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"Poor endocardial definition precludes localized wall motion assessment septal dyskinesis questionable" what does this mean?

“stress-induced ischemia of anteroseptal wall apex, basal inferoseptal wall, ischemic cardiomyopathy w/severe L ventricular systolic dysf, ref 30%.

1 mm st depression in inferior leads. Positive stress ecg. Ischemia involved in the anterior wall and apex. Perfusion defect.?

A person diagnosed an anterior wall ischemia is still fit to work?

Abnormal ekg possible anterior infarct age undetermined left axis deviation. Left ventricular hypertrophy. Lateral t wave changes?

Abnormal myocardial perfusion scan evidence of mixed scar stress induced ischemia in anterior segment, should I be concerned?


Abnormality of the mid inferior wall of the heart?

Accelerated junctional rhythm inferior infarct anterolateral infarct what does this mean?

Anterior wall ischemia is dangerous? Is it curable?

Anterior wall myocardial infarc patient can be treated with medicines?

Apical lateral wall ischemia causes what?

Basal inferior wall is mildly aneurysms what does this mean?

Basal to mid anterior wall hypokinesis noted at peak workload. No ECG clinical evidence of ischemia at a max workload.

Biatrial enlargent and inferolateral ischemia. How bad news is this for me?

Can ischemia of the lateral wall be treated successfully? What is the rate?


Can you tell me these signs associated with a myocardial infarction of the left ventricle:?

Can you tell me what reversible ischemia in the basal and mid inferior walls of the heart means please?

Cath report:LAD has ostial hazy lesion40% tapered down distaly to apex.diagonal branch ostial 90% lesion.mild global hypokinesis LV. EF 50%. how bad?

Contour abnormality consider anterolateral infarct consistent with inferior infarct probably old what does that mean?

Ct corn angio- norm myocardial morphology/function.No plaque/stenosis.Mild myocardial bridge mid of LAD w/o significant attenuation of vessel.Explain?

Does " no significant ischemia" mean their is no ischemia? This showed during stress test and found previous mi?

Does moderate ischemia in the apical mid anterior wall mean blockage in the lad?

Ecg suggests mid and apical septum and anteroseptum hypokinesia. What are the best test to identify where the artery blockage might be?

Echo stress test shows "severe hypokinesis of the mid and distal anteroseptal segments". What is this?

Electrocardiographic diagnosis is: rbbb incomplete, lateral wall ischemia. What does it mean?

Equivocal anterior wall small area of reversible ischemia; artifact is also possible, EF maintained at 64%. What does this mean?

Father's stress text revealed abnormal myocardial perfusion imaging due to sm area of mild ischemia in the apex. What does this mean?

Global Hypokinesis.EF 39%.Large area of fixed defect in Anterior,Septal & Inferior lung uptake.RV appears normal. Abnormal Dilated LV with large fixed defect with multiple wall motion abnormalities. Put on Cardivlol & listrophil. now have increase

Got mi & ef 26%, tests showed 11% scar @ infrolateral seg. 3% ischemia & 5% reversible defect at antro.Segs, 3 arteries blocked, recommend angioplasty?

Had ECG doctor says it's normal but I noticed it read Inferior Infarct and no acute ischemia?What does this mean?Should I be concerned?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is inferior septal ischemia?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is posterobasal akinesia?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is reversible ischemia of the anter lateral wall?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is anterior wall ischemia?

Hi what is mild ischemia in the apico septal and distal septal wall. Thanks?

How symptomatic is someone with Mild Global hypokinesis of LEFT VENTRICLE?

Hypokinesia of Anterior and Lateral walls, does this situation demand operation or is it curable by Medicines?

I am 65 yrs old and my test show mild anterior apical ischemia EF 76% Stress test abnormal for mild ischemia .

I am detected with lacunar chronic infract in right periventricular region abducting the wall of ventricle pl advice?

I have a mild reversible mycardumyocardial ischemia due to muscle bridge LAD . is it dangerous & treatment. please?

I have a mod-large pericardial effusion inferior to lv & rv. So where is that located exactly? Dr. said "IF" he removes it will do pericardial window.

I have a mod-lg pericardial effusion echo said slight hypokinesis posterior interventricular septum & inferior wall & reduced LV sys function. explain?

I have small to moderate minicar dial ischemia. The radiologist said there is small to moderate lateral and apical perfusion with significant redistri?

I have told that I have induced ischemia in the anteroseptal wall , what dose she means?

I just had a nuclear stress test. What is decreased perfusion in the apico-anterior &basio interior walls with wall motion abnormality apex/inferior?

I just had an ECG and the result is septal wall schemia, what does it mean Doc? Thank you

I was diagnosed with anterior wall ischemia. Am i still fit to work?

If i had inferior ischemia... Stress test & echo would've showed something right?

If you are diagnosed with lateral wall ischemia does that mean you should be in the icu?

In regards to an EKG, what does "possible inferior infarct, age undetermined" mean?

Infraction with superimposed ischemia involving mid inferolateral wall/apical lateral wall-dr. Wants me to do angioplasty, i'm confused -should i go?


Is it normal to have mild global hypokinesis at 19 years old?

