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taking sotalol post ablation afib surgery told to stop sotalol 3 month after ablation I stop last night now resting pulse is 90 usually 78 normal?

?What does an electrophsyiologist do?

30 year old male on and off afib since06 stay in fib until electricaly cardioverted have had mini maze and have gone back into afib 9 months afternow?

Ablation may still have breakthrough episodes of "re-entry" which is the mechanism of the arrhythmia Is there a cure for it?

After an ablation for afib, I'am getting off flecainide, will I have any effects as it gets out of my system?

After CABG, are allowed to perform AF ablation??

After cardiac ablation, how long will I have to miss work?

After doing radiofrequency ablation, would traces of WPW still be visible on your ecg?

After radiofrequency ablation, would traces of WPW still be visible on your ecg?

After undergoing radiofrequency ablation, are traces of WPW still visible on your ecg?

After undergoing radiofrequency ablation, would? Wpw still be visible on your ecg?

Am i at at greater risk of having a second ablation done for svt?

Are steroid injections safe if you have supraventricular tachycardia?

At what point is one a candidate for a cardiac ablation to treat afib episodes are getting worse should I talk my cardiologist into an evaluation for?

Atrial tachycardia - eps / rfa advised by the cardiologist. What does that mean?

Been 4 months since i had afib ablation, had 3 episodes , is my procedure unsuccessful?

Better use medtronic adapta or advisa, for paroximal AF patient? I had heart ablation n it was failed, i'm still on AF

Bleeding risk associated with an endometrial ablation on xarelto? Gyne preferred me to stop but then the cardiologist said no. I'm on X for afib.

Can a cardiac ablation cause strokes in patients?

Can a Cardiac ablation cure accelerated junctional tachycardia, AVTR or AVNRT?

Can a lithotripsy cause an svt?

Can a person have cardiac ablation for a fib and VT during the same procedure?

Can a PVC ablation procedure cause EF to be lowered if heart function is normal before ablation?

Can anyone tell me something about ectopic atrial tachycardia? I had an ablation for avnrt, but still have breakthrough episodes and doc says this.

Can cardiac ablation for atrial fibrillation cause damage to the coronary arteries close to the ablation site

Can catheter/cardiac ablation ease pvc's?

Can i get pregnant after having a cather ablation for svt?

Can I have Atrial Flutter (AF) while wearing a pacemaker for complete heart block? Do I need ablation or it managable by using medication?

Can I have cardioversion for paroxsysmal AF if I had a pacemaker? Or should I have ablation?

Can I walk a few hours after an EP study/ablation?

Can junctional tachycardia be safely ablated?

Can radio frequency ablation treat svt?

Can radiofrequency cardiac ablation help cure arrhythmia?

Can supraventricular tachycardia be cured without surgery?

Can supraventricular tachycardia go away by itself over time? I'm just not keen on catheter ablation and i don't want to be on bisoprolol forever!

Can wpw return and need another ablation?

Can you have a catheter ablation for a heart arrhythmia?

Can you please lay out the latest treatments for atrial fibrillation?

Can you recommend the best reference source to learn more about ablation of atrial fibrillation?

Can you repeat cardioversion even if it did not work the first time?

Can you share the experience.Is radio_frequency ablation (rfa) any better than evlt?

Can you tell me how is life after SVT abalation?

Can you tell me which are the risks for an atrial ablation?

Cardiac abalationwhat is cardiac abalation and how does it help af?

Cardiac ablation question. When do you need it?

Cardioversion wont work on me. Why?

Catheter ablation procedure for wpw... Is that the usual treatment? How successful is it?

Catheter ablations for wpw?

Could you explain what radio frequency catheter abation of reentrant adenosine sensitive atrail tachycardia with proximal CS musculature means.

Diagnosed with avnrt (among other abnormalities) doc prescribed tambocor (flecainide). Other non-pill options available? He doesn't want to ablate

Do you think ablation is better than a pacemaker?

Do you think Atrial Fibrillation would improve with an ablation? Only remedy so far is cardioversion

Does an ablation for svt hurt?

