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49 YO male on Crestor (rosuvastatin) & Losartan. Is it safe to take: • Bee Pollen • L-Arginine/L-Ornithine • L-Isoleucine/L-Leucine/L-Valine • Creatine • Selenium ?

A study had shown Creatine supplementation can increase DHT levels. Would creatine be alright for a 17 year old? I've been taking it off and on.

Are bodybuilding supplements safe after varicocele surgery (e.G pre and post workouts containing energy boosters and creatine formula, fat burners?

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Are there negative side effects of deca-drol max? It is a non-methylated anabolic complex dietary supplement? Should a guy take these daily?

As a 16 year old with adhd taking concerta. Been training for many months now. My question is i'm considering supplementing creatine for weightlifting and bodybuilding purposes. Do you think that there would be a potential reason/risk that should keep me

As I am pure vegetarian and taking protein powder of muscle pharm combat as dietary supplements for gyming purpose so is there any harm taking this?

At an age of 42, can I practise bodybuilding?

Bcaa vs creatine, can you tell me which is better?

Bcaa vs creatine, which is better?

Best form of creatine?

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Can you supplement with creatine while taking concerta for adhd? I have been taking concerta for ADHD and have been considering supplementing with creatine for weightlifting. Would that be okay?

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Do i have to cycle creatine supplement ? Three months on , one month off?

Do i have to cycle creatine? , is there health risks from the supplement? i take 2.5 g a day and i do bodybuilding. Thanks

Do L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Lysine tablets stunt growth in a 15 year old? Is stacking them just as effective? How much is a healthy amount?Thanks

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Do the food supplements for bodybuilders effect the kidneys ? And how ? And how to avoid such effects that keep using these supllements safely?

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Does my height will still boost even i am in 17 and currently taking up supplements with growth enhancer?

Does my height will still boost even i am in 17 and taking a supplement with growth enhancer?

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Does taking powdered creatine monohydrate affect young teen health?

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