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10 mths post Vag Hysterectomy, diag w/ prolapse fallopian tube. What is the best solution? Doct has never seen this before & wants to leave it alone?

12 weeks post op abdominal hysterectomy (cervix and uterus). I feel pressure in my vagina for days after exercise. Is it too soon or something else?

2 years post laproscopic hysterectomy, i have what we call an old lady smell when i urinate and smell ejaculate for few days after intercourse. Why?

3 weeks post op from laparotomy for ovarian cyst. Very nauseous every time i eat, lost 15-20lbs. I've had orangish vaginal discharge. And a sore throat

3 weeks post op from ovarian cancer davinci hysterectomy. Have belching and nausea and no appetite. ?

31 y/o. Had bilateral salpingo oopherectomy at 25. Hrt nor recom. Very active, lots of joint pain. What are alternatives to hrt?

38 yo female, just had 4th surgery for endometriosis. What helps keep this away? Had complete hysterectomy leaving only my cervix.

70 year old fit woman with pelvic prolapse, had complete hysterectomy with bladder ip lift. Three weeks post op, still bleeding bright red?

8 weeks post op hysterectomy everything but ovaries. Breasts swell and hurt ALL THE TIME. Not just with ovulation. Normal? Permanent? Why??!

A week after had complete robotic hysterectomy i notice some like blood coming from the cut of the operation do I need to go to the doctor?

Abdominal hysterectomy or vaginal. Which heals better?

Abdominal swelling after total gastrectomy?

Acne pain/tender breasts vag dryness seemed to start yr after partial hyst i hav overies so drs won't listen to me suggestions?

After a partial hystorectomy can u still get STDs n which ones

After a partital hysterectomy, can ovaries stop function?

After a total abdominal hysterectomy, when will menapause start?

After a total abdominal hysterectomy, when will the symptoms of menopause start?

After having a complete hysterectomy, how long does menopause usually last?

After having a hysterectomy how soon until i can have a climax?

After having a hysterectomy, is it possible to still have kids?

After having laparoscopy for endometriosis i had been feeling depress. Does that have anything to do with the hormones?

Am getting a hysterectomy, was wondering if I should keep my ovaries?

Am now 38. What should I expect after the abdominal hysterectomy if they leave my ovaries?

Anesthesia options during a partial or full nephrectomy?

Any other cure for adenomyosis other than hysterectomy? I am in the 50ish age range and understand menopause may help with this. Should i wait?

Any precautions to take, risks for 86 yo female to undergo abdominal vs vaginal hysterectomy?

Anyone else had hydrosalpinx after a hysterectomy? Is a hydrosalpinx bad?

Anyone know what is a total hysterectomy?

Anyone who has had menopause symptoms after a abdominal hysterectomy with ovaries left in?

Approximately how long does a total hysterectomy surgery last?

Are doctors against performing hysterectomies on mid-late 20s women? After 14+ years of periods. I can't imagine that pain every month until i'm 50

Are hysterectomies still the standard treatment for women?

Bad emergency c hyst. Does this mean that I have a short vagina?

Before total hysterectomy/oopherectomy my estrodial i was told was 1300. I had another test six weeks later pre op and this was 80. Is this normal?

Breast tenderness post total hysterectomy is it normal?

Can you still have a hematoma after one year after total hysterectomy?

Can a hysterectomy cause incontinence? I had a partial hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and cervix) in june 2010. A few months ago i started noticing that i would wet my pants and not even know it. I don't just leak a little bit of pee, but actually qu

Can a orgasm after a laproscopic hystorectomy hurt your recovery?

Can a partial hysterectomy lead to ovarian failure?

Can a total hysterectomy/bilateral ooph by attempted da vinci & then complete abdominal surgery kink the ureters and cause kidney atrophy?

Can a woman who has had a hysterectomy still feel PMS symptoms in synch with permanent females?

Can any docs elaborate on the difference in a partial cecectomy and a right hemicolectomy?

Can can you have PID after a total hysterectomy?

Can colitis cause cramping im wondering could it be my uterus my doctor want me to havr a hystectomy and im not sure ?

Can endometreosis travel to up around the liver area? I had a complete hystrorectomy in 2010 and currently on hrt.

Can endometriosis go up to around my liver area and cause pain? I had total hysterectomy and i'm taking estrogen.

Can endometriosis return after total hysterectomy?

Can endormetreosis grow after hysterectomy?

