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21 yr female. Heart arrhymia. Test results show an irregular EKG and stress test, but a regular chest xray and echo. What could be causing it?

42 weeks pregnant, Fetal monitor shows 167 BPM my pulse on oximeter is 89 but blood test is negative for pregnancy. How is this possible?

43 yr male having heart attack symptoms since 1 yr.all tests show normal result! (Angiogram,echocardiac,Chest scan,bloodtests,brain MRI).wat can it be

A BNP value less than 10 pg/ML can rule out CHF or some serious heart problem? Thanks

A cpet test showed i had anaerobic score of 11. This test was done as ECG showed afib, anterior infarction? Before an operation.Is this good or not?

A CT heart scan with a calcium score is a test that can accurately identify early disease in the average person. Better than a stressful treadmill?

About 15 months ago I had an echocardiogram which led to good results. What is the likely of having heart problems since my last test?

An xray result showing enlargement of the heart,what does it mean?is this a heart disease?my mom will undergo stress test anytime soon.

Are heart disease/heart problems always picked up by an ECG or can some be missed?

Are heart diseases/heart problems always picked up by an ECG test?

Are there age restrictions for an angiogram test?

ARE there any blood tests such as troponin that remain elevated weeks to months or even years after a heart attack??

Are there any other heart tests other than echo/ekg/holter/thyroid/adrenal tests to determine cause of tachy/pvcs? Should i ask for stress test?

Are there any serious heart conditions that an EKG cannot detect?

Are you supposed to fast before an echo test?

Atrial fib with aberrancy during stess test with rate over 200. What does it mean and what is recommended treatment? digoxin and to repeat test. Next?

Been diagnosed with innapropriate sinus tachycardia, had every test done to rule anything else out, want to know why me no family history of heart?

Been to a&e had an ECG and blood tests, they were clear, how accurate are they? Scared they missed a heart problem !

Besides a cardiac cath test what are the best tests to check if your heart is healthy ? Stress echo & calcium scoring ?

Besides spirometry test, x ray, echocardiogram at rest, are there any other tests to detect heart failure? Blood tests? Stress test?

Blood pressure. The only thing I have is an arrhythmia, but does nuclear stress test give any pertinent info about arrhythmia?

Bradycardia? My 10yr old has a slow heart rate. All ER tests including echo are ok, waiting on holter results. He has no symptoms, what could it be

Can 2 separate echocardiograms miss a thrombosis of rca? both tests occur only 2 days apart

Can a blood test determine the positivity or negativity of Angina pectoris? If yes, which 1 is it please?

Can a cardiac aneurysm cause a ddimer to be high? What type of test can determine if I have a blood clot in heart?

Can a EKG and an echo and a nuclear stress test properly diagnose heart problems?

Can a holter monitor diagnose a heart condition I have lots of tests all normal part from ecgs all 3 of them were abnormal female 30?

Can a person show thrombosis of RCA at post mortem if person did NOT have heart atack ? All tests say no heart attack even troponin levels were normal

Can a tropononin test tell if I have heart blockages?

Can a typical echocardiogram detect angina?

Can abnormal BP be a way to detect a heart issue?

Can an ECG and X-ray of the chest find an aorta anyurism. I've had both done and blood tests and I've had lack sleep and anxiety all week.

Can an echocardiogram show all heart problems?

Can an EKG and having blood drawn and tested show heart failure?

Can an EKG treadmill test with normal results rule out heart disease? Or do I need other tests to test for CAD & heart structure problems or blockage?

Can an ekg, chest x-ray, and blood tests tell the doctor whether or not you have a weak heart?

Can aptt test can clear heart disease ?

Can ECG and blood test find this problem (cardiomyopathy)? Made ECG 4 times and they listened with stethoscope. I have really unregular heartrhytm. Cause of anxiety? And can anxiety cause heartfail?

Can ECG detect heart failure?

Can ECG detect ischemia?how accurate is it?Her Dr. Did not explained to her what type of ischemia it is because she doenst have any symptoms.

Can echo test and ekg show coronary artery disease.if these test are normal what other heart disease are possible can you please list ?

Can echocardiogram results improve in a few years time?

Can echocardiography show an old hart (or an old silent hart ) attack when it use for testing the hart?

Can EKG detect heart failure?

Can EKG detecte bloodclot?

Can heart scarring be detected by resting EKG or can only echocardiogram or muga detect heart scarring?

Can hypertrophic cardiomyopathy be missed during an echocardiogram? (A regular echo, done while lying down.)

Can just doing an EKG and blood test tell if you are at risk for getting a heart attack?

Can just doing an EKG reveal a heart problem, even if you have no symptoms at the time of testing?

