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I am in sinus rhythm with Flecainide. I really don't want it long term. Could I come of it, go back into AF and then have an electrical cardioversion?

I have a very high blood pressure of 155/80, diziness..found "sinus tachycardia" and "intraventricular conduction block" this dangerous..

(I want to be a cardiologist) so just out of interest is abnormal septal motion associated with any arrhythmias in particular?

• 1 have been diagnosed as atrial trigeminy 6 months ago , occurred most of the time , one month ago , it alternates with atrial bigeminy. • i am a 45?

1 have atrial trigeminy since about 3 months , what the prognosis?

1-3 times/month I notice atrium beats, with no ventricle beat (so a paroxysmal AV block). Never showed up on 2-week holters. Worth more appointments?

100 BPM or more medically is referred as tachycardia.But does this necessarily mean the electrical activity in your heart is abnormal?

14 day loop results states tachycardia up to 140, bradycardia 42 bpm, ventricular ectopic complexes, supra ventricular ectopic complexes and an atrial couplet. Should I be worried?

20 year old, healthy, rhr of 50-65, was diagnosed this week with left ventricular high voltage (ecg). Last year ECG was normal. is it normal?

2000 pvcs on holter. No runs, all single. Not symptomatic. No signs or symptoms of heart disease. Should I have an echocardiogram? No insurance.

24h ecg showed episodes of early repolarization/high take off. 25 male, echo normal, normal ecg normal. Am I at risk of VT? VF? I get pvcs

24holter: pacs-974pvc-7 no svt/vt.Frequent dizziness correlates w/pac's. Is this a harmess finding, and what is the treatment?

27 years old EKG found that I have a right ventricular conduction delay . Is that dangerous and can it lead to a heart attack ?

28 year old female with occasional PACs, single PVCs, sinus tacky, and sinus brady. QRS is 110ms. Echo/blood normal. Chance of a fatal heart issue?

2months ago my 20 yr son had ablation for wpw. He is still symptomatic. He wore a 21 day monitor. diangosis paroxysmal svt, hr hi 203, he's 20. Serious?

3 years ago I had a carotid CTA which detected an intermittent cardiac arrhythmia. I am experiencing heart rate spikes. Was that arrhythmia real?

30 xtrabeats in 48 hours, doc said were normal, does that mean they were going through the av node or is ectopic beats directly to ventricles?

48 HR heart monitor results "infrequent ectopy with no atrial ectopics and 0.1% of heart beat being ectopic" please explain in laymans terms?

49yr old, when I slightly lift left arm, frequently my heart rhythm changes and flutters. In my 30's I had cardiac ablation for WPW,it was successful.

6 short SVT type episode in last 7 months. Normal resting ecg and echo. Cardiologist said no treatment if episodes are infrequent and short. Agree?

85y male, 24hr holter after syncope episode detects persistent multiple skipped beats per min but no av block. Place a pacemaker or continued monitor?

A fib or something more serious? How can I be sure I have a fib or afl and not a more serious heart rhythm problem?

A predominantly sinus rhythm a short cycle of complete heart block or 2 beat P wave asystole followed by 4 episodes of 2:1 in 24h Holter. worry?

A syncope patient has normal ECG & vitals. History of SVT & hypothyroidism. Thyroid okay & no SVT episode. Further workup needed?

Abnormal EKG with sinus tachardia 119. Does sinus tach make EKG abnormal or does that mean something else along with sinus tach?

Afib/murmur issue cardiologist has referred me to Electrophysiologist. Will l have to do EP Study before they can treat afib?

After Sinus Tachycardia ECGwas fine Cardiologist "Cardio perspective You are in an excellent condition"SVE found on Holter.NoAfib is Afib easy 2 find?

After v-fib, does the rhythm immediately go into asystole?

All my ecgs show up right ventricular conduction delay, i also have innapropriate sinus tachycardia should I be worried?

Alternating tachycardia and bradycardia in anorexia, should I be concerned?

An EKG showed a lot of PACs. I have had 2 ablations for afib, And SVT 2 years ago. What's causing this?

Any mechanical treatments for an idiopathic ventricular tachycardia?

Any update on treatment for sustained ventricular tachycardias?

Anyone identify these premature beats as PACS or PVCS? Labeled under june 5th in my health files is the 1 lead EKG. Thanks

Are arrythmias not a concern if they occur on and off? My dr thinks I have some type of arrhythmia which is hard to catch on the monitors.

Are atrial runs the same thing as a fib?

Are benign cardiac arrhythmia's anything to worry about if they only happen every 2 years?

Are occasional pvcs/pac's dangerous?

Are odd Supraventricular beats on24Hr Holter the same as (or connected to ?)Nonsustained Ventricular Tachycardia <30sec ?

Are premature atrial contractions dangerous?

Are premature atrial contractions dangerous?

Are premature ventricular contraction or ectopic heartbeats dangerous to me?

Are premature ventricular contractions more dangerous than others? Thanks

Are premature ventricular contractions normal if infrequent? And do they often times go unfelt?

