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Am aleardy takes the green coffe beans for 8 weeks and i need to take 4 werks so please advise?

Any interaction between green coffee beans and warfarin?

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Are green tea supplements safe to take?

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Are there any interactions between chicory root and prozac (fluoxetine). I heard that chicory is a good coffee alternative and i would like to try it. Thanks?

Are there any interactions between Lexapro (escitalopram) and green coffee bean extract?

Before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism i used to drink yogi detox tea. Now that i take meds can I still drink the tea?

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Can a 17 yrs old (18 running) consume green coffee bean extract?

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Can i take acai berry tablets while ttc and can I take acai berry with amatryptaline antidepressant or goji berry ?

Can i take cla, raspberry keytone, green coffee bean, carnitine and a women multi vitamin while I am taking bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim)?

Can i take garcinia cambrogia with fish oil pills & a high potency multivitamin which contains green tea. Any ingredients it shouldn't mix with?

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Can i take phentermine 37.5 and drink one 8oz cup of coffee? If so, should I take phentermine first? I only drink coffee in the morning. Thanks.

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Can i take simvastsain and linsiliprial with green coffee bean?

Can i take the "green coffee bean extract" if I am on metoporol for atrial fibrilation as have put on a lot of weight with the meds?

Can I take ubiquinol (it is the more active form of CoQ10) with coffee, tea? OR should I wait some time after coffee, etc to take it? Anything else?

Can I use fat burner pills without caffeine if im taking antidepressants amitryptilin? Im using fat burner with cambogia extract and green tea extract

Can lipton tea be taken with milk?

Can my husband drink Hibiscus Tea if he is on Warfarin. He take 5mg. daily. His INR has to be 2.0 to 3.0...Thank you?

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Cascara sagrada bark, is it safe to take while diarrhea?

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Do all those natural diet supplements, like green coffee extract, really work? Or are they just a marketing ploy?

Do cranberry juice or green tea interfere with Coumadin or warfarin?

Do green, hot, bell, or any other peppers affect INR when taking warfarin?

Do i allow to drink green tea and coffee during taking ciprofloxacin hydrochloride 500mg ?

Do u get the same benefits from taking a green tea supplements as drinking it? Also how many cups are recommended?

Do u get the same benefits from taking a green tea supplements as drinking it? how many cups are recommended?

Does 800 mg twice a day of pure green coffee extract interact negatively with synthroid (thyroxine)?

Does adding cream, milk, or splenda lessen the antioxidants in green tea? If it does, what's a good alternative to use with green tea?

Does adding milk and sweeteners to green tea cancel out the health benefits?

Does any kind of tea with senna/psylium affects birth control effectiveness? How long should i take it bfore having my tea? I poop hours after tea

Does chamomile tea interact with amoxicillin? i usually drink that tea to help with my GERD but i need to take amoxicillin for tooth decay.

Does coffee bean extract affect warfarin?

Does coffee bean extract affect your warfarin?

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Does green coffee beans affect warfarin?

Does green coffee extract really work? I started taking some after gaining 10 lbs in one month after taking depot lupron (leuprolide)

Does green coffee extract effect birth control?

Does green coffee extract work. I'm 34 years old 511 about 230 pounds and if so which is the best brand to buy and or formula that will work the best?

Does green tea and pomegranate juice affect hypothyroidism ? Do they affect levothyroxine ?

Does green tea have negative effects?