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.my 15-months grandson seldom speaks mama or dada but do not speak at all. is this okay?

10m old baby boy.development milestones met.still does jerk few times a day for a month now and move head up down while playing.worried if its seizure?

13 month old daughter has started banging head on floor when frustrated. Should i be worried about autism? She plays peek a boo & gives kisses/interac

14 yrs old boy makes problems with family, wants to leave house. Love to be boy but act girly. Shouts and hits mom. Outside house he is ok. Why? GID?

15 month old daughter (12 months adjusted) only falls asleep by laying on a toy and rubbing her private parts. Isn't she too young for this behavior?

2 month old son cries non stop unless he's being held & people tell me i'm neglecting him for letting him sit & cry sometimes. Help?

20 month old boy does not engage in a converstion, when i try he gets disinterested and moves away to the tablet. Sings Nursry rhyms. How to encourage?

21 month old does not engage in a conversation, he runs away or closes his eyes and giggles when you hold him toengage. How to encorage comunication?

22 month old son w/ delayed development, humps ground and bangs head. Are these both normal stims? How should I approach stopping the behavior?

22mth son obsessed with nmbers wants rubber digits1-9 ALWAYS with him, wails without them, asks for number songs. He Speaks well. Is this aspergers?

3 hours babysitting autistic kid. So i'm left wonderingcan headbanging lead to whiplash?

3 year old extremely defiant. You can slap his hands spank him and put in corner but he will still try to do it looking you in the while spanking him?

3 year old, cannot wind down, screams often, major tantrums, hits, bites, can't be still or stay on one task. Terrible twos or something more?

3.5yr old Daughter has nf possibility of ADHD and still has accidents because she's too busy playing. She holds it until the last minute. Why?

3year Female long history night terrors&aggressive, violent tantrums. Seems very emotional compared to my other kids. Should I be concerned?

4 month old seems to have developed a "fake cough" she seems healthy and it has a fake sound to it. Normal for a 4mo old? A way of communication?

6 yr has become very emotional, cries over the least thing and acts like a baby It's as if he is regressing back to toddler stage. No other siblings. ?

6mo baby, no health issues, screams like being beaten all day/night if not held despite feedings&teething stuff&whatnot.What can I do? Making us crazy

7 month and 2weeks old baby.still not differntiating between scolding and playing.he reacts bysmiling for it normal?

9 month boy doesn't babble consonants, only vowels and gurling sounds like "aga " should I worry of speech delay or autism? All other dev are fine

9 month old baby is on time with milestones but scared of loud noises he doesnt recognise and is also afraid of strangers. Does he sound autistic?

9yr old girl. I have noticed that my daughter frequently talks in her sleep . Babbles nonsense and doesn't remember next day. Cause for concern ?

A bookshelf was delivered for my 7 yo Aspergers son. It smells strongly of varnish. Is it safe for him to sleep upstairs with the fumes downstairs?

A child has sudden random outbursts of aggression and giggling, punching, hitting, running, jumping on tables, and kicking objects while laughing. Why?

Am i turning into a pedophile? What should I do?

An 11 year old boy needs to be with his parents all the time or speak with us on the phone. If he cannot reach us on the phone, he starts screaming that we might be dead. What should we do?

Anger issues with 7 year old boy my child can't get along with anyone friends he shows fits of rage frequently. The kids in school don't hang around with him his 2 best friends don't even want to be with him constantly upsetting household. We've tried ev

Are 3d movies bad for kid.Planning to take the kid to finding nemo?

Are slow to warm up toddlers introverts?

Are there fines or criminal punishments for running away from home when your underage?

Are there good toys to encourage my son to speak more?

As a teacher, I deal with band aids, blood, and boogers. Kids aren't afraid of touching gross things-then me. Is there a chance of disease/concerns?

As children do we learn to be tickleish? Why is it that my armpits are tickleish but my mothers isn't?

At what age can children start doing simple puzzles?

At what age can you know whether or not a child will be left or right handed? My child is 1 and so far he uses both hands equally for everything.

At what age do children stop having imaginary friends?

At what age do late talkers generally catch up thier peers. My son is 2 y 4 m. Has vocab of 50 words 3-4 two words comb. Will goin to nursery help?

At what age should a child start to show empathy? Our 4 year old little boy seems to have very little to none.

Autism need adivce about if I should stop tryin to get my son to vocalize he is seven an non verble?

Baby 10m not pointing to communicate, or waving good bye, what can I do to help him with these things?

Can ADHD cause you to squirm away from things like hugs?

Can excessive stress cause one to regress to child behaviors such as thumb sucking and hugging teddy bears i want to do these [email protected]

Can i ask my 2 yo daughter to accompany me watch movie Hotel Pensylvania?

