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(1) Is bisoprolol used to treat atrial fibrillation? (2) If a person becomes hypotensive e.g.102/55, 102/68, & 106/63 should he stop using bisoprolol?

1st heart attack and than heart failure, dr. Use use electric shocks,ventilator for a night, now 25-30% heart is working, plz suggest what can i do..

22y/o. Talking about a pacemaker for symptomatic bradycardia. It is suggested i go on a betablocker for one of my conditions, but can't because of the brady. Any considerations for someone so young?

45 yr old fem diagnoses 14 mos ago with sever hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as in A-Fib all the time with out meds to help.. No good doc what do I do?

57yr male.2 stemis in 8 months resulting in lv heart failure with ef less than 30%. Docs proposing new 'parachute' procedure.Good idea? Experiences?

65 year old male; long term diagnosis of hypertension (4 medications daily); sinus cardia bradia (mild); pvc(mild). 6'4" 250lbs given the above diagnosis and with a major most concern for stroke, the question is: when searching for a cardiologist which

67 yr old veteran ptsd+depression 1999 (no ihd symptoms). Ist stent 2003, 2nd 2006 +pacemaker. Is it possible for ihd to develop 1999-2003 (31/2 yrs)?

8/13, i had fainting dxd asystoli, a pacemaker implanted & told i could drive in 30 days: are there any % data on my increased risk driving? M, 80yo

84 yrs known case of do HTn ckd has aortic stenosis for heart cathiteraization His last creatinine 2.3 what is the risk for dialysis after prucedure?

91 yrs.My GP not interested in my enlarged scrotum also not on Anticoagulation with diagnosed Heart Failure.Is there alternative to taking digoxin ?

A 68 year old man with pacemaker after a cardiac arrest in august is having angina after mild exertion. He is on 60 mgimdur but it is not working. Solution?

A 7 year old child with a heart rate of 200 has unstable SVT (altered loc and delayed cap refill). What is the preferred treatment?

A patient who is diagnosed with mi, he is anxious and restless would u give him morphine 2 mg ivp ?

A patient with an artificial mitral valve and pacemaker leaving the hospital after 82 days, should they received life time treatment t of ampicillin?

A patient with sleep apnea ( already 3 heart bypass) and his minimum heart rate in apnea goes down to 37 . Is it dangerous?

Advice on best cardiology in the s. Have debilitating chestpainandpressure. 32f. Tests ok. Anxiety ok. Pah, mvd. Ruining my life. Need outsidebox help?

After 2 heart attack and 4 stents, new M.D. changes tartrate to ER Metoprolol, Is this o.k.?

After a heart attack one episode of AF causing stroke. Been on Amiodarone (200-100MG) for 6 months since then, no AF. What are the alternatives?

After CABG a patient is on pressors & usually an inotrope; after a day or 2 how does the body change/adapt to titrate these dips off during recovery?

After CABG in icu 4 days po2 130 on 100%, diagnosis lung injury. heart stopped for 8s.recomnd pacemaker in GA in2 hrs. V concerned about lungs. Suggestions?

After CABG why is atrial fibrillation common even in people without a history? Does it resolve by discharge and if not do these patients get discharged on certain medications?

After mitral repair on propranolol 40mg twice a day and in driving job is medic alert bracelet needed to warn of epinephrine not to be used ?

Already had 2 cardiac ablations. Don't tolerate heart meds. How many more ablations can I have. Would doing a third be safe? Already had 13hrs so far.

Anyone know what is a normal resting heart rate for someone having anti coagulation treatment?

Are beta bl only given for symptomatic relieve of pvcs during exercise? Can it harm my heart if I just live with pvcs?

Are cardiac bypass patients usually put on a vent?

Are heart ablations safe w/o much complications for irregular heart beat? Why is there so much negative talk about it. Even my cardio says last resort

Are pacemakers recommended for heart patients with chronic pulmonary disease?

Are studies done about fatalities/cardiac deaths related to celexa (citalopram)? I never had heart symptoms prior to this medications. Now i may have long qt synd.

Are there any better and newer treatment for atrial fibrilations and chf?

Are there any permanent treatments for acute atrial fibrillation?

Are there any restrictions to tanning beds for pacemaker patients?

Are there better and newer treatments for atrioventricular node conduction block?

Are there better and newer treatments for ventricular septal defects?

Are there treatment guidelines for cardiac arrhythmia?

Are thrombolytic drugs really an appropriate solution to heart attacks?

As per p.I. Sheet plavix (clopidogrel) can cause shortness of breath in 4.5% of patients. What would cause this problem?

Asd cath closure on 05/13, now on plavix (clopidogrel) and low-dose aspirin for full year. Isn't 6 months standard? No echo for 1 year - isn't 3mo or 6mo typical?

Before 6 years i made electro fisiology study on my heart now again I have tahicardya for 140 BPM is there any chance this could happen again?

Beside taking arrhythmia medicines, what are other option for atrial fibrillation? Does a pace maker or defibrillator cure a fib?

Better use medtronic adapta or advisa, for paroximal AF patient? What's different between adapta or advisa?

Can a 91 yr old on forosemide and digoxin with heart failure but otherwise body fit be treated with Oblique inguinal incision as elderly patient?

Can a pacemaker suppress the naturally occurring heart rate and be used for treating bigeminy if extreme weakness is present?

Can a patient with a cardiac difbralator also be treated with amiodarone?

Can a patient with diagnosed heart failure wear a nitroglycerine patch (transdermal route) for years under a cardiologist's care?

