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16 years old. I go to gym and the trainer is saying to take the mass gainer or weightgainer. Will it be alright if i stop taking it after 1 month?

10 weeks pregnant and wondering if vegan protein powders are safe? All natural ones. None of that body-building/muscle junk.

100% whey harmful?

18 yrs old 50kg i am going to gym and consuming mass gainer containing 1gm creatine 65.60gms carbohydrate 26.50 gm protein is it harmful? for my healt

A person suffering from vitiligo can take whey protein supplement?

Actually my gym trainer suggest me to add dainabol 100tbs course.. Can i add this in my diet ?

After 6 months in the gym i begin taking preworkout like n.O.Xplode 2.0 and after workingout i take myofusion and now changing to whey its bad for me?

After a lot of research I have started taking protein supplement as I do intense weight lifting 5 days a week. Should i be worried about side affects?

Allergy to fish. Will i still be able to take my lifting supplement?

Amino acid 2222 tabs shuld be taken before taking whey protein or after taking whey protein?

Any comments about Whey protein powder by Optimum Nutrition (ON) ?

Any effect from tacking amino beef tablets and whey protein powder i go to gym ?

Any effect if i take amino beef tablets and whey protein and casein together?

Any guidelines when purchasing whey protein to look for?

Any side effects of protein supplements like whey protein? And by the way, are these supplements effective?

Anyone know what is a supplement i can take that has lots of protein but not the carbs?

Are 'aromatase inhibitors' healthy to take regularly?

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Are my chances higher to get kidney stones if i take pre workout supplements and creatine the same day of a workout?

Are other supplements like pre workouts and amino acids ok to take while pregnant ?

Are protein powder are safe for bodybuilders and which protein powder or weight gainer is good without any side effect?

Are protein powder supplements safe to take?

Are protein shakes suitable fo 14 year olds?

Are protein shakes/powder safe for a still growing 16 year old girl?

Are protein supplements really bad for you or are they safe to use.

Are soy proteins a better substitutes to animal proteins for a man of 69yrs suffering from diabetes?

Are there any long term health risks for using pre-workout supplements before working out/lifting?

Are there any safe protein drinks that doctors recommend?

Are there any side effects of protein "shake"(whey brand)? Im taking it three times a week when i play in gym

Are there any types of protein powders that are safe to take?

Are there vitamins that you should take if training for 5-10 mile runs, or is it just marketing hype?

Are visalus (specifically visalus) meal replacement shakes good for you?

Are whey and casein protein powder shakes safe long term? Any alternatives that also contain all essential amino acids? Thanks!

Are whey protein isolate powders safe to drink if I drink lots of water with it? 1.4 liters - 2 liters a day of water, 1 protein shake after gym.

Are whey proteins good for me for general fitness? I am thinking of product of optimum nutrition, but u can recommend

Are whey proteins healthy or unhealthy? Why when I take it once a day it causes me a dry mouth for 5 hours? Which one would u suggest me to consume?

As a tennis player recovering from tendinitis, what kinds of vitamin supplements should I be taking?

As a vegetarian and an asthmatic. Should i load up on protein and amino acids to help martisl arts training?

As an athelete, do I have to cycle off whey protein? If yes, for how many days or weeks?

Asian M High BP Bodybuilding/Cardio exercise take BSN NO Xplode (Caffeine+Creatine+NO) supplement.Can't workout hard without it.Can I take it safely?

Being a hepatitis b patient (17 yrs male) i workout on regular basis.Can i take creatine, gultamine, iron supplements.Pls help.Wil it incrse my strength?

Best protien powder for a 14 year old? I currently take "body-fortress whey protien" please reccomend a band or specific type. Thank you!

BSN AMINOx is a supplement i plan to take but i wanted to know if you guys can read the nutrition if it is bad or the nutrition is not good thanks!

Bun=21 Creatinine=1.1 Protein intake=120gms 50gms through whey and 15 gms bcca during Moderately Intense exercise 5to6 days for 1 hr.

Can I take whey protein powder while breastfeeding??

Can a 55kg bodybuilding beginner take mega mass or supermass.And what about casilan 90. When should supplements be taken( after or before workouts)?

