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24hour heart tape holter monitor results were satisfactory is this good or ok ?

24hr holter moniter showed heart rate 45-170. 1% were supraventricular paced beats. Is this normal or SVT?

5 beats of v-tach recorded on Holter. Should I worry?

7 day Holter monitor showed sinus tachycardia. Is this normal or is there further testing that should be done?

A EKG monthly monitor showed i have few PVC & pac with a few couplets. It said over all normal rythmn. I have MVP should i worry? Im a little scared.

Are there heart conditions echocardiograms, ecgs, 24hr monitors and x-rays can't detect.? All of the above are clear for me (male, 21, ectopics)

Basic cardiac event monitor bought online. Any good?

Because i have palpitations AND tachycardia ,i have my ecg machine AND i make a record ,i will send YOU ?

Can a 24 holter monitor catch any abnormality with the heart?

Can a ekg or holter monitor show past heart attacks?

Can a holt monitor detect enlarged heart or cardiomyopathy?

Can a holt monitor pick up cardiomyopathy?

Can a holter / ambulatory monitor diagnose dyspnea?

Can a holter monitor determine/portray a heart blockage?

Can a holter monitor only be given by a cardiologist or even my primary doctor?

Can abnormal heart rhythms be detected with weekly fetal monitoring?

Can an mp3 player throw off a heart monitor?

Can continues heart monitors (I've had 24 HR, 48 HR and 7 days) show electrical issues of the heart?

Can doctors here review EKG ECG stripes and their data from a portable one to try to interpret them and give a patient some idea abouthis heart rhythm?

Can i buy an EKG machine to keep at my house and do my own ekgs to have my doc interpret?

Can I run with a cardiac event monitor?

Can someone explain an EP study to me? I'm having one to evaluate my NSVT episodes.

Can you shower with a holter monitor?

Can you sleep with a holter monitor on?

Cardiac event monitor help needed. Any online info?

Cardiac event monitor. How do I know if am I calling in too much?

Cardiology question regarding pauses on holter monitor scan? Are those pvcs?

Could exercise while on a holter monitor be mistaken for svt? If the dr didn't read my notes?

Could i see a holter monitor through clothing?

Could my holter monitor tell when i masturbate?

Do all 30 day event monitors for your heart continuously record or do they only record when you press the button to record a symptom?

Doctor advised holter for heart monitoring. Does this sound serious?

Does an holter montior detect cardiac arrythmias?

Does an implanted loop monitor send irregular heart rhythms to a monitor who would notify me if further treatment was needed?

Does the cardionet wevent 30 day heart event monitor record continuously or only when i press the symptom button. It always says monitoring on screen?

Does The Holter monitor record any ischemic rythm st- depression st-elevation ?

Dr. says I have supraventricular tachycardia, after ekg, and has ordered a 14 day event monitor and echo. Pulse irregular. Could anxiety cause this?

Ecg vs cardiac event monitor--cannot afford to do both. Which is more informative?

Echogram was colored on monitor. Why?

Electrocardiographic heart monitor, what is this?

For Cardiac Patients, will you recommend a portable handheld ECG EKG monitor, And is one single channel enough or should get 3 channel Rhythm leads? Thank You.

Frequent pvc's at rest/active. Normal ekg's, treadmill stress test, currently wearing a 14 day holter monitor. Could my period be inducing the pvc's ?

Getting 24hr holter monitor, do they stick electrodes on just the chest or do they put them on abdomen as well?

Had a 30 day event monitor, heart ultra sound, 2 holter monitors & ekgs. If i had a condition like cardiomyopathy, they would've showed something?

Had an echocardiogram & holter monitor 1 year ago & another holter monitor 1 month ago. All results were good. Would this show any risk of heart attck?

Had EKG echo blood tests & holter monitor for two weeks all normal. Still experience heart racing randomly off & on & palpatations. What could this be?

Had ekgs, holter monitors, event monitor for a month, heart ultra sound, CT angiogram. All normal! is it safe 2 say my tachycardia is benign?

