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Dysentry for 8 months baby for a week. Green & semisolid stools. PLs help?

1 month old, formula feed infant has dark green poop that smells like skunk (sometimes stringy looking) is gassy as well. Is this normal?

10 week old formula fed bub had blueish/green poo stringy with sort of grey edges, has had a few loose b/m is this normal? Also has had a few colds

13 weeks bf baby has yellow poop is that normal? Only once a day.

2.5 week old breastfed baby had normal mustardy poops but now has green, mucus poop. He is perfectly fine otherwise. Is this normal?

3 month old baby change in bowel movement suddenly. ...The color is yellowish and seedy. He is pooping after every feeding but just a little. Formula?

3 month old breastfed baby ate a lot, then was being very fussy then had green very smelly poop. What could cause this?

3 month old pooping once a day dark green being formula fed along with breastfeeding is this normal?

3 monthbreatfed baby hasn't pooped in 7 days and when he finally did same yellow color but very thick and creamy like peanut butter, normal?

3 months old baby with green pooping?

3m old breastfed does green potty once in 3 days. after rotavirus vaccine her poop is watery, green,seedy and frequently. what is it?

4 weeks old been on formula for 2 weeks after 2 weeks of breastfeeding poo is now green and stringy almost like strings of mucas is that normal?

4month old baby boy. breast fed & 2 times formula in a day. Dark green smelly poop?

4months old baby passing stool in green colour and foam like consistency,4times aday .Is it normal?

4wk old /c bright green mucuousy pooh, about a tbsp. Breastfeed, normally have mustard yellow stool. No temp , baby feeding well. Concern?

5 mnth old formula fed baby has greenish brown poo that looks sticky/mucousy when pulled apart. Is this normal? Should i worry?Baby is also teething

5 month bby pass motion yellowish watery pasty after each weaning. Isit ok?

5w newborn has 1-2 bowel movements/day supplemented with breastmmilk, sometimes seedy yellow sometimes yellow green and clay. Baby strains and cries.

6 week old baby normally poops once a day has been pooping after every feed the last day. Formula fed, poos are mustard colour and watery. Take 2 dr?

7 week old breastfed babies poop is bright green and has a unusual smell? Is this normal or should it be cause of concern?

8 month old baby boy passing liquidy green stools frequently and after every food having occasional fever?

8 month old formula fed baby is having yellow foul smelling seedy diarrhea for the past two days, no other symptoms. What should I do?

8 week sons poop is black and seedy? He's formula fed why is this? Sometimes totally black. Normal?

A 3 month old baby with green diarrhea, with mucus?

Almost 3 week old formula fed baby has watery, yellow stools, is this normal?

Baby is 5.5 months & breastfed.In her dirty nappy, there was some mucasy red blood.Poo was yellow.She is very overweight but healthy.Is it concerning?

Baby is 6 weeks old and been fussy all day. Not wanting to eat much, cries when eats. Poop is mustard/seedy w/ dark mucus and a tiny blood. Concern?

Baby is pooping yellow jelly like stool with white flecks. Getting over tummy bug with vomiting. Is this stool normal?

Baby of 3months old..having green colour stool... formed consistancy no smell... a ... intake good..... what is this..?

Baby stool I am 28 and my stool looks like baby stool. Its been this way for a while now

Baby with soft stool and cough. It isn't diarrhoea it's more custard texture and is brown?

Baby's poo has changed colour and is very pale and pasty, should I be worried. She seems ok in herself?

Can I feed my 7 months old yellow tail?

Can I feed my 7 months old yellow tail?

Can mucous in an infants poop be normal?

Color of stool in a child with rotavirus?

Creamy coloured poo in an adult?

Does mucous in an infants poop always mean there is an allergy or infection?

Does my three week stools suppose to be green. She is formula fed?

Eaeting beetroot its good for baby or with that baby comes black in colour?

Eight month old. Constipation, fussy, little bit of yellow in eyes and now yellow seedy runny stool?

Green snotty newborn. 4 weeks old.

Grey colored stool in my 3month old im strictly breastfeeding what can cause this?

Hello doc! i am 12 weeks pregnant but as i observed i am pooping green just this few days.... is it normal?

Hello docs. I was wondering can too much milk cause pale yellow poop in toddlers?

Hi my baby is 15 weeks old. He has been having nutramigen milk for one day now and today his poo is grey. Is that normal?

Hi, My baby is now 1 year old and poops after every meal/drink (almost 5 times a day) the consistency of the poo is normal. Is it normal?

How many times, per day, is considered normal to poop?