Can I put my 2 year old in time out when he throws a tantrum? Is this useful?

Can lead on a toy that my child has played with cause schizophrenia when he grows up?

Can parents tell that their child is pregnant? Because my mom is looking at me funny like she knows something.

Can some help me please ? Am young yes i know but i want to know can I have kids or not ? Someone listen to my story and help me out

Cause of random phone calling? My grown son is acting strange again.

Could it be healthy to squeal (scream) like a girl when you are a 15 year boy and his voice is breaking?

Could my child have a mental disorder? Hurts our cat biting ear.

Daughter only says word like mamma and dadda at nineteen months?

Developmental pediatrician suspects 2-1/2-year-old might have autism. I'm a wreck with worry. Please tell me something to make me feel better.

Do children with ts curse or say other things they know in outburst?

Do kids with autism like to rough house ?

Do parents have the right to teach their kids bad habits?

Do toys and cartoons affect my child's body image?

Do you consider the patting on the back like in olympics a form of child molestation?

Doctors say my little cousin has autism. How can I tell?

Does my 20th month girl twirling her fingers all the time indicate autism? My sil nurse thinks so and casually mentioned it !

For about 2 weeks now, My 3yr old daughter vomits each time she's given paper and pencil to write in the classroom. Please help. ?

For what reason is my teenaged daughter acting so violent towards animals?

Good morng is it. A fact if a teenage kid are even a child chew gum it can mess with there lungs heard something on tv about that?

Growing up I saw first-hand what it was like to have bipolar disorder. How can I avoid getting it like my parent?

Har koppor över hela kroppen?

Have social anxiety specially at academic place,have over protective parents,screaming teachers when i was kid,i am sensitive towards things,i everyth?

Hello at my daughter 9 years old vocal tic. (expressed no censorship swearing almost non-stop, but everything stops during sleep) to show it dramatica?

Hello , i have a 19 month son who is currently saying mom and dad in greek. Should i be concern of autism, altho he smiles and is interactive ?

Hello.. I am 16.5 year old boy but actually I am look like 13 year old boy what should I do please help me every one tease in school and every where?

Help plz! Can shaking a baby cause aspergers?

Help! my autistic son bites everyone! how do I make it stop?

Hi all, my boy has stareted his 1st yr at school and the teacher noticed that he isn't interacting with childrens doesn't eat and play, im concerened?

Hi I have a 7 year old daughter whom recently always cries when she is about to write her agenda or enter her classroom. ?

Hiii doctor....i m heena....i have a little bit of stammering problem...whenevr i have to speak jn front of intelligent people...i always stammer...

How can I explain the brony fandom to parents.?

How can I help my daughter have strong bones? She is a teen and hates milk.

How can I raise my 7mnth daughter to be bilingual when she gets older. Knowing that our mother tongue is Arabic and I would love to add English too.

How can I stop my child from reaching stuff above her head?

How can I teach my 6mo baby that pulling other's hair is not nice? She's made two classmates cry.

How can I teach my two years daughter to say baba and mama? She knows the names of the shapes, letters, animals, & their sounds but she never call us

How can parents deal with nightmares of children after hearing bad news or seeing it in media? @drpam

How can we stop our 8 yr old adopted son from fecal smearing?

How do I connect with my inner child?

How do I deal with a smart ass, mouthy 17 yr old boy (son) that thinks he knows everything?

How do I stop her from stealing her brother's toys?

How do I stop my child from hitting others?

How do I stop my kids from internet predators?

How do I teach my 1 year old not to hit and scratch me without spanking or popping her? Spanking her will just confuse her.

How do we comfort children when they hear about shootings in schools? @drpam

How do we tell our kids about playing with others with guns?

How do you get a 3 year old child to quit eating boogers... We have tried humilation, time out, took toys away....

How do you know if the behavior of your kid is abnormal or is just like his donor parent? Frustrated with habits.

How do you stop echolalia. My child has PDD & is very sad to hear him repeat everything?

How do you tell a 11 year old to pick up thangs after themselves?

How important is tummy time? My daughter is almost 3 months old and hates it! is it okay to let her scream for a few? Are there any alternatives?

How is it closely prevalent with moving away to a new city/town and autistic characteristics of preferring things to be the same? My brother is 23 yrs

How much exposure is appropriate for children when there are events like killing of children? @drpam

How much must my husband read to my toddler?

How old does a child have to be to have otoplasty? My 5-year old daughter's ears are much too big, and the kids in her kindergarten class have started teasing her. Is she too young to have otoplasty? .

How to get rid of fear about tv, a/c , etc from my 7 year old aspergers son?

How to get toddler on board for brushing teeth? I have always done it, and it has always been a struggle. He screams and cries, what can I do?