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2 weeks out from ACL reconstructive surgery, & operated leg has much faster hair growth than before op & than other leg. What's the reason for this?

26 years ago, asis fracture.After recent pain recurrance MRI shows i need surgery to fix.Is it extensive surgery to fix?Is recovery long?

5th metatarsal surg. On 7/26(resection). Doc .Now says wait 1 yr to do heads2, 3, 4. Necessary? Will cost me 6000 if i wait. 5th feels all healed!

A complete cleft palate repair usually takes how many operations?

About how long is neurofibroma surgery?

Acl reconstruction, just had mine done. Can you offer some tips or experiences for recovery?

After a bi-lateral hydrocele repair, how long until the wounds heal?

After a foot operation what is the minimum of time of rest generally?

After open heart surgery what are some challanges people usually face with a broken sternum? I just want to know what to expect

After surgery how long do you have to wear surgical stockings for?

After surgery of navicular accessery bone what is the approximate recovery days for running in marathon?Does it have any effect in future for running?

Allograft acl surgery do you need to take non rejection medication with donor tissue for the rest of your life??

Am considering tip rhinoplasty. How long are surg & recovery times? When do you see results? Which technique - open or closed - yields better results?

Are movement and training good for recovery period after cyst on the tailbone surgery? It has been over a month and i still have a deep wound.Thank u!

Are patients usually get put to sleep for arthroscopic ankle surgery?

Are there any long term complications to the cleft palate surgery?

Are there foods which will help me heal after surgery?

At my postpartum visit my doctor told me that i would have to have perineum repair surgery after healing badly. Was this a result of bad stitching?

Best cure for tfcc injury except surgery?

Bi-lateral hydrocele repair, how long until the wounds heal up?

Can basal joint replacement surgery fail? Having almost as much pain as pre-op. Should I go back to surgeon or does it just take time to heal?

Can I have surgery if I have a cast on my hand? Surgery is fir kidney but wasn't sure with an IV and stuff if i only have one hand to use.

Can Limb Reconstruction Suergery make you shorter ?

Can my hand injury be bad enough to have to get surgery or can it heal some other way without surgery ?

Can positive thoughts actually speed along surgical recovery?

Can smoking really make a bone surgery fail?

Cant i be help for fast recovry after the surgery of navicular accessery bone?What is the fast recovery of surgry?

Cervical discectomy and fusion assuming successful surgery, with no complications and reasonably healthy and active patient; what is a reasonable recovery period?

Clavicle fractured 10 days ago,separatedn,surgery is indicated,i cant do surgery at now(insurance).my q is how delay affect surgery and Healing ?

Collarbone surgery recovery -how do pro athletes recovery and play after this surgery so fast (3-5 weeks i've seen)?

Could gout be a factor in selling post ACL surgery? Should it need to be drained?

Could you tell me if my liver was cracked during surgery, what are the ramifications?

Dear doctors, is there any other option except external bag after operation of colostomy. Because it is for life time which is very pain full.?

Diagnosed today with a dislocated big toe and 2 large bone cysts. Told i need surgery. . How is the surgery done? What's the recovery process?

Diagnosed with a bilateral brachial plexus injury. Recommended course for surgery, one side then other ? or both together. Total cost of surgery?

Difference between a surgical, trauma and ER doctor ?

Do pressure sores require surgery?

Do you normally show the patient the hardware that you will use in the surgery?

Docs, usually how long is recovery after open heart surgery on an infant?

Does a frenectomy require stitches? I'm going to be having a frenectomy done as part of my orthodontic treatment, and would like to know if i will need stitches afterwards. And is it a long recovery time? .

Does a neck lift require a long recovery time? What kind of recovery does the typical neck lift surgery entail? I want to improve the look of my neck and eliminate my double chin. Will my activities be restricted for a long time, or will i be able to resu

Does being obese affect ingrown toenail surgery recovery?

Does dupuytren's contacture always progress to the point where surgery is required?

Does it needs physiotherapy & how long it needs & what about prognosis & is there any possibility of recurrence & what about movement after doing the operation?

Does pacemaker installation count as major surgery? Is this major surgery that will include a long recovery time?

Does prednisone prevent the body from healing after surgery? If so how long after the medication before I can have surgery? Breast augmentation

Does skin necrosis require immediate surgery?

DX Osteoarthritis. Minor cartilage damage, spaces clean. Doc does not foresee surgery. Can progression be stopped and how to minimize progression.

