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In great shape and eat clean, I have had pneumonia strep throat and 2 sinus infections in the last month why can't I stay healthy and not get sick?

1.5 yr constant respirtory illnesses. He's had 11 healthy days in 12 months. Been tested for everything& isfine. Do some kids just get sick more?

10 months old infant has caught cold and is sneezing.what should i do?i don't want him to take medicines so early in life.

4 days ago handled sickbird w/eye infect. wore gloves, washed. now have flu sym. ear sinus throat, low grade fvr. coincidence? BTW cat ate bird

5 cases chickenpox @ 7 mo. Baby's daycare. Should we yank from daycare until the incubation period ends so she doesn't keep getting exposed?

5 yr old girl just died where i live from myocarditis she just had flu symptoms i have 2 young children how would i know if they were suffering from myocarditis its flu season and im petrfied of anything happening to them ?

Advice for fighting the flu please? And how do you know if you should visit your dr for meds

Advice? Would the pneumonia vaccine keep a 93 year old man from getting pneumonia?

After being around others with a cold/flu is it possible to acquire the virus, feel run down for 1 day, but yet the body beats it before it advances?

After staying home all week, how could I catch a cold? Only had two visitors, they both have not been sick.

Airborne, water, and orange juice. Any advice on preventing a full born case of the flu?

Am i immune to fever blisters? I've 29 and have never had a fever blister in my life. My whole family gets them, and my wife gets them frequently, and i even kiss her when she has them (although i try to avoid actually touching the blisters). I find it

And do people with the normal flu wear face masks or do only the people with swine flu wear the mask?

Any advice? I have been told you can get the stomach flu from your pet. Is that true?

Are any cancers contagious by cough I'm only asking because I know somebody who was wearing a mask and just a cough can be a problem but For who?

Are children more likely to get sicker from bird flu?

Are elderly more likely to get sicker from bird flu?

Are gloves and a face mask enough to protect my baby from the stomach virus i caught?

Are there currently any bugs/virus/colds, etc going around, if so, what might they be?

Are you more susceptible to another sickness if you already have a cold?

As a direct care/healthcare worker how does one avoid getting colds and flu constantly? Anything to prevent it? I also barely sleep d/t 4mo baby

Aside from hand-washing, getting flu shot, etc., what are some good ways to boost the immune system during cold/flu season & avoid getting sick?

Asthma but i forgot to ask about hanta virus. Can asthma be one of the early signs of hanta virus?

Average times people get sick with a cold or flu in a year?

Been sick for 10 days. Been to Dr they say influenza but didn't do swab. Not getting better. Could I die from flu? Had vaccine. Read about death myage

Bronco-pneumonia in a 22months old baby, how long has he been exposed to the bacteria/virus that can make him sick?

Can 50, 000 IV of vitamin D3 for 3 days prevent norovirus if your exposed to others who are suffering with it?

Can a baby pass away from catching the flu?

Can a child with a cold sore be spreading the virus if playing in a community pool?

Can a single exposure to asbestos make you sick in the long run?

Can anxitey disorders and colds, viruses or other bugs agrivate each other?

Can any doc explain why can't people with asthma get the nasal spray flu vaccine?

Can breathing through your nose prevent viruses from entering?

Can corynebacterium and grow on glass and make you sick?

Can flu produce wanning to trow up?

Can I catch the stomach flu from being around a baby that wasn't sick until the next day after I played with him?

Can i re-infect myself with an influenza virus using eye makeup i used when i was first getting sick? That was about 6 days ago

Can i still get herpes on my lip if i`m not sick and immunity is not low?

Can immunosuppressants prevent the body from running a fever when one is sick?

Can improving hygiene reduce chances of contracting the bird flu?

Can infants & toddlers get diarhea or catch cold if they are not warmely dressed during winter time?

Can it truly make a person susceptible to a cold/flu by walking in the rain?

Can kids get the flu mist at rite aid?

Can my 6 week baby catch a cold sore virus from someone 2 feet away calling out to her? Worried shell catch this life threatening virus :(

Can my kids catch my laryngitis, how can I prevent it, or get rid iof this fast.?

Can parents get rsv? My infant has it, am breastfeeding, and i now have worst cold ever. Coincidence or infected too? If so what are my trt options?

Can someone explain to me how come it is important to be vaccinated again influenza and why is important everyone has to?

Can the flu virus stick to your clothes?

Can the pneumonia vaccine keep a 93 year old man from getting pneumonia?

Can treating a child as if they were sick cause them to act sick or create symptoms that are not real?

