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1 day post op from double bunion and sesamoid dislocation surgery, and my foot is elevated and still have circulation issues. Is that normal? Edema?

About how much does the surgery to correct saddle bone deformity in a foot cost? Is the procedure relatively safe?

After bunion surger surgery and removal of cast should I limit walking?

After foot surgery I don't know how to drove?

After surgery on tailor bunion will the symptoms go away?

All nighter before ankle surgery, is this okay?

Any exercise suggestions for someone who had hallux valgus surgery?

Are crutches needed after sesamoid surgery and for how long? At this point, having yet to schedule my surgery, i'm in a boot.

Are there any other options for severe midfoot arthritis besides triple fusion surgery?

Are you awake for bunion surgery?

At what age do you need to have an operation for club feet?

Bruising two weeks after foot surgery is this good?

Bunion surgery 2 years ago, now pain in ball of foot, why is this?

Bunion surgery 2 years ago, now pain in ball of foot?

Can anesthesia from a toe surgery kill you?

Can bone spurs return after surgery?

Can calcaneal tendosis be healed without surgery?

Can flatfoot correction surgery make your feet smaller?

Can foot fusion be performed on those with gas gangrene near the ankle, if not why not?

Can hammertoe surgery still hurt at 8 weeks?

Can I walk after surgery on my great toe?

Can my stiff ankle be fix by exercise with out surgery?

Can over pronation be corrected by surgery?

Can surgery be done on deformed arthritic joints?

Can the staples and screws in feet from bunion surgery be causing pain 6 months after surgery?

Can the surgery for tarsal coalition hurt?

Can they do the procedure on both ankles at the same time?

Can tibial tortion be corrected without surgery.

Can you cure flat feet without surgery?

Can you give me more info on surgery to correct a "hammer toe"?

Can you have reconstructive hand surgery while in a cast?

Can you have successful surgery for arthritis?

Can you perform broken ankle surgery laparoscopically?

Can you please tell me about hammertoes surgery?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had hammertoe correction?

Can you tell me about an ankle fusion for correction of a tarsal coalition?

Can you tell me about artelon surgery for a subtalar joint in the foot?

Can you tell me about bunion surgery & can you tell me all about your experience?

Can you tell me about ilizarov surgery for leg deformity correction?

Can you tell me about reconstructive flat foot surgery?

Can you tell me how to get a surgery of madelung wrist deformity?

Can you tell me step-by-step procedure for scoliosis surgery?

Can you tell me what your opinion is of limb lengthening surgery?

Can you undergo foot surgery just to reduce the size of your feet?

Cavus foot from compartment syndrome. Surgeon says need surgery to realign. What are long term complications if avoid surgery? Any non-surgical help?

Could foot surgeries fix crooked and overlapping toes?

Could i drive after ankle surgery?

Could i request an ankle surgery?

Could you tell me about bunion surgery?

Do doctors use anesthesia for bunion surgery?

Do i need to get the screw taken out of my foot from my bunion surgery?

Do I need to have surgery on my foot by a foot ortho surgeon?

Do you need crutches after hardware removal surgery ? (Screws in ankle)

Does a bunionette also require surgery?

Does anyone know, after hallux valgus-hammer toe correction surgery, doctor arranged plaster of paris bandage upto knee.?

Does foot surgery involve hopsitalization?

Does the cotton procedure foot surgery help gait?

Following surgery problem with toe, what to do?

For hallux rigidus, one surgeon said joint replacement, & one, fusion. I'm still mobile & want the less risky bone spur surgery. What do you advise?

For personeal sublaxtion surgical options? Is there a way without being casted?

Hammertoe repair, when can I drive after the procedure?

Hammertoe repair, when could I drive?

Has anyone ever had foot surgery for bunion removal?

Has anyone had a mallet deformity?

Has anyone had successful corrective surgery for fallen arches?

Has anyone here done surgery for plantar fasciitis?

Hav bilateral bunion, hammer 5 bilateral recovery?

Having my dislocated big toe repair and a bunionectomy at the same time. What type of cast is used in this type of surgery and is fiberglass used?

Heel spur surgery, how much does it cost and is it worth it?

Hello, is there any ways to lengthen hand 4th an 5th metacarpals by a few milimeters without invasive surgery ?

Help! foot operation!?

How can I quickly cure bunions without surgery?

How can you straighten your toes out without surgery?

How dangerous is ankle surgery?

How do I know if I need bunion surgery?

How do you get bunions, and what is a good age to have bunion surgery?

How does an ankle fusion for correction of a tarsal coalition work?

How does foot bone fusion surgery work?

How does it feel after bunion is healed, after surgery?

How does one prepare for a bunionectomy?

How does podiatry foot surgery differ from orthopedic doctor foot surgery?

How effective is artelon surgery for a subtalar joint in the foot?

How effective is reconstructive flat foot surgery?

How effective is surgery for the correction of heel spurs?

How is a club foot operation done?

How long after bunion surgery before my toe joint is completely healed?

How long after bunion surgery do I use crutches?

How long do I ask off if I have to undergo for an hallux valgus correction operation .?

How long does numbness last after bunion surgery?

How long is the swelling after halux valgus surgery?

How long will I be out of work after foot neuroma surgery?

How many surgeries will it take to fix a club foot?

How many weeks in a cast for surgery on fourth toe?

How much it cost for bunions surgery?

How much would it cost to get corrective surgery for my big toe?

How old do you have to be in order to have bunion surgery?

How painful is hallux rigidus surgery?

How successful are the results after bunion and hammertoe surgery (98%?, 99%?)?

How to reduce swelling after bunion surgery?

How to remove a bunion on my foot without surgery?