Can a MS patient take whey protein and does whey protein contain artificial sweetner?

Can a type 2 diabtic takes isolate protein and L-glutamine after exercise?

Can a vanilla protein shake hurt someone that has hypertension and mild chf?

Can amway protein powder increase my height at age 20?

Can any doc tell me what's the benefit of using whey protein when dieting ?

Can any doc tell me what's the best protein supplement without needing a blender?

Can bcaa, whey protein and pre workout supplements harm my kidneys and i had splenectomy when i was 16(now i am 21) and i drink regular water(5litres)?

Can be the person take MuscleTech nitro-tech protein?

Can bodybuilding supplements help me get bigger as a swimmer?

Can Bromelain & Papain be dangerous for health? I'm takin' Universal Nutrition "Milk & Egg" protein as weight gainer? thank you

Can hemp seed in protein powder shakes produce a positive urinalysis test?

Can i breastfeed while using whey protein with creatine?

Can I build my muscles without taking whey powder protein?

Can I consume whey protein if I suffer from pesudo cerebri? Or is it better to avoid?

Can I do exercise when suffering with c.diff? Can I take whey protein?

Can i drink a herbalife shake before working out?

Can I drink chocolate protein powder during pregnancy.?. Please let me know. Thanks

Can i drink herbalife tee and protein milkshake ? While breastfeeding?

Can I drink whey protein although I have hepB?

Can I drink Whey Protein while nursing? I'm going back to GYM & workout again but need to know if its safe to consume while nursing my 9 month old son

Can I give protein supplements to my 7& half year son as he is a sports person (skating )..if yes then any recommendation ?

Can I have a tarry stool the day after intense workout?. it was first training after a long pause , i dont take any supplements or vitamines

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Can i start bodybuilding and taking protein supplements while I am 16 years old ?

Can i still take my ester-c with plexus slim? Thank you.

Can I take a calcium supplement with whey protein?

Can I take a whey protein enema for faster and better absorbtion? Thanks in advance.

Can i take aderral without building tolerence? Can i take it like every other day so i still get high but not build a tolerence?

Can i take amino acid supplements before my workout and after my workout or should I just take them after i train?

Can i take B Complex and B-12 (500mcg) at the same time? Not really on a diet but i do workout.

Can i take creatine 700 mg with lyinel 15 mg a day?

Can I take creatine supplements if I am allergic to dairy products? (Male, age 26)

Can i take creatine with water?

Can I take creatine without working out ??

Can i take isolate protein while pregnant?

Can i take L-glutamine if I have GFR of 70?

Can i take masspeak weight gainer supplement with creation at the same time if so how should I take them throughout the day?

Can i take more than 1 supplements at a time? I am going to buy whey protein, creatine and amino tablets for bodybuilding(mass gaining) purpose, is it ok ?

Can i take optimum serious mass it safe ... iwant to build my body in gym.i am very thin..the reviews were awesome in

Can i take oxytetracycline while I am taking protein shake, amino acids and vitamins for gym? Not at the same time , i mean after 2 hours of taking oxyt

Can i take protein dietary supplement if I am already on propranolol ? I lift weights

Can i take small doses of pure whey protein with 1mg clonazepam?

Can I take the fitness supplement L Glutamine as part of my gym diet without any contradiction to my 150mg dose of the antidepressant sertraline??

Can i take vitamins with a protein shake, after hitting the gym?

Can i take whey protein and agninine at the same time ?

Can i take whey protein and fat burner together?

Can I take whey protein as a supplement if I am nursing?

Can I take whey protein while on 100mg of sertraline or is the tryptophan content too high?

Can I take whey protien powder my age is 20 . I do my gym regularly. ?

Can I use cvs whey protein after exercises I am wondering if it going to harm me ?

Can I use hemp protein powder to replace whey protein to gain muscle?

Can I use/take almased (it's like a protein powder) while exclusively breastfeeding my 4mo? Says all natural no gmo diabetic friendly...protein powder

Can I youse a bodybuilding suplement creating MONOHYDRATE and l glutomine and protein powder ? I have hep c

Can it matter which brand of protein powder I use when making homemade protein shakes?