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what causes small stools with gas several times in one day?

2 year old son has large blobs of mucous in his stool probably 2-3 table spoons worth what can cause this?

23 yo female i have tenesmus for more than month .. i eat food rich in fibers .. my stool contains black things like sticks and very small white balls?

8mth old stains/goes red for a bm which is soft but small. Eating solids. Give pear & prunes which means more poo but still strains. See a doc? Or ok?

Abnormally hard pieces in my smoothie ? Khale broccoli blueberry and peach we're used but there were hard pieces very hard? What do I do ?

Advice me diet as I have swelling on small intenstine?

After a bm, I notice small,clear pieces of a gel- substance.Can you tell me what it is?

After accidentally taking a tablespoon of metamucil, had bm was fuzzy and one was squiggle and like a small piece of yarn shape. Normal?

Are calories absorbed in the mouth, stomach or small intestine? I am doing a research paper and the info inline is confusing and contradicting.

Are my boobs too small if they don't pass the pencil test?

At what age should a child/toddler digest veggies? (as opposed to seeing recognizabke pieces in stool) (chewed pieces, but carrots, peas, spinach leaf

Ate a pretty big slice of watermelon, next day had bowel movement and saw small red pieces in parts of my stool. Is the watermelon the cause of this?

Ate watermelon 1 day ago. Pooped small red fleshy tissue pieces in stool that evening & this AM. No red on tissue when i wipe. Is it blood, food?

Bowel mov. had a clump of semi-undigested food covered in black tiny particles. Been eating lots of veggies and had lots of eggplant last couple days.

Can I strain and drink aloe Vera juice that had a small clump of mold floating on top?

Can you give me suggestion: swallowed small magnetic ball?

Cause of vomiting of a black, fairly large (1-1.5 inch) solid "fuzzy" material, along with undigested food that was consumed 3+ days ago?

Constipation with large stools made up of pellets, very oddly shaped or lacking a definite form (sometimes cone shaped). Is this normal for ibs?

Could a small piece of glass lodge in your intestines without immediate symptoms in a toddler?

Cramps and small amounts of stool? Everytime I go poop it's small amounts of stool and I don't feel empty. what is causing this?

Daily bowel movement in am. First is soft and formed like a sausage (bristol 4) little bit later second - soft and formed but smaller about 3/4 inch diameter few pieces finger length - normal ?

Do i need to eat larger quantities of food to get a larger quantity of poop?

Does a small candy bar have about the same amount of sugar as one medium to large sized apple?

Few, red, very small pieces in stool. I can pick them out but they will disintegrate after whiping the piece several times on tp. Food or blood?

For the past few months, i've had small stones in my stool don't look like pics of kidney stones, more like small lemon seeds... Should I be worried?

Found a very small piece of glass in sons stool. He was at grandmas yesterday. Rest of stool was normal he's eating & acting fine. What should I do?

Four day late and passed a large liver like piece of flesh, what is it? A baby?

From Time to time I pass solid black particles in my Urine. What can cause this to happen?

Full stomach after small amount of food, should I be concerned?

Gallbladder removed 12 weeks ago. When I eat meat, I often find small specks / flakes of undigested meat in my stool. Why would that be?

Hard time breathing , not eating good small portions hard to swallow, going number two everything time when using bathroom black stool and burping 77m?

Hello, I have a question. I had a salad last night and this morning I saw a heavy amount of lettuce in my stools. is that normal ?

Hi i found out i was duabetic and now I have sime small tears on my pines why?

Hi, I have been getting small, round, smooth, hard black balls in my stool. Could that be unhealthy? I haven't eaten any food that contains things lik

How can I make small stomach without any equipment?

How can I tell if I have intestinal obstruction. I swallowed a decent sized bone and I have bloating and can't pass gas and have little feces.

How common is it to see large amounts of mucus and or/weird red pieces/chunks in your diarrhea?

How do I get rid of small stool stuck in my rectum?????

How do surgeons patch up holes in the intestines and allow for food to keep passing through?

How many calories in a small peach? How small is a small peach? Benefits of a peach?

How much is a portion size for food? What does it look like?

How much is a portion size for food? What about deck of cards?

How much time will it take to poop out a small usb?

How to know if that was mucus or a bubble. (it was really small.) so do you think I suffer from enterobiasis?

How to what contents are in the hernia? What does fat fill like and what does intestines fill like?

I read that insoluble fibre adds bulk to stool! Does it mean it makes it bigger in diameter and softer?

I am a 25 yo female no bowel in 4 days. I used a mineral oil enema. Only a small amount hard small ball single came out. Clear mucus with blood mixed in the gel came as well. I am eating more than I usually would. Can you please advise ? Would an oral sal

I am a woman 78 years old. What is this ball down below my stomach that floats around , i could hold it, that's how large it is what is it?

I am a woman 78 years old. What is this ball down below my stomach that floats around , i could hold it, that's how large it is what is it?

I eat some small fragments of glass, what will happen to me?