Are PVC couplets common in healthy population and are they dangerous in themselves?

Are pvcs and tachycardia considered heart disease?

Are PVCs dangerous if your heart is healthy structure and EKG?

Are the pvcs related to Wolff-Parkinson-White (wpw) in any way?

Are the symptoms of Ventricular fibrillation continuous or they just induce intermittent arrhythmia for a short time (One day) yet repeatedly ?

Are the symptoms of ventricular tachycardia bad?

Are there any arrythmias in particular that are associated with right atrial enlargement?

Are there different types of pvcs/pacs?

Are there neurological conditions that can cause nightly episoduc sinus tachycardia up to 180 bpm?

Are there studies out there that show atrial fibrillation causes diabetes?

Are WPW and multiform pvcs dangerous when you have them together.?

At rest laid down, I get Premature Atrial Contractions now and again, usually a few times per day. I had 3 in a row, I have a ECG. Is that Atrial Fib?

At the er for chest pain hospital monitor says couplet pvcs amd sv rhythm. What does sv rhythm mean? and are couplet pvcs dangerous?

Atrial flutter on an EKG does not have a p wave, so how does one calculate the atrial rate?

Atrial septal infarction, is that possible to happen? Is atrial septum fed by coronaries?

Been in bigeminy PVC for few weeks and had a stress test that put me into SVT with rate up to 210. Is that a problem?

Been told many times that PVC / PAC or any odd heart rhythm is Benign with a totally normal structurally Heart, is this true do cardiologist agree??

Blood pressure has been 120/45-50 recently. Is this concerning? Could it be heart failure? I have WPW syndrome and on propranolol to control SVT.

Bradycardia and rbbb, history heart defect?

Can 400mg of magnesium daily help with my PVC'S (pre ventricular contractions)?

Can A fib present as a few or one or two flutters in chest lasting few seconds? Can these symptoms potentially be of Atrial fibrillation?

Can a loop monitor pick up ventricular tachycardia? Does it look different than sinus tachycardia? If so how?

Can a person have both premature atrial contractions and PSVT that occur at different times?

Can a person have pvcs inboth vent at the same time and be ok?

Can an NSVT be mistaken as monomorphic when really polymorphic in etiology? I have a long QT, syncope with exertion, and NSVT but NSVT said tobebenign

Can anxiety cause premature atrial contractions?

Can atrial fibrillation cause heart attack.I have just read in MNT of a study that says there's a 70% more chance.

Can atrial flutter cause o2 saturation to be lower?

Can atrial flutter or atriel tacycardia show up during an ep study ?

Can atrial tachycardia with aberrant conduction in a normal heart lead to sudden death? Is a beta blocker the right medication to prevent/treat it?

Can benign ventricular ectopy turn into that scary sudden death heart problem?

Can bigeminy or trigenimy be dangerous in a heart with normal echo ? Is there ever a time it can be ?

Can bloating cause non-sustained SVT ?

Can cardiac stimulants like atropine be given in ventricular bigeminy?

Can cardioversion correct an abnormal heart rate and rhythm?

Can daily recurrent sinus tachycardia episodes of 150-170/pm eventually cause cardiomyopathy?

Can different heart blocks only happen sporadically like some arrhythmias? In other words, do you need a long-term monitor to record them sometimes?

Can digitalis be used for abnormal heart rhythms?

Can ectopic atrial tachycardia develope into other arhytmias? If so how? where can I read more detailed information about the heart and EAT?

Can having cardiomegaly and bbb be dangerous?

Can heart palpitations caused by anxiety and panic disorder be dangerous? I had ecg, echo and a 24 hour holter check out ok with 20+ PVC shown.

Can I die from atrial flutter if I ignore it?

Can I take COenzymeQ10 even though I have Brugada syndrome and ventricular tachycardia?

Can innapropriate sinus tachycardia lead to atrial fibrillation got to go to hospital monday for ECG my heart rhythm gone from normal to abnormal?

Can mild metabolic alkalosis lead to ventricular arrhythmia in patients with pre existing arrhythmias and various cardiac conditions?

Can pac, PVC and taccycardia be treated? I think being on ritalin (methylphenidate) for 20 yrs ruined my heart.

Can paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia go away on its own? Or is treatment necessary?

Can pvcs ever turn into vtach?

Can pvcs lead go vtach?

Can rhodiola treat pvc's and arythmias of the heart?

Can severe panic disorder over 10 yrs (tachycardia + white coat hypertension cause left anterior hemiblock? Other than the hemiblock, ECG was normal.

Can Sinus Tachycardia cause pvc and/or other form of arhytmia? if heart is normal and all tests ok (didnt do holter but rest yes) can it be dangerous?

Can sleep apnea cause tachycardia up to 180 bpm?

Can someone please explain in detail what vtach is.

Can someone tell me what, pvcs, pacs, adn episodes sinus brady mean? These are the results of my 24hr heart monitor! Please and thank you!

Can stimulants affect mobitz type two heart block (wenckebach)?