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Gallbladder gone 5 yrs stools have been yellow oily watery float on the water w/ odd scent diarrheaish going on 3 wks no change in diet help plz?

i have experienced the poops direaha for about a month now now the last couple days it's turn to orange water it doesn't matter what I eat ?

loose stool and I've lost 90 pounds in a year. Everyday I see tiny little white specs in my poop. Do I have parasites? My dIet did drastically change

(for 14 yr old daughter) Is it normal that she has diarrhea with undigested food like (lettuce) to happen during the last days of her period? (Day 5/6

1 year old has had sickness & now yellow mustard like poo for 2 weeks but is eating & drinking fine. Shes on iron for anaemia & underactive thyroid.

10 m baby w loose stool 2 to 4 times/day for four days no fever no vomit no history of new food introduced what's the cause?

10 month old only taking 12 oz formula and 12 oz food per day, 3 loose stools a day for last 2 months while sick with cold weight 17.5 h27 unch for 2m?

11month old has had ongoing diarrhoea off and on for 5months. It can be pure liquid or has bits of food in. What does this sound like?

18 male been binging heavy after diet crash, been making stools 6+ times a day. Kinda scared? Is it cancer? Stools look normal color softish, help

1yo, hist of food intolerances, SpitupShortThick StrandsOfBloodyMucos&Some(carrots?). Ate 1 hr ago.HasCoughButNotCoughing prior to or when he spit up.

2 week old seen his doc & got stool softners. Doc think it may be dairy in my diet so im tryingformula. Is it ok to still nurse couple times a day to?

2 yr old with slimy, green & red diarrhea for 2days. Worried if it is due to xylitol drinks(10g day ) started a week ago for arresting his tooth deca?

20 m.Been having lose stools since morning after i ate 6 eggs 4 dinner d previous night. I noticed d stool was white in color. M diagnosed hemmoroids?

22 month old has had 2 loose poos today, the second was pitch black. She hasn't had anything different in her diet and is not on meds. She seems happy?

23. Weigh 126lbs. Healthy otherwise. C diff. Vanco 125mg. 6day on it. Poo is now loose soft mushy. Belly rumbles when i eat. Just upset. Sign med work?

24 weeks preg, healthy, w/minor heart burn. Vomitted undigested food 14hrs after eating dinner. Liquids are ok. No red flags only reccurent nausea. Why?

27 yo f, stool is normal color but breaks apart and flakes when I flush sometimes loose.Anxiety bad for years.Drinker.Any insight?No pain.Some bloat.

28yo, recently started a diet with little/no processed foods & probiotics. Noticed I am going #2 about every 18hrs and is rather soft. Normal?

2days abdomen swollen. Nonstop diarrhea 1st day, 2nd day 2 formed stools very light tan color. Eating oatmeal, yogurt & berries due to nausea. Normal?

2yo x5 day liquid bm 6+ a day, little food/drink. Acts ok, bm foul smell, vinegary almost? Gas! ped says viral i'm not sure? Now mucous in bm low temp

2yr old passing watery poo in aftrnoon&little bits +-2 more times.but in morn poo normal. no temp no diet changes c/o of tiredness.syptoms over 1 week?

2yr old with cough, green loose stools and poor appetite x 2 days. Drinking OK. virus? Wait it out or take him in?

3 month old usually has one green bm each day but has started having 1-2 extra that look like when I was breastfeeding (yellow, no stink). Teething?

3 yr old has been having watery stools for 4 wks. Only 2x per day at most, but no formed bm in this time. No fever, eating fine, acting fine.

30 yr male.Foul smelling gas everyday 4 past 2-3 mos. Bloated after lunch &dinner. Yellow, loose stool 3+/day?

4 month old having liquid poop with dry pebble poops in it. Do I give him prune juice to get the dry stuff out. He is not acting upset or in pain.

4 months blood in stool bright and dark vomited bile hoarse voice sore throat told at ER need egd CT clear no solid food since 6/3 I now weigh 98lbs?

41yr, menorrhoea, fibroid, gums bleed, easy bruises, bruise goes after 3 to 4 weeks, can I drink lacto fermented drink "beet kvass"? For ibs, digestion

54 f change my diet drastically and started working out lost 23 lbs since 5/15 have ibs The last 2 weeks I'venoticed my stools softer and a bit flat?

6-mnth old baby; mornin stool normal: big bout-yellow semi-solid; during the day: 2-3x small watery yellow/green stools. Y? Due 2 introducin new food?

60, m, diabetic. Vomiting every 2-3 hours. Sometimes stringy blood. Pea green in color with what looks like tobacco shreds. Nothing solid in 3 days.

