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I am very thin with large breasts.can this affect echo?Would it show a wall motion abnormality that wasn't there? As 1 echo said I had 1 2nd said no

11wks preg & have had virus in lungs. now dim bilat breath sounds.cardio echo shows EF 35-40%,lft vent cardiomyopathy. how serious is this? Bedrest?

12 years ago diagnosed with mild delatation of left ventricular in the heart. the size didnt enlarge for 12 years. ejection fraction is normal. recently been to 3 cardiologist, all of them say everything is fine. 2 of them even didnt say anything about mi

12wks preg. Virus caused cardio EF of 35-40%. EF now, 4 days later, 57%. Still having chest pain. What cld be the cause? Cardio says all looks fine.

1400 wbc, 3.1 potassium, hemocrit 39.2 abs nuetophil 8.7 abs monocyte 1.1 on blood test while having chest pain. echo, stress, coronary CT angio clear?

14000 wbc, 3.1 potassium, hemocrit 39.2 abs nuetophil 8.7 abs monocyte 1.1 on blood test while having chest pain. echo, stress,coronary CT angio clear?

15 yo. Syncope & pots syndrome.Mild ^ aortic artery and mild ^ left ventricle low sa node. What is low sa node? Would anatomy cause the diagnoses

18 years old, cold and grayish feet, blueish toenails. Recent ekgs and CBC all normal. Have had sonogram done on heart last year. Poor circulation?

18 yr old w/chronic but controlled high bld press. On bystolic! was listening 2 coroided arteries w/stethoscope &heard slight "bruit"- left side. Bad?

1cm sliding hiatle hernia, echo and cardiolite study perfect in mar '13. Short of breath sometimes doing small things not when exercising hard why?

1st echo showed pulmonary hypertension another did not, ?

2 interventional Cardiologist looked at my cath films the actual movie for 2011 n 2015 . One says u have mild LAD CAD and a severe branch stenosis and the other says No. Your arteries normal i dont see what he sees. Yours clean. Who should i believe?

2 weeks after giving birth atrial setal defect (small) suggestive also atrial septal aneursym showed on echo will this get better?

2 yrs ago echo showed hole in heart. Last years showed no hole and this years showed no hole. Could it have closed or is it really still there ?

26.y.o.My echo showed something called pericardial said insignificant amount of pericardial fluid.doc said not it serious?

26f healthy resting hr is 130-155. 2 dr tellme it's nothing to be concerned about.Echo showed mild aortic sclerosis.Dr said no worry. Should I be wryd?

26y.o.had echocardiogram (ultrasound)to check mitral.valve.prolapse.doc found minimal(1.5-2mm)pericardial liquid.said it is insignificant but is it?

2D echocardio, 110lb 27y F. Two measurements outside normal ranges. LVdia 3.6cm and LA 1.8cm. Also, IVC is only 1.2cm. Anything to be concerned about?

3 yrs ago I had an MI; LAD was 98% blocked. Stented and feel fine. Will this event cause chronic ECG "abnormal/consider ant. ischemia" warning?

30 years old diagnosed 2months ago with myocarditis. Last checkup2 days ago. No sign of inflammation but doc says I have mild hcm... 13-16mm lvh. Can it be due to myocarditis?

33 year old female with hypertension and received mra results that show mild to moderate vertebral artery stenosis. What does this mean usually?

35-40% cardiac EF while having virus in lungs. decreased left ventricular strength.11 weeks pregnant.What exactly is this& what shld I do?

35-40% cardiac ejection fraction during pregnancy. 11weeks. How serious is this? What shld I do? Do I need to restrict activities, etc?

36 year old f: ef was measured at 65% with a 2d-echo. 6 weeks later it was measured at 55% during a CT angiogram. Should this be reevaluated? Thank!

39 yr old male weightlifter. Hypertension palps. Ekg says old antero septal infarct. Consider inferior ischemia. I don't believe it. No pain w exercise?

43yo female just diagnosis with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy via echo. How are the severity rated? I have sob, edema, heart pain, fatigue

4d imaging &echo during week 32 of pregnancy showed normal heart function;can a 4 month baby still have chance to be diagnosed w atrial septal defect?

59 y/o f, 5'8 145lbs. Bi-cus. A/v w/3.6 CM aneur in ascending aorta. Controlled high BP & chol w/meds. Dad died of dissection age 51. Get ann. Echo, but it doesn't show the aneur. Shd i ask for tee?

5yo has 2/6 systolic murmur loudest at LLSB and radiating to the apex. She had an echo at 2yo should she have another one? Endocrinologist said innoce

5yr post dcm ef was 9%. Still on meds and over a year ago ef was 40 but dropped from 50. Edema+chest tightnings+hard breathing at night. Causes?

