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3 yrs ago my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Last week he said "... if there is such a thing." Should I change doctors?

Abrupt Lithium withdrawal caused severe akathisia symptoms. 4 months later I still experience mild symptoms. What can I do? Doctors are confused.

Anxiety symptoms i would like to know please... Thanks...

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Are there any illnesses or medications that makes the symptoms of hypoglycemia worse?

Are there any medicines that can help with "mild" dyslexia type symptoms?

Are there any prescription drugs that appear to cause or worsen symptoms of schizophrenia? Experienced symptoms of schizophrenia but only voices w med

Are there any symptoms that predict sids?

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Are there physical signs or symptoms of infertility?

Are there similar symptoms of anxiety and hiv?

Are there symptoms that can help predict suicide?

Are there symptoms that could follow a major period of comatose?

Based on my symptoms, dr said i may be depressed, i always have funny symptoms and fatique.I can't seem to pinpoint reason for depression.Is it possible?

Been getting all the classic symptoms of sleep apnoea, could sertraline be causing this ?

Can a hypochondriac convince himself that they have many STDs and then start having symptoms?

Can a hypochondriac give them self symptoms?

Can Abilify (aripiprazole) mask some symptoms of an underlying physical illness/ disease?

Can anxiety and diabetes have similar symptoms?

Can anxiety be a symptom of pulmonary emboli? I had increasing anxiety for 4 months before my diagnosis, and it has disappeared during treatment.

Can anxiety make u have symptoms of a disease?

Can anxiety mimic symptoms of cancers?

Can anxiety physical symptoms start premenstrual ?

Can anxiety symptoms go on for months on end with having symptoms on a daily basis?

Can anybody give me a list of the mental confusion symptoms of peri-menopause?

Can anyone tell me the beginning symptoms of alzheimers? I know forgetfullness, but what are the other symptoms?

Can breath holding episodes be a symptom of tourette syndrome?

Can depression be a possible symptom of cancer?

Can depression be diagnosed from a blood test or is it purely the behavioural and pyschological symptoms presented?

Can diabetes mike BPH symptoms worse?

Can difficulty concentrating be a symptom of primary aldosteronism?

Can hypochondria cause actual symptoms specific to the disease you worry about? You have 1 symptom, start to worry and other symptoms start to happen

Can hypochondriacs create their own symptoms?

Can i be prescribed an antipsychotics for more negative symptoms than positive symptoms of schizo. Ibelieve i didn't have any strong positive symptoms?

Can I ignore new symptoms if they´re on the "typical" list for fms?

Can men suffer from ibs? What are the symptoms?

Can nausea be a symptom of depression if all other medical conditions are ruled out?

Can nausea be primary symptom of ibs? Any help appreciated!

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Can pcos cause symptoms similar to hypoglycemia?

Can people over 70 get ms? I seem to have many symptoms but wonder if testing is futile if there is no treatment for my age.

Can signs/symptoms of gluten intolerance show up later in life? If so, is that likely?

Can slow processing speed give symptoms like OCD symptoms ?

Can someone give me a full list of anxiety symptoms.

Can someone have symptoms of maligant hyperthermia without going under any medications?

Can someone help me with the symptoms I have posted?

Can stressing too much trigger TMJ symptoms?

Can the experts please talk about the most significant symptoms of meningitis?

Can there be symptoms that makes it "worse" than if the symptoms are not there?

Can you advise for figuring out migraine symptoms?

Can you be schizophrenic with hardly any positive symptoms?

Can you describe the initial signs that someone has (or is gradually getting) schizophrenia?

Can you get confusion as a symptom of hoigne's syndrome? What are the other symptoms?

Can you please describe the basic symptoms experienced by diabetics?

Can you please discuss the physical symptoms of schizophrenia?

Can you please list the symptoms of an overdose?

Can you please tell me extreme symptoms of alcoholism?

Can you please tell me what I have if I list my symptoms ?

Can you tell me how someone with multiple symptom OCD should deal with it?

Can you tell me if a person experiences symptoms of anemia, for how long do these symptoms last?

Can you tell me if there are foods that help relieve depression symptoms?

Can you tell me what to expect with symptoms of cataplexy when I am very scaredwith the possibility of it being cataplexy?

Constant state of panic symptom after symptom so scared don't want to die?

Could a 30 y/o female without lesions have MS if symptoms are present? Neurologist is discussing Parkinson's, but the symptoms don't totally match up.

Could acromegaly and plagiocephaly share common symptoms?

Could anxiety symptoms only happen at a certain time of day?

Could fibromyalgia symptoms become worse with time?

Could i consult a doctor because I am portraying symptoms of aspergers?

Could it be actually possible to suffer from withdrawal symptoms from not seeing someone?

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Could running improve the symptoms of ibs?

Could there be a cure for the negative symptoms in schizophrenia?

Could you tell me if someone cannot relate to others feelings could this be a symptom of autism?

Do acromegaly and plagiocephaly share any common symptoms?

Do antipsychotics aggravate negative symptoms?

Do hypochondriacs actually give themselves real symptoms of a disease?

Do psychiatric medications actually cure anything, or do they just alleviate symptoms while you're on them? Don't symptoms always return if you stop?

Do shrinks always question whether your somatic symptoms are really somatic symptoms? W this logic anything can be "in your head" even when it's not

Do you know where these symptoms are stiming from?

Do you think I should visit a doctor if i've had symptoms of a concussion for 4 weeks now?

Docs can you explain what is "emotional lability" when it is given as a possible symptom of ms?

Docs can you explain, is there a diagnosis or medication for crazy new symptoms from nightmares?

Doctors, what are the symptoms of purging?

Does ADHD and hypothyroid disease have similar symptoms making it possible to diagnose one instead of the other?

Does age increase the severity of eds symptoms/problems?

Does anyone know possible ataxia symptoms?

Does anyone know the symptoms of myoclonus?

Does asperger's syndrome worsen? Do the symptoms increase in intensity, especially during or near puberty?

Does early anorexia cause weakness and lightheadeness? What other physical symptoms does it cause? Do the symptoms ease later on?

Does having physical fatigue symptoms as well as emotional symptoms mean that it is psychological?

Does obssesive compulsive disorder symptoms include also being obsessed with the same thing or idea for a long period of time ?

Does stress make meniere's symptoms worse? 

Does the symptom behavioral changes mean that I have fungal meningitis?

GP says my extreme fibro symptoms are from bipolar. True?

Has anyone ever heard of probiotics triggering neurological symptoms/problems?

Have many symptoms of CFS/ME but also Fibromyalgia as well. Is it possible to have both or could it be something completely different?

Have most of the signs of depression but the symptoms come and go. Been to a therapist years ago but wasn't diagnosed. Could I have depression?