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31,F,110lbs,Active. EKG class practice results: Normal Sinus, 83 bpm, Prolonged QRS. I know this is a BBB. Unclear if LBBB/RBBB. Can I reverse this?

40 F- had EKG- Vent. rate 82bpm, PR interval 136ms, QR duration 174ms, QT/QTc 370/432ms, P-R-T axes 74 80-76. Is this normal result?

All my ekgs have shortpr interval & slight slurring of qrs & I have chronic tachycardia... Ekg print out never says it's WPW but doc says it is. Why?

An ECG showed I have slightly long QT interval. What does this mean? And can I still dance as normal?

Are this Results Anything to Worry About? Rate: 67- 94; PR: .14-.16; QRS: .11; QT: .34 SVPB(S), SUPRAVENTRICULAR TACHYCARDIA, SINUS TACHYCARDIA

Asking for bf he is 36 what does ECG sinus rhythm possible septal infarct abnormal ecg.Vr 65 pr 166 qrs 86 qtc 412..Is this anything to worry about?

been experiencing palpitations and elevated an athlete.ecg usually norm but one just came back w prolonged qt? QT/QTc 404/480? hr85

Borderline abnormal ECG : age44 male, hr 90bpm, r-r 662ms, p-r 147ms, qrs 37ms, qt 328ms, qtc 403 , axis 65 , rvs 1.44mv, sv1 0.82mv, r+s 2.26mv, poor r progression, flat t?

Can cardioversion correct an abnormal heart rythym due to prolonged pr interval? Help please?

Can Propranolol 10 and Citalopram 20 cause a QRS interval of 120 ms? I have ECHO and ECG test 3 days later. Do I need to stop these meds before test?

Can setraline cause sudden death, I have a normal qt interval just wondering if it can still cause long qt leading to sca?

Can someone please help interpret ECG result printed on the strip I had from long ago. Long qt?

Cardiology qtc question based on 24 hr holter report: if max qt is 548 and max qtc is 586, is that a red flag? Could cold fx cause that?

Consistently short pr interval no matter what heart rate is. Interval is always 98-110 but no delta wave. Will i get ventricular arrhythmias?

Could a panic attack causing borderline prolonged qt interval?

Dad ECG , vent rate 47bpm, pr interval 146ms, qrs duration 96ms, qt/c 500/442ms, p r t axis 70 17 211. What is wrong with these measurements please?

Diagnosis Information 800:Sinus Rhythm, 401: Short PR Interval. what does it mean?

Does a QTc on ECG that is 473 put someone at risk for Long QT Syndrome? This was computer read and not manually recalculated by a doctor.Suggestions?

Does alcohol cause qt prolongation?

Does alcohol prolong the QTc? If so how much necessary or just one drink? Borderline long QT, 474.

Does cardioversion correct an abnormal heart rhythm due to prolonged pr interval?

Does cipro (ciprofloxacin) cause qt prolongation? Is it dangerous? And have any deaths been linked to it dire toy from it prolonging the qt interval?

Does omeprazole cause long qt or qt prolongation?

Does propananol treat prolonged qt?

Ecg report measurement results are ECG measurement results- qrs 100ms qt/qtcb 366/417ms pr 138 MS p 104ms, what does this mean?

Ecg report of mom: pr & qrs interval: 184 & 82 msec..P & qrs axis= 38 & -60 deg resp...Doctor says incomplete rbbb + lahb...Please suggest

ECG Result: Vent Rate 115, Atrial Rate 115, P-RInt 128ms, QRS dur 096ms, QTint 326ms, P-R-T Axes 068 081-01 degrees, QTc Int 450ms. Anything abnormal?

Ecg results- pr interval (110ms), qrs duration (90ms), qt, qtc- (352, 425), p-t-r axes- (8, 35, 110). Is this normal?

Ecg results- qrs: 90 ms, qt/qtc: 402/404 ms, pr: 116 ms, p: 76 ms, rr/pp: 1004/980 ms, p/qrs/t: 12/56/35 deg --- is this normal?

Ecg results, normal or abnormal? Rate-74. Pr-132. Qrsd-86. Qt-384. Qtc- 426. --axis-- p-51. Qrs-34. T- -6. Would be helpful if you could help thanks.

ECG says QT/QTc is 339/393 ms, is this short qt? dangerous?

Ecg shows a nonspecdific st abnormality, normal sinus rhythm, abnormal ecg. Vent 82, pr 134, qrs 80 qt/qtc 378/441, p-r-t 58/50/53. Whats this mean?

