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Can angina pain be worsened when breathing in deeply? or is there no connection

20 year old male slight pressure in chest all the up to head a little trouble breathing ?

33 weeks pregnant with shortness of breath/difficulty breathing and numbness in my arm and shoulder. Shoul I be concerned?

4 months of ongoing chest pains and breathing difficulties.?

After coming to from passing out, is it normal to feel chest pains and have some trouble breathing?

After letting my stomach settle and heartburn, could that cause breathing difficulties when laying down?

Age 16, trouble breathing when laying on right side?

Bad acid reflux, difficulty breathing, neck tense, head congested, chest tightness.

Breathing trouble an tightness in chest. an headache, . sister is dying in hosp. is this just anxiety ?

Burping, chest tightness, bloating, difficulty breathing for 5 straight days. Is this a digestive or heart issue?

Can anxiety cause trouble breathing and chest pains?

Can chronic sinusitis cause breathing trouble/chest tightness? If yes, how?

Can Gerd cause breathing problems or chest rightness.

Can thrombocytosis cause pain when breathing?

Can you have chest pain and problems breathing from a muscle?

Caughing, weezing, chest pain, trouble breathing.... I don't have asthma please help me?

Chest and throat pressure and tightness. Difficulty & strained breathing. Off and on throughout the day. No hx of heart/lung problems or asthma ?

Chest pain on right and breathing problem?

Chest pain, hard time breathing and headaches?

Chest pain, shallow breathing, and I'm feeling very lethargic, please what could be wrong?

Chest tightness/ difficult breathing deeply/ palpitations. 911?

Chest tightness/ difficult breathing full deep breaths?

Chest tightness/difficulty breathing after snorting stimulant. What do you suggest?

Coughing so severe causing difficulty breathing, gagging, throwing up, not able to sleep, so severe has strained back and neck. Should there be concer?

Could a hiatal hernia cause pain in throat area and difficulty breathing when running? Does not happen while on the elliptical.

Could mucus cause chest pain and trouble breathing?

Difficulty breathing when laying on my stomach. F,24,130Ibs?

Difficulty breathing, tightness in throat and chest. What are these symptoms of?

Difficulty breathing/pain in sides, what to do?

Do hydrocephalus cause difficulty breathing and pains in chest when running?

Doc, why I do experience hard breathing and heart aches sometimes?

Does a breathing tube down your throat breathe for you? Is this an awkward feeling?

Ear pain/ringing, trouble breathing out nose, and trouble breathing in general on left side of body. Is this heart related or sinus related?

Extreme pain in chest and back when breathing, yawning, coughing and sneezing. What does this indicate?

Feel as if i'm shallow breathing. Wat can cause it. What is normal breathing like. How far with normal breathing does chest expand.

Fever, difficulty in breathing, congestion of chest and heaviness of headache are present so what should I do about it ?

Forgot inhaler and have trouble breathing with chest pain, what to do?

Four weeks of nagging cough, headaches, upper back pain, chest tightness and difficulty when breathing. What is it?

Have difficulty breathing, pressure on chest and lungs. Please advice what to do?

Have lower back pain difficulty walking more than 200m shortness of breath..Any idea what the problem could be?

Having chest and lung pain having trouble breathing after i slipped on steps what do I do?

Head hurts Having trouble breathing Help ?

Hello doctor. I have been experiencing lightheadedness, chest pains, difficulty swallowing & breathing. I'm not sure what is wrong with me. Thank you.

Hello, I have been struggling with difficulty breathing for past 3 months. I was told I have asthma and a rib cage out of place. Please help me!

How to tell why i always feel tightness and pain around my ribs and have trouble breathing?

I am 17 and am having chest pain, trouble breathing, and body aches. What is possibly the cause?

I am have difficulty breathing. It feels like there is pressure on my chest and lungs. Advice/help please?

I am having back pain, difficulty walking, and a little bit of trouble breathing, what should I do?

I am having Chest pain when breathing after vomiting two nights ago. The vomit was forced out by me because of indigestion.

I am having difficulties breathing when laying on my chest but goes away if I change positions. Why?

I am having problems breathing and I have sharp pains in my chest but i don't know why?

I am having trouble breathing deeply and when I do I feel pain in my back ribs. ?

I am having trouble breathing through my right nostril, what to do?

