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(16) Muscle twitches that have become worse. Life extremely stressful, have health anxiety, feel depressed, hopelessness. Normal reaction to stress?

2 1/2 year old started to twitch at night after returning from vacation where he was traumatized by a stressful situation. Could stress be the culprit?

23 year old female and I feel like I forget a lot even if it's something 5 minutes ago. Is this a problem or stress related ?

30 days without porn. Experiencing lot of stress, lack of sleep and anxiety. Shall I quit masturbation all at once or shall I quit it gradually ?

After doing hard physical labor and going through emotional stress, i had pain the next day. What do you recommend?

Anxiety & stress. When highly stressed will experience stomach problems & most food make worse. What specific doctor should I see?

Anytime i get stressed out, i can't eat, sleep and i just worry more and more. How to better deal with stress more productively?

Are stress bumps on hands possible? Been under ALOT of stress. Ocd too. They come & go?

Are stress ulcers a real thing? I dont understand how being stressed out could cause a mucosal break. How can emotions cause that to happen?

Brain fog after lots of stress and now i can't handle the stress and every little thing seems overwhelming. I feel like i can't concentrate. Adrenals?

Can a gluten allergy become noticeable / really bad from anxiety and stress?

Can a little bit of stress in your life be a positive?

Can a person get back to normal after 8 weeks of only sleeping 4 hours each night? stressed over something silly and created this. stress over now

Can a workaholic get burnout and stresss/anxiety symptoms?

Can anxiety ne lower if i change job?

Can anxiety or stress cause my butt to itch?

Can anxiety or stress prevent or disrupt the swollen lymphnodes return to normal faster?

Can chronic anxiety and stress change your breathing pattern and lungs? I only have anxiety because i can't breathe correctly and its a vicious cycle.

Can emotional stress by itself bring on stomach ache?

Can emotional stress trigger neurological disorders? Been experiencing constant tingling hands and feet. Will this go away when stress levels calm?

Can hems develop from having anxiety all of the time, being stressed for no reason and unable to relax, even being tense while sleeping at night?

Can I be let go from my job if I am out sick from stress, or is that illegal?

Can not properly eating cause anxiety or raise level of anxiety? Due to my schedule I don't eat on time or sometimes eat once a day and I feel anxiety

Can one get body chills from excessive worry, fear, anxiety and stress?

Can ovarian cancer get worse with high stress or nervousness?

Can ovarian cancer get worse with nervousness or stress?

Can ovarian cancer get worse with stress and/or nervousness?

Can performance anxiety attack develop when overworked high stress brought on by perfectionism working long hours requireing extream acuracy. ?

Can stress and anxiety cause easy bruising?

Can stress and anxiety cause pimples some have puss in ?

Can stress and anxiety make the skin pale ?

Can stress and anxiety make you tired ?

Can stress and anxiety make your glands swell?

Can stress and anxiety. Cause oily skin ?

Can stress and worry cause nausea? I've also heard worrying you could be pregnant can trick your body into having false symptoms.

Can stress cause depression? I have been very stressed and once I found I cant get rid of this stress I started becoming more sensative and emotional.

Can stress cause geographic tongue? I developed this after a very long stressful period and it seems to be better with stress reduction.

Can stress cause hair to thin at the temples? I feel like I Have chronic stress

Can stress cause heart burn does your body make more acid in stress?

Can stress cause hive like spots all over your body and what can help the stress?

Can stress cause major bloating? Im constantly bloated no matter what. Doctor said its 'ibs and stress'. How cant i be stressed when im this bloated..

Can stress cause slow thinking?

Can stress kill you? 28 and worried

Can stress make parkinson worse?

Can stress or anger make your eye twitch a lot?

Can stress or anxiety make you cough?

Can stress overload cause mental burnout and anxiety. Was overloaded for a long period of time and felt like hit the wall. Given ?

Can stress, being nervous, being worried ,be harmful to your brain and change you mentally and physically?

Can stress. Depression or anxiety change ur bowel movements? If so how can it. & would it make it last a long time

Can stress/anxiety make you dream more often?

Can stress/anxiety make you feel cold?