Ecg/ekg results: sinus bradycardia with short pr interval, what does this mean?

EKG Findings: Vent.Rate 69 bpm PR interval 136 ms QRS duration 86 ms QT/QTc 360/385 ms P-R-T axes 45 82 52 I'm an 18 year old female. Is this normal?

Ekg results; vent 81bpm, p duration 122, qrs duration 138, pr interval 178, qt/qtc 392/428? How abnormal is this? Only diagnosis I have is lbbb.

Ekg results! pr interval: 110, qrs dur: 86, qt/qtc: 332/414, p-r-t axes: 47, 50, 100. Normal sinus rhythm & normal axis. Are those measurements norm?

Ekg results. vent rate 60 bpm, pr int 152ms, qrs dur 72ms, qt/qtc 402/402,and p-r-t axes is 72 66 55 is this normal?

Ekg says possible infarct infarct. Inferior lateral t changes. Cardio says normal? What's wrong? P 84 qrs 86 pr 148 qt 358 qtc 407 qt disp 34

EKG showed QT/QTc of 408/462. Is this number too high? I take Prozac and Zyrtec daily. Could that cause a prolonged qt and is it safe to take?

Ekg showed... Normal sinus rhythm & intervals but irregular r-r, & short pr int, what does this mean?

Ekg test results. Vent rate 77bpm, pr int 184ms, qrs dur 90ms, qt/qtc 399/431, and p-r-t axes 35 -21 -2 Is this normal?

EKG vent Rate 72 bpm,RR interval 823 MS PR Interval162 MS QRS duration 86 ms, QT interval 376 ms, QTc interval 397 MS and QT dispersion 26 ms. Normal?

Ekg- qt/qtc: 302 and 385. I was told these are too short. Is this true? Pr interval was 110.

Ekg: vent rate 56 bpm/pr interval 158 ms/qrs duration 80 ms/qt qtc 428-413 ms/prt 16 71. 80, Is this normal? I am type 2 diabetic/thyroid issues.

Ekg: vent rate 56 bpm/pr interval 158 ms/qrs duration 80 ms/qt qtc 428-413 ms/prt 16 71. 80? Did ekg as scheduled for surgery. Should I be concerned?

Four ECGs over the course of 3 years have shown that I have short PR wave intervals. How serious is this? I also have orthostatic hypotension.

From ECG : hr 80 bpm, qrs 96, qt/qtcb : 398/458, pr 130, p 102 , rr/pp : 754 /750, p/qrs/t:10/10/10, qtd/qtcbd:66/76, sokolow 2.9, nk:9. How to read?

Got asd &asa had ekg its abnormal right axis deviation qrs axis >100 vent rate 87bpm pr int 139 ms qrs dur 85 ms at/qtc 361/406 ms prt axes 70 106 31 ?

Had an ecg and they didn't want to let me leave but didn't say why. Vent rare:113 PR int: 145 ms QRS dur: 92 ms QT/QTc: 309/376 ms PRT axes: 81 63 4 ?

Had ecg today are there readings normal pr144 qrsd 86 qt 392 qtc 432 axis p 28 qrs 14 t 14?

Had lots ecgs and 24 hr ecg would wolff parkinson white showed? my pr is 126 exstreme panic plz reply

Hade a ECG done just now vent rate 82 pr interval 144ms qrs duration 102 MS qt/qtc 344/401 MS p-r-t axes 49 74 55 is this normal reading?

Heart Rate 93 QRS Interval 82 ms QT Interval 352 ms QTC Interval 438 ms P Axis 69 deg QRS Axis 20 deg T Wave Axis 14 deg P-R Interval 208 msec?

Heart Rate 96 QRS Interval 82 ms QT Interval 364 ms QTC Interval 460 ms P Axis 61 deg QRS Axis 21 deg T Wave Axis 7 deg P-R Interval 184 msec -?

Hello docs. I was wondering can Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) cause a shortened a pr interval?

Hello doctors, what does a short pr interval indicate?

Hello doctors, what does a short pr interval mean?

How does shortened pr interval lead to svt?

How is long qt diagnosed... How do you test whether it's real mutation or just a borderline qt, normal variation??

How likely is qt prolongation when taking three drugs that have that risk? If they all have that warning, is that risk of qt prolongation increased?

How long does your qt interval how to be to be considered long qt syndrome ?

