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How reliable is a nuclear stress test? Had echo's in the last year after my heart attack EF 30,40 and 45 last one 9/10/14. Nuclear last week EF 33

Are APPS for Afib detection with finger on light Abnormal Afib result of ShE 0.81 rMMSD 0.25 although at ER room ECG explained Sinus Tachycardia?

had reg stress tst EKG chest xray blood work all normal about 2 months ago.on BP med press under control I do smoke is it safe to say I am ok for now?

I am 41 yr old woman.Taking blood pressure med. stress test EKG chst xray normal. Still have anxiety about heart attack. ?

I m 29.female.My ecg shows rbbb with qrs complex 108ms..i m asthmatic since when i m 8 years of age...should i get worry about ot or not??

I recently developed chest pain and I did an ECG, it showed inferior myocardial infarction. I went further to do an echo, the echo results are normal?

rapid heat rate at rest,shortness of breath, echo and stress test and blood work all are normal? low HDL level,can i stop worrying?

SOB, chestpain, tachycardia, blue nails, dizzy, weak, now swollen abdomen/legs/feets.Ok echo 9 months ago, ok d dimer.suspect multiple PE and heartfa?

sob, heart fluttering, upper back pain, acid reflux, arthritis., abnorm. ekg, stress test ok, echo-mild LVH, holter waiting result. what is causing?

What can my cardiac perfusion stress MRA scan show my cardiologist about my palpitations/chest pain/jaw and arm pain? How accurate are these tests?

1 day my heart started racing at 150 1hour later ekg done at the time it was 123 but normal.Echo was normal.Only small asd.Bloodworkandholter normal ?

10 year old girl. With chest pain 3 pacs and 7 vecs. Ekg shows borderline rythym. Strip was for 90 sec. Do i need to worry. What to do. Please help me?

10 yr old active daughter has been having palpatations that can not be captured on monitors once we get to hospital. Plz help it has been over 3 yrs?

11 EKGs done in 1 year because of Er visits BC of panic disoder. All normal except recent one. Nonspecific T abnormalitieslateral leads should I worr?

115/59 BP 66 pulse normal echo chest x ray blood work and ecg, still feel lack of air?

11th day arm chest pain , comes and goes EKG last Thurs just show sinus tach at cRdiologist.stressed out over this .. Think I'm taking a heart attack!

132 heart rate and chills. Feeling a little anxious. Normal echo done a year ago and ekg, cnc and ddimer normal this month. Should I be worried?

16 yo son had an EKG indicating rt atrial enlargement. weeks til referral apt for ECG. Is a note for no ROTC PT needed? shortness of breath

17 male. Chest pain when excersising. Had echo, ecg, stress ecg, 24 holter normal. Having MRI will this rule out cardiac pain? Must be cardiac?

17 year old active male run 4/5 mi daily,ekg, echo, chest X-ray,blood work normal peak flow meter normal feel lack of air and chest pain for 3 months?

17 yr... heart palps, pounding... Normal echo, ecg and stress test. Holter is being analyzed now. Does that rule out most of Sudden Death disorders?

18month old has got to have a heart scan as the doctor found a heart murmur, he said it sounds quite loud. Should I be worried ?

1st EKG abnormal during anxiety attack 2nd normal EKG when calm and normal chest xray showed no enlargement and my heart was fine why did it say that?

2 normal Nuc Stress tests in 4 years and normal Echo and Angiogram last year. Still get upper left chest aches when stressed. Possibilities?

2 week holter finally showed pvcs. Problem is i felt about 30 events but doctor only saw 1 or 2 events. What could explain the discrepancy?

2 year old with asymptomatic pvc's. Holter monitor showed 3 percent and none in a row.normalized with exercise. Dr said fine, f/u in a year. Sound ok?

2.5yrold went to cardio for murmur. Dr said echo fine. Ekg showed borderline prolonged qt. Said recheck in 3 months probably nothing.Googled now panic?

20 y/o male, got ekg, echo, blood wrk. All good. However 3-4 weeks of chest pressure when relaxing. How can I remedy?

20 y/o male. I have chest pressure in middle of chest and tightness. Stays for most of the day. Been 4 weeks. I had ekg, echo, all normal. what is it?

20 year old male in good shape, EKG abnormal but echo and stress test normal. Left arm tingles randomly, cardiac related?

20 years,48h holter 21 pac 4 couplet, 5 pvc.Eko sag of AMV leaflet, trivial regurg, norm blood flow.Traveling w friends can drink normal?precautions?

200lb, active. Rcntly, had palpitations over 4 days, ECG was 'normal'.But cardiologiest suspects av dissociation. Could this be benign or serious? Palp gone now, on event mtr.Stress echo test pending.

21 male. Heart rate was 120 while washing dishes and then sat down went to 84? Big difference? Had ecg, echo, stress ecg, 24h holter.

21, seen cardiologist. Had ecg, echo, stress ecg, 24holter. Pain starts in back goes to center of sternum when excerc. Cardi said it wont be my heart?

21, tachycardia and sharp chest pain Had a tilt table test and 10 day heart monitor. Possible pots. Will electro physiologist give more answers? Why?

