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A dr told me that my shoulder pain is stress from my job. I'm glad, but this feels devastating. I manage stress with exercise, but doesn't help now.

Am taking addison's meds but still find it very difficult to cope with psychological, emotional and physiological stress. What's to do?

Anxiety and stress help! it's becoming too much. Should I give up work and do fulltime childcare?

Any suggestions on how to cope with a stressful job situation without resorting to my normal tendencies to binge eat?

Are there any mental techniques for coping with labour pains?

Are there any suggested books for how to think positively--i'm dealing with depression?

Are there stress management techniques?

Can stress conflict and confrontation with someone affect my 13 weeks pregnancy?

Can there be any help available with regards to work stress?

Can working harder a good way to deal with stress?

Can writing in a journal really help your emotions and help to manage stress?

Can you please discuss the particular triggers that set off stress?

Can you please guide me to exercises that fight fatigue and stress?

Can you please guide me to exercises to help calm emotional distress?

Can you tell me about anger management exercise?

Can you tell me how to deal with stress better so my sugar levels will be under control?

Can you tell me how to deal with stress in a positive way?

Can you tell me how to deal with stress, because i'm loosing my temper with everyone?

Can you tell me how to get over my depression and stress in my current situation.?

Could you tell me what are a couple of activities that you take on that assist you in managing your stress?

Could you tell me what are simple ways to manage stress?

Could you tell me what are some better ways of dealing with stress, depression, or anger rather than drinking?

Could you tell me what's the best way of dealing with stress in the workplace?

Do boys have the same amount of emotional stress?

Do you agree that having to do something that you are not passionate about doing adds stress? I am stuck with a stressful job. How to avoid stress?

For psychologists: what is the best approach to deal with an overwhelming amount of stress from all aspects of life on your own? Can't afford therapy.

From every day stresses of life, work, home, & school, what are some things you do to relieve stress and relax?

How can I avoid stress at school this fall?

How can I calm my fear stressors when I am being harrassed by drug dealers at home and how can I readjust when I'm not in danger?

How can I cope with the stress of being a new parent?

How can I deal with my stress in a healthy manner to avoid clinical depression?

How can I deal with stress in a healthy manner?

How can I effectivly manage stress and anxiety?

How can I eliminate stress in a healthy manner?

How can I find out about my stress level?

How can I handle anxiety from time zone changes while traveling?

How can I handle my stress as a caregiver?

How can I healthy manage overwhelming stress because of high school?

How can I help my child deal with my stress?

How can I induce a trance to overcome an immediate stressful situation? No money to learn meditation or hypnosis!

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How can I make parenting less stressful for myself?

How can I manage emotions better?

How can I manage my emotions during pregnancy?

How can I manage my stress eating?

How can I manage my stress without eating and without leaving my desk at work?

How can I reduce body tension in stressful situations?

How can I reduce stress when I am living in a chaotic situation that I am not able to completely control?

How can I successfully run away from stress?

How can meditation help me handle college stress?

How can nightly walking help me manage my stress?

How can thinking positive help me manage stress?

How can you avoid stress dealing with verbal assault by someone you trusted?

How can you deal with stress regarding work?

How could I tell if caregiving is putting too much stress on me?

How do I allocate time for relaxation in this stressful world?

How do I deal with stress more productively?

How do I deal with the emotional and psychological stress of being diagnosed with glaucoma?

How do I learn to be happier with chronic pain?

How do I manage high tention and stress while working?

How do I manage the stress of being disabled?

How do other people deal with stress?

How do u qualify for stress leave from work?

How do you channel stress and anger into positive energy while playing sports?

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How do you deal with stress and hold down an intense job?

How does anxiety relate to sports training?

How does your aorta respond differently to mental stress and physical stress? Doesn't the muscle fibers respond differently in different situations?

How i can overcome the stress and depression of my life ?! i need general ways

How may school stress or other stress affect a child's performance at school?

How to avoid mental stress?

How to deal effectively with stress in teenagers?

How to deal with public speaking stress?

How to deal with stress that I am having as i'm not prepared well for final exam which is in 20 days. Further i can't concentrate on my studies?

How to deal with stress when I have limited mobility?

How to get over my depression and stress in my current situation.?

How to manage ourself from backache?

How to manage stress? What kind to changes I should make in my daily day to day activities to have a healthier life?

How to overcome stress and to boost confidence?

How to use mindfulness for a stress-free life?

How will i know I am in danger zone of stress level being to much?

How would manage my stuttering on the job?

How would practicing dhyana help deal with my stress?

I am a stress freak! is affecting my relationship. Tips on how to control my bad stress. (no therapist or books.)?

I am employer of 65 staff. What is the best way to reduce stress at work.?

I am employer of an 80 people organization. What is the best way to reduce stress at work.?

I benefit staying away from stress, but what if it's my mother that causes it. I love her dearly but she causes anxiety/stress bc of my health issues.

I can't deal with too many stresses in my life at the same time. Any advice?

I need a way out of just drinking.. How do you deal with stress and depression in tough times if no wine?

I stress every single thing. This is affecting my relationship. Any advice on how to handle stress?

I tried knitting but didn't find it relaxing. What can I do to control my stress?

I was wondering how i could handle so much stress?

I'm in high school and i was wondering what are a few stress management tips/techniques i can use to relieve academic stress?

Is afib really stress in disguise?

Is aromatherapy a proven way to overcome stress?

Is caregiver stress real?

Is it ill-advised to deal with stress through physical contact?

Is it possible for you to please tell me how to handle stress or frustration?

Is laughing a healthy reaction to stressful situations?

Is part of having kids stress incontinence?