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How old do you have to be to use an automated external defibrillator?

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I am implanted with a pacemaker in feb 2012 but still now am having some itching and some times mild pain at the place the machine implanted. What to

I had a LINQ cardiac loop recorder implanted 8 months ago. I still get mild pains near the device from time to time. Is this normal?

I had a LINQ cardiac loop recorder implanted about a year ago. How ill I know when it stops working or if I broke the device? Can my doc determine it?

I Had a loop recorder implanted 2 weeks ago. I sunbathe everyday for 20 minutes. Is this safe with the device? It can direct sunlight damage it?

I had a loop recorder implanted near left breast. My doctor said rarely, it can migrate. What happens if the device does migrate? Can it harm me?

I had a MedTronic Loop recorder implant placed 6 months ago by my EP. My GP wants to do an abdominal MRI. Is this a contradiction with my implant?

I have a loop recorder placed in my chest. I need an MRI and I am wondering if it is safe? The manual says my device is MRI conditional??

I have a Medtronic LINQ cardiac loop recorder in my chest. Is it safe to use a hair dryer near my chest with this device?

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I need information on left ventricle assistance device lvad ?

I want to know what's the left ventricular assist device?

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