22 chest pain exersise since 18. Had ecg, stress ecg, cardiac mri/mra, echo, 24h ecg. Should I have CT angiogram? No family history.

22 don't excercise much. Resting hr is sometimes between 52-60. Had ecg, echo, cardiac mri/mra, 24h holter, stress ecg, bloods. Is this normal?

22 female. weekly racing palpitations felt in throat with breathlessness + sometimes dizziness or pain. PCP did xray, EKG, CBC; normal. what now?

22 had ecg, stress ecg, cardiac mri/mra, 24h ecg, echo. For chest pain when excercising. Does this rule out congenital coronary anomalies?

22 i've had atleast 12 ekgs and one echo in the past three years all perfect i still have chest pain occasionally harcourt it be stress aniexty acid ?

23 f obese. Had echo, stress test cardiologist says perfect! heart rate is always between 80-120 mainly 100-105. Dr never said anything about it?

24 hour holter ecg shows ST segment sagging episodes but normal sinus rhythm, 24 years old. Echocardiogram was perfect. Do I need to worry? No symptom

24 yr old not an athlete male.bpm at rest is usually on low 40s, got an echocardiogram and a stress test & normal.. im scared should i worry?

24h ecg showed 2 pvcs and 8 supraventricular ecoptics also some st sagging at times, what is that? 24 normal echo and cardiac MRI. Got dysautonomia

24hr monitor.Showd 10 pacs i thought i had none, they said its harmless.I have a stress test comn up n 30 day event monitor ordered.Are pacs dangerous?

25/female visited doc had 153 hr, high blood pressure, and abnormal ekg, blood tests normal, low vitamin d. Anxiety or should I see cardiologist?

25y F. Recent TIA. Holter monitor findings hb. 50s-150- without exertion every hour for 24 hours. Chest pain and dizziness. Waiting 30 day event. ?

26 female BP controlled, heaviness in chest in episodes, ECG blood tests echo come back clear? Still heart attack?

26 in shape, one ep of SVT 2y ago atenolol 25 mg 2 a day, complete cardio check up rec all clear, getting strange sense of breathing during work outs?

26 yrs old male. 14/11/2014 : stress test + echo + X-ray + blood test (thyroid) all normal after abnormal EKG (EkG had mention of 743: Possible inferior infarction III aVF ). A month ago was admitted to hospital for palpitations and irregular heartbeat.

26, overweight with left-side chest & burning pain & breast sore for 4 months. Palpalations almost everyday/all day. EKG, stress test, blood ( troponin I <0.02) and ultrasound normal. How likely am I to have MVP or Mitral Stenosis? I have bad Gerd.

27 f chest pain arm pain shaking legs with rapid heart for 10 days . Ekg sinus Tach thurs at heart Doc had echo 6 mon ago chol is 233. Heart attack?!?

27 y old female, non-smoker/drinker. All ekg's: normal, stress ekg: normal, Holter M: normal, Troponin I: <0.02 (0.00-0.05). Still have heart disease?

27 y/o female. Having chest discomfort, vomiting and a heart rate of 130 on and off the last few days. Normal echo a year ago. Normal CBC last week.

27 year old female, 5'6," 262.4 lbs, ekg: normal, holter monitor (48 hours): normal, cholesterol: ldl- 111, hdl- 49. Chest pain related to heart?

27 years old , st and t wave abnormality in ecg, 61 kg, smoking, no family history. What risk for heart attack?

27 years old, 54kg, 160cm tall. Heart rage in rest can be over 120. No thyriod problems. Got metoprolol 50mg. Ecg scan was fine. What could cause this?

27/f, tightening/squeezing in my chest for 4 days now & night nausea for about 2 wks. Neg. Ekg, cxr, cta for heart/lung problems_what could be going on?

27F I have chest pain all threw my chest but last week the doc.ruled out heart problems with EKG xray blood. So what's wrong with me?

28 male have pacs 2-3 times a week that I feel cardio and primary dr says nothing to worry about Internet says could turn into afib should I worry?

28 Male.Recent norm StressTest, ECHO.Healthy weight,norm BP.No Fam hist/non smoker/rarely alcohol.Should mild chest pain concern me? Too young for MI?

28 y\o, I have mobitz+sinus tachycardia- blood tests, eps, stress test and eco were ok- any idea what's the cause and how dangerous it is at my age? Tha

28 yr old female history of chest pressure all normal ekgs until this past 2 months showed bradycardia septal infarct concerning?

28 yrs old 2 wks PP pregnancy . c section . been having stabbing in center of chest for 3 days echo & ekg last month was normal afraid of heart attack?

28.Norm stress test.Heart went up to 192 BPM.I know not every test is perfect but does accuracy increase with higher HR?Norm Echo too.Worried about MI

28.Norm Stress,Holter and ECHO & BP.No fam hist n non smoker.Should I get a 2nd opinion at my age?Still have chest pain and worried about heart attack

28/f. T wave abnormal on ecg.chest pain & short of breath at times. Does chest xray(in files) look ok?

3 ecgs,bloodtests,chestxray,bloodsugar,thyroid fxn-all having short breaths no chest pains. 3 docs say its anxiety.i feel its!

