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3 months post-septoplasty there are still difficulties breathing. Should we consult a plastic surgeon or an ENT doctor?

4 years college 4 years medical school, how many years after that to become a board certified cardio thoracic surgeon? How about a bc plastic surgeon?

Alternatives to being a surgeon if you want to be a doctor?

Any plastic surgeon or specialist coming to Alexandria, Egypt soon ?? I have scars on my face..

Anyone know how to find a proctologist or colorectal surgeon?

Are dermatologists that perform facelifts also plastic surgeons? Is there a plastic surgeon degree?

Are ent's the surgeons recommended for oropharyngeal cancer? Do plastic surgeons or others get involved?

Are general surgeons able to practice cosmetic surgeries (liposuction, etc.)?

Are healthcare specialties "plastic surgery" and "reconstructive surgery" the same?

Are plastic surgeons from around the world required to register with the american board of medical special?

Are podiatrists board-certified?

Are there any ENT surgeons in NYC who have the facilities to perform a Septoplasty/Sinus Surgery in their office and not require it to be performed at a hospital?

Are there any pros to having an ultherapy session if chosen as a candidate? Would like to hear from plastic surgeons on this, ok?

Are there surgeons who specialize in revision rhinoplasty? I've heard that revision rhinoplasty is a lot harder than an original rhinoplasty. I'm worried about not getting a good result for a second time because of this. Are there surgeons who specialize

Bilateral cleft lip- searching for experienced surgeon?

Botox for enlarged massater muscle- does this procedure really work? And if so, should I see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for the procedure?

Breast augmentation: you and your plastic surgeon should make 7 decisions before your procedure:

Can a maxilofacial surgeon perform a nose job?

Can a pediatric surgeon preform the nursery procedure and circ right after each other?

Can any doctor do a panniculectomy surgery or must it be a plastic surgeon?

Can any plastic surgeon do butt augmentation, or do I need a specialist? Should i seek out someone who specializes in butt augmentations, or do all plastic surgeons know how to do them? .

Can anyone recommend a good laser eye surgeon in san jose, how can you tell he is a good surgeon?

Can anyone refer me to a good plastic surgeon with experience in chin reduction/facial feminization?

Can plasric surgeons use plastic to shape the nose?

Can plastic surgeons perform surgeries on ears?

Can you tell me how evolved are plastic, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgeries?

Can you tell me the pros and cons of being a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon?

Can you tell me what number of rhinoplasties a week/month should a plastic surgeon perform to be considered a good choice?

Childrens hospital specialist will check eye socket fracture; will it be a plastic surgeon or eye doctor?

Chin is big. Refer me to a good plastic surgeon with experience in facial feminization?

Cosmetic Surgery: Who are two preeminent plastic surgeons with an office in Fort Lauderdale and/or Miami, Florida (there are too many to choose from)?

Could a plastic surgeon give me some of my sibling's facial traits?

Could there be a "right" age to pursue plastic surgery?

Did bruce jenner return to same md for repair of plastic surgery? Should you if unhappy?

Do abps certified podiatrists do clincal podiatry or surgery?

Do i go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for scar reduction?

Do I go to a plastic surgeon or a reconstructive surgeon for eagle beak deformity of nose?

Do i need a plastic surgeon for velashape? Should i get velashape from a plastic surgeon, or is it available at a spa or clinic? .

Do plastic surgeons offer chest hair replacement?

Do some?Plastic surgeons?Specialize in ?Correcting botched surgery?

Do you know a good place to find reviews of doctors in general surgery ?

Does a dermatologist need to be a member of the American College of MOH's Surgery to do this type of work on the face? What is the best certification?

Does anyone know a Dr ,plastic surgeon or an institute that can help me with my plagioceply correction in adults?

Does anyone know about a plastic surgeon specializing in lop ear deformities?

Does anyone know if a plastic surgeon specializes in lop ear deformities?

Does the surgeon who operates do the stiching up , or does his assistant do it?

Expert opinions? Which tests do maxillofacial surgeons conduct before planning your surgery?

