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Recent Echo Result did not include Ejection Fraction? Although Cardiologist said very reasured with all results with mean trans gradient 8mmHg Agree?

┬┐how to improve ventriclar ejection flow decreased? Tricuspid valvle

"Cardiology Explained.Ashley EA,Niebauer J.Normal intracardiac dimensions Men:IV septum(diastole) 0.6-1.3 cm." Is 1.3 cm IV septum (diastole) normal?

"Left ventricular chamber size (by vol index) is mildly enlarged. No evidence of LV hypertrophy. " if it is not hypertrophy why is it mildly enlarged?

15 yo son extremely athlete has a heart murmur, recent EKG showed bradycardia, right ventricular hypertrophy and possible biventricular hypertrophy?

23 years old. Right ventricle is mildly dilated. Trace mitral regurg. Trace tricuspid regurg. Ejection frac= 50-55%. Min HR 53BPM. Max HR 142BPM?

24 female w mild mr mild tr, anterior mvp and 65% EF. And trivial pulmonary insufficiency. No pulmonary hypertension seen. Worried?

26 years old. 2D Echo normal with 65% Ejection Fraction. But MVP grade 1 and Mild MR ? Any Risks ? I sometimes feel tired & dizzy. I'm on Beta block

31 f had echo showed mild left ventricular enlargement. ef 60%. all else normal. Never high bp. have non symptomatic bradycardia. cause?

3mm asd II with l>r shunt, valvular ps, ap-38 mmhg, intact ivs is the final impression of echo of my 22 days son what should I do ?

3yrs on from mitral repair on Echo Dystolic Dysfuction after speaking with Cardiologist explained not much importance as overall result is excellent?

5ft F 213Lbs (htn diabetes pcos) echo shows aortic root diameter of 30mm, and Intraventricular septum systolic thickness of 13.1 are these normal ?

5yo dr heard normal S1/S2 with a 2/6 systolic murmur loudest at LUSB & radiating to the apex. She had an echo when she was 2. Normal. Dr says innocent?

A 60 yr male having ht and on treatment have calcified aorta on X-ray and echo shows mild ventricular hypertrophy, no cad? Did he need any other rx?

A friend who has a leaky heart value. It has been noted that their heart is only functioning at 45 percent. What r chances for improving.

A little over a year ago, ef was 20-25. Had echo yesterday and was told ef is now 20 (+or- 3). Have icd. Heart failure since 1996. Advice? Progosis?

A recent heart study has revealed that I have mild global hypokinesis and moderate la dilation. Also hocm under stress. Could you explain this plz?

A small left atrium and left ventricle normal thickness along with abnormal septal motion and good systolic function significant finding or not?

A small left atrium normal in thickness on my echo with abnormal septal motion. Heart structure normal with EF 65%. Possible pulmonary hypertension?

A transthoratic echocardiogram shows a dialated right ventricle, dialated right atrium and mild pulmonic regurgitation. What does this mean?

Abnormal septal motion in ventricle, EF 60-65% small LA and LV normal in thickness gd systolic function and sinus tachy 120bpm pulmonary Hypertension?

After an mi 13 months ago I have had 4 echo's all with lvef of 30%. Is it possible that this could improve?

After chest pain relieved by nitro, echo showed mvp with regurg, lae/rae, irreg heartbeat, ef 50%. Lowered ef due to damage possibly? diangosis with cas too

After my CABG my echo report reveals that I have developed a grade I diastolic dysfunction. How?

Age(53) (1)lv ejection fraction 32%.(2)lv regional wall motion abnormality.(3)rv normal in size with adequate systolic function. Dopller stdy mvis (multivitamin) e>a

Am 55 and have just been diagnosed with mitral regurgitation with slight left ventrical enlargment and ef of 45% I have also have asa and hypokinesis?

And echo cardiogram found trace mitral, tricuspid regurgitation and right vesticular pressure is 22-27 and I have palpitations. What can this mean?

Are diastolic and systolic diameter increases reversible ? One echo showed increased size and a later echo showed a smaller diameter.

Are PVC's during workout normal? I normally don't have them in stress. I do have a very very mild dilated cardiomyopathy. On age 23.

ASA , right atrial enlargement, mild mitral and tricuspid regurg seen on echo.At these related to ASA? Tachy, sob,chest p on exertion.Is this urgent?

At what number of thickness is septal thickining of the heart a cause for concern?

Biatrial enlargement means what?

BNP value 894. Symptomatic. Is this CHF?

BP 117/72, LBBB, slight elevated EDP 20,EF 50-55, heart function fine. Arteries large, clear. Exercise limited at times.Diseased or dysfunction?cure?