72.5 in, 158 lb, 33 yo male. ECHO done 2 years ago, normal, 3.2 cm left atrium, just had another one, was normal, 4.00 cm left atrium. why different?

7mo w/acrocyanosis. Motted appearance on limbs, NO central acrocyanosis. Good perfusion & normal oxygen stats. Doc didn't worry about motted appearanc

A clinical study disqualified me because my heart took too long to beat towards the end of my chest (deep layman terms) what could it be? Prolapse?

According to this answer on a question, rv hypertrophy is frequently missed on echo. How do I know if i was checked? Http://goo.Gl/eiyxx

After 16 w of HCV treatment ,stopped due to huge constant pain in heart.I had EKG and it showed normal sinus rhythm, septal infarct age undetermined. ?

After echo and stress test I was diagnosed with atrial septal aneurysm and small pfo. Dr doesn't want to treat. I'm so scared, am I at risk? 28yo F

After taking the Persantine thallium test my dr., informed me of the following; Decreased count rate in the anterior wall; reversible ischemia;; ?

An echocardiogram results says the basal septum is hypo kinetic. The rest was normal, BP etc normal. I am only 38 with no symptoms, what is thecause?

Asd closure cath lab @ 18mths now is 7 yrs old. Since been diagnosed with asthma, pneumonia, ect... Can it be related?

Asd increased from 3mm to 16mm in 4 months. Left atrium from 40 ml/ m2 to 53ml/ m2 after asd closure. Does this mean my mr is rappidly increasing or am i paranoid? Dr says not to worry - see it often

Atrial septal aneurysm can they rupture? Are they dangerous.Echo done 4 yrs ago just leakyvalves.Had baby BP went up echo shows small hole & aneursym

Been active my whole life, eat a healthy diet..Just found that I have a tricuspid valve, 42 mm asc aorta &trace regur in 4 vlvs. Low bld pres/no prob

Been diagnosed with enlargement of left ventricle and slightly high cholestrol.Im also over weight..Please kindly advice on what to do?

Bnp test 88. normal is under 125. But my last reading 7 months ago was 33. Does that mean I am getting heart failure?

Born with tga. Had senning operation. I'm now relatively thin & light (60kg for 1m77). Are the two related? Am i 'normal'? Thanks! (:

Calcified Splenic artery aneurysm went from 15x15x15 to 19mm in one year is this a cause of alarm or diff drs reading it makes it change. ?

Can a 4months baby have a hole in the heart when his chest pa xray reads that the heart size and contour are normal.

Can a doctor diagnose a hole in the heart by usin a stetscope ?

Can a global strain analysis be tested in blood work or just through surface echoes of the heart?

Can a slighly dilated right ventricle and mild pulmonary hypertension be ok for a 38 yo female with a history of asthma?

Can a stress echocardiogram show if your coronory heart disease has gotten worse help....As was diagnosed 60% mid LAD in january 2013.

Can a subdural hematoma cause a person to have abnormal EKG readings?

Can an echo see pulmonary hypertension? If not, what does and what are the symptoms? Thank you in advance

Can coarctation of the aorta in a teenager be noticed when having an ECG done?

Can dilated cardiomyopathy thought to be brought on by a virus go away and come back 9 years later as idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy? Ef both x 20%

Can I have pah if CT showed concern for it but echo was ok? Stress echo was done 6mnths before ct. Could the echo results have changed in 6mnths?

Can pulmonary pressure vary up and down between 25-50 from day to day many times (checked by the same echo machine and specialist)? Dr. says strange

Can red bull energy drink plus reduction in my methadone ( tapering ) cause atrial fibrillation , chest X-ray =clear , echogram = clear , blood=clear?

Can significant valve leakage (causing systemic perfusion velocity disturbances) happen sporadically, such that a 20-minute echo wouldn't show it?

Can small VSD cause ventricular fibrillation in young adult ? Ped. Cardiologist said no need for SX, because VSD is too small.very worried !

Can the dimensions of the right venticular which is 2.8cm anx left atrium which is 4.0 be lowered or will they always be this size. I'm 5-5 weigh 157?

Can you have a normal echo 1 month.and two months.later a little abnormal? First one everything was normal , showed mild rv enlargement? Why the change? Maybe different perspective?????

Cardiac murmur 1, II /vi increased with valsalva. Need to rule out iahs. That's what dr. The cardiologist wrote in report. Any explanation?

Cardio EF at 35-40%, with left ventricle strength low.11 wks pregnant.Had virus in lungs & dr thinks affect heart. Shld work be restricted? What to do

Cardiologist expained from recent ECG a very slightly rightward axis just as it had done before.And was otherwise completely normal .Significance?Could this be due to my Mitral Valve repair i wanted a clear idea of what this means.

Cardiologist reading my EKG said it showed "a blocked nerve on the right." he did not explain. What does this mean?