Can someone still have a heart attack after the cardiologist saying that every test looks normal and thereĀ“s no evidence of heart disease?

Can the doctors at the ER detect if you had a heart attack? What kind of test needs to be done?

Can vascular screen test determine if I have any heart blockages?

Can you detect a heart injury from an accident on ekg?

Can you get a cardiac catheterization test done and return to work two days later or less?

Can you please define normal velocity of blood as measured in echo test?

Can you please who may not have heart problems still get an angiogram done?

Can you still have heart problems and the blood test, ekg, echo's are all normal?

Can you tell me more about cardiac perfusion test and scan?

Can you tell me the cardiac enzymes that are tested to confirm the diagnosis of myocardial infarction?

Cannot believe there was a silent mi. How unlikely is it that diagnostic tests for heart attacks are correct?

Cardiologist told me yesterday i had a normal nuc stress test. Asked if that meant no ischemia or no detectable, he responded "no ischemia". True?

Congestive heart failure question: what are the best tests to confirm it?

Could a 2 week ultrasound detect a heart defect?

Could a full heart check up, stress test, and and echo-cardiogram tell if you had angina?

Could a pulmonary function test cause a heart attack?

Could an ECG blood test chest xray and echocardiogram show up a blood clot in the lung?

Could an ecg, blood test, chest xray and echocardiogram show up a blood clot in the lung?

Could doing smoking be recognised from a heart test?

Could heart failure be missed during tests?

Could I have a test to tell i if I have heart problems without the use of needles?

Could you explain what is an abnormal cardiology test?

CT heart scan with a calcium score may be just as good as the results of a treadmill test to determine a future heart attack?

Do I have any reason to worry about sca/or heart attack at age 28? Normal ekgs, normal echo shows normal function, normal stress test and blood work?!

Do i need to worry about sca if my EKG is normal(only shows fast heartbeat)..Normal echo shows normal function..Normal stress test and good blood work?

Docs, could a heart monitor miss detecting heart disease?

Doctor gives cardiac stress test to everyone of his patients. Don't know what he's looking for. What's a less demanding heart pounding type test/scan?

Doctors, what are the chances of having an heart attack if tmt and echo tests show normal results?

Doctors, what is the difference between nonstress test (nst) and cardiotocogram (ctg)?

Does a heart ultra sound show coronary artery disease?Why would a stress test be ordered I have pre mature irregular heartbeats and low blood pressur

Does an EKG detect the severity of heart damage, or is another test needed?

Does ecg can detect whether the person is smoking or not?

Does one have to do an echo test for Down syndrome baby?

Does the guardian system detect abnormal heart rhythms?

Dr Budi R. Bahureksa yes, I've had stress test,MRA,echo,ECG,bloods,CTPA,PET,7 day ECG, 48 hour ECG. All in 2012/13 most recently a C-X-ray, ECG,bloods?

Dr. Nayleh mumneh to answer- yes I have been checked for cardiac issues- had halter monitor, stress test, chest xrays, ekgs, and peek flow test done?

Echo normal, 5 EKG normal, blood work normal. What will a stress test show that an echo doesn't?

Echo results normal on vscan. So would someone do better with fullblown echo?

Echocardiogram, cardiac stress test, Coronary CTA, chest X-Ray... Do these tests rule out structural heart disease? What can cause NSVT if all normal?

Ekg and a echocardiogram and the test results were normal. Does this mean my heart is normal?

EKG showed LVHypertrophy but all other heart tests show PERFECT heart. How can this be?

Electrical heart malfunction. What tests, scans are needed?

Exercise stress test and an echo both needed to exclude heart problem at 60?

Finished treatment for Lyme disease. Had a cardiology work up last april, 24 hour monitor, echocardiogram and stress test. Would those tests have diagosed Lyme carditis? Told all tests were normal

Had a cardiac calcium test with a score of 18 does this need any further testing.

Had echo, cardiologist said normal. What's difference between what i had and mcg? Some dr's on this site say echo not always accurate- why do it then?

Had echocardiogram, ecg, holter, blood tests, urine tests, all looked good. Tachycardia + pvcs persist. Sob + dizzy too. Should i request stress test?

Had echocardiogram, nuclear stress test w cardiolite, EKG and 30 day holter. Does the echo and nuclear test rule out CAD or any potential blockages?

Had ekg done yesterday, turned out normal. What kinds of problems can an ekg detect, and miss?

Had stess test 6 months ago and passed. Had testing EKG today and dr found scarring. Why would scarring not show up on stress test by did on ekg?

Have had palpitations on/off for 6 months. Had ekg, echo, stress test, blood test, all normal. Will they go away? Should I worry? What can cause?