How often 3 and half old baby poop?and if he don't poop for 2 to 3 day what should we have to do ?

How often should a toddler poop?

I am in the second trimester and passed green poop for the first time. Is this normal?

I have a 2 month old daughter and for a week she has diarrhea. It's yellow and watery with no substance in it...Is this normal for a formula fed baby?

I have been having runny poop for a few day now what is wrong with me?

I only poop about once every 3-4 days. Is that normal?

I think I have a stomach bug my poop is green and I'm pooping a lot can that change the color/texture of my 4month old breastfed baby poop?

If a child's poop has whiter color than before, should I be worried?

Is a newborn having green stool bad?

Is a yellow, seedy, not solid poop a sign of infection for a formula fed infant?

Is green poop normal in a breastfed newborn?

Is green stool normal for 2 month old baby?

Is infant teething accompanied with seedy stool and rash?

Is it natural for a 20 months baby to have white stool?

Is it normal for 11 weeks old baby have a green-yellow seedy poop?

Is it normal for a 2 year old to have 5-8 poops a day?

Is it normal for a 5 week old baby to have blue stools?

Is it normal for a toddler to have yellow poop?

Is it normal for a two month old breastfed baby to have jelly like stool that is yellow or orangish? He urinates stools regularly.

Is it normal for infants & toddlers to have greenish stool first after diarhea that turns into yellowish later on i.e it is a part of recovery.

Is it ok to poo 4-5 times a day?

Is it okay for my 7 week old baby to have tar , sticky looking poop? Is this ok?

Is it okay to be pooping green poop when pregnant?

My 3 mo hasn't pooped for 2 days & the consistency/color of her stool has changed from yellow and seedy to brownish green and peanut buttery. Normal?

My 1 month NB is doing poop with mucus is that normal for breastfeed babies? It's yellow with seeds but it does have some mucus on it.

My 10 month old baby been vomiting for 3 days just out of no where her poop is also watery & color baige?

My 10 month old baby pass the stool 6-8 times in a day from past few days n poo is not runny its just normal.. What should I do.. ?

My 10 month old baby passing out stool 5 to 6 times a day. is it normal? stool is soft sometimes yellow sometimes green?

My 10 month old is pooping 3-4 times a day which is sometimes little greenish and runny. Is it normal?

My 10 month old sons poop was grey this morning, is that normal?

My 11 week old have yellow stringy poop, is that normal? He is strictly breastfed.

My 12 week old baby had brown mucous in her loose stools. Is that normal? 

My 14-week-old baby has become constipated and his poo has also turned light green. What can I do?

My 15 month old has yellowish runny poop. With no temperature. Is this something to be concerned about ?

My 2 month old baby has mushy poos & really runny poos could his formula not agree with him?

My 2 month old boy has brownish seedy normal stool, but when it's coming out it's foamy. Why? He is breast milk and formula fed mixed.

My 2 month old breastfed baby is pooping olive green liquid. It is the consitency of water and he poops 6-10 times a day. What could be wrong?

My 2 month old had a couple grey poops. Clay like texture. This morning I was grey/green. He's formula fed. Is this okay, what does it mean?

My 2 year old daughter when she poos its dark green what should i do?

My 2 years old baby having black mucus stool?

My 2-yr old boy has pale green poop with the consistency of soft clay. Not formed at all, but thick.

My 28 days baby is having pale green poop? Is this normal?

My 2week old breast fed sons poo went from mustard coloured poo that I know is healthy to the colour and texture of avocado. Is this ok?

My 2yr old baby has a green not so watery stool.Im bothered .Pls let me know if its bad or not..Ty?

My 3 mo. Old has had yellow brown stools about 4-5times a day for the last 3-4 days different from his 1x to evey other day green poop. Is this normal?

My 3 month breastfed & formula (on occasions) baby poop had tiny little black specs in his poo? Is this normal or should I be concerned?

My 3 month old daughter had two bowel movements with grey said it was teething. Her cbc levels were great.will teething cause grey poop?

My 3 month old sons poop has turned dark brown with white chunks in it. He is formula fed enfamil with baby oatmeal in it. His stools have increased?

My 3 months old baby having a dark green poops for almost 2 months, now his having a dark gray sticky poops.I'm not changing his formula since then.

My 3 y/o vomited twice 2 days ago, poo's solid and mushy, not watery, no temp, witholding poo with potty training, was this stomach flu?

My 3month breastfeed baby has black stringy mucus globs in her poop what could this be?

My 4 month old is having watery stools for the past 3 days. She's formula fed. What can I give her in order for her to poop normal?