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34 yr old with ejection fraction from echo at 50 percent....Is this a concern given my age and that i'm healthy and young?

Are pacemakers advisable for those with duchenne muscular dystrophy and a low ejection fraction?

Can cpap improve the heart ejection fraction?

Can ejection fraction of 35% after heart attack... In general be improved by cardiac excersize, or meds only. Is ef based only on amt of damage?

Can low heart injection fraction be improved?

Can you define cardiac output and ejection fraction?

Can you have CAD with a normal ejection fraction? Had an echo done, results showed 2 different ef's 69% and 76%. How is that and are those ef's norm?

Could an internal defibrillator increase the ejection fraction of the heart?

Dcm, Ef 40% and having sex?

Difference between the cardiac output and ejection fraction?

Do I have to fast when having a hipa scan with gallbladder ejection fraction?

Doctor ordered a HIDA scan without ejection fraction. What's the point if I won't see gallbladder ejection fraction?

Does an echocardiogram show the ejection fraction?

Does anyone know about interpreting cardiac output and ejection fraction?

Does ejection fraction vary in a healthy heart? Was told my EF was "normal and stable" but in the written reports it's anywhere from 53-67 over 6 months. How is low-normal to 67 stable?

Does exercise improve ejection fraction?

Does having a low ejection rate on gallbladder require removal?

During routine echocardiogram, is the ejection fraction usually calculated using the m-mode estimate, or the 2d volume (tracing the lv) measurement?

Echocardiogram: How can I have a 55-60% ejection fraction with a 37 mL stroke volume?

Ejection fraction is what?

Ejection fraction on Echocardiogram 45-50% but onnk CMRI 67%. Which is most accurate? Why discrepancy?

Gallbladder ejection fraction rate 14%, what does this mean?

Heart patient, hep c, livercirohsis, gall stone , ejection fraction of heart 40%. How to increase WBC as blood count is low?

Hello doctor my father 65years is hypertensive from 30 years his heart ef is more than 30 please tell me how to improve his ef?

Hello, is normal overall heart ejection fraction 65% (according the measuring from heart echo device)?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is considered a high gallbladder ejection fraction during a hida scan?

Hi what is normal renge of EF?

Hida scan looks normal with ejection at 87% but with moderate bile reflux. What is that and is the ejection rate high?

Hida scan results ejection fraction rates 30% at 30minutes 46% at 45 minutes and 50% at 60 minutes. I am very symptomatic with eating, recorecommendat?

How can dr say stage 4 heart failure when patient has limited symptoms . Ejection fraction 16?

How can I increase my ejection fraction rate and I have an aicd with idiopathic restrictive cardiomyopathy?

How can someone improve heart ejection fraction?

How can we increase ejection fraction from 20 %?

How low does your gallbladder ejection fraction rate need to be before surgery can be done?

How much does an Ejection fraction decreases after a half year of bed rest?

How risky is a heart ef of 15%?

How to improve cardiac ef? What are the implications of low ef of say 40?

How to improve resting heart ejection fraction? My cardioloist indicated it was settld at 35-40%, improves to 45-50% under stress.

I had a cardiac catheratization in 1999 and there was a finding of hypokinesis of the basil septal wall with an ejection fraction of 65%. ?

I had an ejection fraction of 25-30 percent before an ablation in january and it has only improved from 30-35 percent. Will it improve?

I have ejection fraction of 31%. Is this normal?

I just found out I have chf. What does it mean to have low ejection fraction?

I was diagnosed with CHF and had a ejection fraction of 31% and sept 2012, an echo shows 22-26% ef, what to do?

I was diagnosed with ejection fraction rate 75%, very small reversible apical defect with myocardium at risk. What does this mean?

I was wondering is a very high ejection fraction bad?

If you have had a heart attack and now you have low ejection fraction what can be done to improve?

Is 42% low ejection rate for gall bladder?

Is 65% ejection fraction good?

Is a ejection fraction of 69% on a stress test good or bad, and what is a ejection fraction?

Is an ef of 60 ok for a 45 year old female?