Can a biventricular icd reading show if heart failure is worse in someone with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy? What would it show?

Can any difference occur in ECG&Echo after 4months of last diagnosis?used to have high BP but now ok,echo showed moderate pulm HTN+3valves leak mildly

Can average diastolic pressure of 6.5 be a sign of tricuspid valve abnormality? (or other cardiac problem)

Can Cardio-selective Betablockers lead to dyssynchrony between outgoing and reflected pulse wave & increase central aortic pressure & cause stenosis?

Can diastolic dysfunction be seen on a cardiac MRI ?

Can hyperdynamic mild-mod mitral regurgitation be reversed without surgery? Im 130 lbs overweight with htn.

Can left ventricular hypertrophy be reversed by controlling bp? 23 yr old male with avg BP of 128/88. Cardio said evidence of slight hypertrophy

Can my enlarged lv be reversed naturally?

Can obstructive sleep apnea cause a mild right heart enlargement? with everything else normal on the echo. just slightly enlarged but i have osa...

Can the left atrium be enlarged in 5 months time? I had lt atrium 35 mm 6 months back shown in an echo & an EKG one month back indicates I have lae.

Can the left ventricular temporarily be dilated from Mitral and tricuspid regurgitation? Or is it permanent ? Systolic and diastolic function normal

Can the pressure of 42,57 mmhg in the lung be dangerous for me? (RVSP)

Can you explain these to me?Concentric left ventricular hypertrophy with adequate contractility and systolic function.Aortic valve sclerosis

Can you have a normal echo 1 month and two months later have an abnormal one with the only difference bieng a mild rv enlargement? Why would this be?

CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE THE REASONS FOR GLOBAL HYPOKINESIA OF LV IN INFANTS dilated chambers ,mild MR mild TR/ mild PAH, severe lv dysfunction?

Can you please translate my CT results indicating "mildly dilated right atrium with prominent eustachian valve"?

Can you tell me how can mitral valve prolapse signal affects the systolic and diastolic readings from a wrist BP meter?

Can you tell me what could an enlarged lv systolic measurement be a sign of?

Cardiac MRI report-lvh 12-13mm and very mild sam. No myocardial fibrosis". Is it hcm? Regards

Cardiac Murmur 1, Location, Apex, Timing, Diastolic, Systolic ejection. WHAT Does it mean ?

Cardio echo shows that there is a mild dilated left ventricular. All others are normal. Is it sign of dilated cadiomyopathy or due to my hypertension.

Cardiologist says very reassuringEcho? Trans V gradient 8mmHg LV Dimensionally Normal preserved Systolic Doppler Mild LV Diastolic dysfunction. Agree?

Causes of impaired left ventricle relaxation. Echo c/w decreased diastolic function.28yo f. 108 lbs. Blood pressure is 90s/60s. Eject frac. 62%.

Circum-oral pallor . What is the significance in someone with af ?

Could a 2d echo with color doppler be normal one month after right ventricular infarction?

Could a rv 2.3cm (under2.5 norm), be an early sign of pulm stenosis? No symptoms, all echo findings were norm. No regurg in any valves. Or is 2.3 ok?

Cud it explain why Cardio assumed heart was Hypokensis LV Mid Baslia,an when I question it as RV enlarged,they refused a LV MRA.I saidCardiac Amyloid?

CXR's show mild cardiamegaly 4 many yrs. Could it with Type II DM & Asthma cause Mod.Aortic Stenosis &? Mild hypokensis of Apex. This DX A.S/HA new

D dimer 0.93, found 4.5 taaw/ct angio/w/contrast, echo, mildthickening of left ventricle&atrium, slight regurgitation of all heart valves.Mean?

Dear Respectable doctors please help me with your advice that which madicine works for*Severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction. *Grade-ll+mitral?

Dears ,i had an echo forheart with IVSD 14mm / LVPWD 15mm .doctor say i have concentricLVH & grade 1 diastolic dysfction. i am 33 yrs,should i worry?

Dias volume 53.4 cc and MV FORWARD FLOW Pk E Vel 154msec what does this mean on an echo?

Dilated left heart and reduced lv function. Generalized lv hypokinesia diastolic dysfunction, what to do?

Discharged:ECHO result did not include an Ejection Fraction but Cardiologist said happy with result but Mean Gradient is now 8mmHg was 4mmHg 4yrs ago?

Docs, could a 2d echo with color doppler be normal one month after right ventricular infarction?

