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Besides hypertension, what could cause a "transmitral doppler flow suggestive of pseudonormalization" on Echo? All else perfect.

"No evidence of calcified plaques in coronary arteries or thoracic aorta.Therefore, the calcium score is 0."How reliable is 0 CT score in predictin MI?

33 yr old male. Cardiac cath 2 yrs ago showed plaque in arteries but no blockages. Having Symptoms now. Could I have blockage this young?

3D echo, chest Ct with contrast and cardiac MRI MRA MR with gadolinium. Could all 3 miss a vsd or asd? Done at mayo in arizona. I have a CHD PAPVR.

A heart scan showed a LAD score of 350 while the others are 5 or less. Is this serious?

A lung xray shows the arorta is enlarged . is it dangerous? sendn me to heart dr.Can too many aspirin over time cause this?

Accuracy of carotid artery ultrasound to detect circ problems and impending cva?

After angiogram, bypass surgery was suggested as 75% blockage in all arteries. Another doctor suggested thallium stress test. Will it help?

After normal chest X-ray echo ekg holter do I have possibility of coronary artery disease.18 y old?

Always lighthead , chest pain, palpitations.Both X-ray & CT showed slight enlarged pulmonary artery.Had echo 4possible pulm hypertension. If echo results are normal, is my artery not cause? I have lupus.

And if shows up a a nuclear pet scan and there is no blockage after a cardio cat. What could be done to prevent problems(heart attack, or worse?

Angiogram 4 yr ago.Heart Op although Clear Artery's no obstructive CAD May not be Perfect as it wont ruleout intimal thickening .Cardiologist's Agree?

Angiogram test showed 2 blocks of 90% blockage which needs to be treated by angioplast. Is it necessary to do urgently ? Or can it be treated by med?

Aorta atheromatous what is that ? My dad xray result

Aortography and coronary angiography.Differences?Could be both made at the same time?Risks? Syntomps:chest pain, low diuresis. All other exams ok

Are there any medical complications from myocardial perfusion scan that would cause coughing?

Are there any preventive tests to show if artery is clogged? My mom died fatal heart attack she had everything but mra or catheterization. Dad wants to make sure his arteries ok. Ekg stress test done

Are there any side affects after having a myocardial perfusion scan if so can you tell me please?

Are you able to see the coronary arteries on an echo?

Asymptomatic with 2/6 murmur over the aortic area with radiation to carotids. Where should echo be done? At the cardiologist or at imaging center?

At 25 I had a CT scan for calcium and my score was 0. Can a lot change in 2 to 3 years regarding plaque ? Chest pain but stress echo was normal?

Best non invasive test to check coronary arteries? Ct angio, stress echo and cardiac MRI MRA? Any better non invasive testing to check coronary art?

Bob's stress test showed a blockage; he has chest pains a few times a week. Angiogram? Angioplasty? WebMD says medical therapy is just as good. Risks?

Can a 3d CT scan of your chest with double contrast orally and injection pick-up asd? Atrial septect defect in the heart ? Done at the mayo clinic..

Can a cardiac ct scan show soft plaque in heart?

Can a cardiac mr scan see your coronary arteries? Or a chest ct scan with contrast? Can either see if they are connecting rite?

Can a cardiac MRI / MRA with contrast done at the mayo clinic see blocked arteries ?

Can a cardiac MRI miss scarring on the heart? Is it possible to see scarring during an EP study but have a normal cardiac MRI?

Can a cardiac MRI with contrast done at mayo see your coronary arteries ? And if anything is blocked ?

Can a cardiac MRI/MRA see blocked arteries ? And what does it show exactly?

Can a chest MRI/ MRA with contrast see any blockages? They where looking at my CHD but I was wondering if it sees arteries as we'll?

Can a CT CHEST W/CST. + 3D visualize the coronary arteries well? The connections of the coronary arteries?

Can a CT CHEST W/CST. + 3D visualize the coronary arteries well? The connections of the coronary arteries? Help please....

Can a CT coronary angiogram take images of my aorta coronary that runs down my back?

Can a CT scan be done without constrast to show coronary arterys just to see if they are congenital anomolies?

Can a echo or CT scan of the chest diagnose a left to right shunt or atrial septec defect? Asd? If not what are the best tests for these two ?

Can a heart scan CT calcium score show the presence of soft plaque in the arteries. If not, can an CT angiogram sans catheter do the job?

Can a octreotide scan be able to detect any abnormality of the structure of the heart or any heart disease?

Can a regular CT detect a blocked artery?

Can a regular echocardiogram detect an aortic dissection coming?

Can a regular echocardiogram detect atherosclerosis?

Can an echocardiogram or a chest cray see if there are any blocked arteries?

Can aortic dissection be detected using echocardiogram?

Can chest CT scan damage heart and cause heart problems?

Can computed tomography angiography show heart problems right?

Can echo and ultrasound see your thoracic aorta region and detect thickening or aneursym?

Can echo detect blocked arteries?

Can echocardiogram discover pulminary thrombiosis?

Can echocardiogram show coronary location for congenital abnormality? 21 yr old. Some say yes some say no?

Can echocardiography miss asd? I had about 5 and after, 25 years a CT scan just picked up a papvr. I was wondering if, they could, have missed asd as well? As i know sometimes asd and papvr coincide. ..

Can I eat food before having myocardial perfusion scan?

