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22 week child ,, doesn't recognize his name or any other talk ,poor communication , his hearing is good bcz he is watching baby songs and recognize it?

4 therapists said i can't be aspergers bcause of my socials skills(wiich is only my teacher persona mask).What cause me to be an "aspie by choice" then?

Abused by teacher in '80s. School never believed me/my parents. Abuser now sunday school teacher at church. How can I be credible in warning church?

After how many days is it safe for my child to attend school without being contagious to others? ( older school going child )

Am 21 weeks pregnant.If i learn a language or studied something,or singing will the child also learns that?

Any good online counselors for kids?

Anyone have any advice as to how to help a very shy child?

Anyone who wants to offer their input on how to get special needs child to school?

Are french bulldogs good with children?

Are kids with autism overly cautious or usually have no fear?

Are natural remedies for learning disabilities in child safe?

Are only children more shy and withdrawn than others?

Are prematurely born children more likely to have learning difficulties in school?

Are there special psychiatrists who specialize in helping abused children?

As a parent of a child in special education, what kinds of questions should I ask my child's doctor?

At what age a child speaks a language perfectly?

Boomer babysitter for grandkids. I have the 1980 something nelson peds book. Is that still useful?

Can a child psychologist help a kid develop social skills, in just a few visits?

Can a child therapist work only with little kids or with the whole family?

Can a couple of not-so-intelligent people have a gifted child?

Can a kid with autism be really good in math and science. Or is that just grandparent impression?

Can an occupational therapist work with a specific group of people such as autistic kids?

Can autistic children grow up living like normal people?

Can children learn addiction from their parents?

Can habituation takes place in children learning new behavior?

Can i attend a party for very young children and I have been on avelox for four days and it was presribed for five days?

Can I homeschool my 5 year old daughter who has selective mutism?

Can I teach my child social skills at 4?

Can milk cause anger in kids?

Can my child with hemophilia participate in activities?

Can peer pressure ever be good for my child?

Can you please explain how i can concentrate on school after a parent's death?

Can you please list the most common ideas a school can do to welcome deaf children, and help them fit in?

Can you recommend some interactive toys for a baby that will help in problem solving skills and patience?

Can you suggest any alternative methods to spanking for disciplining children?

Can you tell me how are "sensory rooms" used to teach autistic children?

Can you tell me how are sensory rooms used to teach autistic children in the united kingdom?

Can you tell me how I should act infront of someone with autism?

Can you tell me how to train an autistic person?

Child psychiatry doctors, do you nurture kids in your facilities?

Children under 5 years if don't listen what to do about it?

Could a kid be a jd instead of a sociopath?

Do children in bilingual families start talking later than other kids?

Do children learn by being coddled or scolded?

Do girls learn at social school about female circumcision?

Do I need to go to special classes as a parent of a disabled child?

Do people sometimes teach someone with autism how to live like someone without autism?

Do school bullies grow up to be child abusers?

Do schools have to accommodate for disabled adults?

Do schools have to accommodate for disabled kids?

Do single moms or others show more devotion to their kids?

Do teens with ADHD mean and pick fights with parents and friends?

Do they teach sexual and health education in school to all the kids anymore?

Do those child birth/lamaze classes work?

Do you have some ideas on how a 14 year old could start a fundraiser for children in children's hospital?

Do you know any good dvd's to teach me about cpr and helping a choking child?

Do you think that ADHD is an excuse for misbehaving children?

Does anyone know of a curriculum for teaching the activities of daily living to preteens with retardation?

Does doing homework benefit a child's health at all?

Good resources for talking to my child about puberty?

Hello, a friend has a six yr old boy who was born as a crack baby he has learning disabilities , he can learn how to play videos but not school work ?

Help finding a child bootcamp for a threat to society?

Hi, how can I know if a child is gifted or has Asperger syndrome? My child is very smart but he lives in his own world especially at school.

How can a teenage kid earn a six pack, and juggle homework and school at the same time?

How can I cope with not being able to have more children?

How can I deal with having been a brat as a child- very guilty?

How can I demonstrate that my disabled child can keep up with the other children in school to teachers?

How can I encourage my child to communicate with adults?

How can I encourage my child's creativity? Should I take away videogames?

How can I encourage my children to be optimist?

How can I engage in one-on-one communication with my child?

How can I find a responsible babysitter?

How can I find out if my child’s toys have been recalled?

How can I find out what my child's learning style is?

How can I handle a dyslexic child?

How can I help my child be very successful in and out of school?

How can I help my child learn to read?

How can I help my child to love learning in school?

How can I help my children handle change?

How can I help my gifted child fit in with regular kids?

How can I know if my child is a slacker or just a procrastinator?

How can I learn more about my child's pediatric illness? Will any of you help me?

How can I learn to comfortably share responsibility with my baby's caregiver?

How can I learn to comfortably share responsibility with my nanny?

How can I manage being the sole care-provider for my disabled child?

How can I motivate my child to become a computer scientist?

How can I prepare my child for his checkup?

How can I prepare my child for his first night with a babysitter?

How can I prepare my child for kindergarten?

How can I reduce the risk of my child misbehaving and humiliating me in public?

How can I teach my autistic son not to run away from me?

How can I teach my child morals when his friends are from other religions?

How can I teach my child responsibility for his own health?

How can I teach my child the social skills necessary to make little friends?

How can I teach my child to be fair with his toys?

How can I teach my child to show empathy?

How can I teach my kids to responsibly use the internet?

How can I tell if my child is learning to talk at the rate she is supposed to be learning?

How can I tell if my child is too young to understand me or if he is just ignoring my directions?

How can my child benefit from unconditional love?