65y/o male, w/colostomy bag, surgery 13wk ago&nothing but sick, vomiting some blood, dehydrated, feces in stomach, bags don't work.Lost faith in doc.Advise?

8 weaks pregnant and can't keep from eating raw rice or clay, taking calcium, iron suppliments xtremely constipated, hv hemoroids.What to do?

A month ago had gastritis, took treatment, kept a healthy diet. For 2 day i've had dark stool, not black, but dark & frequent & small amounts. Danger?

A Week Ago I Eat Raw Green Chillies For Three Days.Then I Got Bruning Sensation In My Urine And In Anus Also.I Also Feel Something In My Anus.Help Me.

After cycling my 3 month olds legs to relieve constipation she immediately pooped green smelly stool. Why?

After eating a meal which included eggs, I had the urge to release gas but when I did it was a liquid and bright yellow substance, should I seek help?

After eating lots of dairy products my stool turns runny & stomach hurts yet i was told i was clear of inflammation (tested by solid feces) ?

After every bowel movement I have mucus discharge I'm bloated after eating eat very little but gaining weight what is my diagnosis?

After getting up & a normal bowl movement about an hour later after 2-3 cups of coffee and breakfast within minutes I have diarea coffee like grounds?

After using the bathroom i noticed a long thin brown string like substance in my stool. I've ate a lot of nuts past few days. Could fiber cause this?

Alot of people say eating a lot of grapes give you diarrhea but I ate a lot of grapes and didn't have a bowel movement till the next morning but no diarrhea why nott?

An hour after eating a salad (washed greens, oil and vinegar) I have watery diarrhea and visible undigested pieces of lettuce. What is happening?

Anxiety, new obsession is bowel movements. Now I have on & off diarrhea for 2 weeks not watery, just big blob to somewhat normal. Saw green bean once.

Ate cooked butternut squash & cooked carrots. 4.5 hrs later had bowel movement & saw it in my stool.Does it make sense that it passed thru so quickly?

Ate food in thailand=intense stomach pangs of pain every 30-20min, duration 1min. Dribbly black stool, not uncontrollable. What is it/how to treat?

Ate steamed oysters 12/6. Entered hosp. On 12/8 with severe viral gastroenteritis. Still having loose, yellow stool. Normal for situation?

Been constipated for a few days, eating a lot of prunes 10-15/day. Noticed since i started eating them my stool is dark. Assuming prune can discolor?

Been on the 28 day diet for 2 weeks now it consists of alot of fruit,veg & dry fruit, my stool is blackish and runny all of the sudden, why?

Been stressed. No food for 7 days, and very minimal water sometimes none at all for the day Loss of10lbs. Today black tarry stool with a fowl smell.

Big dark stool 2nite 1 time. Just started Lipitor (atorvastatin) & had a normal physical and a abdominal ultrasnd. Had oreo ice cream cookies today. Is it a concern?

Black not tarry not smelly and dry stools for 3 days no pain should i be worried no special medication and also no special food?

Black stool for two days, regular consistency.Ate a lot of oreos two days ago - is that the cause? Should i see a doctor? Otherwise, slight bloating.

Black tarry fowl smelling stool. No sign of blood No food for 7days and little to none water for 7 days, . Loss of 9lbs. little to none urine output?

Can grape furit juice give you massvie dirrahea because i just had volcane of bad runny guts?

Can 2- 6 stools daily without form (like a brown paste, something like Nutella) but not watery be considered diarrhea? It's been like that for years.

Can any medicines unintentionally change the way your poop comes out?

Can eating boil spinach daily can bring heavy bleeding in urine?

Can fat malabsorption make my stools smoky? Even in warm temperature, there is a steam coming out.

Can i drink smooth move tea while pregnant to help constipation? I am five weeks and I am really bloated and look like i'm four months

Can i give my 5month old rice cereal like baby food to help stop her diarrhea?Her diarrhea is dark green and liquidy. She has Fifths Disease. No feve

Can I have Werther's Original Caramel Hard Candies the day before my colonoscopy? I am on a clear liquid diet.

Can manchurian gravy cause black stools? Bit of nauseous, stomaxh upset and anxiety

Can't gain weight. I eat a lot but dont poo much. Recently discovered mucus in stool. Stomach makes weird noises. Had episodes of constipation n diarr?

Can't keep food in my body. After every meal, I end up running to the bathroom in pain, and its very loose. And there is a lot of mucus in my stool.

Chronic constipation since's been a week i have morning stomachaches,my stool is soft sticky dark Green.(havn't eaten green vegetables)?

Coffee ground "flakes" in my stool. I was tested negative for celiec but starting to wonder if I have an intolorance , what else could these "flakes" b?

