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'i am having green stool and white spots in stool?

1 year female has been having rancid stool for 5 days now. Suddenly the stool is a light sand color & gritty with the rancid smell. Is this more than?

1 year old has white/cream colored bowel movement. Consistency is normal. No other Sx. Should I be concerned?

11 yr old son (vegan), stool is rancid, smells like something died. He said his stool is normal in color and consistancy. What can cause this?

14 weeks pregnant and have been having light tannish/yelloe stools. No other symptoms. Normal?

1yr old with 5 days of foul loose stools 4 times/day. Today bowel is pale color & gritty like. Is this more than virus? Ran fever prior

20 year old male tired with white stool?

25 weeks pregnant, stool color changed from brown to yellowish and softer 10 days ago. Any risk for baby's or pregnancy health? What should I do?

25 yom w/alternating constipation & diarrhea for 3mo. Stool is dark yellow or orange, with white/yellow mucous. Infq brt red blood on wipe. Should i be concerned? How do to fix it? Doc visit?

29 yr old female with gerd. Now has loose, infrequent (2-3 days) yellowish brown colour stool with incomplete evacuation bloat, gas, odor. Any causes?

2weeks After doing mdma, my stools still have a foul smell, they float and have a mossy texture to them. Also lighter than usual. What could it be?

34 weeks pregnant and passing bright green stool?

3m old girl has gas with dark grey/green stool with smelly urine that smells like poo. Prolonged jaundice at birth, abnormal LFT at 8 weeks.

3yr old went from loose brown stool to thick light green seedy&mucousy stool. She has had loose stools for several days.Should I worry?Is it infection

4 y/o with tan/beige/yellowish bowel movements off and on for two weeks. No other symptoms, normal texture, etc. Should I be concerned?

4 yr old w elevated amylase , always in the hundreds. my Dr will not investigate further she says there is no need unless it's in the thousands, she's not getting better, stool is dark clay coloured ?

54 y/o M, sticky/smelly stool (mustard yellow;now light brown); periodic cold sweat/clammy, diabetic, on antidepressants, ~20 lbs overweight? Cause?

5year old passing urine very often and it's very pale in colour ?

6 days post op gallbladder removal loose stools no diarrhea soft and fluffy green and yellow in color no antibiotics or any meds also no other issues?

A clear yellow color like mocus on toilet papel after bowel movement,Is that Fat out of body or something wrong with it?

A week ago got nauseated one day with vomiting now for a whole week soft non formed stool with mucus green in color sometimes with small red blood?

Abdominal cramping gas light brown to yellowish stool yellow mucus no fever no jaundice liver blood work negative salads make it worse?

After drinking for a few nights, I noticed my stool was very dark, either black or dark green, should I seek medical attention?

After gallbladder removal my still has been loose not diarrhea and fluffy also green and yellowish in color should I b ed worried I'm 6 days post-op?

After having the stomach flu is it normal to have a light and dark green lumpy stool?

Am 20, been passing narrow ribbon like stool for a month, pale or light brown in color (idk) no blood, mucus one or twice, minor anal discomfort?

Am I abnormal if my poop consistency changes daily?

Are light colored stools a sign of illness?

Are ash colored stools a problem?

Are dark loose stools common with amoxicillin? My stools have been dark brown and around 3-4 movements a day since being on this. Is this bacteria leaving my body and is this normal?

Are two different colored stools (yellowish and dark brown) normal?If bleeding is suspected, can there be partial melena and partial normal stool?

Been having pale stool. When to call doctor?

Best medication for mild jauindice of 7yr patient?he is compaling of yellow dark urine and whiteish stool..

Bilirubin level was , 5 would that rule out causes of pale stool as lack of bilirubin not white stools just paler?

Binge drank this weekend can this cause my stools to be looser and lighter in color no pain or nausea had mcdonalds and now my stool is brown/yellow?

Black and green loose stools and vaginal spotting blood, could these be related or should the be investigated separately? 22 and no change in diet

Black stool with regular stool mixed, was regular up until this morning , could it be something i ate, it's solid not irregular?

Blood while passing stool only once w soft brown and very dark almost black very soft stool. Am inasia.Flight home is tmrw evening.How urgent is this?

Bm was 2 colors.. In same movement., one dark brown & other yellow. Been cnstpted taking metimucal. C-oscopy was good. Should i be worried ?

Bright green poop ? Kidney problems

Bright yellow feces and no gall bladder?