30 day event monitor shows completely normal except I have moderate amount of pvcs and pacs. Echo norm. And cta norm. Beta blockers for treatment?

30 days of heart palpitations. Ekg-ultra sound- blood-holter-stress tests all normal. I exercise - yoga and meditate. No improvement. What can I do?

30 yr old female. Normal stress ecg, chest xray and echo. Can I be confident its anxiety not my heart?

30yo man.Fit, lean, dr ornish style diet...Always had a normal ecg.I a 1ยบ full cardio check in feb(perfect) and one in june.Second ECG shown irbbb:why?

31 m got a echo / nucl stress test / ekg / holter chest ctscan / bronchoscopy / Endo / vq / thyroid test CBC / panel blood rule out heart and lung ? .still having vibrating heart beats / throat lump feeling chest fullness shallow breath / headaches

31 m Heart rate / beat takes longer to to accelerate feels heavy now and my pulse feels weak past 5 months seen lung and heart doc chest ct / bronchoso / vq scan / echo / stress nuclear / holter / ekg / pft showed + methanine airway dise can do that?

31 m heavy breathing / shortness breath feels full at rest. Gets worse daily. Breathing patterns becoming different Got echo holter nuclear stress test / bronchoscopy pft and chest Ct scan normal. Pft showed positive mehtanine airway D? Cancer?heart

31 M severe anxiety re cannot "feel "his heart beat in his chest like he used to. No PTSD. CT,MRI, echo, EKG exam all normal by PC. Suggestions?

31 m Still having bad wheezing and chest pain. Sometimes squeezing and dull. Always breathless heavy. Breathing patterns are different. Heart doc did stress echo holter and ekg . Lung doc did broncho Ct scan of chest vq scan pft methan reactive airw?

31 years old with rbbb and lafb on ekg at routine check up what does this mean for me i have no symptoms im aware of?

31 yo female. Recent stress test, echo, holter done because of pots.bp 110/65. Cholesterol slightly high.Chances of heart attack in the next 10 years?

31/f daily chest pain, sob just from climbing stairs, tachycardia. High cholesterol. Should my cardiologist not order an angiogram? Have had echo, ecg

31/m c/o bilateral sharp CP x 6 mos., no known cause. Recent cta, ekgs, holter, echo, MRI chest, CT head are all negative. No prior history of any kind.?

32 m with chest pain in left side. Stress tmt and echocardio all normal. High chol, BP : 125/85. Cardiac related?

32y old exercise induced LBBB when running for bus etc, good cholesterol, echo fine, awaiting CT cardiogram . Bp ok. Serious? Thank you.

32y/o irregular hb, no pain, 80hr, 130\80 had a EKG during an "attack" yesterday and it showed pvc. Should I be concerned if the feeling is often?

32yo girl, no history of cad, total cholest is 242. Hdl is 65. Went to ER w/chest pains. Ekg, blood tests, d-dimer were all ok. Is that conclusive?

33 male no family history, normal cholestrol. Ekg and Echo stress fine. Chest pain under left nipple. Worried will have heart attack. Angina?

33 male non smoker no family history, EKG and stress/echo fine. Mild jogging HR goes from 60 to 130 instantly. Out of shape or something bad?

33 male, ekg, blood work, echo stress normal. During sex, heart rate went up to 140 and also felt weak after that. Anything to worry?

34 M echo stress jan 2015 fine. Scared to take a 8 hr flight thinking I will have a heart attack when flying and will die . Help please!!!

34 M EKG echo stress fine no fam hist non smoker mild acid reflux. Can't convince myself heartburn not heart attack. Help. Taken over my life.

34 M who has been cleared by two doctors wrt cardiac health echo stress 1 yr back good I am scared to be alone as I think I will have a heart attack?

34 M with cardiac cleared based on echo stress and lipids, no fam his & non smoker. Mild acid reflux. Epigrams trick discomfort and bloating. Serious?

34 M with no fam his and quit smoke 6 years ago. Normal chol and echo stress year ago fine Doc says I am fine, but always think I will die soon. Help?

34 M with no fam his and non smoker. Jan 2015 echo stress perfect. Acid reflux. SOB comes out of nowhere. Scared to fly 8 HR flight. Please help!!

34 M with no fam his and perfect echo stress a year ago Scared to travel thinking I will die of a heart attack there and not see my family. Help!!

34 M with no fam his non smoke echo stress fine normal BP. Doc says anxiety not heart , but I am worried something might have been overlooked. Help!!

34 M with perfect echo stress in Jan non smoker no fam his normal cholesterol Chances of heart attack? Always scared and lost interest in life!!

34 m, no fam hist, non smoker. Echo stress jan 2015 fine Chol borderline. Can complete heart attack/block occur now? Doc says out of shape. Scared :(

34 M, no fam hist, non smoker. Total chol 183, HDL 41, LDL 108, trigly 130. Echo stress EKG reached 99% target HR. SOB anxiety out of shape or cardio?

34 male EKG, echo stress. heart rate goes to 130-140 during play, but takes 30-45 min to below 100. Lungs burn when run.Out of shape? Heart issues?