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Stroke Carotid Artery taking Clopidogrel and fibrazate GP says i cannot take Fish Oil supplements but he's not sure if i can eat fish :Facts Please.

1 gm of krill oil (420mg omega-3) and 1 gm of fish oil (500mg omega-3) is there any different in terms of efficiency and absorption ?

16 weeks pregnant . vegan. Can I take flax seeds for my omega 3(DHA) requirements or is it unsafe?

4 months pregnant, don't eat fish. What kind of supplements can I take with my folic acid+ prenatal supp... Omega or fish oil?

A health specialist told me cod liver oil oxidises so if ones digestion isn't good then they shouldnt take it, is it true?

Actually the cod liver oil capsule what i take in the morning is also have vit-D, so if i take a calcium tab with vitamin D3 in the night, thts Ok?

Am on 1000mg of fish oil to reduce my cholesterol. I just noticed a few days ago that my heart skips beat,could the fish oil be the cause?

Any great ways to dilute Cod Liver Oil without diminishing the vitamin content? The taste leaves something to be desired.

Any interaction with cod liver oil and multivitamins?

Any suggestion on a good multi vitamin and a fish oil...32 male. A bit high on tryglicirides 250 range...

Any vitamins i can't take since I have wolf Parkinson's white syndrome? Fish oil & omega 3?

Are fish oils pills blood thinners in women in the the 30"s?

Are essential oils beneficial for symptomatic dermatographism?

Are food products in sunflower oil bad for you because of the high ratio of omega 6s to omega 3s?

Are Krill Oil & CoQ10 safe, and how much daily for heart health? Already taking Alive Multi Vitamin & CholestOff, is this too much daily?

Are krill oil supplements good for the brain and memory as well?

Are Mega Red pills (krill oil) fat soluble?

Are people taking fish oil for rheumatoid arthritis?

Are red yeast supplements a good LDL fighter?

Are supplements such as vitamin E and fish oil safe to use after a cornea operation?

Are supplements such as vitamin E and fish oil safe to use after having a cornea operation?

Are the omega-3's being added to baby formula coming from fish oil or from other sources? If not from fish, what is it coming from?

Are there alternatives to seafood (omega3 DHA EPA) expect supplements?

Are there any drug interactions between salmon oil, hyaluronic acid, biotin, vitamin c, and pomegranate?

Are there any interactions between nutritional supplements like a good multivitamin, fish oils, calcium/magnesium, or joint support like glucosamine?

Are there any problems with using fish oil supplements in children with autism?

Arthritis and oj and cod liver oil. Does it benefit?

At age 67 I now take 2 gm SURBEX Omega- 3 fish oil in divided doses with water, tea or coffee. Is there anything else, please, that I should know? TQ

Been taking cod liver oil for 25 years had ischemic. Online it said cod liver oil can cause this. Family history heart disease thought it would help.

Benefit of fish oil while withdrawal from citalophram?

Best kinds of fish besides salmon that's high in the good oils that help with lowering cholesterol? How many mgs flax oil pills should be taken daily?

Biotin , zinc , B12 and fish oil take daily is that ok ?

Biotin, folic acid, collagen, evening primrose, fish oil all taken together daily, is it ok? I am 26 female. No pregnancy plan.Hypervitaminosis?

Can 1 cod-liver oil 300mg capsule per day cause/cure acne?

Can 1g of flaxseed oil supplement harm an 9 year old child?

Can a vegetarian have shark liver oil?

Can cartilege and synical fluid be regenerated with a combo of glusosamine, chondroitin and omega 3 fish oils?

Can cod liver oil and omega 3 really help prevent the cold and flu virus?

Can cod liver oil cause a delay in menstruation?

Can cod liver oil cause weight gain?

Can cod liver oil correct myopia?

Can doctors tell me what does taking omega three vitamins do for you?

Can fish oil caps cause stomach bloating?

Can fish oil help high liver enzymes?

Can fish oil improve my vision?

Can fish oil make your blood vessel healthy?

Can fish oil pills increase testosterone?

Can fish oil prevent heart disease? Can it raise ldl?

Can fish oil supplements improve psoriasis symptoms?

Can fish oil tablets improve eye deficiency?

Can flax seed oil pills make athletic performance better?

Can flaxseed oil increase my energy?

Can garlic or fish oil lower D Dimer levels significantly due to their anticoagulant effect? Like warfarin?