Is an ejection fraction of 60% acceptable for a 68 yr. old diagnosed with CHF ?

Is an ejection fraction of 62% normal in a 37 year old female?

Is an ejection fraction of 64% okay for a 120 pound 38 year old female?

Is an ejection fraction of 94% bad for a gall blader?

Is it normal to have an ejection fraction of 64% on echocardiogram and a ejection fraction of 57% on Cardiac MRI? With the same heart.

Is nuclear stress testing or echo more accurate for calculating ejection fraction? Nuclear says 67 percent echo says 48.

Is there a different ef% range for fatty meal compared to CCK?

Left ventricular ejection fraction is 60% and right ventricular ejection fraction is 57%. Are these normal for a 20 year old male?

Lv end diastolic vol in ml. Lv end systolic vol in ml. Fs fractional shortening. Ef ejection fraction. How are these figures arrived at?

My ejection fraction increased 25-30 to55-60 with meds do I still have cardiomyapathy?

My echocardiogram show moderately reduced left ventricular systolic function with and estimated ejection fraction approximately 30-35 Explain please ?

My echocardiogram report says LVEF "reasonable to good" what does this mean Ejection fraction wise? 30% 40% 50% 60%?

My ef ftp echo is 62%. Is that normal?

My ejection fraction on left venticula has went from 30 to 23, can I bring up that number?

My friend's doctor told me today his ejection fraction is at 10%, when it was at 12% three weeks ago, at that rate, when should he die?

My hida scan had a first ejection rate of 12% then they doubled the cck dose and ran it again and the second was 46%. Which is the "correct" reading?

Non sustained VT<30sec more concern in patients with Left Ventricular Impaired function compared to Normal LV function normal heart ejection fraction?

On my echocardiogram, it says "EF (Teich): 72.8%". What does this mean please?

On the echo, it says m mode EF 55-60%, but then says EF Teich 52.8% on another page. EPSS 5mm...normal? Which EF is most accurate?

Please explain what it means when your gallbladder ejection fraction is at 22%?

Prognosis of dilated cardiomyopathy with ejection fraction of 17 to 18 %?

Theoretically, if the left ventrical was hypotrophied it would raise ejection fraction? Would a dialated lv lower ef ? Not an issue, just curios.

What are good ways to boost the heart ejection fraction?

What can be done for colon cancer spread to liver when patient has low ejection fraction heart?

What can be done for heart failure with ejection fraction of less then 20percent when patient is experiencing extreme fatigue?

What could it mean if an ejection fraction was 55% 8 years ago and is %75 now? (cardiology did not have old report to compare

What does an ejection fraction (ef) of 40% mean?

What does having a left ventricular ejection fraction of 75% on echocardiogram mean?

What does it mean when the left ventricular systolic is low normal and ejection fraction is at 53%?

What does systolic function preserved with an ef of 60% mean...Please?!

What does the low ejection fraction mean? Diagnosis


What is a normal EF for a 34 year old?

What is a normal ejection fraction for gallbladder?

What is a normal ejection fraction in a 37 year old woman?

What is an ef level when talking about the heart?

What is an ejection fraction in dilated cardiomyopathy?

What is normal ef in a normal heart?

What is the cause of low efficiency of the heart - ef 25%?

What is the definition or description of: ejection fraction?

What is the more correct way to measure or calculate ejection fraction of the heart, echo or Cath ?

What is the normal ejection fraction level in cardiology. And what is the most healthy one? Also my echo in 2011 was 50% 2012 was 55% 2014 is 60%.

What is the normal ejection fraction? I have 83%. Is this normal?

What is the range of the ejection fraction of the gallbladder?

What is the treatment for 26% heart ef?

What to do if I have high gallbladder ejective fraction?

What to do if I have peripartum cardiomyopathy, I got it a few months after having my son. my ejection fraction was at 15%,?

What's a normal EF on an echo for a 19 year old?

Why is my ejection fraction 48%? I'm 25 and the echo shows no other problems but that. It was 50-55% last time I had it checked.

Will a high ejection fraction (72%) wear my heart muscle out prematurely?