Bright yellow fully formed stools on & off for 4 -6 months-- recently changed to pale green stools. I have no dietary indicators. What could this be?

Bright yellow urine, grey stool and feeling nauseous?

Brown stool withYellow discoloration in lines on the surface, Yeast or mucus, no pain, gas, diarrhea or constipation, no foul smell, what is this?

Brownish pale red vomit twice, when should I seek medical help?

C. Diff. Would u no it if u had mega colon. Also what would blood look like in stool. Been watery. Now soft mushy. Looks brown/green. On vanco. 3day?

Can a golden coloured stool indicate appendicitis? Or can it indicate gallstones?

Can alcohol cause dysentery nd deep brown colored stool? ?

Can amoxicillin cause light yellow stool?

Can antibiotic cause formed yellow fluffy looking stool during treatment?

Can antibiotics change the color of your stool to a dark brown?

Can antibiotics change the stool colour for yellow?And for how long?

Can any doctor post what abnormal stool color it looks like?

Can beer cause yellow soft stool?

Can beets make toilet appear bloody?

Can constipation cause urine dark brown color ?

Can Dark colored stool mixed with regualar colored stool mean my GI Tract is bleeding.

Can drinking bad milk cause the color of stool to change?

Can drinking too much milk cause your stool light yellow?

Can drinking too much milk cause your stool to turn light yellow?

Can euchinacea cause ones stool to become a darker color?

Can h pylori cause light colored stool?

Can loose stools change color of toliet water (dark brown/light brown stools)? Done stool test negative of blood but recently started liquid iron

Can low iron cause stools to be light and soft in color?

Can normalax cause whitish color stools? My 3 yr old takes it regularly and some of her stools are pale/white in color. (she hasn't had a stomach bug

Can people excrete 2 color stool at the same time. One is dark Chocolaty & other yellowish. More of yellowish. Is there something worng? . Thanks.

Can powdered donuts cause pale color stool?

Can red cough medicine turn my stools reddish?

Can red wine cause stools to be dark?

Can strawberries give you red colored stool, and blueberries blue stool?

Can super b complex cause light brown/yellow stools and softer stools/diarrhea?

Can watermelon make stool red? I saw streaks of red color in my stool

Can yogurt change color of stool?

Can your stool contain partial melena? This AM, stool was primarily light brown, but few pieces were very, very dark brown. What distinguishes melena?

Change in stool colors. I take laxative. Have to go for long after every meal. Brown, d. Brown, gold, yellow, black. They vary. What's wrong? Physical

Chronic nausea.stools usually black/maroon but NOT stool was covered in something that looked like a wet tissue but wasn't mucus.any idea?

Colour of stool change to green? For the last month i notic the colour of my stool is green, and i would like to know if there is a bowel infection and the reason for the change?

Constipated 2 wks, only soft stool passing. Stools that pass are normal color, but bile is red/orange. Normal? Or is this bleeding? Worried :(

Could hepatitis be the cause of light colored stools?

Could too much milk cause light colored stool?

Could type1 collagen supplements be causing light colored stools (very light tan)? Doc says liver and gallbladder are fine. I'm not sick and no pain

Could you name a disease for each tipe of stool? - Greenish-brown stools; - Greenish-black and sticky; - Pinkish-red; - Bright green. Thanks a lot!

Dark brown stool and constipation few weeks after laparoscopic surgery, normal?

Dark green stool - Definitely not black, but very dark. Sort of like a dark olive colour. Could antibiotics cause this, or my IBS, or could it be bad?

Dark green stool from baby for almost 2 hours, what are possible causes?

Dark mildew smelling stool that floats?

Dark smelly urine after gastric bypass?

Darker than normal stool.

Dear sir , iam having brown colour and yellow colour stools, no pain no bleeding some times loose stools what does this indicates.

Diarrhea that has little solid chunks in it but also flecks, almost like coffee grounds - Almost. But normal light brown in color. Reason for concern?

Diet hasn't changed much in years, though six months ago my bowl movements became very irregular. Foul smell, some days very soft, some days constipated, sometimes floating, sometimes dark / light?

Dizzines , pale yellowish skin color , fatigue symptoms?

Do prunes cause dark and soft stools?

Does a cold cause dark stools?

Does beetroot cause change in stool colour?

Does cholestyramine powder turn your stool pale?

Does dark yellow bm mess with colonoscopy?

Does eggplant cause pinkish stool?

Does having a stomach virus change the colour of your stool?

Does lt brown count as a "pale stool" or is this somewhat else?