Can i add cod liver oil with vitamin a & d to my supplements?

Can I drink Ginkgo Biloba and Fish Oil supplements at the same time? If not, then how should I take them?

Can i give my 2.5 toddler fish oil? She eats really good but i would like to give her some omega-3 since she doesn't like fish.

Can I have omega 3 capsules when I am having eye vitamins?

Can i have these on daily- a multivitamin with omega and cod liver oil capsule each for breakfast.1 Vit E for lunch and 1 calcium(wit vit D) at dinn?

Can i take 1200mg of fish oil with a multivitamin?

Can i take 1200mg of fish oil with a multivitamin? Please advise

Can i take 5, 000 mg vitamin d, 600 mg omega-3's, 500 mg epa &dha , raspberry ketons, with 400mg bupropion & 10 mg citalopram each day?

Can i take a fish, flax, and borage vitamin with a multi vitamin?

Can i take a multivitamin glucosamine and a fish oil pill both in the same day?

Can i take a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin c, glucosamine and garlic supplement all at the same after a big meal?

Can i take ascorbic acid 500mg, livoncel and cod liver oil all at the same time?

Can I take biotin, evening primrose oil, vitamin D3, and Omega 3 as well as my pre and pro-biotic, with my meal at dinner?

Can i take biotin, prenatal vitamins, omega 3, evening primrose oil and vitamin E at the same time? (i'm not pregnant)

Can I take biotin, stjohns wort, zinc, fish oil, vitamin d, and iron at the same time daily?

Can I take Citracal calcium+D3 vitamins with some cod liver oil? I heard it might be too much vitamin D?

Can I take evening primrose oil and cod liver oil and omega 3 and milti vitamins and minerals all together?=I have four bottles I have one from each e

Can i take fish oil and b complex at the same time?

Can i take fish oil supplements while taking tapazole (methimazole)?

Can i take fish oil with a pacemaker 34 women?

Can I take garlic 1000mg, B12 1000 mcg, magnesium 400mg, zinc 50 mg and fish oil 500 mg daily? should I space them out during the day?

Can i take inositol powder, and minocin with vitamin d?

Can i take magnesium supplement (Doctor's Best high absorption magnesium ) with fish oil and q10 supplement?

Can I take metronidazole,multivitamin,and fish oil at the same time with same meal cereal?

Can I take more DHA then the product says and still be healthy?

Can i take multivitamin vitamin C omega 3 fatty acid with Euthyrox and atarax (hydroxyzine) ?

Can I take multivitamins with iron, cod liver oil and glucosamine allrogether regularly?

Can i take multivitamins, fiber supplements, fish oil, and biotin vitamins at the same time?

Can i take multivitamins, ginsing tablets and wheat germ oil tablets at the same time?

Can I take my fish oil supplement (2000mg) and garlic supplement (1000mg) after taking iboprofen (400mg)?

Can i take Omega 3 Calcium D3 Magnesium Vitamin C multivitamin pumpkin seed oil capsules and levothyroxine atarax Xanax (alprazolam) together ?

Can i take omega 369 while on insulin ?

Can i take red yeast rice and fish oil along with welchol (colesevelam) and lepressra?

Can I take sertraline 100mg with multivitamins and fish oil supplements?

Can I take super b complex,magnesium,fish,flax, and borage oil, and wormwood black walnut together ?? Thanks

Can I take USANA essentials and one capsule of Glutathione at the same time? :) Thank you :)

Can I take vitamin A (from fish liver oil) and vitamin d3 together? If so will it help with acne?

Can i take vitamin a pills with a daily mulitvitamin if i also take fish oil capsules? Would they be a good alternative for acne medication?

Can i take vitamin d B12 biotin and fish oil pills together ?

Can i take vitimin d glucosamin and cod liver oil .. A tablet each every day .. In aid of arthritic pain control?

Can i use fish oil and iron supplement together?

Can krill oil cause intestinal virus?

Can LDN be taken with cbd oil?

Can my fish oil pill (epa & dha) thin my blood or cause bleeding? I'm 10 weeks pregnant & have a subchorionic hematoma.

Can my seven month old have fish? What kind usually we are from the philippines

Can omega 3 (fish oil) be taken with Synthroid (thyroxine) after a thyroidectomy?

Can omega 3 fish oil cause a positive alcohol urinalysis? Does curcumin cause a positive alcohol urinalysis?