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Asthma problem breathing?

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Can my lower back weakness, shallow breathing, and behavioral/psychological problems be related?

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Can you tell me, are there problems with mouth breathing?

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Gastric problem and difficulty in breathing. Are these related?

Having trouble breathing and pain when i breath what could the problem be? Do smoke

Hello I have problem with my respiratory system when i take deep breath i always have yawns all time this problem with me for past 8 yeaneei need help?

Help please. Could acupuncture help someone with breathing problems, on oxygen?

Help with breathing problems when in beijing?

Hi doctor, I faced difficulties to breathe sometimes and heartache sometimes any idea I can solve this problem by myself?

Hi there, I've had a coughing problem for almost two weeks now?

Hi.I have a problem breathing while eating my oxygen level is 99 could this be GERD if so what can I do to fix this breathing problem while eating?

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How much do you have to breathe to cause problems from oxygen toxicity? Is it possible to breathe enough, by yourself, to cause an issue? Maybe through hyperventilation as a result of anxiety?

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I am having breathing problems for about 2 months. Every time i think on how I should breathe i lose control?

I am having severe breathing problems. Help?

I am smoker buti can't leave it breathing problem what I do tell me?

I breathe out really hard a lot. Does this indicate any problems?

I can't even speak full sentences because of my breathing problems! what can I do?

I don't know if stress and anxiety are causing my breathing problems or if its the other way around. How do I find out once and for all? This is awful

I feel I have difficulty in breathing during my sleep. Anxiety related or a serious problem?

I had severe problem of snoring kindly help me?

I had weakness in my legs in some seconds this night, and had problems to breathing when this was going on. Dangerous?

I have a problem with my chest and breathing but I have been told it's my stomach and I can't understand why ?

I have a strange respitory issue, possibly asthma?

I have asthma but its under control. But i constantly breath heavilly. Is this something serious and what can I do to resolve this issue?

I have been to two pulmonary doctors, I have problems with my beathing my stats are always good, but I still have problems breathing. ?

I have breathing problem and stomach disorders?

I have breathing problem in morning.But get relief when time goes.I have inhaler with me.Is it essential to use it when breathing problem starts?

I have breathing problems is there a way i can stop it?

I have breathing problems, could be start of chest infection?

I have gave up going to the doctors for my anxiety' my biggest problems being dizziness and my breathing' please tell me there is a way out.