Can stressing about what I look like lead to anxiety?

Can the emotional symptoms of your period also make you anxious?

Can the heat increase you're anxiety?

Can to much emotional stress cause stomach pain or what does it cause .How do you get better ?

Can worrying about stress cardiomyopathy cause it to happen?

Can you explain the connection between stress and disease? The busier we are, the more stressed and the higher the incidents of disease. Our society's pace is getting faster and faster which i see is getting more and more stressed which is creating more d

Can you get a fever from high amount of stress and anxiety?

Can you give yourself a learning disorder if you are constantly stressing over the possibility of having one?

Can you help me relax and get rid of stress and anxiety?

Can you suggest how to get away from everything causing me stress?

Can you tell me if i didn't run, so now i'm scared. Do I have stress incontinence?

Can you tell me is exercising making me too stressed?

Cold hand & feet off and one. Fatigue off and one. Able to walk but sometimes feel heavy if I don't eat for a while. I've been stress for the pass 6 months. Emotionally & physically because work & family issue. Can stress be the factors why I been feeling

Could being under a lot of stress and crying uncontrollably (the whole time) during a glucose challenge test affect the results?

Could emotional stress make you physically sick?

Could extreme stress change your feelings towards others?

Could I get some advice on work stress?

Could stress and anxiety cause swollen hands?

Could stress contribute to you getting diabetes sooner than you would expect?

Do a lot of people get stress incontinence?

Do you hold stress/anxiety in your shoulders?

Do you think I should go to the doctors for really bad stress and some anxiety?

Doctor at the health department told me that undigested food is the reason for the odor I'm stressed and have anxiety please tell me what is happening?

Does anxiety and stress cause your to body jerk when resting.

Does overeating put stress on the lungs? Can overeating exasperate asthma??

Does skin aging/damage due to stress disappear once a person is not stressed anymore?

Does stress bring on shingles? 

Does stress make hemochromatosis worse?

Does stress make you age?

Extreme stress and anxiety for months and now much lower resting hr at 45. How come?

Extremely stressed & overwhelmed at work. Been having anxiety &pain. My boss will not let me take off. If I need a stress related break will a dr. not?

Eye twitch from stress - help please what can I do about my eye twitch from stress? I am going through a bad divorce and my husband and his mistress have caused me terrible stress. How can I make the eye twitch go away? Please help : (

Feeling disturbed, stressed, down, difficulty breathing.don't have any stress as such just basic daily activity stress .all my blood tats are normal?

Get only stress, no appreciation at all. I just want to relax. Any tips?

Given everyday things that occur. What's the best way to deal with stress naturally?

Had argument with girlfriend today stressed and upset getting pvcs and pacs etc usually get them at rest here and there. Normal for more when stress?

Had miscarriage, skin breaking out and alot of coursework. Ferling very tired and emotions are everywere could it be stress?

Have MG, under lots of stress, loss of 2 people, been choking on my own spit lately. Is this MG related or can stress/anxiety cause this? Thanks!

Have to go get a stress test soon. I already have chronic stress and heavy anxiety daily - i'm afraid it will interfere with the stress test results.

Have you ever heard of racing thoughts when you eat anything? What illness could cause this? I have no anxiety or stress, so it isn't that.

Haven't slept in 3 days because of exams, stress and medicine, what should I do?

Heart pain from emotional stress going to get married worried a lot about heart muscle should I worry about pain emotional heart?

Hi doctor! I'm hani, and i want to ask you about stress, lately i'm too stress, i don't know, how should i take care and dont think about it again?

Hi I'm Tayyaba , my father is mentally sick due tension and stress and talks too much don't know why plz tell what we'll do for his mind relaxation ?

Hi, i m getting weak as my body is stressed.Masturbating is a major problem.How to control.Plz ....

Hi. I always feel so depressed and stress when have heavy tasks. I know I have to planning and mange my time but I dont know how to starting.

Hi. If a person is prone to backaches, could stress contribute to the start of one? Thank you so much.

How can one go about get a adrenal stress index?

How can i decrease my stress , I am very emotionally and when see a sick i feel that illness in my body and then that time i feel exhausting help me?