old done a runny poo this morning, this afternoon she is complaining of belly pain and it's hard what could this be?

My 2 year old is lotty trained but complaining of stomach paiin and having accidents, not normal for her. And is all sweaty?

My 2 year old son has been complaining of his left eye hurting for a couple months, tried allergy med, no help, what could be wrong?

My 2 year old son will get shakey, these are random episodes. Four times in the past year. They come on in the afternoon. No fever or signs of illness.