Excision of sesamoid bone 5th metatarsal What's the surgery and recovery like and what's the risk of waiting for surgery?

Excision of the nonunion of navicular fracture and curettage of the cysts in the area. Is this surgery recovery going to be lengthy?

Following a whipple procedure how long before you can play sports again?

Following surgery how long are gastrostomy dressings necessary?

Following wrist operation infection, what to do?

Foot drop after radical nephrectomy surgery?

For a shoulder arthroscopy, generally how long is it from the time you arrive in the surgery center to the time you are sedated before surgery?

For how long do you have to wear pull-ups after a partial prostate resection operation?

For how long is a patient in the hospital after repairing a shattered lumbar?

For how long is the recovery from corrective surgery for low imperforate anus?

For the tummy tuck there are stitches within that heal with u and is not removed, are there any future complications that go along with this procedure?

Full width radial sagittal band tear in my middle finger. What's the normal recovery time from surgical repair? Options besides surgery? Thanks!

Greater tubersority fracture (anterior). How long to heal, no surgical route? I'm a powerlifter, will i be back at full strength, also any future risks?

Had a baby in April would like to remove breast implants that are silicone under the muscle. How long will surgery take? recovery? Can I do it now?

Had foot surgery done and one of my incisions did not close all the way. Doc did I&D and same outcome experience. Could my hypothyroidism be a culprit?

Having a chronically avulsed fragment from my navicular excised and curettage to remove arthritic changes. Is this a long recovery?

Having complications after surgery, but MRI can't see through titanium plates. Is it safe to have them removed?

Hello. I've been diagnosed with pronator trees syndrome. what's the likelihood of full recovery if surgery were to take place?

Hi i may need tensor tympani surgery and I am scared of having pain after the surgery, can you tell me what type of recovery i can expect?

Hi my graft is too long do i need surgery or anything or will it tighten up thanks ?

Hi. I want to ask, what the best food to eat after ovarian cyst surgery for speed recovery my internal after my OP?

How bad is brain surgery and is there rehab after?

How can I heal a root chakra after a C-section and 3 hours of major abdominal surgery?

How can i heal an ulcer without needing surgery?

How can I manage at home alone during disc surgery recovery?

How complicated is distal humerus surgery in an otherwise healthy individual? How long does it last & what is the prognosis?

How difficult is clostomy closure when stump is only 6cm long?

How difficult is the surgery for epiretinal membrane and what is recovery like for someone who's occupation is very detail oriented?

How do I treat these blisters following orthopedic surgery?

How do patient expectations affect back pain recovery?

How do you get a hole in your throat to heal after a t.E.P. Has been removed from a larengectomy patient?

How is wrist dislocation treated? If invasion is not done and it heals up , is there chances of less movement afterwards, else invasion is mandatory?

How long after an orthopedic surgery can an infection develop?

How long after diep surgery can I sleep on my side?

How long after heart surgery are stitches removed?

How long after pediatric gtube surgery can one expect any atelectesis to clear up? And is there anything I can do to help it heal? Things to avoid?

How long after surgery, patient can remove those black things from his leg?

How long after urethral duverticulum surgery will I be healed, what should I expect during healing?

How long before I can play golf after a single cataract surgery?

How long before pain goes after second Achilles operation. I am 17 weeks post operation second time to same Achilles to shorten?

How long before the stitches are removed following a neck lift?

How long do it take for the scar tissue to breakup and dissolve. After arthroscopic knee surgery on the minicus?

How long does dysphagia typically resolve after a linx procedure?

How Long Does It Take For Carpal Tunnel Surgery Incision to heal after it has opened up a little? surgeon said its normal for it to open a little..

How long does it take for facial swelling to go down after a bone graft surgery?

How long does it take for the mandible bone and tissue swelling to heal after oral surgery?

How long does it take to close a 4mm anterior open bite using braces and surgery?

How long does it take to recover from an Graft extraction of iliac crest, i had a wrist surgery 24 days ago?

How long does it take to recover from posterior semicircular canal occlusion surgery?

How long does it take to regain complete normal feeling after a thoracotomy with pluerodesis? I had this done on 2009 & still have "tingling spots".

How long does it takes 2 heal from numbness in the upper lip after lip lowering surgery knowing that it's 20 days now since i had the surgery?

How long does it usually take to perform a pediatric hand surgery?