I found 4 white m357 pills in a bag on the ground just now. what are these?

I found a small, flat, square black stone in my rectum this morning after relieving my bowels, what can that be from?

I got small meat out of my vagina what is it?

I had a normal sized stool in the morning, and now a very small and narrow stool came out. Is there something wrong with me?

I had a small amount of bleeding from the bottom. One was with a hard poo, but the other was loosish after eating spicy food. Worrying?

I had a very small piece of red stool is this most likely caused from the pizza I had 2 days ago? I am 16 years old.

I had bad rip during natural delivery. Now I leek a little like a small bm. What should I do?

I have a red lump on gum. Discovered after eating hard cereal with fruit and nuts. Initially doubled in size but now getting smaller. No pain?

I have a small fat cup stuck in my vagina, and can't seem to get it out what should I do?

I have a small piece of meat on my vagina I think it not wart what could it be it's about one inch long are less ?

I have been coughing up phlegm? I think that is about the size of a piece of rice and more solidified than mucus. Almost like a gelatin substance

I have been pooping lots of really small pieces in the last 2 months, every time. What is wrong?

I have gastropari., ibs, reflux, dr says a lot of small things. When i vomit it is often tube shaped. Today it was small tube shape. What causes this?

I have large amounts of undigested food in my stool. My stool also has what look like fibers in them as well as blood. I have a pain lower right side?

I have large intestine with too much poop. What are the homemade or natural ways to cure it?

I have mistakenly eaten black small insects that were filled in my rice and oat meal because I placed them beside each other. Should I be concerned?

I have problem with belching, and I have loose motions. I have also seen large amount of undigested food in my feces..

I have small , black, solid , moldable particles in white sperm . Should i worry? ( teen male)

I have what looks like small nuts or minced garlic in my stool daily. Pieces are hard. Normal BM always. Tested negative 6 months ago for parasites.

I have white puss in stool, solid but soft size of raisin what is it? I have had them for a few days and have stomach issues in past

I just had a very large stool that I almost couldn't squeeze out, luckily only minimal red after wiping. How did the stool get so large? Is there a way to prevent? What happens if can't squeeze out?

I just pooped & had a piece that was red and looked like rare cooked steak about the size of a quarter. What could it be?

I keep finding large amounts of small white pieces and flakes embedded throughout my stool. What would be causing that?

I know eating unpopped popcorn kernels can cause appendicitis, but are there any other effects? I'm told it can build in intestines, but I'm not sure.

I may have swallowed small pieces of porcelain with my meal. Should I be concerned? Not sure, I found a few small pieces toward the end of my meal..

I most of the time feel that i have feces near my anus on pushing comes but is small and only once a day it comes out in large amount is this normal?

I noticed on the toilet small parts of my feces was floating around in a circle. is that possible carbon gas or something else? Thank you.

I noticed some fairly small (No larger than a sesame seed) solid black spots in my brown stool recently. Could it just be diet? Should I see a doctor?

I sometimes have small water antiparistalsis nauseating feeling just small amount of bubble like saliva.what could be the cause?

I swallowed a small piece of chicken bone about 20 minutes ago. My gut feels a little uncomfortable. What should I do?

I swallowed a small plastic bb. will it effect my body or my blood or will it just pass.??

I think I swallowed a small chicken bone 1 hr ago. What should I do?

I was eating and I bit something hard it was at a bar what if I swallowed a small price a glass?

I woke up in the morning with a small peice like a food crumb in my mouth. Do I have tapeworm, how do I know?

If a 2wk old baby has a small light cough what's wrong?

If one accidentally ate a small bit of tissue paper, will it be excreted out via bowels?

If stool floats but sinks if broken into smaller pieces or squished, is that fat making it float or is that gas being released?Scared pancreatic cancer

Im too small only 93 lbs will ensure pkus help?

In morning, pass small amount of blackish stool. Then straight after I have breakfast need to pass stool. It can be embarrassing having brfst out!help!

Is blood in stool solid? I've been eating things w/ tomatoes in it a lot and now have red pieces in my stool that are chunks you can remove frm stool

Is it normal after a colonoscopy to have small leaks while sleeping?

Is it normal for poop to be 2 or 3 smaller pieces instead of one big one?

Is it ok to break Nexium 40 mg in two pieces for 20 mg intake at a time?

Is it ok to give a 7 month old a small piece of gravil to stop throwing up?

Is my son small because i let him drink coffee when he was little?

M58, what food and liquid would cleanse any thing that stuck up inside intestine, such as flax seed? thanks

May have eaten a small piece of cellophane that cheese was wrapped in. 36 weeks pregnant. Can that be harmful?

Might of swallowed small peice/s of glass over day ago, pain in back, no blood in stool.

My 14 months old daughter has large black seeds in her stools. These are large and solid. Should I be concerned please?

My 2 y/o son has painful large, hard stools about 2x/week. Then he'll have a loose one after that. I give him white grape juice and plenty of liquids.?