LVEF 41% at stress.reversible ischemia involving apicoanterior, distal anteroseptal..reduced, non reversible perfusion involving the mid basal.means?

Meaning of st elevation in anterior leads. Old septal myocardial infarct to be ruled out. Sinus rhythm.

Mild fixed perfusion deficit in the distal anterior/anteroapical wall. Mildly enlarged left ventricle. Mild global hypokinesis, with moderate hypokinesis of the inferior and apical walls. Mildly low resting left ventricular ef of 45% post test 51%?

Mild ischemia in the apico septal and distal septal wall what treatment is available for it. thanks?

Mild reversible myocardial ischaemia involving basal segments of inferior and inferolateral walls its dangerous conclusion of stress test or good ?

My 15 year old son was diagnosed with inferior myocadial infarction also left ventricular hypertrophy. Can someone please break it down for me?

My ECG had an old inferior apical infarct. what does "apical" mean?

My ECG results interpreted that I have normal sinus rhythm, leftvaxis deviation and inferolateral wall ischemi. Can you explain?

My ECG shows "Left Anterior Fascicular blocK' and also indicated :cannot rule out Inferior infarct. What it means and is it dangerous? What caused it.

My echo states: There is normal LV regional wall motion at rest, with the exception of inferior basilar hypokinesis. Please explain.

My echocardiogram showed reduced basal septum contraction and basal inferior akinesia does this indicated cardiomyopathy? Normal EF.

My ekg states "myocardial infarct finding now present". What does this mean?

My father have lateral wall ischemia. should he be treated in the icu?

My father have lateral wall ischemia. Will he have to go to icu?

My images suggest apical septal ischemia?

My mother in law went for the heart scan and diagnosed evidence of mildischaemia in the apex and distal inferolateral wall of the left ventricle ?

My mother's report says "Mild provocable ischemia noted in apico-anterolateral and mid-anterolateral segment of left ventricle." What does this mean ?

My nuclear images suggest apical septal ischemia.

My stress test shows there is " very mild reversible perfusion abnormalities of the left ventricle which may be related to mild ischemia vs artifact?

Myocardial perfusion Gated SPECT study is positive for medium size fixed perfusion defect involving the adjacent areas of inferior wall and infero- ?

Myocardial. Medium perfusion defect moderate intensity in basal mid inferior basal inferior partial reversibility. Ef54%. TID .97 abnormal redegenson.

Normal lv size with hypokinesis of the basal segments of anterior, inferior and inferior septum, otherwise preserved global systolic function & ef 56?

Normal stress but abnormal myocardial moderate inferior partial reversible perfusion. What means. How stress test normal and rest abnormal.

Nuclear stress test showed large reversible ischemic defect in apical portions of anteroseptal wall. What does reversible mean?

Nuclear Stress w/ Lexiscan shows moderate to severe ischemia anterior/apical wall. Cath scheduled, doc thinks no blockage, why? I have LBBB; no other defects LV normal size and function, 50% EF. Y?

Partial thickness MI (viable) involving basal segments of inferior and inferoseptal walls showing residual ischemia. Tell me its treatment?

Partial thickness MI (viable) involving basal segments of inferior and inferoseptal walls showing residual ischemia. Tell me its treatment?

Perfusion & fixed defects in the mid anteroseptal, inferoseptal, inferoapical , inferior, apical septal segments with new lbbb?Heart attack or artifact?

Person has mild irreversible myocardial ischemia basal2/3of lateral, basal 2/3 of inferior and inferoseptal wall.How it can be treated and wt it mean?

Please explain this statement: moderately reduced perfusion in the inferior wall w/notable but incomplete reversibility .

Reason for st segment elevation in myocardial infarction?

Reasons, causes and cure for "Mild wall inferior hypokinesia"?

Recent stress test shows mild ischemia anterobasally and distal apical laterally. What does it mean exactly?

Reversible defect ant wall/apex. No fixed defects. Lv motion & thickning incl. Apex. Efr 55%. Ant/apical ischemia. Normal lv wall motion. What to do?

Reversible severe myocardial ischemia 9%,ef 65 % mild infero lateral wall hypokinesia (m,55yr,80kg), what does this mean?

Said "provocable ischemia of interior (anterior?

Stress echo showed ischemia in anteroseptal n apical septal walls n the apex.Next week is the Heart CATH.could it be normal arteries n echo was wrong?

Stress test results, severely hypokinetic mid and distal anterial wall and apical segment. How concerned should I be? Ef is 60

Stress test show positive for ischemia involving the anteroseptal and apical septal walls and the apex.also four beat runs of V-tach. Please explain?

The result of my ECG lateral wall ischemia occ. Pvc anterior septal infarct. Whats is that mean? Is that serious?

There is reverse of redistribution in the mid to distal anteroapical wall which may represent ischemia, and left ventricular ejection fraction 60%, and fixed inferior wall defect What do they mean?

To find out what diffuse reversible ischaemic in the apex means on my perfusion scan?

Very mild reversible ischemia my stress test shows there is very mild ischemia in the anterior wall in the LAD territory.What does that mean?

Very mild reversible ischemia my stress test shows there is very mild ischemia in the anterior wall in the LAD territory.What is that mean?

What are the causes inferolateral ischemia?