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I had an EKG done it came there sinus rhythm incomplete right bundle on branch block borderline ECG what does this mean is it serious?

"With run of multiform premature atrial complexes with increasing aberrancy" borderline ECG result, been having chest pains for a week now. To worry?

12 lead showed abnormal ecg, nsr with occasional pvcs. Non specific t wave abnormality. Hr spikes to 120 then drops in 60's..Should i go to er?

15 yr old son has hasimotos with a abnormal EEG with spikes and waves in photic stimulation and slow amplitide fast waves in left central and temporal?

2 separate ekg's, 1st- "r wave progression anterior leads" 2nd- "nonspecific t abnormalities lateral leads". Panic attack during both-did that affect?

20 years old 36 pregnant and had chest pain EKG said ant/septal and lateral st-t changes are abnormal what's going on what does that mean?

26 w/ chest pain. Was tachy, inferior q wave noted, nonspecific st and t wave abnormality noted. Possible lateral infarct. What does this mean?

2D Echo is normal. However ECG report shows RSR in v1 and V2. qrs area positive in v2, otherwise normal ecg with sinus rhythm. Do I need to worry?

31 y/o white female had a EKG done hr 83 the results stated abnormal EKG nonspecific t-wave abnormality. Was taken twice, what does that mean?

35 week pregnant ECG: sinus tachy,short PR interval,vertical axis,marked mid and left precordial repolar disturbance,inferior repolar disturbance.ok?

40 y/o fm w slight chest paini had an EKG which read normal sinus n abnormal t wave. Echo n stress perfect. Should i still be worried. Why t wave abno?

8 mths ago ECG was normal. 3 mths ago ECG had pointed P wave 2.5 mm. 2 days ago P wave was 3. 5mm on all leads Is the increase in amplitude and pointedness something that needs investigating & causes?

8 yr old had EEG after having one seizure and it came back there was abnormalities in the electrodes what does that mean? All other test was normal

A doctor said my inverted t-waves on EKG looked deeper when compared 2 a different ekg, i asked him 2 explain but i didn't understand the medical term?

Abnormal ECG yesterday mon specific t wave repeat today rsr probable normal variant anterior t wave abnormality non specific please help I'm scared ?

Abnormal left frontocentral slow waves and sharps.several 1-2 second bursts of 200-250 uV sharp waves intermixed 4-5Hz slow waves.what does this mean?

Abnormal menturation for 19 days?

Abnormal treadmill stress electrocardiogram at 9.1 METS, but not associated with significant echocardiographic changes. What does this mean?

Always had abnormal ECG due to inverted Twaves last ECG said ST & Twave abnormality, consider Anterior ischemia cant rule out inferior infarct. Worry?

Any idea what this means? Normal sinus rhythm. Possible Left atrial enlargement Cannot rule out Anterior infarct. Abnormal EKG

Are P waves present in SVT AND is SVT and ST distinguishable on a EKG?

Are q and t waves inversion on EKG an indication of a past heart attack?

Are st and twave abnormalities significant in an ECG for diagnosing heart failure or disease?

Are there any antibiotics that don't cause ECG changes ?

Are there any arrhythmias associated with pointed P waves on an ecg?

Are there any cardiologists that can tell me why the P wave on an ECG is pointed amplitude 2.5 mm and the U wave is tall? What are the possible causes of this if previous ECGS were normal

Are you born with sharp waves on eeg?

As codeine can cause respiratory depression, can it also cause right atrial enlargement or abnormal ECG findings?

As seen in an ecg, no detectable P waves and irregular r-r intervals represents. Meaning?

Atypical ecg? Is says sinus rhythm and low qrs voltage in chest leads (qrs deflection <1.0 mv in chest leads) what does that mean?

Borderline ECG, These Minor Changes are of Equivocal Significance only. Sinus Rhythm T wave changes in anterior leads.

Can abnormal ecgs be caused by reflux?

Can azithromycin cause inverted t waves? EKG was norm until I started taking this. Now I have inverted t waves but normal blood work as far as heart.

Can doctors tell me what does left atrial abnormality and repol abnrm ischemia, diffuse leads suggests?

Can incorrect lead placement lead to an inverted t-wave on ekg?

Can Lateral T wave inversion and LBBB be caused by Sepsis?

Can pointed P waves just show that the impulse is originating somewhere other than the SAN rather than an atrial abnormality?

Can someone explain to me what deeper t-waves on an EKG means or indicates. I was told that this could be my "normal" but I have no understanding?

Can someone explain what do doctors mean with ECG axis? How do you see normal or abnormal axis on ecg? Thx

Can someone, please, explain in the commonest words what does ECG axis mean? How do you see it is abnormal/normal on the ECG?

Can you explain this ECG result? Sinus rhythm, Short PR interval, Horizontal axis, RSR' pattern in V1 and V2, low QRS voltages in precordial leads.

Can you please give me more information on what a left ventricular fascicilar block entails. Showed up on EKG and dr. Is down playing it. Thanks?

Can you still smoke mirijuana with an inverted t wave heart condition?

Can you tell me if an EKG shows a long delay between the P wave and the qrs complex, which type of cardiac tissue might have been damaged?

Can you tell me if an EKG shows a long delay between the P wave and the qrs complex, which type of cardiac tissue might have?

Can you tell me if on an ecg, what does a "persistent s-wave ( v5-v6 )" and mean?

Can you tell me if on an ecg, what does a persistent s-wave ( v5-v6 ) and mean?

Can you tell me if on an ekg, what does the p to R wave stand for?

Can you tell me in a routine ekg, the doctor said I had an non-specific intraventricular conduction delay with normal st segme?