For nose job do I see plastic surgeon or head and neck surgeon?

Here in america but does anyone know about how much a cardiothoracic (or really any surgeon in general) makes in italy?

Hi; I am looking for a surgeon able to perform a craniofacial surgery. I do not have medical issues, it is about only an esthetic issue -plagiocephaly?

How can a plastic surgeon make my cheekbones higher?

How can a surgeon help someone decide whether or not to get cosmetic surgery?

How can I become a plastic surgeon?

How can I find a good cosmetic surgeon?

How can I find a great plastic surgeon?

How can I find out if a doctor is really good in podiatry for surgery?

How can I find out if my ENT is accredited in plastic surgery?

How can I find out if the staff of a gyno that performs pelvics is certified?

How can I find the best plastic surgeon?

How can I know which plastic surgeon is good? Saw one with 6 fingers

How can I tell my surgeon i'm depressed?

How can you find a good cosmetic surgeon?

How can you tell if a plastic surgeon is the best one in the area?

How do I breach the subject of getting a referral to a plastic surgeon with my doctor?

How do I choose a surgeon for my septoplasty? Should i choose an ENT surgeon or a plastic surgeon? What kind of credentials should the surgeon have? .

How do I contact you to correct my cv graduated 1984 temple u school of podiatric medicine certified in surgery by the abps?

How do I find a good cosmetic surgery clinic?

How do I find a reputable surgeon for breast reduction ?

How do I find out where a board certified otolaryngology doctor is located?

How do I find the best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation in asia?

How do I find the best plastic surgeon in my area?

How do I know if I am getting answers from board certified doctors?

How do you check up on an oral surgeon to find out about their qualifications?

How do you pick a plastic surgeon for liposuction?

How does one become a plastic surgeon?

How does one go about finding a rhinoplasty surgeon?

How many acupuncturists are certified, and who certifies them?

How many appointments do I need with a surgeon before having tumescent liposuction? Do I have to meet with a surgeon more than once before i can schedule my tumescent liposuction? How many follow-up appointments do I need? .

How many surgeons should I consult before scheduling a revision rhinoplasty?

How many years do i have to do in order to be a cardiologist , what about a plastic surgeon? Which one would you suggest me to takeand wich earn more?

How much money does a pediatric surgeon make a year?

How should one select best plastic surgeons for my nose reshaping?

How to find a reputable lip augmentation surgeon.Can anyone help me out?

How to find a rhinoplasty surgeon?

How would you check a plastic surgeon's malpractice record?

I am having a mole removed is it better to go to a plastic surgeon?

I am looking for the best surgeon in Seattle that treats and performs surgery on AAA. Who do you recommend?

I have a question about becoming a neurosurgeon or a cardiacsurgeon. ?

I have heard any doctor can practise as a cosmetic surgeon, with no specialised experience or training. Isn't that a worryabout cosmetic surgery?

I need to find a surgeon in oregon that is able or willing to repair a femoral hernia at the same time as a tummy tuck!?

I need to know what is the average retirement age for general surgeons?

I need to see a doctor but not sure how to find a board certified one?

I only wanted a breast lift and consulted 5 board certified plastic surgeons. All recommended implants with lift. I regret the implants. Were they wrong?

I want a traditional face lift. What md is at the top of the "excellence chart" in miami? (yes, i'll be sure is board certified by appropriate org.)

I want to be a cosmetics surgeon? Any advice?

I want to see before and after plastic surgery celebrities photos?

I'm looking for a competent plastic surgeon who's not too expensive and is board certified for a liposuction, a tummy tuck, and maybe a breastlift. Can you recommend someone?

If my surgeon doesn't get my rhinoplasty right, does he need to do a revision rhinoplasty at no cost to me? During my consultation, the surgeon mentioned fees for revision rhinoplasty. We haven't even done the first surgery! shouldn't he do reasonable rev

Is having a rhinoplasty best done by a plastic surgeon or by an otolaryngologist?

Is it best to have a lipoma removed by a plastic surgeon or a dermitology surgeon?