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1st time ever i had black stool. I take vitamins and drink coffee a lot. Why is it black/ dark brown color?

28yo male. Can't tell if blood or sauce in stool? Some dark red (sauce colored) spots on stool. Ate a lot of pizza and Stromboli this past weekend but also had pizza and tomatoes throughout the week. No red on toilet paper or in toilet bowl water.

2yr old has dark green diarrhea both thick/watery with bright green mucus, after food poisoning from undercooked hamburger.

9mo had ok stools in the morning but then had a small amount of diarrhea with traces of broccoli & beans. She ate oatmeal, beans, and broccoli yesterd?

After drink 50oz of Tomato juice stool color is redish (no blood). Sometimes if i drink 1.5 bottles of wine my stool is stained wine color. Normal?

After drinking heavily for one day, i woke up the next morning after eating some fried chicken and grean beans and had a greasy, dark brown stool.

After eating skittles little coloured sweetsover weekend i went to toilete (stool) and it was pinky red could the dye from sweets caused this thanks?

After I drank a mushroom soup, suddenly I noticed my glans turned red. Is it because of the mushroom soup?

Allergic to white grape juice but not purple?

Are colored icecreams are harmful?

Are small black flecks in toddler stool usually just food, or something to worry about. Doesn't eat bananas.

Ate 900ml of dark chocolate ice cream during the evening. Next day, stool was very, very dark. Almost black. Would this cause this or melena? Nervous.

Ate a big can of beets in the am followed by a light steak supper. 24 hours later after a BM, stool was black with and made the water purple, is this?

Ate a bunch of beet chips. Urine was pink today. How long before I should be concerned that it's not from the beets but from blood?

Ate beets 2 or 3 days ago and today stool colored the water pink around it. Is this from the beets?

Ate large amount of blueberries for 3 days and 3 days ago. Stools are BLACK. From berries? How long will that last?

Ate roasted beets, quinoa w/ cardemom & plain yogurt. Defecated 3/4 - 1 hour later. Beets very evident in stool. Isn't this rather quick transit?

Beet chips make stool red, is that normal?

BM 15 minutes after eating broccoli, there was regular long brown stool and a pile of dark green/black unformed stool, not watery. Broccoli culprit?

Brookside dark chocolate acai blueberry is good during pregnancy?

Brown & dark green stool. Bright red blood when I wipe. Started after eating spicy sandwich. Stomach making loud noises. flatulence... What is wrong?

Can aloe vera juice turn your stools greenish in color?

Can beet juice turn just your stool red and not the urine?

Can beets change my bm color? I had some beets in a salad and notice my stool is leaching red.

Can beets make ur stool super dark?

Can black liquorice make you vomit?

Can certain foods cause your stool to be light colored? Like eating bananas

Can cheetos make my stool red?

Can cherries give diahrrea ?

Can chocolate cake make your stool dark brown?

Can cocoa powder to change the color of bowel movements? I've had protein drinks containing 25% iron and vitamins now bm are very dark brown.

Can dark green stools that don't smell bad be from an unhealthy diet in teenagers?

Can drinking a beet juice concentrate turn my semen red or pink?

Can eating a lot of vegetables make your stool dark?

Can eating beets make my diarrhea look bloody?

Can eating Beets make your stools blood red?

Can eating Flaming Hot Cheetos makes your stool red? And diarrhea.

Can eating spinach make my poo green?

Can eating the vegetable beets cause your stool to look like it has blood in it ? Like turn the water in the toilet red ? Thanks

Can excessive use of meds turn stool dark green? I know it isnt my diet because i don't eat much green stuff

Can food with orange dye make the urine orange ?

Can fruit cause loose stools? I've been eating apples red grapes & strawberries lately and noticed loose stools.

Can fruit change the color of discharge? I ate a bunch of blueberries today & i've noticed a small amnt of purple red discharge. Is it from the fruit?

Can i eat orange jello the day before my colonoscopy?

Can I have orange and lime jello before a colonoscopy?

Can increasing the amount of sodas you drink (like coke) cause your stools to become very dark brown? Can it make them black? Have drank less water.

