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Clubfoot recurrence risk?

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Does an ESI carry the same risks as an epidural in labour? Does an ESI have more risk when in cervical space? Would u choose to do it knowing the risk

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Good morning... Doc, What are the risk of having a goiter?

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I am 19 and I just had inguinal hernia surgery. What is my risk for developing blood clots. Can I reduce this?.

I am male 23 years old.I am having boobs.What is the cost of surgery, risks and curing time.

I have a underbite and i'm considering surgery for it. What are the benefits and risks?

I have had a c-section before. Does that put my at risk for adenomyosis?

I know main risks of thyroidectomy are damage to the vocal cords or parathyroid glands. Are there any statistics about the likelihood of these risks?

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I really need skin reduction surgery. What are risks?

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I'm concerned to have elective gallbladder surgery because I'm a heavy drinker (not daily tho). Can I have higher risk for complications?

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Is there a risk to the surgery?

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