Does "Stable findings of mild cardiomegaly & vascular congestion" mean mild CHF ? If not, what does it mean? Could you explain "stable findings" ?

Does a normal cardiac CMR with an rvef of 50% and no apparent thickening rule-out ARVD? Is the NPV high for this disease on CMR?

Does a right atrium dilated, RV pressure of 25-30 mHg, IVC dynamics 5-10 mmHg subjective possibly of pulmonary hypertension or heart failure?

Does echocardiogram reliably diagnose rv hypotrophy?

Does mitral thickening in echo. Normal finding in pt. With recurrent tonsilitis?

Does severe mitral regurge overestimate ef? If echo shows improvement of ef 45% after being 26 & 32% post mi, is this real? What is the real ef?

Dr. could hear a murmur- did EKG showed shortened pr interval, echo showed trace mitral, tricuspid & pulmonic insuffiency everything else normal?

During a routine echocardiogram, when they measure the rv diameter, do they also check for rv hypertrophy?

Ecg w marked sinus bradycardia. Septal infarct age undetermined. Abnormal ecg. Heart murmur w left valve leakage. History of chest pain. Is this bad?

Echo : Mild LV Diastolic Dysfunction have trivial Regurgitation all other valves are good as is right Heart. Can LVDD be reversed with exercise ?

Echo 2 mos ago, results = LA dilated, mild functional mr and trivial functional tr.holter result sinus rhythm, PVC seen 32.7%. Now discomfort jawline?

Echo after 5 weeks of female 58 yrs rescue angioplasty followed by cardiac arrest showed ejection fraction 39% with pap = 40. Any need to worried?

Echo Ejection >55% transmitral pseudonorm. No wall abnorm. No stenosis. Mild mitral annular calc. Nohigh bp. High ASO titre. Poss hyperthyroid. Help!

Echo findings are within normal limits except for mild to moderate right ventricular enlargement right ventricular systolic pressure 21 mmhg ? Ideas?

Echo findings are within normal limits except for mild to moderate right ventricular enlargement right ventricular systolic pressure 21 mmhg systolic BP 112 ...What does this mean is it bad?

Echo have mitral and tricuspid murmurs 30 years no change now tech quietly mentioned pi.what is it and is that bad ?

Echo new finding-impaired relaxation pattern of LV diastolic filling-meaning/significance?EF [email protected]%;LBBB;E/A ratio-1.13;E/e ratio10.11was 5.37

Echo on 19/05/2015 conclusion: nrml sized card chambers no lv rwma no lv clot. Edd 4cm, ivs 1cm ef 70% Y'day and 2day ecg at diff hosp.shows lvh abnrm?

Echo report had 3 EF readings- mod sp4, sp2, and BP. All different. Which is most accurate? And what Is normal? Was told my 56/60 was low-normal

Echo results:concentric lvh w/ adeq systolic function, dilated left atrium, mild tricuspid reg, pulmonic reg. Mixd plaques no stenosis found. Pls expln.

Echo said big prob,hypo and akinetic areas lv,assumed new block,had cath,said dysfunc(hypo),no CMRI says normal function.who right?

ECHO showed impaired LV relaxation. Conclusive findings otherwise normal. Should I be concerned? What could cause this. I had sinus tach during ECHO

Echo showed no hemodynamic change in the atriums. And doctor said the ASA does not fullfill the criteria to have protrusion more than 10mm. ?

Echo showed sm. pericardial effusion,ekg left atrium enlargement with first degree block,chest xray enlarge heart. what does this all mean. ?

Echo shows mild lvh with mild mitral regurgitation. Cardiologist said its nothing to worry about. Need a second opinion. Is he right?

Echo shows mv thickening and mild regurg. Tv mild regurg. Also have palpitations regularly and inappropriate tachycardia. Worried?

Echo shows slightly enlarged lv, doc says this could be normal for me, is this true?

Echo test stated mild LVH. Pwt=1.3cm and swt 1.0. Dr said echo was fine. No advice on what to do on progression. Im 6'6 230. Is this common?

Echo: Ejection >55%, transmitral doppler suggest pseudonormalization. No wall abnorm. No stenosis seen. Mild mitral annular calc. Need clarification.

ECHO: 'Markedly enlarged L-Atrium & R-Atrium'; 'moderately-severe enlarged R-Ventricle'...where does "markedly" fall on the 'scale' (mild/moderate/sev?

ECHO: Normal Left ventricular size + wall thickness and wall motion, Normal biventricular systolic function, Mild MVP w/ trace regurgitation, EF 67%, RV systolic pressure 16mmHg, mild heart murmur. No symptoms. Help! Is this normal?