I feel a tightening in the back of my neck while masturbating and shortness of breathing. Is this normal?

I feel tightness in my chest along with breathing difficulties. Dull chest pain and anxiety problems. I am 20 years old boy. ?

I feel tightness in my chest along with breathing difficulties. Dull chest pain and anxiety problems. I am 20 years old.

I forgot my inhaler and have trouble breathing with chest pain, what to do?

I had subtle chest pain and shortness of breath for a week. Chest pain diminished considerably and my breathing is fine, should I still be concerned?

I had thoracic outlet release 5 months the last few days I have been having really bad indigestion with difficulty breathing is this related ?

I have a pain under my right ribcage and having difficulty breathing?

I have abit of a breathing difficulty for 1-2 month and pain in throat for 3-4months and sometimes experiencing chest pain.What symptoms are this for?

I have been having tightness in my chest for the last five weeks. It has been causing breathing difficulties? What are some possible causes?

I have been prescribed propranolol but I have been getting chest pains, difficulty in breathing. Is this normal?

I have breathing promblems and chest pain?

I have had chest pain and difficulty breathing (constricted feeling) since I was young. Now 18 and my doctor doesn't don't know what it is?

I have hard, labored breathing while lying down. What can cause this?

I have pain in my back chest and stomach when breathing coughing yawning and sometimes when talking worse when laying down what can this be thanks?

I have pain when breathing it is a very mild pain but its there. I am not having any difficulty breathing.

I have severe chest pain when breathing. What could be wrong?

I was having trouble breathing and tightness in my chest this morning, but it has completely stopped now. Is that bad?

I'm 20 years old and have been having chest pain and occasionally trouble breathing for a few days. What could cause this?

I'm experiencing very slight trouble breathing. What should I do?

I'm having a chest pain when swallowing something or breathing.What should I do? Is it dysphobia?

I'm having chest pains and trouble breathing. I don't have asthma so what could it be?

I'm having sharp pains daily over my heart! & I also daily have troubles breathing & swallowing. Do you know anything that could be causing this?

I'm having trouble breathing and it's causing pain in my throat and chest?

I'm having trouble breathing well/ chest tightness?

I've had a shooting pain in my chest and my heart is beating rapidly and I am having trouble breathing. What could this be?

If i move my torso side to side I have difficulty breathing and sound wheezy, is that worrying or am i just be blocking an airway passage?

If someone is constantly having minor on and off pain in the chest and arms as well as difficulty breathing is this probably anxiety?

Im 19 been having chest tightness and trouble catching breathe for three weeks on and off. I'm overweight and have anxiety. What could it be?

Im having chest pain, and stomach pain. And im having trouble breathing, and I have a headache. Im a healthy person. ?

Is having pain in your neck shoulder chest and down your arm called having a heart attack even if its only mild breathing difficulties?

Is it bad that today i had palpitation while eating, sharp pain in my chest, back pain and difficulty breathing and swallowing?

Is it normal to get difficulty breathing with chest congestion?

Is it normal to have chest tightness after having heartburn? I'm not having trouble breathing and this has happened multiple times

Is it normal to have pressure feeling in chest & trouble breathing from a cold?

Is pain in your chest when breathing in deep really just gas near your heart?

Is the feeling of heaviness associated with ms? And chest tightness? Causing shallow breathing

Is there a reason why I am having chest pains and trouble breathing?

Ive been sleeping in a basement having trouble breathing, sharp pain when breathing, why?

Left ribs aching, having trouble breathing. Help please??

My 6 yr old daughter has been sighing/deep breaths a lot lately and complaining of shortness of breath and pains in stomach when breathing?

My 9 yr.Old daughter has chest pain and difficulty breathing periodicaly, what could be the cause of this?

My bf has pain in the middle of his upper chest and has trouble breathing. Its not constant, but sudden. It hurts while breathing. What can this be?

My chest feels tight and minor trouble breathing. Is this an emergency?

My friend has been having a sharp pain in his chest for about a yr & he has difficulty breathing @ times what d'u recommend he's 18 yrs old?

Pain going around back, sides, chest when breathing deep, tightness with normal breathing. i don't know if it is muscle or lungs or something else?

Pain in right side of chest for a week, sweating troubles breathing?

Pain in side of chest when yawning, breathing and coughing. What could this be?