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2 days ago started feeling generally unwell gets worse later in day, feel weak, nauseous and shooting pains in body mainly legs and shakey ?

100 mg tramaol and 30 mg ketarolac inyecyion for sciatica. Now i feel super dizzy and feel nasueas what can I do?

2 days of shortness of breath. Today my tounge goes numb when i eat & a headache comes on my right side & down my neck, also dizzy, weak, and nausea?

20 year old female, very tired (may be due to endep) sore throat, headache, weird cloudy feeling in head. anxiety it's meningitis making me feel worse?

25 weeks pregnant extremely tired headache, back pain and my belly feels thight most of the time. Should I be concern or is just the way is.

25 year old tired all the time, feel blah, back pain, leg numbness when lying in bed, migraines. Not pregnant.

26 weeks pregnant sudden bad pain under ribs. Constant for over an hour. Should I worry? The pain makes me feel nauseaus..

27yr old male feeling tired, lightheaded and some what "out of it" as of waking up yesterday. Body aches in arms, back and stomach, possible cause?

3 days ago I woke up with a painful sore throat and then started experiencing a stomachache for periods of time. I have also felt fatigued, I get frequent headaches and feel dizziness when I stand up for too long. Should I see a doctor or just more bed r

3 days ago, I strained hard from constipation. Now I have random, light aches in my testicles/groin. Only symptom. Otherwise 100% feel normal.

38 weeks preg. Havent ate in 2 days, tummy tight awful upper pain in tummy and back slight fever light headed and weak no sleep can barely walk! help!

6/20/16 nasal surgery having pain & pressure what can I do I feel fatigued & feels like a headache but I'm normal

6w2d preg not reli feeling well, i feel weak and body pains.. but i have to go to work, what to do pls help?

Aching all over, lethargy, dull achey pain under diaphram, feeling sick?

After i masturbate i get a headache and gas along with lower abdominal pain. I also feel fatigued for a day or 2 any ideas?

After my 2 most recent runs I have been feeling dizzy and shakey but also I have had an ache in the middle above my belly button. Problem??

After sexual inter course i feel nauseated with tons of back pain. Sometimes i can feel the muscle "twitching" on its on. Anyone know what's going on?

After warm sitz bath i feel dizzy and headache. I take Celecoxib for pain. Why i feel this? Is this bad? What should i do to not feel it again?

Always feeling tired, upset stomach, and a very painful headache as well as back pain, and I'm always cold. Any help is welcomed, thank you?

Any explanation for why i get a light burning sensation achy pain sometimes after i eat?

Bad stomach pains after eating or drinking any thing, head aches, light headed, feeling weak any ideals what it could be?

Been feeling ill fir sometime now without any symptoms. Now I have an achy feeling in my ribs and my back is constantly burning also have no apitite?

Been feeling nauseousand have been lightheaded. I've had problems with my arm from swelling and pain. Can i. Be getting worse?

Been ill for nearly two weeks, pounding headache with odd stabbing pain, dizziness, feel like I have a cold with no snot, pain behind eye and shivers?

Bleeding for three weeks straight back pain discomfort always tired and weak very nausea feeling queasy having to wear three pads ,cold and shriving.

Blurry vision body feels heavy and weak dizzy and lightheaded diarrhea nausea pain in upper right tummy 30 weeks pregnant came out of nowhere

Body hurts weak bad headaches and nausea wats wrong?

By afternoon I feel very tired and feel pain (and tiredness) in calf muscles. What should I do?

Can a pinched nerve cause dizziness? My son was in a accident last year and has had constant back pain , now he is getting light headed and feeling na

Can depression make you sick like headaches, stomach pain, neck pain tired all the time?

Can Ibuprofen cause you to feel sick and unwell ? I've been taking it for jaw pain but now feel awful.

Can it be psychological that your in pain but really not, only feel pain when i'm thinking bout it.?

Can lack of sleep cause aches and pains or are you sick?

Can not lie on my back constant dizziness...Wake-up mornings dizzy also for 3 years?

