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A doctor came into my school and said i had add what are these people called? I have been on iep for school my whole life she said i had add i want t

Academic, family, social n financial problems in Pune,since 6th grade till now when I'm 24 yrs old and still unable to get a single bachelors degree.

Adhd help needed! can't get through school without help. Ashamed to tell anyone?

Anxeity & stress from school i'm a sophmore in high school and school is just very stressing to me. I have really bad anxeity and dread going to school. It's not that i don't have a good expeirence at school. It's that i feel horrible non-stop from the an

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Any medicine good for kids with school problems?

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Are there any rapid safe diets I can go on while in nursing school?

As a teacher, how do I take care of a student with diabetes or asthma in school?

As an adolescent, i binge-drank 2 times, after my high school graduation. I am worried now, that I have damaged my brain. Is it possible?

As bullied in school changed me and do I need to see someone about?

At what grade level should sex education be introduced in the schools?

Bullying wether its online at school or even outside of school I would like to know how many people die a day,mouth & year for a project I'm doing plz?

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Can a school nurse help treat hives?

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Can I become a holistic healer without going to med school?

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Can I skip school if conjunctivitis?

Can I stay on my parent's health insurance if I go to graduate school and am over 26?

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Can i tell me how i can make myself pass out at school?

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Can students diagnosed with epilepsy allowed to go to a normal school?

Can there be a doctor or senior med school student around here somewhere?

Can there be boarding schools that are meant for children diabetes?

Can you child get kicked out of school for being depressed?

Can you get a doctor's note excusing you from school when diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis?

Can you give me suggestions if I have diabetes on a school trip?

Can you go to school if ringworm?

Can you go to school with a cold? Should you?

Can you tell me about your experience in med school and medical practice, the pros and cons of the job, etc. Im in highschool and want to major in med?

Can you tell me any advice for someone planning on going to nursing school?

Can you tell me how to go about getting into a dental specialty school?

College cafeterias ok for students with allergies?

Could a high school freshman attempt polyphasic sleep?

Could a high school student participate in sports if he has hiv?

Could i major in nursing and go to dental school?

Could the hairdresser check everyone for headlice not just school children?

Could you tell me what are some easy ways to shed a few pounds in middle school?

Could you tell me what happens with school when you have schizophrenia?

Did you go to medical school for more money or to help people. ?

Do children who have been abused have problems with getting in trouble at school?

Do color blind children go to special schools or can they still attend normal ones?

Do girls have to completely undress for high school physicals?

Do high schools have counselors for girls who are pregnant?

Do I need to keep kids home from school if Ebola is diagnosed in a student there?

Do I need to take my child out of school if they have lice?

Do kids in foster care finish school?

Do med school students have to deliver babies as part of their training?

Do schools regularly screen for ADHD or is this something that the teachers do on a case-by-case basis?

Do you have finish school first and then be a doctor or you could go to school at the same time? My research paper career!

Do you think I should go to school if I have mild chickenpox?

Do you think I should have to take meds when going to camp for kids with adhd?

Doctor.....please answer..........i am not going to suicide...........i want the answer for my school project....

Doctors, can my daughter go to school with impedigo?

Does anyone have any school work phobias?

Does the u.S. Have the lowest school bullying problems in the world?

Due to school work and family problems, I sleep 6 hours during the night and 2 hours after school . Would that still be health ?

Even though I have mono, can I start school?

Five year old child refusing to go to school, hardly eating, having nightmares, does she need a psychologist, what to do?

For school trip abroad I am wondering how poor hygiene causes diseases?

Gcse grades to become doctor? (in the uk, the gcse's are what grade you get by the end of high school)

Having trouble in summer camp. Will counselor tell my partnets?

Health and wellness: why is junk food still so readily available to highschool, middle school, and even primary school kids in the us?

Hello. I used to be very lazy in school and was generally very unmotivated. At the same time I had a bully. Could this be the cause of my bad grades

Help me please. In high school now. Who do I ask for help wih my homework?

Hi Doc, When ever my kid cries in school he is facing issues of headache. I am not sure what we can do ? he is just 6 years old ? is there any remed

Hi ive got autism disorder its been 3 years i dont attend school i dont work i cant socialise at all i sit at home all day Is there any med to help me?

Hi, I am a highschool student doing a project on what I want to do for a career. I was just wondering if you could tell what a day is like.

Hi, I'm a 20 year old student and I've found myself not being able to focus in class. I'm very inattentive. When I was younger I attended a school for learning disabilities, but I never took any medication for it. As of late, I've been struggling in class

Hoarding food in school?

How can exercise help hyperactive children in school?

How can I deal with my period at school?

How can I freshen up on my period at school?

How can I get into a good medical school? I know i'm still young, but i like to plan ahead

How can I get my child tested for dyslexia without going through the school system?

How can I get myself to concentrate more in school?

How can I get straigh a's in high school ?

How can I reduced my breast because my friends at school laugh at me ?

How can I sleep less to finish homework and school work?

How can I stay away from norovirus (at school mostly)?

How can I stay up or alert during school? It's so hard to do.

How can I stop binging after school and what are good after school snacks for high school teens?

How can I stop eating too much after getting home from school?

How can you know if a person you know has a high IQ or low ? Other than school and university grades ?

How common are drugs in elementary schools in small towns?

How could i help my 14years old son to overcome his stress &fear from crowded places &school as well.He even hates getting out with his classmates?

How do I convince myself to stop procrastinating in school?

How do I deal with a child who has a bad case of school phobia?

How do I get a fever?I need a few days off my parents won't let me stay home otherwise please tell me i'm stressed from school i need a day off school

How do I get tests for dyslexia without going through the school system?

How do I help the child with ADHD become better organized with her school work?

How do I know if my son has an attachment problem if he cries when he goes to school?

How do med students get over their squeamishness?

How do you deal with adut add if you are going back to school?

How do you explain to kids that they need homeschooling to be away from bad influences? They want to stay in school.

How do you help a kid deal with school stress?

How likely am I to get norovirus if nuresery school worker?

How long did it take you to get out of debt from schooling? Was paying for school really hard? How did you pay for it?