Can a person continue to work a warehouse job if he has atrial fibrillation?

Can a person with atrial fibrillation travel through airplane of 2,30hr duration. ?

Can a person wtih SVT still have a normal looking heart?

Can AF (without an anti-arrhythmic drug) lead to VF. Does effective rate control prevent VF?

Can alcohol ablation procedures for cardio myopathy make the patient drunk?

Can an ECG/Echo detect susceptibility to Long QT or Brugada in Flecainide use BEFORE it occurs. Prevention rather than cure!

Can an enlarged heart be recognized by a physician using his stethoscope?

Can Diastolic Dsyfunction cause Atrial Fib with symptoms ? Can it cause Bradycardia with symptoms ? What is the best Treatment plan for these types

Can digoxin be used in patient with irregular heart beat while the patient also suffering from hypotension?Please help.

Can I get radiation therapy even though I have a cardiac defibrillator?

Can I have angioplasty if I have an icd implanted? Will the icd have to be taken out first?I've already had one vt and one respiratory arrest episodes

Can I still avoid a pacemaker with AV block 2nd Degree, Mobitz II? Or it is the only treatment available?

Can I use a continuous hr monitoring device like fitbit to predict chances of a cardiac arrest or similar issues.

Can intrathecal sufentanil cause more episodes of fetal bradycardia?

Can it be no problem to put aed electrodes on somebody likely to have heart arrest ahead of time?

Can it be possible for mobitz type 1 (weckenbach) heart block to resolve on its own?

Can lvh, distended atrium and atrial fibrillation be related to mitochondrial disfunction? (also diagnosis with mitochondrial myopathy re motor issues).

Can marijuana be bad for me if I have an implated icd and brugada syndrome?

Can my diagnosis of major depression be tied with or have lead to me having atrial fibrillation at a younger age of 34 years old when diagnosed-af?

Can omeprazole be given in patient with left ventricular hypertrophy?

Can patients with heart murmurs take antibiotics for labor?

Can someone explain telemetry monitoring? What is a telemetry floor? My mother was a cardiac patient with a pacemaker and type 2 diabetic with an abnormal EKG and elevated cardiac enzymes. She was found unresponsive and cold and had suffered a m.I.. She a

Can someone explain to me how come some patients are hesitant to use beta blockers in cardiac disease?

Can someone go out on permanent disability for 'heart flutter'?

Can SVT due to alcohol can be cured forever? What should be the precautions for arrhythmia and holiday heart?

Can tofrinal be used in cardiac patients (2 stents in lad) for ocd, anxiety, depression?

Can you describe what dipyridamole is?

Can you explain how the cardiologist diagnoses a patient with wpw?

Can you give me name of doctors in middle east for managing atrial fibrillation I live in Iraq what are best cardiac centers near my country ?

Can you please give me a brief summary on how heart transplants changed over time?

Can you please tell me the odds that a 55 yr old man's atrial fibrillation can be corrected?

Can you tell me about reaction in delays in seeking myocardial infarction treatment?

Can you tell me how is life after icd implant in people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in new delhi.?

Can you tell me if a patient presented to the ER with chest pain and a ventricular pacemaker, what they will do?

Can you tell me in symptomatic bradycardic pts, are you going to go straight to pacing or give atropine?

Can you tell me the difference between chronic a-fib, and persistent a-fib?

Can you tell me what is angeography and MRI which is good for new heart patients?

Can you tell me what it mean by the statement, "anitarrhythmic drugs do not cure the underlying causes of an arrhythmia""?

Can you treat chronic atrial fibrillation by becoming a vegetarian?

Cardiac electrophysiology -- can anyone give me more information please?

Cardiologist says no heart disease or restrictions, but I have vagal afib. Wants to switch my Flecanide to Dysopyramide. What is your opinion? Thanks

Cardiologist: Bisoprolol and other Betablockers long term can cause type 2 diabetes in people without it seen in trials since 2006 ,what is the risk?

Cardiologists: being treated for sudden onset of atrial flutter. Hospital cardiologist adamant that fish oil supplements should be stopped. Agree?

Cardiology appointment for svt in spite of bisoprolol, one epidode recoded on event monitor, what can I expect at vist?

Cardiology is a rapiscan safe with h BP + lung disease? Treadmill is not an option. Is epicardial fat to the heart, more aligned to metabolic disease

Cardiology.Wat relarevance dose a Q Wave have on lead 3 of an EKG.Where dose intrascapula fit is this part of another condition? and affects the heart

Chikungunya is rife in Barbados . I have atrial fibrillation, should I go there?

Considering the heart need for oxygen, can exercise be helpful to both stable and unstable angina patient?

Consultant thai hospital says clopidogrel Aspirin Warafin are all indicted for 89yr Afib who had Mycardial Infarction after stroke and 50% risk True?

Could a pacemaker keep an individuals heart beating after a cardiac arrest. If the answer to the above question is yes, then how long would it continue to assist the heart in beating and would it help to prevent brain damage until medical help arrives.

Could cardiotonic steroids which are given to treat congestive heart failure affect neurons?

Could having stress induced cardiomyopathy cause or be caused by 1st degree av block?

Could i be having congestive heart failure i had a pacemaker put in last year because of atrial fib i take diltiazem which was just increased to 360 mg from 240 mg for the last few days and nights I am short of breath i wake up short of breath seems t

Could there be a hospital that specializes in treating heart failure?

Could you get electro cardioversion without anasthesia, to save money. Bad heart.?