Can stress cause aches and pains? Every couple months my legs feel achy and sore & it seems to coincide with the same time I'm feeling overly stressed

Can you be so exhausted that you feel pain?

Can you have a tooth infection without pain?An would it make you feel feverish/ligh theaded

Causes for sudden extreme stabbing sternum pain? I feel really nauseous and keep having a barf taste in mouth.

Chest feels heavy and arms ache, feeling a little nausea . F, 21yrs., 118lbs.?

Chest hurts a lot can't get mucus up very tired all the time muscles hurt legs feel tired and heavy?

Chronic back pain when sitting straight accompanied by stomach throbbing and feeling very nauseous plus being sick; any ideas what this could be?

Come and go headache switch sides. 5 days now what can it be it hurts and i feel nauseated n fatigued. I have a PFO im not sure of the cause thoe help?

Constant head, neck, chest, back and stomach pain. Constantly feeling like i'm going to faint and always tired. Have been to doc & ER countless times.

Constant headache reoccurring dizziness lower back pain nausea weak legs can't stand/walk long/far constantly exhausted insomnia cry a lot - not preg?

Constant headaches, feeling tired, general aches and pains, what is this a sign of?

Constant muscle cramping and sometimes tingling and always feeling fatigued. I also am always suffering with painful headaches. Help please?

Constant muscle twitches all over body, always tired, and feel nauseous. Had them before and went away for months.. Now back for 2 months now. Help?

Constant nausea feeling all day. What can I do to get better?

Constant urge 2 urinate, clammy, headache head down 2 shoulders, shaking hands/arms, bloated stomach, off/on pain right side, weak all over body?

Coufing when stomach pain, head ach, slight fever and feeling tired.(but may be due to sleeping late and walking up early) what could it be?

Could anxiety cause you to have stomach ache all day and night? Also my jaw is constantly numb (feel sick)

Could I have fibromayalgia even that I have no sleeping problems but cramps and hot feeling in back.?

Crippling pain in left temple on pulse. The faster my hb the worse the pain. Anxiety meds calm me down but i feel dizzy , disorientated , weak left ?

Decompression surgery 18 days ago now have server pain when sat and standing, feel nauseous and dizzy?

Dizzy alot yesterday had a panic attck but now today had headaches and the back of my neck feels sore and almost weak try to crack but bones hurt?

Do you know what could be causing my headaches, breast hurt, extremely tired. And sometimes i get nauseous. And lower back pain. It started last week?

Does chronic pain bring on sudden high blood pressure the last 30 days I've noticed that my neck an shoulder pain has got severly worse.I have what i call my spells becouse it can last 1 day to 3 weeks feels like im feeling like I am so heavy its everythi

Don't know if it's a head ache, but a pain my my left temple, loosing my appetite, and felt a little nauseous this morning, can it be anxiety ?

Dull headache, feel ovaries, an back ache, an bags under eyes. dizziness, off balance. fatigue. what's wrong with me. comes an goes all day every day?

During the past couple months, I've been getting very painful ringing in my ears, & feel very nauseas whenever I stand up- even slowly. ?

Episodic pain staying 1min every 45min right side back of head with vestigeous feel 7days runng.1stly there was neck pain, vomittin now no vomit, neck?

Every month i experience painful ovulation. It seems i always get pain on one side and feel lousy! can this also cause headache and stomache ache/gas?

Every morning when I wake my ribs hurt and I feel nauseous. These symptoms subside throughout the day but don't go away. What may be wrong?

Experiencing fatigue, lower and mid back pain with headache. Eating healthy and exercising regularly but often feel weak and dizzy. ?

Extreme lower back pain which is going down into my legs which feel numb/"asleep." nausea, dizziness, and incontinuity. I'm 20 what is this!? Please h

Extremely nauseous severe stomach pain on the right side tired and extremely full all the time what could be wrong?

Feel pressure in my head but no pain and light headedness it happens pretty much everyday there is some muscle pain as well and weak what is this?

Feeling dizzy and nauseous with back of the head pain for 2 days with mild chest pain. What should I do?