Have endometrial mass. Dr saz monitor it. How do I monitor it? What signs, symptoms, warnings should I be monitoring? When should I alert the doctor?

Hello doctors, what does an EKG and holter monitor detect?

Holter monitor made a noise while recording, is this normal?

Holter monitor reading - what can it tell you, and what can it miss?

Holter monitor results and metoprolol, what is this for?

Holter monitors. How are they used? When do you need one?

How and where is a device implanted under the skin by an electrophysiologist to do a 30 day monitor of the heart to check for arrhythmias?

How can I check for an arrythmia? I've had a holter monitor, EKG and echo but still experience rapid heartrate and palpitations and lightheaded.

How can I interpret my cardiac event monitor myself?

How can you monitor bradycardia?

How can you remove the adhesive from heart monitor from chest?

How common is it for someone to need a cardiac event monitor?

How common is it for someone to need a holter monitor?

How common is sudden cardiac arrest at 24 had past ecgs holter monitor no problems ?

How do a ECG (ekg) strip recorder and a cardiac monitor differ?

How do a EKG and a cardiac monitor differ?

How do I read a hospital monitor?

How do you read holter heart monitor results?

How do you read holter monitor report (heart monitor)?

How does a 30 day event monitor determine the diff. Between movement and irregular heart beat?

How does a holter monitor work? And what conditions can it detect?

How does an ECG event monitor work?

How does my dr know by my holter monitor results that PACS are benign? Had normal echo stress

How frequently should an internal recording loop be checked by cardiologist.?

How is intermittent fetal heart monitoring done? I don't want a belt.

How is SVT distinguished from normal fast heart rhythm on a holter monitor?

How long should I have been hooked up to an ECG monitor?

How much time does it take to hook up a holter heart monitor?

How sensitive is a 48hr heart monitor if you DO have all symptoms/events during the recording? Can they miss things?

How to read holter monitor results?

How to read my holter monitor results?

How well does an ECG cardiac event monitor work?

I am always worried about sids. Should I ask about a monitor?

I am wearing a 7 day event monitor. The cable came out of the monitor by accident.. Will It still record? Will data be lost?

I had a 24 hr holter (heart monitor) and it said everything was norm but i had "rare" pvc's is this normal?

I had bp monitor checked at my DR i was very anxious .their monitor said 139/97 mine said 126/103 2 minutes my monitor wrong?

I have a handheld ECG monitor. If i was having a heart attack would that show irregularities?

I have a mp3 player and i just bought a heart monitor. Could the electrical signal from the mp3 player interfer with the heart monitor?

I have an event monitor to catch my palps but I haven't been able to yet, is it okay for me to tape it to my chest so I don't miss a palpitation?

I have had an EKG, an echocardiogram (both at rest), & a 48 hour holter monitor. If all were normal would that be a good indication of a healthy heart?

I have heard you should document what you are doing (physically) while wearing a Holter monitor. How precise does this documentation need to be?

I have heart palps that have been going on for almost a year, ekg, 24 holter monitor showed no results. What could this be? What should I do?

I have purchased a portable ECG holter, if I use it and show you the graph can you tell me if it is a pac/pvc? And if they are benign or not?

I have tachycardia! rate of 130+ always! which i've had ekgs, holter monitors, event monitor, CT angiogram, & heart ultra sound which were all norm?

I want a holter monitor for about a week. What do I do to get one?

I was just wondering how accurate is a 24 hour holter monitor?

I will be on a special kind of monitor that will last 30 days. How do I provoke a palpitation?

I would like help reading my holter monitor test results.?

I'm on an event monitor for one full month. Doesn't it monitor my heart constantly not just when i press the event button?

I'm wearing a holter monitor i'm just wondering can it detect cardiac arrythmias?

If holter monitor shows benign arrhythmias, should i still have an actual diagnosis of an arrhythmia even if they are benign?

If i had atrial fibrillation, wouldn't the 30 day event monitor i wore have showed it?

If you have a normal 7 day holter monitor do they let you know straight away?