How long pr is safe. My ECG now show pr 0.26 which used to be 0.24 twenty years back. I am 69 years old.

How to diagnose SHORT QT syndrome? What is appropriate QT measure for slow & fast heart rate?

How would someone feel with qt prolongation?

I am 32, m. Just got my ecg, and it says normal sinus rhythm and ecg. But qrs duration is 110 ms. Should i be worried about this? If so, what can I do?

I get ekgs very often & my qt interval is usually 380-430. Today my heart rate was 70 but qt was 338. Is that shortened? Will i go into v-fib?

I had an EKG- all O.K. but tachycardia at 106 b/pm. QT was 348 and my QTc was 462 (norm. for me). Is QTc calculation reliable w/ slight tachycardia?

I had an emergency csectn last mon.ecg takn bfr labor,heart rate-105bpm,pr int.,108ms(sinus tachycardia),qrs dur.-80ms,qt/qtc-334/ it normal?

I have 100atrial extrasy everyday, pr -90ms, incomplete rbbb, echo ok, stress test st/v5-1.3, st/ii-2.6 with a few extra. Is short pr interval dangerous?

I have a pre-standing QT prolongation. I am scheduled for an MRI with gadolinium-based contrast. Is this safe for a person with long QT syndrome?

I have a prolonged QT interval (cardiac). I don't smoke, but my neighbor does. Smell sec-hand smoke in hallway and in my apt. Will it prolong QT more?

I have postpartum cardiomyopathy. Is this a good report? A 24-hour holter monitor report read that i had: total qrs complexes - 81676 ventricular ectopics - 241 supraventricular ectopics - 178 heart rate: min. 42 max. 197 avg. 66 rate >=120 for 4:17 rat

I have some minor abnormalities in my EKG, but normal QT intervals. What does this mean?

I recently done two ecg first one shows sinus arrythmia and second one shows short PR interval and my BPM is 76 and pr Interval is 107 my age is 21 i ?

I understand what QT interval is. However, can someone explain in common words what is QTc? How do you calculate it? And what's the range?

I was told anxiety and stress can cause a short PR interval on your EKG is this true? Is it dangerous?

I've been on my period for 15 days. What does this mean. I have a prolonged qt interval aswell?

If Long QT syndrome or Brugada detected on ECG/Echo as a result of Flecainide use, does this revert to normal if medication is discontinued?

If someone had congenital long qt syndrome. Would it of shown on 10 different ecgs, 24 hour holter, stress treadmill ecg?

If someone has long qt syndrome is the conditions visible all the time on an ecg? Or only during an episode?

In my last stress test, QRS interval has been recorded as 143ms at 1.5 km/h, 109ms at 4.5 km/h. Is it normal? Does anxiety trigger it?

In several ECG the machine have interpreted "horizontal axis" (ca. P 62°, QRS -13°, T 50°). What can be the cause?

Increase in qtc interval, what does this indicate?

Is a heart rate of 88, QT interval 360, QTc of 436 on ECG borderline for long QT? Or normal? Female, age 34.

Is a long QTc interval still serious if it is only slightly too long?

Is a pr interval of 110 on ECG in 18 y/o male normal?

Is a QTC of 441 normal? My doc says anything below 480 is ok and not a risk to me. Thoughts?

Is diltiaz ER 180/24 the same as cardizem cd 180? Please advise!

Is having short pr interval serious?

Is it common for a toddler to have one borderline prolonged qt EKG and not have long qt?

Is it common in young children to have borderline prolonged qt on one EKG and not have long qt? Cardio says check again in 3 months and was calm.

Is it normal for my qt interval on ECG to fluctuate between 300-350 everytime I have an ecg? Is this too short?

Is it okay to take a dopamine antagonist for gastro emptying if you have an rbbb and had a rvh show up on an EKG.

Is it possible that cardioversion correct an abnormal heart rythm due to prolonged pr interval?

Is Macrobid (antibiotic) safe or unsafe for people with a pre-existing prolonged QT interval? Will it prolong QT even more?

Is qtc 433 in ecg is normal or not?

Is qtc more important than qt?

Is there treatment for qt prolongation?

Is this normal 12 lead EKG results V 60 BPM A r 60 bpm PR intervals 168 ms Qrs 98 ms Qt 392 ms Qtc 392 ms P axis 60 degrees R axis 84 T axis 32?

Is this normal qt interval 335 and qtc 435 and heart rate 104? Ecg showed sinus tachycardia,