Does capturing an episode for a WPW patient with a holter monitor help assess his risk or predict success rate of ablation procedure?

Does the cyroballon procedure eliminate the need for my pacemaker?

Effect of radiofrequency ablation treatment for heart arrhythmia?

Electrophysiologist: what would indicate the need for a substrate catheter ablation for some one who is only a paroxysmal afibber? Thanks

Ex: my ablation on 20July, My CrCL 88,so 0n 19 july stop pradaxa.But, how if on 19 July my heart have fibrilation,must i stop it?or delay the ablation

For young (<60), asymptomatic, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation patients on NOACs with LVH, should the patient seek out catheter ablation for treatment?

Got a 2: 1 AV block after Radio Frequency Ablation. What is that? Is it dangerous? Do I need a pacemaker?

Had a cath ablation Thursday for AVNRT. Procedure stopped tachycardia, but I am now having near continuous palpitations. Happens as m I can stop them?

Has anyone had success with the cardiac ablation procedure?

Has anyone successfully cured atrial fibrillation?

Has anyone who has SVT gotten a catheter ablation?

Have dysautonomia. Flecainide&nadolol for lots of arrhythmia. Bigeminy, tach etc. 2 failed ablations. Had ST under gen anesth. Would PM/ICD help?

Have had 2 rf ablasions for svt. Not "successful." possible vagal response to chronic reflux? Triggered by rf stretta for gerd?

Have proxsymal afib had two cases of a pe have a filter when should I consider an ablation?

Help docs? I'm having vaginal bruising after cardiac ablation?

Help please? How is life after SVT abalation?

History of AVNRT. Successful RF ablation. Having short runs of non-sustained palps. Quick flutters of 4-5 beats in <1 second. Scared to death of V-fib?

Hoping you can tell me, is minimally invasive treatment for atrial fibrillation available?

How common is it for doctor to utilise the neck or jugular vein during an EP study/ablation?? How much does this increase the risk ?

How dangerous is catheter ablasion surgery for Wolff Parkinson white syndrome? I'm terrified?

How do you treat cabal afib?

How does catheter ablation cure svt?

How effective is cardioversion for helping af?

How effective is cardioversion in helping af?

How is the WPW ablation procedure done?

How long after a cardiac ablation can you have sex?

How long does an EP study withOUT ablation last? Can I stay awake during the procedure?

How long does it take the ablation procedure for WPW to work?

How long does it take the heart to heal after a catheter ablation for svt?

How long should I feel fatigued after heart ablation. Had second catheter ablation 3months ago. I am a 53 year old male 6'1 180 pounds.?

How many days must i stooped Tambocor (flecainide) before AF Ablation?

How often do cardiac ablation surgeries result in complications requiring pacemakers implantation?

How risky are ablations of the sinus node?

How risky is a tonsillectomy In a 19 year old with SVT?

How safe is a cardiac ablation? Will it help to cure atrial fibrillation? If it does, will I have to continue taking medication

How safe is it to have an ablation surgery for supraventricular tachycardia?

How serious is SVT if someone had chemical cardioversion?

How should I become a successful cardiologist?

How successful is cardiac ablation?

How successful is the cath radiofrequency ablation for WPW treatment?

How to prevent AF attacks completely if cordarone 100 mg and metoprolol 50 mg are used but still comming,away other than ablation ?

How to remove fibrillations?

I am currently experiencing ocassional AF with increasing frequency. This follows successful Ablation approx 3.8yrs ago. Is 2nd ablation warranted?

I am on flecaidine and diltiazem. Had an ablation for reentrant atrail tachycaria. Would a pacemaker to next if the ablation didn't work?

I am scheduled for an ablation for a- flutter. They say i need a Foley catheter. Can i refuse or is there an other option ?

I am to undergo an ablation procedure 8/13 & just received notice of "Technical Denial." Will I now die from not having ablation for my longterm SVT?

I had a pacemaker put in last year and had a ablation done also. Now they want to do a atrial ventricular node. How would this help me?