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3yr kid throws up after dinner?

4 yr. Old biting her arm and fingers at school when bored. Is it okay/normal? Teacher says when she keeps her busy she doesn't do it as much

5y/o doesn't catch on as fast as other kids she is very clingy and gets fusterated very easy what are some of the possibilities that could be wrong?

A child at school has occasional pee accidents. Are there any risks to the other kids?

A child in my daycare had mrsa, how long should we wait before letting her come back to join the daycare?

Any facebook tips for kids safety?

Any problem letting my toddler play in the dirt?

Are contact lens good for kids - shes 7 yo but careful about everything?

Are escalators dangerous for little kids?

Are parents allowed to ride in the ambulance with their sick or injured child?

Are there any health benefits for hugging a teddy bear?

At what age do infants learn to bang two blocks together?

At what age does a child start to walk?

At what age should a baby be reaching out for their parents to pick them up? Or reaching towards them? My 6 mo. old reaches for food & toys but notus

At what age should a child be starting to walk?

At what age should a child be introduced to computers, and for how many hours a day?

At what age should a child stop playing pretend? My child is 8 and wants pretend food and a cash register for christmas?

At what age should children go to a funeral?

At what age will a child be able to ride a tricycle and dress themself?

Babysitter was just told another kid in her care has second degree skin burns. Should we worry?

Both of my kids are grown and now I have so much free time on my hands, what should I do?

Can 2 kids together get into more mischief than 1 by himself?

Can a child crawl before he can sit without support?

Can a child spread chicken pox by playing on a water slide with other children at a party?

Can an adult who has been hurt learn to open up?

Can I call my doctor on her cellphone? She has kids.

Can i give my 18 month old reese's for pinworms? My daughter caught them from school and now her little brother has them. I considered diatomaceous earth but I'm not sure about either of them as far as the safety of them on children and toddlers

Can i take my 2 month old baby to the park? Grandparents are concerned for allergy season.

Can kids adjust to flying back and forth alone from one parent to another? Really?

Can kids play safely in sand at beach?

Can obgyns keep information of minors in tennessee from parents?

Can running come naturally for children?

Can they make "fun" adult diapers?

Can weight watchers allow kids to come to the meetings with parents?

Can you give me some gym tips for kids with asthma?

Can you tell me how I could ask my co-worker to stop bringing her sick kids into the office?

Can you tell me how is their daily school schedule modified to help keep your child safe and healthy?

Can you tell me how to turn my child into a nice person?

Can you're pediatritan keep any STD you may have confidential between you an you're doctor and not tell your parents ?

Child development and psychological child development my baby lives w his mom renting a room at 1 family home. The couple that own the house has 1 kid almost 3 yrs old. My baby is 2.3 yrs old. I see already that there is a huge conflict of interest. Two m

Could children be allowed to go to daycare with dryscabs?

Could you tell me what happens if you loose your childs immunization records?

Damage from lies about a child what will it do? If a parent is making up lies about their own 14 year old child by saying the child urinates in towels because the child doesn't know how to use a toilet, says the child is bulimia because someone said she i

Daycare vs grandmas. Why would an md want to avoid daycares? I did listen no daycare.

Do parents have the right to go away for weekend if they have 4 kids?

Do russell silver syndrome kids need to be kept on a strict feeding schedule?

Doctors, can my kids go to a party if they have walking pnumonia?

Does putting my disabled child in a group home make me a bad parent?

Does the clean kid manual work for kids with encopresis?

Has anyone out there had a child go onto ecmo? For what reason?

Help. I can't get through to pick up my kids at school during outbreak of storms. What should I do? Panicking.

How best to teach my child to put a tampon in?

How can a child easily adjust to daylight saving time?

How can I force a shy child to make friends?

How can I get my kids to do household chores without pay?

How can I get my kids to sleep through night my eldest is 5 my boy is 3 they have drink to go bed with there only aloud water they know that?

How can I get my parents to stop spoiling the kids?

How can I get my very clingy 16 month old to become more independant? I worry about taking her to daycare as she screams for hours when i leave her.

How can I handle bratty six year old I babysit?

How can I help my child avoid infection if she plays outside all the time?

How can I help my child feel more comfortable with who he is? He's adopted.

How can I help my child make new friends after we move this summer?

How can I help my child, a slacker, get his act together?

How can I keep a 7 year old child with a broken leg busy while laid up?

How can I keep a hospitalized toddler entertained?

How can I keep my child active if she willnt like sports?

How can I keep my child from getting sick during a flight overseas?

How can I keep my child safe from injury in traffic?

How can I keep my disabled child to move through grades at the same pace as his peers?

How can I make errands, shopping fun for my children?

How can I make people who visit my child in the hospital wash their hands?

How can I protect my kids from falling off of the top bunk in their rooms?

How can I stay connected to my kids with the digital divide?

How can I tell if my child is dehydrated at the beach?

How can I tell my child that there is not enough money to attend the top college?

How can kids get lead poisoning from wooden toys?

How close should my child sit to the tv?

How come it that these new school doctors are telling the young girls not to give the babies water ?

How do I best keep mosquitoes off of a child?

How do I decide whether to hire a nanny or put my baby in daycare?

How do I get over this fear of crowds ? Separated from parents when a child in a store.

How do I keep mosquitoes off of my child?

How do I know if it is safe for my child to go on scout campouts? And I don't mean because of the animals.

How do I pick the best sunscreen for a child?

How do I teach my child to get along with my pet?

How do u teach a special needs child from right and wrong . Some of the things he does is eat sticks and lick rocks.

How do you get hospital tape marks off a 2 year old child?

How do you get hospital tape marks off a child of 2 and a half years?

How do you keep waiting parents from panicking when their kids are inside in lockdown?

How do you protect a kid from harm in little league if pushy coach?

How do you teach toddlers water safety, or is it just too young?

How do you tell kids to not wander away in a store?

How do you tell the kids daddy is going back into the war zone?

How do you work off love handles and that baby fat after you finish having your children?

How frequently do children die from burns in the kitchen each year?

How long can a small child hold his breath if he's mad?

How long does the pink eye virus stay infectious on objects? I'm specifically thinking of my children's toys, especially their stuffed animals. My son has pink eye, and we're trying to avoid my daughter getting it, so i'm not allowing them to share toys r

How long should I keep a bandage on a child's road-rash?

How much time must my child spend on his phone?

How must I prepare an older teen for a new baby?