Can my pinkish red after eating watermelon ?

Can not eating fruits or vegetables make your skin turn pink or pale?

Can plums cause red stool?

Can red food colouring stay in your stomach?

Can red pepper take a few days to fully get out of your colon?I saw 1-3 small red spots in my stool for 2 days now had red peppers in a dinner Friday

Can red wine make your poop dark?

Can rooibos make red stools?

Can the red dye in tyenol make your poop red?

Can tomato and pepper look like blood in stool?

Can tomato sauce from a hamburger in mcdonalds cause red jelly things in stool?

Can tomato sauce make your urine turn pink/light red ?

Can tomatoes from salsa/chili/sauce come out in your stool? Ate all of those in last 3 days and stool had pieces of red colored solid things in it.

Can watermellon turn your poop red?

Can watermelon make stool red?

Colonoscopy. Can you eat red jello?

Could alcohol and a bunch of junk food (excessive oreos, and other junk food) cause dark stools the next day? Normal consistency, just very dark?

Could you give me more information about dark chocolate and how healthy is it?

Dark chocolate is it healthier?

Dark red popcorn kernel shell looking things speckled all over poop. When I tweezed them out and rinsed it, it was brown? What is it? Didn't eat popco

Dark spot in my stool today, was not black but rather dark gray looking. Had half of a blueberry muffin yesterday and burger for dinner. ?

Daughter had dark almost slightly dark green tinged stool after eating a lot of chocolate and candy from Easter could that still be te cause?

Diarrhea resembles coffee grounds. What does this mean?

Diarrhea two days later ate bread peanut butter drank grape gatorade poop is pale color. Normal?

Do beets turn water in toilet with feces pink?

Do carrots actually help you see in the dark?

Do poppy seeds color urine?

Do sesame seeds turn white in feces?

Do strawberries make poop reddish?

Does acaia dark chocolate make you poop dark?

Does cucumber tomato and potato really help with acne black heads and dark circle?

Does dark chocolate have gluten?

Does drinking a lot of wine make your poop black?

Does eating dragon fruit (pink flesh type) cause red stools? How do I tell whether its red dye or blood?

Does eating kale salad make my poop turn blue?

Does green coffee bean extract cause itchy skin?

Does kiwifruit makes stool become black colored?

Does red wine make you have dark bowel movements?

Does red wine turn your poop black?

Does too much red licorice cause constipation?

During chemo can I eat a green salad? I'm sure my white blood count is up my last round was 3 weeks ago.

Elderberries be safely eaten uncooked? Western dark blue clusters.

Every time i drink blue koolaid, i get diarrhea and my poo is green\blue? Do I have an allergy to it?

For past few months any time I eat candy or soda that contains "yellow" dyes such as green or yellow candy my tongue tingles & I cough a lot. Cause?

For the last 2 days when i've pooped it's been laced with lots of whitish streaks.. I've been eating a lot of cashews, could that be cause?

For the last 3 days been exp orange/red stools off/on. Also been eating bright pink/red sugar cookies with red sugar crystals. Monitor or worry?

Had a grape soda last night. This am 1/2 of bowel movement was ok. The other 1/2 was dark green. Is that normal? Should I worry?

Had a very dark, almost blackishstool this morning, after eating cereal with blueberries last night, is this normal or concerning?

Had blue/green bowel movement. Did not consume any food or beverage of this colour. What caused this and should I be concerned?

Had corn for dinner last night, red twizlers later.Today the corn in my stool was redish color.Stool was normal color. No blood. Why did corn turn red

Had lunch with fried chicken, wings was slightly black burned. When i poop, my stool color was black. is it caused by chicken? no any other symptom.

Had red stool this morning after eating spaghetti with tomatoes paste, normal?

Had some diarrhea and there was a thing in the toilet that looked like a bean only bigger, color was orange tan. Was that a gallstone?

Had yellow/tan poop last 3 mornings. Normal consistency,etc. Have eaten nachos, burrito with beans/cheese last few days.Could light poop be from food?

Hello docs. I was wondering can tomatos make your stool red?