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"left" and "right" coronary arteries i just hade a heart cath it look clear just left one is thinner than the other is that normal ?

21yo female pulmonary embolis both sides, what are the concerns if large clot near right side of the heart?

76yr old grandmom was diagnosed with left ventricular dysfunction. Said her left side was functioning at 48%. What does this mean overall & what is next?

A recent electrocardiogram revealed an enlarged left atrium. I'm only 25 but heart disease runs in my family. How serious of a condition is this?

Abnormal shunt left to right atrium suggestive small atrial septal defect can this make the shunt also go right to left if so is it dangerous?

An ECG showed that my heart is slightly enlarged on the left side. Is this worrying?

Any importance to 10-15 point higher systolic in right arm vs. Left? Left 95, right 110. Both diastolic 60.

Are people with situs inversus are prone to be left handed?

Are pvcs in right venrtrivcle more concering than left ventricle?

Are there any permanent treatments for left sided heart failure?

Are there different?Types of hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

Atrial septum defects: right to left shunt, what is all this?

Baby had pulmonary atresia intact septum, ultrasound showed there was a connection between the right ventricle and the right coronary, how?

Can a small Asd with left to right shunt be dangerous? Is shunting bad? Does it need repaired if small. Also have atrial septal aneurysm

Can an enlarged left atrium cause chf?

Can anyone tell me about openings in right and left atrium of heart?

Can atrial septal defects shunt left to right stay the same instead of reversing to right to left?

Can I live a normal life with minor dilated right atrium?

Can lafb (left anterior fasicular block) be caused by an enlarge left ventricle?

Can left ventricular hypertrophy occur suddenly? From like an infection or is it only gradual?

Can right or left sided heart failure cause short term memory loss?

Can right ventricular conduction delay be causes from being over weight?

Can someone describe the difference between left heart failure and right heart failure?

Can somsone describe the difference between left and right heart failure?

Can you describe what happens to the blood in the right atrium?

Can you explain hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

Can you please tell me about the heart valve that is located between the right atrium and right ventricle?

Can you tell me how the dlood entering the right atrium differ fom the blood entering the left atrium?

Can you tell me if i could go on a really fast roller coaster with hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

Could a distended jugular vein be possible right sided heart failure? Either primary or secondary to left sided heart failure.

Could an unrepaired asd with left to right shunt cause increased cardiac output?

Could edema in the left ankle only be due to a malfunction of a TAVR done last June?/ No history of heart failure before.

Could I get some information regarding sudden acute left ventricle failure?

Could it be right that having butterflies means you have a heart condition?

Could right hand pain in situs inversus person indicate heart problem?

Could you explain what is left sided heart failure?

Could you have a child with hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

Could you tell me what can cause a child to be born with only the right side of their heart?

Could you tell me what happens when the lungs receive blood from the left atrium?

Danger in right to left heart shunting of blood?

Describe the difference between left heart failure and right heart failure?

Do people ever get right sided heart failure with portal hypertension?

Do you always get right sided heart failure with portal hypertension?

Docs! Please tell me what happens if your left ventricle of your heart is getting strained?

Does a child with a hypoplastic left ventricle need surgery?

Does anyone know someone that has hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

Does congestive heart failure on right or left lead to swollen feet and ankles? Why?

Does cor pulmonale = right sided heart failure?

Does the heart improve in quality when an asd is fixed? Like does the dilated and hypertrophied right heart decrease in size?

Enlarged lv systolic connected to painful protruding heartbeat, what to do?

Fluttering on right side below breast for approximately a week I HAVE cardiomyopthy and CHF?

For left and right heart failure what is the prognosis/survival rate?

For what reason would a doctor delay or postpone a left sided heart catheterization for 3 days?

Had an ECG showed my heart beat as left side beat then the right side, showed i had. Hypertension but don't have blood pressure problems?

Have had stroke, had toe test on heart found PFO tunnel with right left shunt permanently. And prominent ev. Should this be closed?

Hello doctors, what does atrialization of left heart border means?

Help please! is being left or right handed inherited or genetic?

Help please? What is the difference between a right sided heart failure and a leftsided heart failure?

Help plz! Can right ventricular conduction delay be from being overweight?

Hi docs! wondering what amount of blood the left atriam and left ventricle push in each cycle?

Hi. What's the meaning of - Echocardiogram showed normal left ventricular function, normal left atrial size & function normal right heart function?

How are the symptoms of right sided heart failure different from left heart?

How could a right sided heart failure lead to swelling of the ankles but left sided would not?

How dangerous is an enlarged left atrium?

How dangerous is it to have both the left and right atrium enlarged?

How dangerous is left axis deviation?

How do you assess left ventricular function?

How do you calculate left atrial volume index ?

How do you fix a double outlet right ventricle?

How does a valvular stenosis affect the right and left sides of the heart?

How does anyone know someone has hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

How hard is it to diagnose ?Hypoplastic left heart syndrome during?Pregnancy?

How is hypoplastic left heart syndrome cured?

How is hypoplastic left heart syndrome diagnosed?

How is hypoplastic left heart syndrome usually ?Treated?

How much blood is left in left ventricle after diastole?

How serious is a left to right shunt and what will it take to repair it?

How serious is an occlusion of the left circumflex artery if your heart is left-side dominant? Would an MI from that likely be fatal?

How serious is having an enlarged left atrium with emphysema?

How serious is right heart failure for you at 63?

How serious mild diastolic notch in right artery is during 7 month pregnancy?

How to tell if it's right or left sided heart failure?

How would my child have gotten a hypoplastic left ventricle?

Hypo-plastic left heart syndrome==always fatal?

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, what to do?

Hypoplastic right ventricle --can that occur?

I am 18 with hypoplastic right heart syndrome what are some health issues that Are in my adult years I should be aware of ?

I am having more then one child with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, what could cause this?

I have a couple situations with my heart. I had 2 Doppler done. Have left atrial cavity dilated,,right ventricular cavity dilated, pulmonary hypertens?

I have a small left sided heart abnormal septal motion and SVT can this cause blood clots to form?

I have an Asd with left to right shunt and an atrial septal aneurysm. Do these shunts start as right to left then as get worse become left to right?

I have atril fib i was told not to sleep on my left side. Because of the artery on that side, could cause me to go into atril fib. Any truth to that?

I have been told that the left side of my heart lining is becoming thicker, what does this mean?

I have hypo plastic left heart syndrome and the doctor said I have fluid around my liver what could it mean.

I have left ventricular hypertrophy with 60% reduction in the left ventricle doc says I should not b able to do stairs but I have just done an ironman?

I have the condition situs inversus(my organs are reversed). Can this cause my right arm hurt in a heart attack?

I was told i've got an enlarged right ventricle and a heart murmur. Did onecause the other perhaps ?

I was wondering is arrythmia really serious or can it be left alone?

I was wondering what are heart defects that include the aorta arising from the right ventricle?

If heartbeats can only be heard on the right side of the thorax, is that dextrocardia?