Feeling extremely nauseous 24/7, lump feeling in throat, sharp pains in abdomen, bowels need to move but won't , headache, drowsiness, can't sleep?

Feeling nauseous, coughing, pain behind eyes, headache, tired, occasional pain in the knuckles, little fever, breathing hard. Just a strong flu?

Feeling queasy and dizzy..With no pain.. What could be the problem?

Feeling really weak and dizzy.Cant sleepor eat/vomiting and nausea/fever kicking in/lower right abdominal pain/fast heart beat/cant move/what is this?

Feeling sick accompanied by a sharp shooting headache feel asif I'm going to vomit but can't pain shooting into my lazy eye started a week ago?

Feeling sick for 2 days , back ache and pains in the tops of my legs in also tired, any ideas wot it cud be?

Feeling sick on and off for a week. Stomach aches and lower back pain. Feeling full easily and frequent need to urinate. What could this be?

Feeling sick, sleepy, tired, metalic taste in mouth, frequent urin tight vagaina some time light headch dull period like pain some time in legs as wel?

Feeling sleepy for the past 3 days eyebags, back pain what could it be?Is it alarming?

Feeling very fatique for the last 10 days. I have a strong stomache ache after i eat. My groin is very uncomfortable. Blood presssure is very high.

Feels like insides are quivering/shaking very tired sore hard enlarged breasts dizzy spells abdominal pain stabbing vaginal pain what could be wrong?

Female,18 years old, third time having strep throat in 6 months, hurts to urinate, leg pains, constant painful migranes, light headed and dizzy????

For a couple days i've been really tired and am getting bad headaches. My back aches and my body feels very week. Is it just because i'm tired ?

For a week now IV had dizzy spells and nausea and right upper back pain when eating could they all be related blood presure a little low not bad?

For a while now I have been feeling strange Keep getting headaches, on and of nausea, numbness in right arm and dizziness. Now today I keep getting ?

For at least the last 10 yrs, I have had months or weeks where i don't feel great. Symptoms include foggy headed, bloated, muscle pain, gassy, blurry vision, etc. Other times i feel great! any ideas?

For over a week I have been unusually tired and having mild headaches constantly my lower abdomen also feels bloated what's going on?

For the last year when I wake up or exercise I feel really exhausted and can feel really run down, I also have constant bloating and breathlessness?

For the past 3 days i've had bad stomach pains that feel like hunger pain. This pain also makes me feel very nauseous and I have lost my appetite.

For the past few weeks I have been having nausea, randomly have to throw up, my muscles ache in my legs, arms, and back, no fever, but feel sick?

For the past week or so I have been extremely tired and experiencing horrible joint pain I feel like I'm 90 when I'm only 17 what's going on?

For two days I been having headaches, chest pains and nauseated. I have no appetite. My inside feels hot. Should i go to the doctor?

Gallstones, along with almost daily attacks and excruciating pain, I am now nauseous all the time and extremely itchy. I have never felt so unwell.

Get dizzy alot, feel sick to stomach, and have had a weird pain in left side for a while?

Getting stomach cramps/abdominal pain, trouble breathing, light headed lately. Hits me rlly hard at night. Is it my anxiety? And why at night? Im 18.

Had a one sided headache around 3p.M and haven't felt the same since, nw 1:44a.M feeling very malaise, tummy feels weird, feels slightly preheadachey?

Had abdominal cramping for almost four days, it comes & goes & can be very painful. I am also nauseous & have dry heaves. I feel very weak & feverish.

Had an lap appendectomy 16 days ago, now i feel like my diaphragm become inelastic, no fever, no pain, feeling limp and dizzy sometimes. What is it ?

Have a cold and feel tired, woke up with left sided headache, throbs when stand from sitting, cough/sneeze?

Have a headache for a week & 2 days it comes and goes and sumtimes painful and sumtimes mild pain makes me feel chills and sumtimes weak is it normal?

Have a really bad headache in a tingling pain down for my arm and feel nauseous?

Have back pain and feeling dizzy after surgery. What do you suggest?