Colonoscopy treatment starts tom. Can I do the liquid diet till the time I start that or stop even earlier? Is green jello ok for liquid diet?

Coming off 3 meds - fever + mucus for 6wks. Vomiting for 4dys. Water stays down. Plain rice mostly stays down. Now vomiting brown acid. Scared.

Coming off 3 meds: fever + mucus for 6wks. Vomiting for 4dys. Water stays down. Plain rice mostly stays down. Now vomiting brown acid. Scared. Dr away?

Consistent diarrhea for 3 weeks. No changes in lifestyle or diet.No extra stressorsno solid stools. Diarrhea is dark brown in color.Imodium (loperamide) not helpin?

Constipated for the past 2-3 mnths. Stool is green & sticky. I also have a lot of gas. Eat a lot of mixed veggies (frozen kind- not leafy greens)?

Constipated. Severely concentrated flatulence. Unbearable odor. No change in diet. Normal was 1 a day. Now atleast 15 times. Bloating. What's wrong?

Could smarties and other red candies cause red in stool? Daughter has eaten them within last bowel movement could that be the cause of the red?

Couple hours with diarrhea, bowel movement turned bloody with stringy stuff attached. What could that be a symptom of? (Mom is 89; Mex food that night

Dad has diarrhoea and nausea but no vomit for 10 days Weak and tired and lost 17lbs. Little Food.Blood in poo 2 times but could be piles. Any ideas?

Dairy causes bright red bleeding with painful and hard to push out stools! Does this mean no dairy for my life!?! I don't do grains and try low carb!!

Dear doctor, My daughter is 12. And is suffering a lot from diarrhea with orange pieces and blood In it. What should I do and what's wrong with her?

Diarrhea 7 days stools yellow water, smell like skunk. Tried clear fluids BRAT diet last night up10x's + No blood, no vomit, no fever. Drinking. Help?

Diarrhea 7 to 8 times a day for 5 days, dry heaves 1 day. Now have white like smoke and lines thru light stool. Had raw shell fish no one else sick?

Diet change. 1 avocado/day. Dark chocolate and same flavor ice cream everyday. Running changed to 2 mi from 4, 3x/wk. Black stool last 4days. Related?

Digestive issues, frequent loose stools, diarrhea, fatigue, moody, orangish water in toilet, stool is often seedy, smells bad greasy appearing, ?

Do I have food poisoning? Diahrrea that goes to water, then small amounts of clear gelatinaous fluid with what looks like traces of blood in them and when first started a pressing urge to vomit.

Doc. I am a 24 year old woman, I ate some spicy food and I think wiped to hard when I had a bowl movement, now I have an unpleasant bruise. What now?

Does green tea make stool lose? I mean if you drank it excessively? Whenever i drink it or have coffee my stool become loose.. When i stop, it hardens

Drink 3 liters of H20 a day, snack on nuts all day, 30+ minutes of excercise.. Darkest brown, tarry bm's that are hard to pass. Cause for concern?

Eat 3x/day poop 1x/day. Yesterday ate 1x (big meal) and no poo today. Is this from not enough food intake to produce peristalsis?

Eat same food as hubby, yet I end up with tummy cramps + soft poop & he doesn't. No known allergies. Why am I do wimpy and how to stop?

Eating total cereal causes my pee to be neon yellow, yet, my multivitamin does not. What's going on?

Embarrassing, but what could cause blue green feces? I do not feel sick at all. Could a sudden intake of more iron and zinc cause this?

Ever since starting on the gluten free diet, my stools have turned green. Is this a normal reaction?

Every day after eating sweets/sugar, corn syrup - have bad gas (not smelly) lots of soft stool (not diarrhea) but have to go often and feel sick. Why?

Every morning for the past week I wake up with loose stool , every morning and I don't know why . I know I'm not pregnant and I haven't changed my eat?

Every now & then when I eat something that don't agree I'll have a big BM. It will be soft loose mushy. Mostly green. What would cause this?

Every time I drink milk lately, my stool has been bloody?

Experiencing brown, sticky stool - why? Discomfort up.Abdomen, no pain. Diet: fruit until12; salad w/each meal; carbs & protein dinner.Possible reflux?

Flatulence nonstopAfter ate nuts see white pieces in stool.vomit after ate avocado&linseedoil.Smellystool fart.bad concentration&memory.dryskinhairlos?

Floating stools for 2/3 mths. No changes to diet, no other symptoms Except getting full quickly & bloating after meals but I've always been like that?

Food seems to be passing through me in about 6 hours & undigested eg chicken meat still visible in loose stool. Fatigued with this prob 2 years. Help.

For 2 months now my toilet habit changed from once daily to twice or thrice daily. Atimes watery and a times pastery stool with plenty gas. Am worried?