Can you catch noro from walking past vomit? How long after is it safe to walk by? Worried about noro virus

Can you contract fever blisters from sipping out of the other persons straw? Was a quick sip and she's a toddler.

Can you explain if it's possible to not catch the virus when my whole family's going down one by one with it?

Can you get norovirus from a prepared burger that sat at room temp for an hour, ate it cold? If so, am i contagious? What's the incubation period?

Can you get sick by being near a sick person who is merely talking or exhaling, and what if they don't appear to be sick yet, but are carrying germs?

Can you get things like giardia, the flu, and the common cold while you are on HIV PEP meds or once you have completed them?

Can you offer any tips on how to avoid getting the flu this winter?

Can you only get meningitis if the person you're around has it? Two kids sneezed in my face/around me at daycare but hes not sick..Should i worry?

Can you please recommend some effective precautions to keep newborn from getting swine flu?

Can you prevent getting the stomach flu if you have already been exposed to norovirus?

Can you still get the flu even if u had flu shot? Hole house is sick and kids had it and not as sick and no high fever like me and hubby 102

Can you tell me about how many times does the average person get the stomach flu in their lifetime?

Can you tell me of any special diets for "stomach flu immunity"?

Caught flu, then caught again, this time worser and i can't taste food properly?

Caught mono (g-fever)3 yr ago. Now feeling like have no energy at all . Is it possible to catch it again after this long ? How cal i tell ?

Could exposure to extremely cold weather cause pneumonia to kill a person faster?

Could I only get swing flu if I am around pigs?

Could use your help docs! my buddy who spent the night at my house, now has strep throat, will i get sick?

Could you get bird flu for touching a seagull?

Did at home stool transplant from hubby to me(2 help my tummy issues)small amount,now I'm sick.he had tummy virus last week,did I catch it? Am I ok?

Do allergies make you vulnerable to viruses?

Do infants run the risk of being reinfected with common cold?

Do meat eaters have weaker immunity than vegetarians against colds, flus, etc.?

Do sneezes make the Ebola virus airborne? Why doesn't the CDC say droplets from sneezes make Ebola airborn?

Do the ear loop masks that I see on everyone in the news during the winter help to prevent the flu?

Do you think that Ebola will kill a lot of people like the yellow fever epidemic in 1793?

Doc did a rapid test & I have strep throat.. How can I disinfect my house & keep my germs from spreading to other family members I have a mask on ?

Does eating local honey really help prevent colds and build immunity?

Does eating too many bananas lower your immunity and increase your chances of catching a cold?

Does getting the cold/flu days after ovulation affects conception?

Does my body still make antibodies if I'm exposed to a cold but don't get symptoms. Hoping to protect nursing 2mth old from brother's cold. ?

Does swine flu commonly come and go without knowing?

Does symbicort really lower immunity? Anxious about germs now and getting sick

Does the h1n1 virus affect the chances of getting the regular flu?

Does wearing a surgical mask really help you stay healthy from colds and the flu?

Every winter I get sick with fever and flu like conditions. This season I took arinac once daily and vitamin c. But that saved me. How safe is it?

Exercise: what are your tips for avoiding unwanted cold and flu germs during winter?

Family member who visited today has a fever. Will my breastmilk protect my 2.5 month old from getting sick if we were exposed to any germs?

Flu, i know i can pass it on to my kids. I am more worried about my 3 month old baby, if i pass it on to her, how will doctors help her fight it off, what to do?

For what length of time do cold germs stay in the air from a sneeze if the person covered their mouth?

Freshers flu.. Is there any recommendations for boosting your immune system to try and avoid catching 'freshers flu' from everyone?

Friend has a cold, and he coughed near me earlier. Is there a way to prevent/reduce severity of the cold before it strikes? Can't get sick now!

Had a stomach virus last week (diarrhea only), then caught a cold the following week (after my sister had it). Any relation?

Have had bronchitis virus for a week. Frequent cough. Am I ok going places and eating out. For instance?

Have influenza b have a toddler that's 5 should she be tested what are signdd in toddlers doc don't want to prescribe tamiflu (oseltamivir) cuz it's make it short?

Have lupus. Seem to catch virus every few months bad enough for me to miss few days of work. Currently have the flu. How to get work to understand?

Have MG, NO immunity, been around LOT sick people from respiratory to stomach flu at one time! WHY this time of year? Will my IVIG keep me healthy??

Having frequent attacks of flu and tiredness during this cold weather despite vaccination what are some tips to overcome this?

Hello. My mother had a cold in January, and she's still coughing. She has no communicable illnesses. What could she take to make it go away!

Help? I have been told you can get the stomach flu from your pet is that true?