Can i donate my eggs to a family member if i only have 1 ovary, after a partial hysterectomy?

Can I get pregnant after a partial hysterectomy?

Can I get a hysterectomy at age 28?

Can i get cancer after a complete hysterectomy its been 2 years i've been bleeding ?

Can I have a partial hysterectomy at 23 without having kids?

Can I owe my forgetfulness to the hysterectomy that I have undergone?

Can i take multivitamins after my laparoscpic hysterectomy?

Can indametriosis remain after a complete hysterectomy?

Can polyps spread after a total hysterectomy surgery and should I be tested?

Can someone tell me the difference in a partial cecectomy and a right hemicolectomy?

Can total hysterectomies involve blood in the urine six month later?

Can you get both a facelift and a partial hysterectomy at the same time?

Can you get cervicitis, when you've had a total abdominal hysterectomy?

Can you get IVF with partial hysterectomy?

Can you get PID if you've had a hysterectomy?

Can you get sinus pains and ear aches after you had a partial hysterectomy or full hysterectomy?

Can you go through menapause early if you've had a partial hystercomy?

Can you still get endometriosos after having a complete hysterectomy?

Can you still gets cysts aftera partial hysterectomy?

Can you tell me exactly when is it justifiable to have hysterectomy?

Can you tell me when will i want sex again after total hysterectomy?

Complete hysterectomy means uterus and cervis out, is that right?

Confused!can you get cervicitis, when you have had a total abdominal hysterectomy, meaning no cervix, no uterus, no tubes and no ovaries?

Could a doctor probably give me a hysterectomy at 23 if i really need it?

Could a total hysterectomy operation damage the ureters at the top, closer to the kidneys?

Cramping going on for about 2 weeks and I had a complete hysterectomy about 30 some years ago. Also had surgery for diverticulitis, next best step?

Cramps after a total hysterectomy (& r ovary removal) surgery was 3 days ago. I'm having menstrual type cramps. Normal? & yellow minimal discharge.

Da Vinci hysterectomy 5weeks post op when can I sleep on stomach again?

Discharged in 5 days after hysterectomy when can I eat normal?

Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy?

Do they take out appendix during hysterectomy?

Do they take out your appendix when you have a hysterectomy?

Docs can you explain what is a full hysterectomy and oopherectomy like?

Docs! Please tell me if there is a difference in a partial cecectomy and a right hemicolectomy?

Does a hysterectomy bring on symptoms of menopause? My doctor is recommending a hysterectomy to deal with my severe fibroids and bleeding; she calls it "surgical menopause." will I have symptoms of menopause like hot flashes after the surgery? .

Does a hysterotomy exist and how is it different from a hysterectomy?

Does a salpingo oophorectomy involve a blood transfusion?

Does anyone know how long it takes for estrogen to go down after an abdominal hysterectomy?

Does divinci hysterectomy total invoke mesh implant?

Does intercourse hurt after tah bso?

Does it hurt to get a salpingo oophorectomy done?

Does laparoscopic oophorectomy mean a hospital stay?

Does laproscopic total abdominal hysterectomy difficult to do? Is it a complicated surgery?

Does partial hysterectomy affect vaginal health?

Does PMS go away after a hysterectomy? My doctor has recommended removing my uterus but leaving the ovaries with my hysterectomy. Will i still get PMS symptoms? .

Does PMS go away after a hysterectomy? My doctor has recommended removing my uterus but leaving the ovaries with my hysterectomy. Will i still get PMS symptoms? .

Endometriosis and had hysterectomy, then had appendectomy, apdx.Was full of endo as well, then had a gland in neck that had endo, is it everywhere?

Gyn doctor only, what's partial hysterectomy? Does it mean that uterus is left/cut in half ? I have fibroids which needs surgery & want to my organ.

Had a partial hysterectomy at 23yrs. Old following yr the ovaries and tubes were taken out still have horrible periods if I known then what I know now I would have never had a hysterectomy . When will it stop!? The pain and bleeding is unbearable!

Had a complete hysterectomy at 32. I am now 52 yrs old. I have had no sex of any kind in 7yrs. Have terrible vaginal itching but no other symptoms.

Had a hysterectomy about 5.5 weeks ago and now i sense an order with minimal discharge. Is this normal?

Had a TAH with ovaries 6 days ago. Feeling so good, I don't feel like I had major surgery! Is this the norm??or just a honeymoon???