Can I have an abdominal/pelvic MRI with an implantable cardiac loop recorder? I've already had a cardiac MRI with no problems.

Can L-carotid artery hypoplasia cause temporary R-eye blindness? CTA, CT, MRI show only L-side abnormalities and a 3mm aneurysm

Can my cardio determine the size of my Atrial Septal Aneurysm from a regular echo? Doing bubble study to rule out PFO. He says no need for TEE. :-/

Can people with movement disorders have a myocardial perfusion scan?

Can stent show when cardiogram is performed?

Can stress echocardiogram detect worse of narrowings in coronory arteries especially mid LAD ? Im confused if not what's point in test .

Can you get results of your myocardial perfusion scan the same day?

Can you tell me how precise is a nuclear stress ECG at detecting narrowing of the coronary arteries?

Can you tell me if a cta chest scan with a IV contrast detect heart problems?

Can your troponin be elevated to 5.0 with microvascular disease with chest pain. Also a normal cath.

Cardiac calcium score showed LCX 18, mass 3 and volume 21. Does this require further treatment?

Cardiac cath vs. 64 slice cat scan--which tells what?

Cardiac MRI, stress echo, 3d echo and blood test CRP all done at the mayo clinic AZ would these 3 rule out a blocked artery/CAD? If normal?

Cardiac MRI/MRA/MR with IV gadolinium vs TEE echo to look for a vsd or asd, which test is more accurate? To look for a hole in the heart?

Cardiologist believes I may have Cardiac Syndrome X, wants to do MRI. What will they see from this scan?

Cardiologist suspected 2 major blockages in rca on CT angiogram. Heart cath done today totally clear. Md states could've been artifact? Cp still! ?

Carotid artery disease, different results from duplex ultrasound vs. Ct angiogram (cta), is that possible?

Carotid artery disease, what to believe, if different results from duplex ultrasound vs. Ct angiogram (cta)?

Carotid doppler showed 50% bilateral blockage, mr angiogram was negative. Which is more accurate?

Carotid mra vs carotid doppler ultrasound better predictor?

Chest CT scan shows calcification of the aortic arch: would this or could this be the cause of tia's ? I had 3 mini strokes pretty close together.

Chest Ct scan with trast,stress echo,3d echicardiogram,cardiac MRI with contrast & Ekg and blood test would this rule out CHD all normal?Done at mayo.

Chest preesure when standing up, i seen 5 cardiolegest EKG stress test and echograph and multislice 256 slice cardiac CT angio all normal calcum is 0?

Chest xray result is cardiomegaly and atheromatous aorta, what does it mean?

Coronary angiography is done to diagnose which disease?

Coronary angiography revealed 100% blockage. What is tthe prognosis?

Coronary CT angiogram shows extremely high calcium score of 4242 and ~ 70% blockage one artery. next step cath angio. Should I consider atherectomy?

Could a chest Ct scan with contrast, stress echo, cardiac MRI w/CO, 3d echo twice, miss a blocked artery CAD? Done by mayo clinic AZ.Have chest pain.

Could a cta chest scan with IV contrast detect problems with the heart?

Could you really see pulmonary arteries in an x-ray?

Ct angio 64 slice, stress echo, 3d echo, cardiac MRI/MRA.. None of these fan detect soft plaque correct? What non invasive test can?

Ct angiogram score of 0 in 2012, 2 negative stress echo and 3d echo. Dad heart attack at 50 and I have CHD papvr. Chest pain but negative test. Help?

Ct coronary angiogram takes pictures of what part of your body?

Ct coronary angiogram takes pictures of what parts?

Ct coronary angiography shows narrowing of ostium of ramus 50-60% and LAD 30-40% , lca 20-30%. Suggest further investigation and treatment?

Ct scan of coronary arteries done in ER says 70% block or artifact. Follow up nuclear stress test 100% normal cardiologists says. What to think now?

Ct scan showed Small vessel Ischemia. Cardioglogist quadruppled beta blocker after EKG. How does the ischemia effect my Kidney disease(stage 4)?

CT showed mild cardiomegaly and Atherosclerotic vascular calcification but echocardiogram showed no issues. Should I consult a cardiologist?

Ct/ct angie chest w/o con (pe) shows ascend. Aortic aneurysmal dialation of 4.5 CM in maximal diameter last month. Echocardiogram no aneurysm?

Cta of abdomin, heart ultrasound, 30 day event monitor, & ekgs...If i had coroided artery disease. One if these tests would've showed something right?

Dear wants to check for plaque in heart. He's doing a cardiac ct scan with contrast. Is this a good test for this?

Diagnosed with costochondritis.Blood, ekg,xray were normal.Could I have been misdiagnosed and have Coronary artery disease? Am 20 y/o healthy

Diagnosis 2/8 from 11/12 stress test. Fixed inferolateral apical defect, myocardial infarct, 2 month a-fib/electric shock. Do i need a cardiac cath?

Do most people have some evidence of arthersclerotic plaque even if very mild on a doppler exam?

Do routine transthoratric echocardiograms use doppler and colour?

Do u go through echocardiogram if u may have a thoracic aneurysm? can u see all of the thoracic aorta in a echocardiogram? not tee method...

Doc heard bruit in caroited arteries only at rest & goes away during exercise. Doppler ultra sound & cardiac stress tests both normal. Why??

Docs, could a cta chest scan with IV contrast detect problems with the heart?

Does a cardiac MRI reveal a significant amount of more info about your heart than an echo?