Cardiology My first 3 echocradiogram read IAS in Tact,then change in 2011 to IAS no trans septal flow detected. what dose it mean?Can not get answer

Cardiology.I was diagnosed with mid basilr hypokenisis in2005, now i find I have lv diverticulum. Can not take betablockers or ace, what medications hel?

Carotid doppler test found a calcified plaque of 3.5mm x 2.5mm in left bulb.All else normal. I am 46yrs male.Very worried.How big is this blockage?

Chest pain arm numbness heaviness Ekg normal sinus rhythm RSQ QR in V1 sug. RV cond. delay. ST-Mild physiologic apical window thickening.GFR-64,BN-357?

Chest pains. Echo scan = septal hypokinesis. Hr 138 BP 138/90. Ambulance to a&e. Doc says possible pericarditis. A&e says muscular skelelightous.

Chest X-ray shows scoliosis and will need surgery I also have abnormal septal motion and a small left sided heart without disease and gd EF. Related?

Chest xray showed sl enlarged pulmonary artery.I have exercise intolerance, lightheadedness, chest pain, palpitations.Md ordered echo.I also have a connective tissue disease.Can i assume pulmonary htn?

Choles good, triglyc good, bp120/80, stresstst:+ischemia at 8.5mets, ctangio: mixd plaque no stenosis, accdg to radio&cardio not significant. Shld i wory?

Clarification- if a septal defect was causing murmur, would it probably show in tte and doppler?Or would it be missed?What about sinus venosus defect?

Clarification: posterior wall fibrosis: i read it can be caused by certain muscular dystrophia's and can show a late systolic murmur? Ef is 70.

Clarification.Specifically sinus venosus type asds more likely to be missed on echo. I was wondering of it would at least show signals.

Concerned about my outlook. Ef of 15 in march, now 50. No heart attack, cath clear. Is this improvement positive and a good sign for recovery?

Congenital MVP,ASA.No regurgitation. dyspnea, dizziness worse with TDF/FTC/RAL Dr blames <3. Advised B blockers. Mild asthma. Should i worry bout <3?

Could a man with a big belly stomach triggers false positive thalum nuclear stress result and show shadow or false blockage at lower side of heart. ?

Could use your help docs! my exercise EKG showed a 1mm st segment depression?

CT showed hook shaped celiac artery w/stenosis but patent.Aorta US showed mild decrease in blood flow but patent.Abd pain & nausea after meals.

Ct showed non specific pretracheal adenopathy, should i start praying. I have dilated cardiomyopathy, lvef less than 20 percent?

Dd 5month wid perimembranous moderate restrict vsd&pg 42mmhg wid left to right shunt. She is on diuretics, captopril.Any chance of spontaneous closure?

Dear Doctor, My EKG says '701: poor R progression'. Do I need to worry? (female, 22 years old)

Dear baby hav small inlet ventricular septal defect cardio dr says it was had in 3mm lt-rt shunt restricted so we hav wait 3month.plz explain?

Diagnosed IST. New cardio did echo and found grade 1a diastolic dysfunction. Could that be cause for the "IST"? What are major concerns/treatment?

Diagnosed with MVP and left ventricle enlarged in Poland but got echo in UK later and was told everything is fine and I don't have MVP?

Difference between SEV AND PVCS?My hotter showed less than 1% of SEV

Different bp reading left normal 114. right high systolic 135-145. Dr did some tests (blood ekg echo ct) all normal. He just sent me home and told me its okay and didn't explain due to some communications issues. Should i consult anther dr?

Dm2 & dyslipidemia since '06; recent pvr= abnormal abi; pvr=abnormal; my options?

Doc said normal. Echo came back with mild mitral regurgitation. Everything else was good. I'm an athlete, ok to resume activities normal?

Doc wrote after the echocardiogram: aortic root, ascendens and arch normal. Does that mean u can exclude aneurysm in those places? also it was 2D echo

Doctor my wife's TMT report says - Probable inducible myocardial ischemia - is this a serious condition?

Does an ultra sound of the heart show any blockages ? I'm worried I am short of breath a lot and was told I have leaky valve .

Does echocardiography&color doppler show if I have skipped beat or hyper dynamic circulation. I made the test&it was normal. Plz answer Thnx

Does isolated partial anomalous pulmonary venous drainage always progress and get worse? They just found it with mild rv enlargement. No other defect.

Does isolated partial anomalous pulmonary venous drainage always progress and get worse? They just found it with mild rv enlargement. Nothing else. ??

Does mild pulonary reguritation with no symptoms discovered after onset of af on echo require treatment in a 38 year old healthy male?

Dok based from my chest X-ray I have cardiomegaly atheromatous aorta and he advice me to take 100mg of coq10 for 30 days. Will this supplement enough ?