Can you tell me what it mean when it says short pr interval and a high lateral myocardial infarction?

Can you tell me what it mean when your t wave changes are nonspecific on an ekg?

Chest pain and possible myocardial infarction. Ecg reveals sinus tachycardia. What does this mean at 50?

Could ECG changes always mean mi?

Could having a heart condition change the shape of the pqrst wave?

Could i still smoke marijuana if i had an inverted t wave heart condition?

Could u explain to me what exactly non specific t wave abnormality means I don't understand what t wave is?

Could use your help docs! my ECG report says 'sinus rhythm r-s transition zone in v leads displaced to the right. What does it mean ?

Could you explain the relation between the following ECG traces and abnormal heart activity given?

Did an ECG and got high t waves, what are the causes for that?

Did an ECG and got high t waves. What are the causes for that?

Do all contraction waves in the heart follow nerve signal waves?

Do ECG changes always mean mi?

Do q and t waves inversion on EKG always an indication of a past heart attack?

Do they need to catch the spike in the abnormal EEG in order to do anything about it?

Doc won't send me to cardiologist unless my serum treponin is abnormal my EKG was borderline flat t-wave had it done for chest pain what should I do?

Doctor said my ekg was abnormal and said it would only be normal if I was running marathons, what does this mean? Does it mean my pulse is low?

Does an episode of trigeminal PVCs always indicate a pathological re-entry loop? With a "normal" cMRI only showing mild conc LVH, what causes trigem?

Does an inverted t wave mean it could be hcm?

Does inverted P waves automatically mean, you have had a heart attack or have heart disease.

Does poor r wave progressive and nonspecific st&t adnormal waves mean you had a heart attack. The findings were from a nuclear stress test.

Does Q wave always mean you had a heart attack?

Does st segment elevation means prolongation in the distance between the s and t on the ECG ?

Does the presence of inverted t waves ever warrant a cardiac cath?

During a doppler echo, do they get images using both continuous wave and pulsed wave in the same study? Or do they usually only do one or another.

During a heart doppler echo, are both continuous wave and pulsed wave doppler used? Or do they only use one or the other? They both see diff. Things.

During EKG test, would chest leads movement or being loose cause false positive results such as distortion, noise baseline, t wave inv latterly?

Ecg - Upright t wave in v1 taller than t wave in v6. Raised PV and fibrinogen with chest pressure, Upper back pain. Does ecg confirm any heart issue?

ECG 12 leads: Normal sinus rhythm,Possible Left atrial enlargement,Inferior infarct,ACUTE MI / STEMI, Abnormal ECG When compared with ECG of 30-MAR-2015 ST elevation now present in Inferior leads. BUT troponins are ok. Is it heart attack?

Ecg 24 hour tape results satisfactory? What does satisfactory mean?

Ecg border line what do you mean?

Ecg interpretation states ventricular pacemaker no other interp. Possible. How would you diagnosed?

Ecg possible myocardial ischemia inferior plus t wave inversion. How serious?

Ecg read nonspecific st & t wave abnormality myocardial changes P waves showed superior axis normal sinus rhythm w/sinus arrhythmia? What does it mea

Ecg read ST-T changes in lead these minor changes are of equivocal significance only. What does that mean and am I OK? Panicking!!!

ECG reads "cannot rule out previous anterior MI" and " minimal requirements met for current anterior infarct, abnormal comp to previous ECG"?Explain?

Ecg report says normal sinus rhythm and . Left axis deviation anterior fasicular block. What does this mean?

ECG report shows RSR in v1 and V2......qrs area positive in v2, otherwise normal ecg with sinus rhythm. Do I need to worry. ?

ECG report shows RSR in v1 and V2......qrs area positive in v2, otherwise normal ecg with sinus rhythm. Do I need to worry.

Ecg results - sinus bradycardia, short pr interval, lateral infarct- age undetermined and inferior st-t changes nonspecific? What does this me

ECG Results flag 'Possible Left Atrial Enlargement'. Does this need re-checked?, or if reliable what does it mean for me?

Ecg said sinus rhythm r-s transition zone in v leads displaced to the right otherwise normal ecg.Please what could this mean .I see the dr soon ?

Ecg says low qrs voltage and low qrs voltage in precordial leads? history of chest pain,pvs tachy. what is this caused from? worried....

Ecg says regular rhythm with P wave difficult to define. What does that mean. Had an Ecg dx me with supravent tachy too. Workup last year was good.

Ecg showed early depolarisation. Cardio said benign. I just read it can be associated with VF should I worry?

ECG showed secondary ST wave changes and borderline intraventricular conduction delay. Doctor still says ECG is normal,should I be concerned?

Ecgabnormal. Sinusbradycardia, possible inferior infract, lateral st-t changes may be due to myocardial ischemia. Low qrs voltage precor.Leads rr1036.Vr57, rr1036, qrs124, qt428, qtc423, qtd56, prt75 18 50?

EKG 12 lead. Sinus Tachycardia. inferior - posterior infarct. Age undetermined. Abnormal ECG. When compared with previous ECG of 24 July 2015. Vent. rate has increased by 36 BPM. Inferior-Posterior infarct is Now Present. WHAT can you tell here?

Ekg at the er. it said cannot rule out anterior infarct, age undetermined. the dr marked through it and put normal. why did he do that? I'm scared

Ekg came back abnormal but normal for me? Showed old high lateral infarct and TIA couldn't finish stress test on treadmill almost passed out

EKG came back High Risk Operation.ST Elevation, consider early repolarization, pericarditis or injury. ST&T wave abnormal consider anterior ischemia?